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The Trucker – Part 05

By Steellock

As Gus focussed on the driving and Matt focussed on coping with the continual sensations of his butt and nipples being stimulated and his balls being stretched, the Trucker was able to read a few more comments and plot his next move…

Back in Jim’s store Jess was released from his restraint in the cage and he was briefed on his role that evening. He had to meet a new, shy sub in the local café, help him to calm down a bit and to bring him into the store. Jess was dressed in his usual outfit of tight jeans, secured with a thick leather belt over a pair of boots. He had a bulldog harness that showed off his chest, smooth, with a nice pair of pecs. Not the great mountain that Matt had, but he displayed a great body! The locals in the area were used to Jim, Jess and the store and he trotted down to the café as he was, his boots thumping on the pavement.

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The Trucker – Part 04

By Steellock

The Trucker sat in the diner eating his burger. He was watching the comments on his channel feed. Ideas from the audience were coming through, and one of them had caught his attention. A guy has noticed that Matt’s laces in his heavy black Grinder boots are yellow and is suggesting that the Trucker use the feeding spigot on the front of his hood to pipe in a good supply of piss! Gus saw the comment too and reminded the Trucker that they had done something similar before…

While they were chatting the Trucker mentioned that he had been in contact with Jim over the last day or so and he had been alerted to a new, and very inexperienced, sub who had been asking about him. Turns out he is completely captivated by the Trucker having seen him in the shop during Jim’s recent demo session and is wanting to swear eternal worship and kiss his boots! Just what the Trucker had been looking for. Jim had managed to get the boy into the shop, and they were planning on using Jess to help him take the biggest step of his life and be ready to meet his idol!

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The Trucker – Part 03

By Tigerkey, edited and approved by Steellock

Note: This is a continuation of a story by Steellock. This chapter is by Tigerkey. To start at the very beginning, click here.

Dreaming of the Trucker

A brief intro into me: I am an adult male sub who has always been interested in a sub/Dom relationship, to give up total control to a top/Dom who will take over my life.  In hopes of this I have been looking into it and looking on the internet for some information to know how things work. In doing so I came across Jim’s online shop, so I started looking more and more on his site and found that he has Matt, a sub, into bondage and the things that they get into, but the shy loner that I am, I don’t have it in me to go into the shop just yet.

So here I am reading everything that I can to find out what I’m looking for, and to fantasise about and wank off to, each and every night too. I came across Jim’s latest showing of the new and improved E-stim set up, which shows Matt in all his wonderful and impressive size, and I dream I had his muscular body and his strength.

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The Trucker – Part 02

By Steellock

The Trucker was dressed in leather jeans and jacket with heavy boots. A tall, well-built guy with a full beard and a shaved head, he obviously knew Jim and greeted him with a bear hug and they moved through into the back of the shop to chat. As he walked through the shop his eyes were on Matt as he moved around doing various chores.

What he saw was a 6ft heavily muscled ex. Marine wearing a sleeveless Levi jacket and bleacher jeans with shortened, calf length legs that showed off his 20 hole black Grinder boots with yellow laces. His head was, as usual, locked into a Sci Fi hood, padlocks on the straps and neck collar. Matt had talked with Jim after the previous Friday and shared his love of the look the Skinhead had worn that night in the shop and how much he wanted to try it out. Jim had agreed and ordered in the Bleacher jeans and jacket. He agreed with Matt – he looked stunning in them.

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The Trucker – Part 01

By Steellock

Matt sat on the grass bank by the roadside and checked the note that had come with the package of leather that the Trucker had sent through via Jim:

‘Wear your bleacher jeans, Levi jacket and those boots. Nothing else.

Buckle on the padded wrist restraints, lock them on.

Then buckle the ankle restraints over your boots and lock them.

Pull on the hood then zip it closed and lock the zip to the collar with the last small padlock

Use the big padlocks, one through the D rings on your ankle restraints to lock your boots together and the last through the D loops on your wrists behind your back.

Sit on the bank and wait by the mile marker and wait for me.

He looked down and checked his body. His bleacher, sleeveless Levi jacket hanging open, pushed out by his wide shoulders and hanging open over his heavy pecs and ribbed 6 pack. His arms with their bulging biceps and triceps hanging down by his sides, the wide black leather belt cinched tight round his narrow waist, through the loops in his 501 bleacher jeans. His heavily muscled thighs filling out the legs. The jeans stopped in a turnup mid-calf, and he could then see his heavy, polished black, Grinder boots with their neat tight yellow laces showing as a row of 20 lines on each one.

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Seen and Unseen – Part 2

By Steellock

I have been asked to talk a little more about managing a 75mm ball stretcher 24/7 at home and out, seen and unseen. Well I can only speak from my own experience and can’t be blamed if you end up with aching sensitive balls!

The first thing is to actually decide how long the stretcher can be. We all love squeezing on that extra short ring and getting the skin over the boys really stretched, so tight that you can feel every detail and your balls are incredibly sensitive. Well that’s wonderful for a few hours in the dungeon or with the steel log poking out of your leather sleepsack. A perfect plaything for your Master, Top, Alpha so he can use his choice of an electric toothbrush, a pinwheel – especially one with Estim attached – or as a pincushion or a target for his Grinders. If you are standing spread-eagled, then he may want to use his boxing gloves! But, after a while the line around the end of the stretcher will bruise and the skin over your balls will get very, very sore. The boys themselves will ache.

At this point you must take the weights off and let it all relax and heal. But this is a good way to get the skin to stretch if you keep it up, and it’s addictive.

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Seen and Unseen – Part 1

By Steellock


I am walking down the pavement following my partner. We are headed to the park for our daily exercise in these freaky times of Covid Lockdown.

What you see is the Skinhead that I have been for a good 10 years.

My buzz cut hair, wide shoulders in a bleached Levi jacket over black Lonsdale polo shirt, my 32 inch waist supporting bleached Levi 501s held up by a wide, thick black belt and finished with a short turnup about half way down my calves so you can see the tight, white laced, black Grinders boots. The regulations on Covid protection mean that I am wearing a neck sleeve scarf pulled up over my nose. It covers my neck and face with a camouflage design.

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By Steellock

Matt rang his agent again. This was a hard month. The guy had only found him one brief appearance at a club opening, and the rent was coming due. More than that, his gym membership was too.

‘Well we had one offer come through but you always said that you did not want any weird stuff just posing and such,’ said the guy.

‘How weird?’ Matt asked. ‘Weird sex? That’s not for me.’

‘Well just weird I guess. It’s from one of the galleries, they have a new art exhibition and one of the exhibits is a guy in bondage. They need a whole group of guys to be the models in turn, and you fit the shape they want.’

Matt thought about it briefly but – hell – if there were several of them there then they should be able to look after themselves surely? And anyway it was a well-known gallery, never heard of them showing this kind of thing before.

‘OK when do I go?’ he said.

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