Nick and Daniel – Part 3

By Atlanta Stud

Atlanta StudNick got up off the floor and sat down on the sofa so he could enjoy his beer, figuring he’d be locked up in the leg shackles for another half hour. Not that he was complaining. His interest in cuffs and shackles was definitely increasing and Dan apparently had even more in his collection, which he wanted to see. That half hour went by quickly for both men. Dan enjoyed seeing Nick in the Clejusos. Nick was feeling a bit awkward being in leg shackles even though it wasn’t his first time. But he liked how they felt locked around his ankles.

“OK boy, you’ve served your thirty minute sentence, time to release you back to the public.”

Dan chuckled as he proceeded to remove the Clejusos. He spent a few more minutes inspecting them before setting them back down on the wooden coffee table so they’d clearly be in Nick’s view at all times. Dan wanted them in Nick’s view. He wanted to observe if Nick might pick them up and check them out again. He headed off to the kitchen and returned with another round of beers.

“No hard feelings I hope, stud.”

“Nah, you won fair and square. Guess I should have known better than to take you on. Just couldn’t resist the challenge I suppose.”

“Well, guess you know better now, stud.”

The rest of that Saturday afternoon amounted to Nick and Daniel hanging out around the house and washing Dan’s new F-150. Being a warm sunny day, Dan was hoping Nick would follow his lead and peel off his t-shirt, which he did. It was all he could do to keep from grabbing a set of cuffs and locking up that hot stud to the basketball post while he washed his truck.

“We can get in another workout in the morning if you’re up for it, Nick.”

“Heck yeah, was thinking of a morning jog too if that’s ok, Dan.”

All the better, Dan thought. He instantly was picturing that hot stud shirtless, sweat dripping from his trimmed hairy chest.

“Works for me, stud.”

That evening wasn’t as eventful as the first for Nick. No time was spent trying on shackles while they hung out on the deck. But his thoughts often drifted back to the previous night and that new experience. He definitely felt his dick stir at the thought of the shackles locked around his ankles as he walked on the deck. He wanted to feel them locked on again, but couldn’t figure out a way without it probably sounding weird to Dan and thought it best to not approach the subject.

They wrapped up the night around midnight and both headed off to their rooms, but as Nick stripped down to a pair black spandex boxer briefs and white mid-calf high UA socks for the night, he couldn’t get his mind off his new experiences. He wondered if Dan kept any of his collection in the spare bedroom. Nick quietly began looking around in the dresser drawers without any luck. Next was the walk-in closet. He hesitated for a moment, wondering if it was the right thing to do, but as with most men, his dick overruled his judgment.

He saw stacks of medium and small storage boxes on the floor and sitting on shelves, some extra clothes on hangers and an assortment of well worn sneaks, a pair of canvas slip-ons, and military boots. On a hanger, behind other shirts on the clothes bar, Nick discovered a bright orange jumpsuit. He pulled it out and noticed the DOC imprints on the back and down one leg, and ‘Prisoner’ on the other. The tag at the collar was marked L and with the stir in his groin, he figured he couldn’t pass up the chance to try something like this on.

With the last button in place, he checked himself out in the full-length mirror in the closet and immediately started getting hard feeling the rough material against his bare chest and grazing his nipples. He thought it best to take it off and get to bed. But he couldn’t resist the temptation of keeping it on for a while longer. Soon he found himself sound asleep on the bed, still wearing the prison jumpsuit.

Knock, knock.

“Hey Nick, you up?”

“Hmmm, yeah, yeah, I’m up,” a groggy Nick said before realizing he was still wearing the prison jumpsuit.

“I was going to make some breakfaaaa…” Dan began to say as he was opening the door and saw Nick on the bed in the jumpsuit.

Without missing a beat, Dan said, “Well, if you want to do this right and have the full effect, I’ll need to grab the rest of what goes with that.”

“Oh man, sorry, I didn’t mean to…”

“Stay there. I’ll be right back!”

Dan returned a couple minutes later and tossed a pair of orange canvas slip-ons to Nick.

“Put these on!” he said, matter of fact. “I said, PUT THEM ON!”

