Nick and Daniel – Part 6

By Atlanta Stud

Atlanta Stud“Well tails of course.” Zac laughed.

The coin hit the ground and flipped a couple times, tails side up.

“Guess it’s your lucky night, boy. Let’s get you out of that Darby set.”

Daniel stared at the leg irons, working his way up to the neck collar. The shirtless neighbor boy was now free of the metal that once imprisoned him. He rubbed his wrists and felt around his neck, and he couldn’t help but think that it seemed as though something was missing. Strange how all that metal, once it’s no longer locked on, creates that feeling, he thought to himself.

“That’s a pretty intense set to say the least. Enjoyed the cookout, guys, but I should be getting back to hit the rack,” Zac said.

He gave Daniel a firm handshake and turned to Nick to do the same and chuckled that Nick was shaking his hand while still in the full transport set.

“Guess we forgot about this one, huh Daniel!”

“Yeah, don’t worry, I’ll let him loose in a little while — or maybe just keep him like that until morning — guess it’s up to me since I have all the keys,” Daniel said as he threw a wink to Zac.

Daniel proceeded to unlock Nick from the transport set and placed it on one of the patio chairs.

“Hang on a sec before you head out, Zac.” Daniel stepped away for a few minutes, returning with a brown box roughly 6”x4” in size and handed it off to Zac.

“Since you’ve developed a bit of an interest in some of my gear, take this set home with you, check it out,” Daniel said.

“Cool, thanks man,” Zac said as he took the box from Daniel. “Time to hit the rack, guys. I’m sure I’ll see you around sometime tomorrow,” Zac said and then went on his way home, anxious to see what was inside the box.

“OK boy, time to get you downstairs for the night. I’ve got a little surprise for you as well. so change into your black Under Armour boxer jock and black UA crew socks and meet me in the basement in five minutes,” Daniel said.

Daniel was waiting downstairs with the cell door open when Nick appeared dressed as instructed.

“You know the drill, boy. Once you’re locked down on the cot, you’re there until morning, so if you need to take care of anything, now’s the time,” Daniel said.

“Nah, I’m good, Sir,” Nick said as he started to bone up a bit thinking about hearing the four individual Darby shackles click shut around his limbs, keeping him locked down for the night. It took a couple weeks to get used to, but he grew to really enjoy being locked down. Nick got into position, and the familiar ‘click’ of the four shackles soon followed. He loved testing the chains each time, though he knew there was no way they’d give.

“Like I said, boy, I’ve got a little surprise for you tonight. But first, we’ll need to slip on this darlex hood,” Daniel said.

Nick soon found himself locked and totally unable to see his surroundings.

“So, is the hood my surprise tonight, Sir?” Nick asked.

“Nope, got something better for you, boy. I have a new, special chrome cock ring for you. I’m sure you’ve seen cock rings before, but this one is special, trust me,” Daniel said.

With that, he pulled down Nick’s boxer jock and pulled out the shiny surgical steel cock ring and slipped through first one nut, then the other, followed by Nick’s cock. The sensation created a stir in his manhood, but he managed to keep it from going to a full mast.

“Wow, that feels great. Have a feeling I’ll have a hard time sleeping tonight with that on, Sir.”

“Well, you may have some difficulty sleeping tonight, but you won’t be hard,” Daniel said. “You see, like I said, this cock ring is special. It has an attachment point at the twelve o’clock position, boy.”

Daniel then placed some lube on Nick’s cock.

“Now I take this other piece that has these fixed metal rings on it and slide it over your cock so that it meets up with the fitting at the twelve o’clock position.”

“There we go, everything’s in place.”


Nick heard the unmistakable sound of a closing lock.

“Ready to see your surprise?” Daniel wasn’t really asking, but rather making a statement.

With that he removed the darlex hood and Nick looked down to see a cage locked around his manhood.

“What the…?” was as far as Nick got before Daniel began explaining.

“It’s a jailhouse chastity device made of surgical grade steel, boy. This way you’ll be incarcerated, in a way, all day long. I think you’ll grow to like it. I know I will,” Daniel said to his locked down stud Nick. “So, how’s all that metal surrounding your cock feel, boy?”

Nick’s manhood grew to the maximum allowed in the steel rings.

“Wow! It’s like my cock’s locked up in its own jail cell,” Nick said.

“Exactly why it’s called the jailhouse, boy. Alright, sleep tight. Let me know how it feels in the morning,” Daniel said with a chuckle.

