By Damian and slavebladeboi

I raised my head off the pillow and looked at him, still sleeping, about 6 inches from me. I suppose the movement, plus the sun which was now flooding the room, woke him as he slowly opened his eyes and grinned. Tanned face, perfect teeth, slight stubble yet, I thought, I ought to be cross.

“We need to talk.”

“Nooooo…” he ducked under the duvet and grabbed my cock giggling away like an idiot. I threw off the cover and pushed him over onto his back, straddled him and sat on his stomach, squashing his cock under my arse. Grabbing both his wrists, now that he’d given me a complete boner, I lowered my face to meet his and whispered

“You took a fucking risk.”

“But it was worth it, wasn’t it?”

Now I felt like a parent not knowing whether to scold his offspring for doing something daring and dangerous or praising him for achieving it.

“I could have lost you, you know that don’t you.”

“Yeah, but you didn’t did you. And as we’re supposed to be locked down how else was I supposed to get here. It’s been almost three weeks.”

I looked into his blue grey twinkly eyes, lowered my face to meet his and kissed him deeply. Then I came to my senses again, sat up and looked him straight in the face.

“How long had you been planning this? I mean, c’mon, it can’t have been easy to get all that lined up? And how the hell did you know I’d be around? “And what if the courier…?” I gave up, got off him and sat back against the head of the bed.

“I didn’t do it to make you worry. I just felt I had to see you and this way I got something out of the journey too” he smiled again, “so much better than the train, or that bloody long boring drive.”

“So, tell me.”

“Well, it was a bit like this. I thought I’d smooth all over except for eyebrows and hair. I know you like me smooth. Then I added my vibrating butt plug. I put on the chastity cage. Nipple clamps on. Electro pads on my butt cheeks. The gag would be one of your dirty undies I’d stolen which would be taped over my mouth using a roll of duct tape. Then I’d put on the skin tight rubber suit I’ve bought!”

“I didn’t think I’d seen that suit before. Made you look fantastic. And when did you steal my tighty whities?”

“Thanks, and yonks ago. Before putting the suit on, I took the key to the chastity device, the micro controller, the key to my cuffs and the key to the padlock locking my rubber suit on, and put them on a key ring, removed my butt plug, put them in my arse before locking the plug in my arse again, turned on! Then once I locked the suit on either you’d have to use the key I mailed you 2 days ago (I hoped to God you’d received it) or cut open the suit to let me out! Or kept me in it till the key arrived. Both the butt plug and electro pads would run on random intervals, and they have heavy duty batteries on!”

I wondered what was going on as the previous morning the post hit the mat with a thud. One letter, containing… a set of keys. No instructions just a post mark, the post mark of Damian’s town and a short note in his handwriting. WTF was he up to this time. I was soon to find out. 36 hours later the UPS van stopped outside and the delivery was made. I didn’t remember ordering anything like an Egyptian mummy but there it was on my living room floor. My name and address clearly written on the label. Has that crazy fucker..? Yep, I think he has.

“Now comes the interesting part.” he continued. “I’ve bought myself a mannequin. It’s made of high grade fibreglass so it’s as strong as heck! It has a heavy base so it wouldn’t topple over. Hands are designed to be on the back as if it’s wearing a armbinder. It has its legs together without any gap between them so when I cuff my legs, I can be inside without issue. It opens up in half so that I can get in easily. Once I’m inside, I need someone to close the 2 halves together and lock it. Once locked inside, no one can open it without the keys. The keys to this are in my arse and also in the envelope I mailed you. Oh btw, the mannequin has two breathing holes near the nose just to be safe.”

“Just to be safe! Safe? Locked in a mannequin for god knows how long with no get out in an emergency? You’re fucking reckless Damian, I should kick you out right now.”

He looked at me, eyes starting to moisten. “I desperately wanted to see you, I’d have taken every chance.”

I held him close. “I know, I felt the same, but…. You know, danger, all the things that could ha…”

“Could have, but didn’t”

I breathed heavily. I wasn’t going to win this one. “Go on” I said.

“I called one of my kinky friends to do the final touches. Put my legs cuffs and hand cuffs on, put the rubber hood on which only has a nose hole, then put me in and lock it! Once in inside, there is an openable hatch of about 1cm on both sides. My friend would use this to fill the inside of the mannequin with expandable foam, so that I’d be nice and snug and warm!. Once done, my friend would seal those hatches using super glue. I made arrangements for the mannequin to be sent via express mail to your address. The delivery should only take about a day and a half. So once my friend handed me over to the delivery guys, I’m stuck till I reach your place!”

“Well” I said, “I wondered what the keys were for when I opened the envelope. There was no letter or instructions, nothing apart from a note saying “be in tomorrow.” The postmark was from your town though so I had a good idea who it was from. I had no fixed plans for the next day anyway which added to my curiosity as to what to expect.

I sat, played a couple of video games, looked at some torture porn sites and a good rubber one, made coffee, bit more porn. I was just about to wank off when the door bell went and I became the owner of a bloody great Egyptian mummy, or as near as.

They brought it into the room and laid it on the floor. I got a couple of funny looks but I just told them it was for a fashion show I was helping to organise.

Now alone I felt all over this life size “body”. I looked for any openings but there were none, just a couple of locks. I fiddled with them then remembered the envelope and the keys. I went and got them, tried several which looked right but found only one that fitted. I didn’t know what to expect. I felt a bit like you do when you stick your hand into a hole not knowing if there’s anything in there. Gives me the willies. So I very slowly unlocked the mannequin or mummy as I still thought of it, and saw, well nothing but white plastic foam. And a rather pathetic noise from in there somewhere.

I guessed then that you’d be in there underneath it all and that the movement of the lid half made you realise you were home with me. I saw that there were two small holes which must be for your breathing Putting my hand near them I felt your warm breath so I knew there was now no rush, no rush to do anything.”

“But you did, didn’t you. It wasn’t long before I felt a lot more movement.”

“But, and it’s typical of me as you know, I wanted to get into that foam to find out what was in there straight away. I was already hard with anticipation as I knew what kind of kink you were into and wanted to enjoy it too. I also remembered how long you must have been there, sweat and piss anybody?”

He laughed at that. “You’ve never been frightened of piss before.”

I went on, “The foam was set hard in a cushiony way so I got a knife and started to cut it away. I did it from the waist down initially. Your legs came into view plus I could now hear a slight sort of buzzing. I had no idea about that, then it struck me. You and those arse toys. Ha! So you’d been there for at least 36 hours with that in your arse. Well, I thought, if it’s been that long so far there was really really no need to hurry. I ran my hands up and down what I now saw was a tight rubber suit. Waist to feet, up and down, down to the toes, up to the … yes the cock. I could almost imagine it straining to get out of the chastity device that was outlined in shiny rubber. I bet you were throbbing and pre cumming as my finger played with that small mound the cage made.

He groaned. “That was so bloody horny. I wanted you to stop so badly and carry on at the same time.”

“Once I heard the noises from the head end get more frustrated I stopped. Time for more coffee. But I couldn’t wait long. I so much wanted to get to the rubbered body that was waiting for me in the living room. I was back within a couple of minutes, cup in hand. “So” I said out loud, did you hear me? not at all sure if the sound of my voice was carried through to your body in the back half of the mannequin, “let’s see what we have here.”

I gradually and carefully started cutting through the foam and pulling chunks of it away from the black shiny rubber that was beginning to be exposed. I got it all away from the top of the body so you – or so I hoped – were now just lying on it as a sort of mattress. The rubber was tightly fitted to the body inside. I stroked my hands over your chest and, not altogether surprisingly found some tit clamps making little humps in the rubber. Jeez, they must have been on for the whole time. Maybe it was a bit more speed that was needed now. I reached in and tried to pull your body up into a sitting position.

After three goes I found you were realising what I wanted and started to help by straining to raise yourself. Between us it worked and I had my rubber gift sitting upright. Oh what a sight. Black shiny tight rubber, total encasement. I really had to push myself on, not wanting to lose sight of it as it was but knowing how much I was going to enjoy what was inside. The hood was locked and it looked as though the suit was locked as well. The keys, I had to get the keys. I was hopeless at putting things down then forgetting where I’d put them. Of course the keys had completely disappeared. After several minutes of frustrating, almost panic searching I found them under a heap of discarded foam. The second one fitted the hood. Slowly and gently I unlocked it and started to pull up the zipper.

“Keep your eyes shut,” I said very loudly in case, as I suspected, your ears would be blocked. As I pulled the zipper I started to release the hold the hood had on your face. Your skin was damp with a mixture of sweat and tears, it must have been hard in there. Once off I saw your mouth was taped shut and obviously full of a gag. I pulled at the corners of the tape and slowly edged it off, releasing the undies I recognised as being mine, kept dirty for that exact purpose by the way! I pulled it out of your mouth which you gradually relaxed. You slowly opened your eyes.

“That’s when you said, ‘Hello love.’”

“Yes, and kissed you. You didn’t fancy the train ride then? Was the only thing I could think of at the time.”

Maybe we’d better get the rest of you out of there before your nipples suffer any more.” “Anyway, that’s what was going on while you were mummified. How was it from your point of view?”

“So” he smiled and looked me straight in the eyes, “When my friend handed me to the delivery guys, I knew my fate was sealed.. and I was immediately regretting putting on those nipple clamps! With each bump and shove, my nipples were getting squeezed…. oh, and here comes the vibrator in my arse! Just what I needed!

At first they loaded me upright into the truck. I was kind of enjoying the ride till two more stops. At the 3rd stop, they ran out of space so they decided to put the mannequin horizontally. Now my head is slightly slanted downward, and guess what… I had the urgent need to pee around that time! All that hot piss found its way through the tight rubber suit up to my neck, and since the suit was tight at the edges, no liquid escaped!

Then once we reached what I supposed was the overnight sorting storage & sorting place, I’ve really had enough, and was kind of panicking. I was a sweaty pissy mess in the suit and my nipples were killing me! not to mention the buzzy plug! I tried to scream and get the attention of the workers, but that darn foam was doing a perfect job of muffling all the noise I was making. I felt being lifted by two people and being kept on a solid floor. I’m sure they were complaining why this thing was so heavy!

After a while when they completed all the unloading, the workers left. I thought that was that, and I had to wait till next morning to get delivered to your place. I was surprised in what was probably the middle of the night though. I guess maybe a security guard was in the facility. Someone came up to the mannequin and thought it would be a nice place to hang his smelly boots and socks till he got some unwarranted nap time! I think the boots were hanging on one shoulder and the socks were on the other. The smell came right through the air holes.. Well, I didn’t get a breath of fresh air till he woke up after about 4 hours!

Morning came ever so slowly and by this time, I’d peed myself again. Regretting the decision I made is an understatement! Once the workers arrived, I was loaded onto another truck and after what felt like another eternity +1, I was dropped off at what I assumed was your place! (I panicked inside thinking, what if they’ve made a mistake and dropped me off somewhere else! at some clothing store maybe).

But then after I felt you opening the locks I felt relieved knowing no one else could have those keys with them. I wanted out so bad and I was feeling relieved when you started peeling off the foam from around me. But then, I felt you stop and walk away! I screamed into the gag as much as possible so that you’d come back… but no… Ooh fuck! My nipples are killing me!

“I knew they would be,” I said, “plus it’s dangerous to keep them clamped for that amount of time. That’s when I decided to get a move on. Your face was damp and there was a rank smell coming from the rest of you.

I had to get you to stand, which wasn’t easy the way your legs were strapped together above the ankles. But eventually I managed to put both my arms round you and haul you vertical. You wobbled and leant on me so I just held you, massaging your back from your neck to your arse…. wow, that was buzzing. What the fuck had you got on under that tight rubber suit.

I reached into my pocket and pulled out the keys with you almost over my shoulder, then I was able to unlock the collar of the suit and very slowly pulled at the zip. At that point I realised that your wrists were cuffed too so another key. God you must have been suffering in there. It smelled like a mixture of a rugby teams’ changing room and a public shit house; piss, sweat and tears.

And you were now shivering.

I backed you up to a chair and sat you in it so I was able to strip the rubber down your body. When I saw the colour of your tits I almost stopped myself playing with them, but no, I just had to have a twist. I grabbed the clamp on your right nipple and gave it flick with my finger. That’s when you screamed. It was a real animal noise of pain. The dark purple of the skin and surrounding area of flesh told me all I needed to know so I held one hand over your mouth and simply unclamped them one at a time. You shuddered. I held you. You breathed deeply, closed your eyes and fell forward with your head on my chest.

“I remember that I think, although the rest of it’s a blur.”

“Well I got you to hold the arms of the chair, raise yourself and let me hoist you onto my back. I carried you into the bathroom. I could hear the piss sloshing around in your legs, this had to come off in the bath. Lowering you into the tub, still standing, I turned on the tap and let the warm water begin to fill the bath. Once it was around your ankles I stopped it then continued to undress you. It was then I was able to see the full extent of your self imposed 36 hour torture.

God your arse must be aching and by the look of your cock there was no doubt it had been straining within that device. Red raw in places. I went back to get the keys I’d left on the table in the other room. Everything was locked.

First, with you leaning against the bathroom wall I unlocked your butt plug. It didn’t want to exit your hole so I had to twist it and pull at the same time, easing it out. Finally there was the wet plopping of your sphincter snapping shut as the vibrating invader passed that point of no return. I dropped it into the water and watched fascinated by your arse cheeks as they started to pulse. Then with a small push the rest of the treasure fell out, keys, electro tube with batteries? Definitely it was well you cleaned out before you started this. I presume you did?

“Of course I did idiot. I’m not stupid”

“Yeah, totally sane as I’ve recently noticed.” Now where was I? I grabbed the pads off your arse cheeks but left your keys somewhere under the suds that were forming around your body. Using my set I unlocked your ankles.

You were able to sit so I turned the water back on, undid your ankle cuffs and allowed the warm water to fill the legs of the suit, wash out the piss and anything else hiding in there. Once it was up to your waist I stopped the flow, slid the legs off you and let you lean back relaxed. I looked at your body and as my cock grew harder I simply knew I wanted you for myself there and then.
We were definitely going to have some fun once you’d recovered somewhat. I had warm towels and a warm bed ready and waiting. Not sure if your cock cage was coming off yet though.”

“So you just put me to bed?”

“Yep. Look, there was no way you were going to be any fun at all last night. You were totally out of it before I dropped you onto the mattress. Once there I don’t think a bomb would have woken you. But it’s not quite nine now. And we’re in bed together for the first time in over three weeks. What do you say we leave breakfast….”

He grinned his famous grin. I dived under the duvet and grabbed his…

D&S 2020

Metal would like to thank Damian and slavebladeboi for this story!

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