There was no questioning the tone in Dan’s voice. Nick put on the canvas shoes and sat up on the edge of the bed. What Nick didn’t see was the collection of metal that Dan, as he stood partially in the hallway had hidden behind his back, a set of Peerless model 700TC32 transport irons.

“Now, we’ll need to complete the process. Stand up and face the bed. Good. Down on your knees, inmate.”

“What are you up to Dan?”

“Quiet, inmate, just giving you what you want. Good, now hands behind your head, interlock those fingers and don’t move an inch!”

Dan moved in quickly and locked the Peerless leg irons around Nick’s ankles. He pulled the chain between his legs that had an attached set of cuffs and proceeded to lock his left wrist and then securing the right wrist in the same fashion.

“NOW you’re ready for transport. Get up, inmate.”

Nick, now completely embarrassed and turned on at the same time, stood up and faced Dan. He looked like an inmate and the chains made him feel like an inmate.

“OK, inmate Nick. We’ve fucking known each other for a while now and I don’t want any bullshit when I ask you my next question. You got that?’


“That’s ‘YES SIR,’ inmate. Try again.”


“Good. Now, I’m going to make a fat breakfast for myself and oatmeal for the prisoner. I have the facility for inmates like you. I can tell you want this, you want to feel like an inmate, and I can do it. So, inmate Nick, am I right? You want to experience being an inmate, don’t you? Tell me that you want to experience being an inmate, and we’ll make it happen, boy.”

Nick stood there, almost motionless, with the exception of a slight tug of the cuffs attached to the chain connected to the leg irons.

“Shit, Dan. I … I don’t know what to…”

“That’s ‘SIR,’ boy. Try again.”

“SIR,” Nick said, then got quiet for a minute. “SIR, this inmate should be treated like an inmate, SIR, and subjected to His facility.”

A huge grin was immediately on Dan’s face as he grabbed his new inmate by the arm and dragged him downstairs. As they stood in front of the storage room door, there was a very puzzled look on Nick’s face.

“The facility for inmates is right behind this door. I’ll give you one last chance to change your mind. Be warned, that if you agree to this, you’ll be incarcerated the remainder of the day. What do you say, inmate? It’s a chance of a lifetime!”

“Yes, SIR!”

With that, Dan pulled a black cloth hood over Nick’s head, unlocked the door, grabbed him by the arm and escorted him into what Nick would soon discover to be a jail cell. Being hooded, Nick still had no idea what the “facility” was. He was led to a metal cot and sat down. Dan then pulled on the heavy 6-foot chain anchored to the concrete floor and padlocked it to the Peerless leg iron chain and then went out the cell door and quietly locked it behind him.

“OK, inmate, get up and walk to the sound of my voice.”

When Nick was within reach, Dan put one hand through the bars and pulled off the black hood.  That’s when Nick fully realized his situation. There was Dan, facing him through what looked like the bars of a cell. Nick quickly turned and looked around and realized that’s exactly what it was — where he now was — in a jail cell with his leg irons locked to a heavy chain.

It didn’t take long to realize that even if the cell door was unlocked, he couldn’t walk through it, as the additional chain would prevent that. He saw the steel cot with its thin mattress and pillow and what appeared to be permanently attached leg and handcuffs with about six inches of chains anchored to the four corners of the cot. It was equipped with a toilet and sink, but no windows, as it was located in the basement. This was the real thing.

“Like your accommodations, inmate? Before you respond, let me remind you that every sentence or question you have will begin and end with ‘SIR.’ Should you neglect to do so, you will lose what few luxuries you have, inmate.”

“Sir, this is quite a set-up, Sir. So this is what you had hidden behind the padlocked door. Very impressive. It looks very authentic, Sir.”

“I can assure you that it is VERY authentic. There’s no escape. It’s not a movie set, Nick. I could tell your interest in my collection was growing on you. This was the next experience for you, although I have to admit that I thought it would be a while before we reached this point. So, you like it, inmate?”

“Sir, this inmate likes what you’ve created, Sir!”

“Good. I’ll leave you to your thoughts as I whip up a nice breakfast for myself. I’ll bring your oatmeal to you once I’ve finished, and we can continue our conversation.”

About half an hour later Dan returned with Nick’s oatmeal breakfast. Dan sat on the other side of the cell bars on an old wooden chair while Nick ate while sitting on the bed. It wasn’t easy, since he was still in the Peerless shackle set. As he ate, Dan picked up where he left off from their earlier conversation.

