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Video: Sexy tickling buddies

Dany is a sexy, 29-year-old foot lover who is fascinated by feet. At the beginning of what was supposed to be a tickling scene, Dany took off Chip’s socks and one thing led to another and it wasn’t until 90 minutes later that any real tickling got done. Dany wears a size 10 and is ticklish in his pits, on his belly, thighs and feet.


Video at Foot Friends

Title of this video: Dany

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Hidden Detention — Part 05

By Desert Pioneer

Arriving at the end of the path, Jack gets his first look at the blockhouse. Abandoned now, it was originally built as a defensive lookout by rural politicos to protect and defend. The structure involves a number of loopholes for defensive fire. Holly shit, thinks Jack, they’re using it as a fuck house, and it’s fucking full of glory holes. Although the light from inside is low, the darkness outside lights up each loophole as if it was calling for voyeurs. It appears that everyone is inside, but Jack remains back for some time because the smell of weed is pungent, and someone might still be outside.

After a bit and hearing only a low melodic tap-tap beat from inside, Jack carefully approaches one side of the blockhouse for his first peek.

Officer Merce is standing near the doorway by a small bar. He is talking to Feller in a rapid tone while poking his finger into his chest. Merce is wearing a full CHIP uniform including boots. Jack thinks that his uniform along with the overplayed attitude and arrogant body language smack of an unpolished sexual bully.

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Video: Corey’s Tickle Fantasy

He secretly fantasized about being restrained and tickled until he couldn’t take it anymore. Ever since the hot guy across the street, the one he had a crush on, moved away, nobody tickled him. Then he met Chip ,and his fantasy came true. Corey is 6-foot- 2, 24 years old and straight. Pretty kinky for a young, straight dude!


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Title of this video: Corey’s Tickle Fantasy

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Video: Chip and Dylan tickle torture Chadwick

At Foot Friends, Chadwick gets put in bondage and then gets tickled by two buds! