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The Ride With My Sir

By Rubrpig

My phone went off and I groaned and rolled over.  It was Sunday and it was the only day I could count on sleeping in.  I grabbed the phone from the table beside my men and cracked one eye open and looked at the screen to see who was calling.  I quickly answered when I saw it was my buddy and part-time Sir.  I answered, Yes Sir and sat up in bed.

My Sir growled at me for keeping him waiting and then when I began to stammer excuses, he laughed and told me to relax.  I immediately began to wonder what was up as he never allowed me to get away with anything.

He laughed and called me by my name at that point so I knew it was a friendly call between close friends instead of Sir and his wayward boy.  He told me that it looked like a great day to go for a ride on our bikes and get out of the city for a while.  I stood up and opened the drapes covering the window and saw that it was a clear sunny day.  I readily agreed and we made plans to meet up at his place in about an hour.  I knew that would give me time to get into my riding gear and zip over to his place on my Ducati.  I got up and walked to the closet and grabbed my riding gear.

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The cops want in

Alex Mecum cop uniform

Lev’s neighbors report him to the cops — saying that he is violating building noise levels and is throwing a party. But when two cops show up and start looking around, they find him alone. Officer Louis recognizes Lev’s mouth from his XXX online videos — and decides to put it to good use. Cohering to the motto “To Protect and Serve,” Officer Mecum joins Officer Leo in on the fun and they both serve Lev with a big penalty!

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Site: Masqulin.com

Title of this video: The Cops Want In, Part 1

Models in this video: Alex Mecum, Leo Louis, Lev Ivanko

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The Speed Trap – Part 09

By Rubrpig

After several weeks we had managed to sort things out and got our new family structure working for us. My Sir decided that his boy and mine would wear leather jocks and Wesco’s when he was around. My part-time boy was a little relieved considering my Sir was his father.

Sir usually spent the weekends with us and on his second weekend we sat down as a family and decided that it was time to sort out the living arrangements as we basically had taken over my part-time boy’s house. So after a lively discussion, we decided as a group to purchase a new house in this city and that my full-time boy and I would sell our current house and relocate. Since we both worked from home it would be no problem for us to coordinate this with our work. My part-time boy would continue to live separate for now until he felt ready to commit to the family full time. We all agreed as we all wanted him to be happy and since it was his father that was my Sir we knew he had the most to adjust too.

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One Year – Part 09

By Taurus

Part 9 – “Nothing Changes”

Nothing had changed at all between day 84 and day 97, other than how James had gotten flogged much more.

This was not James’ decision, of course.

In general, flogging seemed to permeate his life. He now had no more truly free “free time.” It is always either training, eating, or meals.

So much flogging, so much it no longer hurts.

He once tried to ask Arnold what was up with all the flogging, but he got even more flogging as a response.

Jokingly, he wondered when he would receive lashes of a whip as a reward, though he would keep this to himself. Fate is easy enough to tempt, and this life was hard enough.

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One Year – Part 03

By Taurus

Part 3 – ”Destination”

James was asleep when he arrived at his destination. He was awoken by the sensation of being blindfolded and ballgagged.

He was untied and pulled from the trailer. The moment his feet met solid ground – coarse concrete – the rope nooses on his wrists were brought behind him and secured to each other. The leg rope nooses were connected as well, but with some slack to function as a makeshift leg chain. As he shuffled about to find his footing, bits of sand he felt between his toes told him he was in a desert.

It was a hard day for James.

The dry heat on his skin triggered him to sweat, indicating to him that it was morning, and not just any old morning either. It was the kind where there were no clouds at all, just the sun bearing down with all its might, and every movement is laboured, seemingly weighed down by the scorching hot light.

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Journal to Hell – Part 01

By rts

male bondage storiesI’m a leather-loving biker riding an old rigid harley chopper, always in my boots and full hides. I made contact online with a man with similar interest, exchanging photos, both of us into just living in our leathers all the time. He invited me for a meet-up if I agreed to his conditions. I was to wear only my leathers, my leather jeans tucked unto my 18-inch westco boots, gloves on and naked under the hides except for a leather jock and pack, no other clothes. He would ship me a leather hood with an open lock but no key. I was to put on this hood and lock it while live on camera for him to see on the day I was to head out. I was turned on and agreed to these conditions.

A week later the hood arrived along with a crude map and directions to a small almost abandoned town in the desert about 100 miles down an old country road. The hood was hot, with small ”pepper pot” eyeholes, two small nasal tubes and a mouth hole lined with a rubber tube that would keep my mouth open, making it difficult or almost impossible to speak. The zipper pull down the back would fit over a small lock post, through which I would be able to fit the enclosed lock.

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Sex with a sling

It’s guy’s poker night at Manuel Skye’s house, and he has made sure to have the sitter Jake Nobello watching the little one upstairs. Markus Kage and Drew Dixon are enjoying guy’s night, but they can’t wait for the little slut Jake to be free so they can unload more than just their cash. Jake’s little tight butt is about to be the bottom end of a Daddy Gangbang!

Drew Dixon, Jake Nobello, Manuel Skye and Markus Kage

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Title of this shoot: Daddy Sitter, Part 3

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A hooded bottom gets fucked anonymously by Alex Mecum

Big-dicked hunk Alex Mecum is strolling the streets with intent. He can barely keep his hands off his bulge as he nears an undisclosed location in a seedy part of town.

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Entering a building through a back alley, he finds himself in a dimly lit hallway with several doors. Each of these four doors bears a different sign; though he passes by “Exhibition,” his interest peaks at “Anonymous.” Behind this door awaits a masked bottom on all fours. No introduction, no name, not even a face – exactly what Alex was hoping for … an anonymous fuck.

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Title of this shoot: The 4 Doors, Part 1 – Anonymous

Featuring: Alex Mecum, Windom Gold

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