“So, inmate, if you like your accommodations, I see no reason why you can’t try it out for the rest of the day until you need to be released back into society to get ready for work in the morning. I’ve got papers to go through, so I’d be more than happy to keep you here and return to provide lunch and dinner, after that you’ll be released. That’s about another 12 hours, inmate.”

Nick thought for a moment, apparently his dick doing most of the thinking.

“Sir, this inmate would like to try out the facility for the day, Sir!”

“Good boy,” Dan said as he stood up and started to exit.

“Sir, aren’t you forgetting something, Sir?”

“What is it that I’m forgetting, inmate?”

“Sir, you still have the inmate locked in a set of shackles. Surely those aren’t needed while in the cell, Sir.”

“Inmates in my cell will, at a minimum, be locked in a set of leg irons. You appear to be a high risk, so you will remain shackled just as you are, until released. I’ll see you in four hours, inmate. Enjoy your stay.”

Nick took a good look at his surroundings and the interesting cuffs and shackles attached to the four corners of the metal bed. He would find out later that they’re called Darby shackles. With no entertainment to keep him occupied, he laid down on the metal bed, hoping if he could nap, time would pass by faster until Dan’s return for his lunch.

Time goes by very slowly when there’s nobody to talk to, no music, no television. The nap attempt was in vain for Nick as he laid there eyes wide open looking around his new home for the day. He sat up and checked the padlock attached to his leg cuff chain. He very quickly realized that he wasn’t going anywhere. He noticed the other end of the chain vanished into the concrete floor. No hope there either.

The walls were pale green, almost that same green seen in old grade school buildings from the ’40s and ’50s. Very stark and cold in color. It will be a long four hours until Dan’s return and he would have the company of another person to talk to.

Finally, the four hours passed by, and he heard the unlocking of the exterior door and Dan appeared with his lunch. Now Dan was dressed in fatigue pants, black combat boots, duty belt and a tight UA short sleeve spandex shirt. Nick thought to himself that he looked really tough.

“How’s the new inmate? Still enjoying your new accommodations?”

“Sir, yes Sir. But it’s good to see you and have someone to talk to, Sir.”

“Yeah, I bet you get lonely down here, inmate. Here’s your lunch. Nothing fancy, but lots of protein, which is great for your workouts.”

“So Nick, here’s an idea that I’d like to propose to you. I think that you need to get out of that shoebox econostay that you’re currently in and stay here. Plenty of room here, and we can certainly have more time to do things. But there is a catch.”

“When you’re done at the job site, you return here. You will only wear a prison uniform of my choice, or some other gear as I see fit, and at a minimum at all times, you will be in leg irons. Your gear for each night will be found on the bed in the spare bedroom when you get home and I’ll expect you to promptly, and without question, put on everything that’s there. This cell, from now on, will be your new sleeping quarters. You will more than likely spend additional time here as I see fit. You will help with all chores and you will continue your workouts with me. So inmate, what do you think? This decision has to be up to you.”

Nick thought for a moment, once again his dick doing most of the thinking. Images quickly ran through his head, such as returning home and finding the jumpsuit laid out on the bed. He wasn’t sure what other types of gear Dan had in mind, but he figured it would be some other hot prison uniform. Maybe an authentic BRIG prison uniform.

“Sir, I’m game, Sir. I think it’s a great idea.”

“Outstanding. We’ll check you out tomorrow after work and get you settled in right away, get a quick bite to eat and get a workout in. Monday night’s chest and triceps day, and we need to get in a workout.”

Nick spent the rest of his day in the cell and was finally released so he could get back to his old accommodations. He quickly packed up what little he did have and to get ready for work the next morning.

Monday went by quickly, as there was a lot to do on the new home they were constructing. A quick run back to the econostay to get Nick’s things, then grab a fast bite before getting back to Dan’s house by 6:30.

“OK, inmate, you know the rules. You know where to find your assigned clothes. You have five minutes, I want to get started on the workout.”

Nick quickly made his way to the spare bedroom, unsure of what he’d find. Surely Dan wouldn’t have him in the prison jumpsuit for a workout. Must be something like shorts and the cut off tee that he previously worn.

