My True Love Gave to Me

By Steellock

“Your true love gave to you: A dragon tail over both cheeks! Happy Christmas Boi! Are you ready for a celebration?” He asked. The impact is like a thick cane with a fiery sting that wraps itself around the side of your butt and makes you shout. It fucking hurts and is normally held for the end of the sessions! Or when i’ve been a bad boi….

“On the second day of Christmas” and i saw stars as He landed our widest and thickest rubber paddle on first my right then my left butt, swinging it hard and hitting right where the dragon tail had just fallen. My heart sank – Oh shit what was in His seriously inventive mind? “And a dragon tail over both cheeks,” He chanted and the action followed the words.

Not that there was much i could, or i suppose really wanted to, do about it… My wrists were locked in thick padded leather restraints that were locked to the arms of the St Andrews Cross. A second set were locked round the legs of my 20-hole boots and locked to the spread legs of the cross. A thick wide leather belt went round my tight waist, holding me firmly to the structure but also a safety measure for wayward strokes. Now in two years together he had NEVER missed with a stroke!

His present to me was a new “Bishop” head harness, complete with a long tongue gag; a flat rubber plate that was now sitting over my tongue and very effectively restricting the volume of my first howl of the night.

His sonorous tenor rang out, “On the third day of Christmas your true love gave to you; Three ball shocks, two paddle thwacks and a dragon tail over both cheeks.”

The ball shocks were the result of Him pushing the superpower button on the Estim unit remote He was holding. It was like being kicked between the legs. Three times! After that I hardly felt the paddle thwacks but the dragon tail had me howling again.

Oh fuck, damn, this was going to be hell!!!

“On the fourth day of Christmas,” He sang and then a heavy flogger fell hard on my left shoulder, right shoulder, left, right pushing me forward onto the thick wooden struts of the cross.

The mule kicked my balls again (that’s what it felt like), three times! The paddle fell twice, the dragon stung and I howled!

He laughed. I heard the “Pop” as He pulled the cork from a bottle. I knew what He was drinking, i had given it to him earlier. A bottle of Beaux Freres Pinot Noir from Oregon. A seriously nice bottle of wine i had been hoping to share! Well in a way i was, He was having fun and that made the world right by me….

“On the fifth day of Christmas your truelove gave to you: Five Tayzappers!”

Fuck, damn, where? Oh shit my cockhead “Aaaarrgh Aaaarrgh Aaaarrgh Aaaarrgh OOowwwwshitthatfuckinghurts!”

“Four” and the flogger fell, its heavy thud sounding in my chest.

“Three” and i tried to pivot on my middle as the shock made my balls feel like a road roller had gone over them. “Two,” again i hardly felt the paddle but the dragon tail made me round it off with a muffled howl.

My heart flagged a bit. It was going to be unlike anything i had ever taken. Where was He going next?

“On the sixth day of Christmas,” He sang, “your true love gave to you — six rib lashes,” and the short rubber lash fell like a line of fire on my right, left, right, left, right, left ribs. I was jerking my bonds and howling.

“Five Tayzappers” and the arcing fire enveloped my cockhead.

“Four heavy floggers” and the thud of the thick rubber strands made me fall forward.

“Three ball shocks” – now i tried to be ready this time but there is no way to be ready for this; your brain stops and resets as the pain floods through….

again i did not hear or feel the paddle

“And a dragon tail over both cheeks” – trouble is this one hit the damn line as the previous and… fuck… it … hurt…..

I tried to breathe, to regulate the feeling. Of panic. Could i take this?

“On the seventh day of Christmas; i had to give to you; seven real thrashes,” and the wide stinging kick of the multistranded canes fell hard on my left buttock. And fell again on the other, seven times!

“Six” and the rubber lash worked its creasing way up one side of my body and down the other.

“Five” – there were tears in my eyes as the stream of lightening fell on my cock. I could feel him shrinking again as the power surged into my urethra.

“Four” and my shoulders were slammed forwards.

“Three” oh no, we have got to three! Aaaaarrrggghhh; this brought the tears flowing. I had rarely been to that point before.