With that, he picked up the darlex hood and slipped it back on Nick. Now all he could do was feel the cage on his manhood and not see it, only intensifying the new experience. He pulled against the four shackles again just to confirm his situation. It was quiet in his cell, the only sound being the rattling chains when any of his helpless four limbs moved. The constant boners during the night provided reminders that his cock was now trapped in a metal cage sine it pushed up against the welded set of metal rings that formed its cock prison cell. ‘Surely Daniel’s taking this thing off in the morning,’ he thought to himself.

Meanwhile …

When he got in, Zac shucked his cargo shorts and no-show socks and wandered off to the kitchen for a bottled water wearing just his navy blue Nike Pro-combat knee length compression shorts. Zac was anxious to see what was in the box that Daniel handed to him just before he left. Carefully opening one end, he dumped out the contents on his bed.

Before him sat a pair of Smith & Wesson handcuffs and leg shackles that had a 32” chain connecting them together. On the box was marked Smith & Wesson #1850 Transport Set. ‘Good grief! Just how many different types of restraints does this guy have?’ Zac thought to himself. He ran the arms through each of the four shackles, and ran them through again, stopping when they were engaged with a diameter he estimated about the size of his limbs. He ran one of the leg shackle arms through again until it was completely open and placed it up against the back of his right ankle and took the open arm and placed it up to where it would engage, but he didn’t lock it on. Instead, he took the set as a whole and held it, taking in its weight. He was too excited looking over the transport set that he didn’t realize that no keys fell out of the box when he emptied the contents.

He got up off the bed and stood in front of the full-length mirror that’s attached to the back of his bedroom door, held the set by the cuffs allowing the leg shackles to dangle below. He was imagining what he would look like locked in shackles, especially his muscular hairy legs. That thought got the best of him, as he quickly bent down and locked the leg shackles on and then stood up, locking on the handcuffs, tugging at the chain connecting them. Posing in the mirror, watching as he tugged the chain, seeing his legs locked in steel. Checking out how his now helpless muscular body looked locked in the steel. This went on for a good half hour before he decided to take them off so he could climb into bed. Not seeing keys on the bed, he thought they got stuck in the box, but alas, the box was completely empty! ‘Crap!’ he thought to himself as he frantically kept checking the bed and then back to the box, checking the floor as well. ‘There’s got to be a way to get these off. I can’t call Daniel this late — and what would I say?’

A desperate Zac spent the next hour trying to pick the lock to no avail and climbed into bed. It was a sleepless night to say the least. His biggest concern was what Daniel would say when he called him in the morning to get let out of the transport shackles.

Morning finally arrived, and Zac shuffled off to the kitchen for his daily orange juice fix. With no drinking glasses in reach, he quickly found how creative he had to be to drink from the bottle. ‘If it wasn’t for this extra chain running down to the leg shackles, it would be a lot easier,’ he thought to himself.

He waited until about 8AM before calling Daniel.

“Hey Daniel, Zac here.”

“Oh, hey Zac. Listen, I think that transport set that I gave you last night is missing the keys. I found keys on the floor this morning and it probably goes to that set. So don’t go locking yourself up, buddy.”

“Uh, well that ship’s already sailed, Daniel. You got a sec where you can come over and get me out of this?”

“Sure thing. Let me tell Nick I’m heading out, and I’ll be right over.”

Daniel then headed downstairs to Nick’s cell to check in on him.

“Morning cowboy, get a good night’s sleep did you?”

“Morning Sir, about as well as one can expect under the circumstances. I’m getting used to the accommodations, but my cock sure wasn’t used to its new cell.”

“Yeah, kept trying to bust out of jail during the night, did it?!”

“Got that right! About time for breakfast, I’d say, Sir. I’m ready to be unlocked from the bunk and whip up some chow.”

After being set free from the bunk and exiting the cell, Nick was standing in the home gym and he turned, pointing down to his caged cock hidden behind the UA boxer jock.

“This gets unlocked next, right Sir?”

“Negative, boy. Get upstairs, put on the Clejuso leg shackles and whip us up some chow. We’ll discuss the cage later. I need to head over to Zac’s for a few minutes. Seems he locked on the transport set and didn’t notice the key was missing. So he wants me to come over and set him free — but we’ll see about that.”

To be continued …


7 thoughts on “Nick and Daniel – Part 6”

  1. Yes! Love that chastity just got incorporated into the story! Does Daniel still wear his dog tags from his marine days? It would be so hot if he kept Nick’s chastity key on his dog tags. Can’t wait for the next installment you’re such a great storyteller!

  2. Hi DG…glad you like the Nick & Daniel stories. There’s another chapter in the works and I hope to have it finished by the end of the week so I can send it off to Metalbond.

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