New Years Resolution – Part 05

By lthr_jock

As PJ crossed the room toward Paul, he stripped off his bike jacket and gloves to reveal a tight form-fitting black lycra t-shirt underneath which showed off his impressive torso. Paul gurgled something unintelligible into the gag and tried to stand up.


The single word from PJ froze him in place – back arched displaying his cock, one arm behind him, the other inches away from where he had just been stroking himself. Desperately, he tried to move as PJ approached, and found himself completely unable to. He tried to shout but could emit nothing more than a low moan.

PJ crouched down in front of him.

“Very nice. Very nice, indeed.” He reached forward and gently stroked the inside of Paul’s muscular thighs. “Have you got all the pictures you wanted, Chuck?” He grinned as Chuck affirmed that he had   “Oh good. Time for some fun then.”

Leaving Paul helpless on the floor, he stood up and had a brief discussion with Chuck. Chuck then went upstairs and PJ into the kitchen, both men returning with a variety of items that Paul could not make out. PJ returned to his crouching position in front of Paul’s crotch.

“Looks like someone is having fun.” As he said this he scraped one fingernail up Paul’s cock, starting at the root and ending at the head. The sensation sent pleasure bursting through Paul’s body, which only increased as PJ continued this gentle caress. Despite his by now cramping muscles and inability to move, he found himself growing more and more aroused and realised – with a sensation of both horror and relief – that he was getting very close to cumming. Just as he thought he was going to explode, PJ stopped.

“Don’t want you making a mess on Chuck’s nice floor, do we?” He grinned over at Chuck who, Paul realised, had continued taking photos. Reaching behind him, PJ pulled out an ice bucket and grabbing handfuls of ice, began rubbing them over Paul’s cock. The shock of the cold made him go limp and as he did so, PJ pushed his cock into the bucket of freezing water. As Paul’s manhood shrivelled, PJ picked up what looked to Paul like a metal seedpod. Opening it, it had two sections inside. PJ took Paul’s cock and balls and expertly fitted them inside the pod, then closed it up. Locking it with a key, he slipped the key inside his pocket and grinned at Paul. “You can get that back at Dante tomorrow evening. Oh, and you can move now.”

Paul immediately scrambled to his feet and looked down at his crotch, where he could now see nothing but a solid metal pod. He grabbed it and tried to pull it off, but it was securely in place. “Mmm, nice and smooth and metal – just like a robot,” said PJ. For some reason just the thought of this aroused Paul and he could feel the metal pod preventing him from getting erect.

“On your knees” said PJ and without hesitation, Paul knelt – again, he seemed to have no control over this. PJ stepped forward, his leather-covered bulge filling Paul’s vision, the bulge making it clear how aroused he was at the situation. PJ ruffled Paul’s hair and tilted his head so that he was looking up over the expanse of PJ’s chest to his face. “Very nice, boi – a bit hairy, but very nice. And that mouth needs filling, doesn’t it?” Paul managed to whimper as he thought of PJ’s impressive bulge sliding unhindered past the ring gag and into his mouth and throat. PJ chuckled as he realised what Paul was worried about and crouched down so their heads were at the same level. “Silly boi. You’re not ready for that yet. Also, there’s no way my cock would fit inside that ring gag. No, you’re going to suck on this.” PJ held up a long, ribbed rubber cock, which he quickly slipped into Paul’s mouth. Paul wasn’t fast enough as he tried to pull away and the cock filled his mouth, projecting slightly into his throat. PJ twisted it and with a click it locked into place. Paul fought the urge to cough and vomit as PJ stroked his head and whispered “Slowly, slowly. Breathe through your nose, boi.” As he calmed down, his breathing eased.

With ease, PJ lifted Paul to his feet and moved around behind him. Reaching around Paul, he began to massage and tweak Paul’s nipples, while grinding his leather-covered crotch against Paul’s arse. To Paul’s surprise, he found this highly arousing and pressed back against PJ, wishing to feel that bulge tighter against his arse. PJ chuckled, “We have an eager one here, Chuck,” as he pushed his bulge tighter against Paul’s arse. Leaving Paul’s aching tits, he grabbed him by the neck and bent him forwards with one hand while rubbing Paul’s arse with the other. Paul shuddered with pleasure as PJ’s thumb rested against the button of Paul’s arse and then slowly slid inside.

Sucking hard on the rubber cock, his own cock straining against the confines of the seed pod, Paul was trembling as PJ removed his thumb and replaced it with something else. Paul didn’t know what it was, but it was cold and felt slick. Behind him, PJ grinned as he started to work the lubed butt plug into Paul’s arse. Slowly and carefully he worked it in, rolling it around, stretching Paul’s hole until with a slap the plug slid all the way in and Paul’s arse closed around the base, holding it in place. PJ pulled Paul upright and kneaded his shoulders “Good boi.”

Paul didn’t know what to think or to do. His arse ached and he felt like he wanted to force the intruder out. At the same time, he loved it being there and didn’t want to remove it. PJ took out some straps and quickly strapped the plug in place, securing it with 2 padlocks. “There, all nice and sorted out. Time for you to go now … but before you do …” He started to whisper something in Paul’s ear, and Paul closed his eyes.

When he opened them, Chuck was standing in front of him shaking his hand. “Thanks, Paul, great shoot. I’ll send you some of the shots when they’re developed.” Paul couldn’t believe this – he’d dozed off and had the weirdest dream. Why would he have a dream like that? And why would PJ be in it? Strange. And where had all that bondage gear come from – Paul had never played with anything like that. Well, not much – he blushed lightly as he thought of the seed pod and butt plug he had locked on this morning. It was a good job that Chuck hadn’t asked him to change his clothes.

On the way home, Paul suddenly started to feel hot – really hot. He started sweating profusely, beads running down his face and chest, soaking his lycra shirt. He realised that he needed to cool down and fast. Pulling into the car park outside his local supermarket, he rushed inside and headed straight for the cooler section. As he strode swiftly through the store, he grabbed his shirt and ripped it off him, leaving the shreds to float to the floor behind him. Bare-chested and ignorant of the stares of the other shoppers, he grabbed a bottle of water from the cooler, twisted the top off and poured it over his head and body. Letting out a roar of pleasure as the cool water flowed over him he grabbed another one and did the same. After the fourth bottle, he felt cool again and became aware of the stares of the other people in the store. There was silence around him as they stared at the tall man clad only in boots and leather jeans, soaked to the skin and with a puddle of water at his feet. Paul suddenly realised what he had done and flushed bright red. Head down, he pushed past some people to head for the door and to his horror realised that two of them were work colleagues. Desperate to get out, he threw a handful of notes at the cashier and fled the building.

Back at home, he stood shaking in his living room. What the hell had possessed him? Why had he done that? What on earth was happening to him? He was starting to get seriously frightened and decided to call his doctor. Before he did so, he got a protein shake out of the fridge and gulped it down. The familiar taste soothed him and he realised he was over-reacting. He was probably worried over nothing and didn’t need to bother his doctor. Re-assured, he settled down to look at his post. He saw that he had some parcels waiting for him at the Post Office. Odd, he didn’t remember ordering anything but decided to head over to pick them up this afternoon.


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