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The Cheap-O Chastity Experiment

An odyssey into the mysteries of eBay and

By Squirm

The Cheap-O Chastity Experiment by Squirm

Note from Metal: In honor of today (January 14) being International Male Chastity Day, Squirm of the RubberZone site has generously allowed me to share this article and pictures of how he built his very own custom chastity belt! See below.

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Version 1.0 – September 22, 2023
Originally posted to RubberZone.com

This article is also available as a PDF download: RubberZone_CheapoChastityExperiment_v1.pdf


I’ve been modifying some inexpensive “generic” full chastity belts that I’ve purchased from an overseas eBay seller. After some amount of success, I thought that others would be interested in this process and could apply some of these techniques to their own chastity devices.


This section is a bit long and explains my experience with chastity and how/why I came to do these experiments. If you just want the how-to’s, please skip to the next section.

I’ve had fantasies about chastity since my sexual awakening (I was into bondage even before that). Over the years, I’ve tried various devices, but haven’t had much success.

I think this is largely due to my own body. My balls are a bit above average in size and have a wide range of “travel” depending on temperature, and I’m definitely a “grower” not a “shower” when soft. My taint and scrotum are also very sensitive.

This makes wearing ball-capture devices (such as the “Holy Trainer” or “CB3000”) difficult, in terms of sizing and security, but most importantly in terms of pain. Nighttime erections would tug on my balls (this is expected) but also create a tight spot on my scrotum that would feel like searing, burning pain, and would not subside for a long while if the device was adjusted. And, when in bondage (as I often am), not being able to touch or adjust the device would mean intense scene-ruining pain. No drifting off to dreamland in bondage while also chaste.

I used to think I was a “wuss’, and that clearly people online were having great success with chastity. I once tried wearing a ball-capture device for 10 full days without removal, hoping to build up a tolerance. In fact, the opposite happened, with the pain being so intense even during the daytime when I could shift things around, that I gave up.

Over 10 years ago, at a play party, someone let me try on their full belt. It was a “Reinhold” belt (unfortunately no longer available), and it did not entrap the balls, and it fit me very well. I wore it for a couple of hours at the party and experienced no discomfort. (Also unfortunately nobody at the party took the initiative to exploit my predicament. Oh well!)

Around that same time, another friend let me try on a “Latowski” belt. This one was way too loose in the waistband, so I could get out of it, but the silicone encased cock/ball area was very comfortable.

Based on those two experiences, I had high hopes that a full chastity belt with waistband and everything could work for me.

But, there were still hurdles. Most full belts at the time were very expensive, and most had little adjustability and my weight and waistline were fluctuating a lot. And, frankly, when I weighed more, my belly/love-handles would overhang the metal waistbands and feel uncomfortable or sticky.

In recent years, I’ve gotten my weight under control (it’s still not quite where I want things, self-image-wise, but my waistline is at least stable), and I’ve on occasion been in a position where I could purchase a full belt without feeling too much financial pain.

Still, there were problems. One well-established vendor who makes premium belts just wouldn’t return emails with simple pre-sale questions. This has in fact happened at least three times in different years when I’ve decided to make a purchase.

Another more recently established well-known vendor provided me with two belts and some custom options, such as a made-to-measure cock tube that doesn’t need a ball capture ring. But I just can’t wear their belts long-term. I appreciate their customer service and everything arrived as advertised, so I won’t name them, as others seem to have good results with their designs and the point of this article isn’t to be a belt review.

The problem with theirs isn’t the waistline, it’s the design of the cock tube, which is not a true tube but more of an open frame with various welds. Even though the welds are polished/smoothed, the shape of the frame creates various pinch points that lead to chafing. Once again, I’ve tried this belt on various 7-to-10-day “build a tolerance” periods, only to have to remove it when sections of skin on my cock shaft began to get raw. (I even got scarring one time that took two weeks to completely heal.)

And, having an open-frame “tube” might help with hygiene and temperature control, but it also means that urine goes everywhere. Now, it can be part of the chastity fantasy knowing that you always have to sit down on the toilet, but I still want the urine to go generally “down” and not create a clothes-wetting surprise shower at random times.

That experience pretty much put me off my quest for chastity for awhile.

Then, the pandemic came. For many of us, that meant spending a lot of time stuck at home, and not having rubber/bondage play with others. (I am partnered, and we do play together, but we both have other playmates for more intense fun with our respective fetishes.) As I was also a caregiver to a loved-one during this time, I didn’t want to risk picking up anything from a playmate and bringing it home.

And, for many of us, being stuck at home for extended periods meant a lot of online gear shopping and fantasizing. I decided if I wasn’t “getting any” on a regular basis, I may as well try being locked and seeing if I could solve my chastity-related issues.

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New at RuberZone: Shift Change

When maintaining a collection of gimps, it’s important to keep them stimulated and disoriented 24/7. But how is that accomplished? This facility uses a system of hourly shift changes where technicians constantly torment gimps. But there’s a twist! At each shift change, the previous technician is turned into a cuck, and is forced to watch and learn tricks and techniques from the replacement tech.

turned into a rubber gimp


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‘The Choice’ by Aeres Baldur is updated … on Eckie’s site

I know that many readers enjoyed the male BDSM story The Choice by Aeres Baldur that appeared in the Metalbond Prison Library recently. This story has themes of full-body rubber encasement, body mods, and permanent slavery, and it got me and many others very excited. Now, the author has written a totally new part, which he has posted to Eckie’s excellent website site … along with the first part that I copy edited : )

To read the next part — titled “The choice – start training Ares!” — you will therefore have to go to Eckie aka Bondagefan and read it there.

eckie male bondage stories

Eckie requires you to sign up, but it is free and totally worth it if you ask me. As a subscriber you can read many dozens of very hot bondage stories, many by Eckie himself. One of the most recent stories posted to Eckie’s site is called “Only a Meeting” by RUBBERLICKER. I beat off twice to that one!

Another site with plenty of rubber bondage stories is RubberZone, which is also not to be missed.

Gimp cum-extraction video available at RubberZone

When running a gimp storage facility, it is important to get the most out of each and every one. Careful assessment is required to ensure gimps are utilized fully. Technicians have observed that gimp RustyInRubber is constantly aroused and can produce multiple large loads every day. The gimp has been transferred to the milking division, where a crew works round-the-clock to collect as much product as possible from the gimps placed under their care. Between sessions, gimps are stored in heavy bondage to recharge, and are milked on a schedule optimized to produce the most output.

Gimp cum-extraction video available at RubberZone

Gimp cum-extraction video available at RubberZone


Video available at RubberZone

Title of the video: Top Producer

Featuring: RustyInRubber and Squirm

gimp storage facility

Waiting for Ross – A Master Key to the Complete Series

NOTE: This post is being updated in August 2023 with new information — and a link to a “long lost” chapter of this popular story as discovered by Sir BnT.

If you have never had the opportunity to read the complete “Waiting for Ross” series, I highly recommend it. Before I lost touch with him, the author allowed me to post the last four parts (the “End Game” section), to Metalbond. The other parts were posted to other sites, including Rubberzone, and if you are a member of RubberZone I would start here:

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Some of the chapters also appeared on the Eckie site.

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Sadly, after the author completed End Game Part 4, we lost touch with each other and as far as I can tell, I believe he stopped writing. I do hope the author is doing well and having fun, wherever he may be today.

—Metal (August 2023)