“Two” – i felt them this time as my butt was getting more and more bruised.

“One” – i was almost ready for this, it meant the tirade was over, for a short while….

“How are you doing, boi? Enjoying this as much as i am? I’ve been – planning this for weeks!”

I couldn’t speak.

Well of course I couldn’t speak, as i had a gag in! But even so i was beyond speech! And he knew it.

“Eight beaded floggers” was the next thing i heard. Have you ever felt a beaded flogger? The tails lie on your back like a line of pain, and the beads impact and bruise.

The seven real thrashes had me thrashing from side to side as they fell on my butt.

Six – well my ribs were starting to feel like they were losing skin! I am fit and muscly, but my ribs, like most guys, show the rib bones. Now they felt like the bones were getting stripped of the skin covering them!

Oh my fucking cock!

Four, and again my chest slammed into the centre of the frame.

Then He really showed the sadist that He is…

“Wait for it,” He giggled and – oh hell, would they be the same again? The boys hurt! And i felt sick. And He hit the button three times. Searing white light in front of my eyes and I felt the sick rise in my throat!

Two, where was two?

Argh fuck that was the dragon tail…..

Shit now I could breathe for 10 seconds perhaps? Please Sir?

He sipped his wine. I felt His hand suddenly stroking my cock to get it hard again. He massaged my butt, squeezing and rubbing; making the blood flow. Amazing feeling both so sensual and – right now – so painful!

“Nine long paddles.” Now this is a long, wide wooden paddle of about 50 mm across and He can get a good speed up before it impacts. Normally i love it. It can sound really loud and still be a fairly gently slap. This time, on my already bruised and screaming butt nerves, it built as he worked through the nine and i was screaming into the gag by the end. Oh fuck, there were three more rounds!

The beaded flogger fell on my shoulders this time. I was not expecting the change, and the seven sound thrashes with the multiple switch took what was left of my breath away.

Six – oh my poor ribs.

Five – I don’t know how he found my cockhead. The massage must have got me standing again as I was sure it must have gone to ground by now!

Four – i was braced and ready but still i was smashed forwards.

He made me wait again, then hell. Real hell. My balls were throbbing with pain.

I woke from my semi faint to the dragon tail. And howled and bubbled and cried and wailed…..

I heard a faint whisper “You OK, Boi?” It took everything i had but i nodded and did the two Mmmrrrphs for “Yes Sir” that was our signal. “Two minutes time out, then we finish this!” He walked away and sipped his wine. I lowered my head and breathed, tried to relax, tried not to think about the next 15 minutes.

“Ten leather floggers” – now this is a “toy” that rarely comes out as it always leaves thick, red bruised marks. He worked away and did five on each side, the line of pain as each stroke hit takes your breath away and makes every muscle contract pulling hard at the restraints. And you shout.

“Nine long paddles.”

He stood back and really went with the long paddle, fast and hard with the screams from my butt nerves building as He went through the nine strokes.

The beaded flogger He managed to get a downward stroke onto my shoulder muscles. I was not expecting the change to the new muscle group and it was almost disorienting.

Seven sound thwacks with the multiple switch cane. This stings like a swarm of nasty Hornets all over your butt….

Six – Up the left and down the right side this time, I think he eased off a bit; perhaps the previous rounds were showing. Or perhaps I was getting past feeling?

Five – I hate and love this thing, the arc of fire feels like a jab with a sharp needle and on a big muscle can make you gibber with the sensation. On your cock it hurts. It just hurts.

Four – thud, thud, thud, thud.

He made me wait again; I almost thought he would give me a round off. What was I thinking! Real hell again and I really felt sick. My balls were beyond pain.

Strangely I felt the wide paddle this time, almost welcome as a distraction and the dragontail – well I could have kissed it!

“So what do we do for eleven?” He asked. I did not answer. He could do what He wanted, and knew it! “Eleven Pipers Piping it said. Hmm.” He walked round the Cross and held up a piece of garden hose. “Best I could do, boi,” He said and swept it over my sore, bruised butt. Eleven times. This was a new sensation for me and i really don’t think He was too hard, this time. We had looked at cartoons by The Hun of hose being used on the Jailboys, “Sam” in particular, last weekend and i remember wondering what it felt like. Should have kept my thoughts to myself!

