New Years Resolution – Part 02

By lthr_jock

As the third week progressed, Paul grew more used to his new clothes. In fact, he found himself wearing them virtually all the time at home. He liked the way they made him look, the tight glossy leather like a second skin. He spent time each day admiring himself in the mirror, enjoying the way the sleek leather accentuated his skin. Putting his suit on to get to work became more of a chore as the week progressed.

His sessions at the gym were paying off. He still had that eagerness and exuberance, but now Paul was convinced that his waistline was sharper and thinner. His chest felt heavier too, with solid slabs of muscle forming under his nipples. His biceps and triceps stretched every shirt he owned and his thickened neck meant that he had to leave the top button undone.

He threw himself harder into the workouts, though he was troubled by one small accident. While on the treadmill at the gym, he must have stumbled and pulled out one earpiece from his MP3 player. Suddenly he focused and looked around to see exactly what he expected – several guys working out. Though he then realised that no-one was talking – no banter, no chat, just the occasional grunt on the weights machines. Then he realised that the TVs provided were showing weird programmes. Half were showing bodybuilders flexing and posing and flashing up words extolling the virtues of power and strength. Of the remainder, half were flashing up pictures of fetish clothing – leather, lycra, uniforms, rubber, bondage gear – and the other half were streaming videos of men indulging in a wide variety of sexual positions. Open-mouthed, he stopped running. Before he could do much more, he felt someone re-position the earplug in his ear. As the sounds of the MP3 player filled his head again, he resumed his run. By the end of the day, he dismissed it as nothing more than a weird dream.

Colleagues at work had started to notice the difference. He was receiving compliments – from both sexes. The guys were impressed, the women virtually drooling. During a meeting, he leant forward to make a point and his dress shirt split around his bicep. Embarrassed, he made an excuse and left, and then at home he flexed his guns to make the other sleeve split. Loving the feel of the cloth splitting, he proceeded to don every shirt he had, and methodically rip through the arms of each one. Within an hour he was surrounded by the remains of his shirts, their sleeves now in tatters. Damn, he thought, time to go clothes shopping again.

This time, he started his clothes shopping at Dante. PJ grinned as he walked in and eagerly shook his hand. “So, what can we get you today?” he said as he eyed Paul up in the leathers that he had bought last time.

“Well, I need something more to wear – and some boots.”

“No problems. Let’s just see what I can help you out with.” PJ headed into the back of the shop and returned with a selection of boots. After trying several on and luxuriating in the way the heavy leather felt over his feet and calves, Paul selected two pairs – one glossed pair of Dehners and one 20-hole pair of black rangers.

“Anything else, sir?”

“Hmm yes. I need some more leisure clothes.”

PJ grinned and came back with an armful of gear which he placed on the counter in an avalanche of leather and lycra. Paul spent the next hour trying on a variety of shirts and shorts, before settling on a sleeveless black lycra tanktop, 3 pairs of leather jeans, a pair of leather chaps and 2 more leather t-shirts. As PJ took the remainder back to the back room, Paul saw a pair of leather shorts that caught his eye.

“Hey – what are those?”

“Those? Oh, those are a bit too ‘out there’ for you I think, sir”

“What? No way – let me try them on.”

PJ grinned and demurred and helped Paul slide the heavy leather shorts up over his bulging thighs and snugged them in place around his trimmed waist. Putting his hand down the front of them, he pulled Paul’s cock and balls through a hole in the front and secured them in place with a leather strap. To his surprise, Paul didn’t complain. PJ then placed a solid leather cup over them, and then pulled a leather flap up over the front. Strapping the belt around the top, Paul found his cock locked away in a leather case.

“Neat! And why the hell wouldn’t I want these?”

PJ chuckled. “Well f you’re going to be wearing those, I’m not calling you ‘sir’. Mind you – they’re not on properly yet. He held up four padlocks, silently awaiting permission. Paul nodded and Paul locked the belt in place as well as the thick leather straps around each thigh.

“Now, they’re on properly.” PJ let Paul look at himself in a mirror, his cock now locked up in leather. Paul found the whole thing very arousing – and frustrating as his cock just could not get hard. PJ asked him if he wanted the keys – or should PJ post them to him? Paul took the keys, paid for the shorts and then left wearing his new purchase under his new chaps.

Once home, he stripped down to the shorts and posed and flexed in front of his bedroom mirror. The sight of himself was a real turn on – some muscle building up, his belly much smaller and his cocked locked in thick tight leather. After half an hour of doing that he needed some release, so he got out the keys – to discover that they didn’t fit the padlocks. Frustrated, he rang Dante to find out that they were already shut for the day. Then his doorbell rang. Without thinking he went to it and answered. Before he could register who it was at the door, a spray hit him in the face and he crashed to the floor. The last thing Paul could remember was a hooded face bending over him and gloved hands, which seemed to be holding a thick leather collar.


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