Upon entering the room, he saw what initially appeared to be a neatly folded orange tank top on the bed. When he picked it up, however, he discovered that it was a high cut orange wrestling singlet with black trim. On the back, running top to bottom in the center along the spine, was the word INMATE in capital letters and on the right leg along the hem was DOC. A white jockstrap was also on the bed along with thin white crew sox and his new wrestling shoes. He was back facing Dan in five minutes flat.

“Very nice. How’s your new workout uniform fit, inmate?

“Sir, perfect fit, Sir.”

“Outstanding, boy. Let’s get you downstairs and I’ll come back in a few minutes after I change.”

Once they were down in the gym area, Dan locked Nick in the new Clejuso leg irons and left to get into his workout gear. He returned wearing a military digital wrestling singlet and his new wrestling shoes.

The look on Nick’s face was very obvious.

“You will always be reminded as to who’s in charge here, inmate. This military singlet and your inmate singlet should show you that. Now let’s get started. There’s a Braves game on at 7:20, and we need to be finished for the first pitch.”

Working out while locked in a set of leg irons was certainly a new experience for Nick, but he found it pretty hot as well. He couldn’t resist checking himself out in the mirror, seeing himself in the snug orange singlet that mimicked a prison jumpsuit, and seeing Dan in his equally snug military digital singlet. A couple of hot jocks, he thought to himself.

With the workout completed, they headed upstairs and Dan released Nick from the Clejusos so he could take a shower.

“Your gear will be waiting for you on the bed. I expect you to be dressed and in the living room in ten minutes, inmate.”

“Sir, yes Sir.”

“You’re quickly getting the hang of this, boy. I like it, I like it very much.”

By the time Nick was out of the shower, Dan was already changed and waiting for him in the living room, television pre-game in full swing. Nick was very surprised, to say the least, at the clothing waiting for him on the bed.

“What the…?” he said to himself.

Realizing he only had about five minutes, he quickly started getting dressed. He started with the black jockstrap, then a pair of white baseball pants complete with black belt, that were short in length, just past the knees. Followed next by a pair of black UA knee high baseball socks, UA cleats and a black UA sleeveless compression shirt. The final item was the Clejuso leg irons, which he assumed were left for him to lock on as well. With less than a minute left to spare, Nick quickly made his way out to the living room for the opening Braves pitch.

“Damn, you look hot, Nick,” Dan said. “We’re going to have a great time together, you and me. Now, present wrists, inmate, we need to get them locked up in a set of cuffs.”

To be continued

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  1. Another great part to this story and once again we’re left wondering what’ll happen next. I hope that Atlanta Stud will tell us more about these 2 guy’s experiences in due course.

  2. Thanks for the nice comments, guys! Good to know that you’re still enjoying the stories. There will be a chapter 4 in the Nick & Daniel saga that I hope to complete by the end of the month. Iowa Cowboy will also have another chapter. I’ve also made notes for a potential new story that I would love to start on in the near future.

    1. You’ve already contributed some terrific material Atlanta Stud, so really looking forward to reading some more in due course.

  3. It’s an exiting story-always wondering whats coming next and its good to hear from the author that theres another chapter well under way.

    1. Gland you enjoy the story, Schlong! Running behind on the next chapter, but it’s coming. Where are you located if you don’t mind me asking?

  4. Hey studs! I know I was shooting for the end of June for the next installment of N&D, but keep running into delays and spending time writing the story. Hopefully in the next couple weeks. Thanks again for all the positive feedback.

    1. Yes, this is a great story, one of several by this author and one of many more terrific stories on this site – plenty of reading material!

  5. I hope Dan gets the cuffs locked on Nicks wrists real soon so we can read another chapter of this great story.

  6. A BIG THANKS to all that enjoy my material. I wish I had more time to devote to this so that I can get chapters out much faster. The next installment of N&D has been sent off to my friend Metalbond, who I thank very much for posting my stories. He says Part 4 will be posted very soon. And if I’m lucky, I’ll get the next Iowa Cowboy chapter out in the next couple weeks.

  7. This is such a great story Atlanta Stud. The characters are great. I can’t wait to hear what happens to Nick next.

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