Then He took the rest quite slowly, savouring every stroke.

Ten – the flogger fell in a slow regular rhythm; one, two, one, two, one, two, one, two, one, two.

He hung it up by its strap and slowly picked up the pale wood long paddle.

Nine – slow – heavy – hits – can’t – take – this – pain – Sir. The pain grew and grew.

Then He waited for a minute and said (as though i could have forgotten?) “Eight Beaded Floggers,” but this time they came across my chest. One of the strokes the bead landed on a nipple nub and it was unlike anything I had taken before!

The seven sound thrashes of the switch brought my mind back to my poor butt.

But then we were at the worst stretch. Six heavy lashes with the single rubber switch were now adding bruise onto bruise.

I was shouting even before the five searing lightening flashes screwed their way into my urethra.

The four thuds sounded like a drum of doom to me as they were followed by…

It’s indescribably, really. Those three balls of fire that felt like they were rolling around and over my poor boys. But there was light at the end of the tunnel – only once more. Please, only once more!

Funnily enough the two paddles were getting to be as bad as the rest as they hit the bruised flesh of what was left of my butt. The dragon finished it off.

“How do we do twelve drummers drumming?” I heard him wonder to himself, “well they used to drum as the Cat of Nine Tails was used in the Navy.”

I sagged in my restraints. We had bought a steel-tipped flogger a few months ago, but I had not seen it since it arrived. There are about thirty leather strands, each with a little steel ball at the end. It marks. It hurts. It frightens me. Twelve of them? “Three on each butt and three on each shoulder,” He said.

“We will take this slow and savour every last minute of our Christmas,” He said and held me in a tight hug. He ran His hands up and down my sore and bruised sides. Massaged my butt, rubbed my shoulders, held my aching balls and rolled them in His hand. I love this feeling normally; now it was truly amazing as they both hurt and fizzed to His touch. Then he started to stroke my cock and it grew back to its normal lusty size. He kept going, and going and I got closer to orgasm. He took the top from a bottle of poppers and held it to my nose. “Breathe boy, pull it in deep. This is your second present today, do not get to expect such thoughtfulness!” I sucked in the popper, deep into my lungs….

Then he stopped.

Shit, it was time.

There is a good thing to having four lots of three flogs. You can take three of just about anything. But the searing pain as the steel ends sank onto, and into, my skin was staggering, I dropped and hung from my wrists screaming.

The eleven thwacks with the pipe had me on my toes straining the other way.

Ten with the flogger was almost normal – and silly as it sounds I almost got my breath back (though I never told Him that).

The nine strokes with the wooden long paddle he took fast and as before the feelings built and built until I was frothing and bubbling.

After the steel tipped flogger the beaded one was different but the points of pain from the ends was still as much as i could take.

The bee-stings of the multiple switch is like fire running across your buttocks and as before it set my heart pounding. Not for the pain of itself but what was about to come next.

Now some of these “gifts” were hard to take indeed, but the six strokes on my ribs were perhaps the one I felt longest afterwards. Every time I moved my body it felt like they were broken!

The Tayzapper. Looking afterwards I could see the blister rising on the tender flesh of my cock end. It was red and sore, especially when I peed. That last set was pure hell.

Four thuds like the tolling of the bell to make you ready for……

I nearly passed out with the pain in my balls. He waited, holding me and saying “no more of those now.” Then when he knew I was back, he finished it off with two quick swats of the paddle and an almighty hard crack with the dragon tail, but this time He got it just right and the end swirled round and fell over my cock.

I woke in his arms as we lay on the bed in the dungeon. He was hugging me and working my cock. I could feel his fingers on the bruise where the tail had landed. Each stroke with his fingers was complex, arousing my lust until he got to the bruised bit and then the pain came back!

“So boi, what do we do for Christmas next year eh?” As a sadist He wanted me to start worrying now…



Christmas 2016.



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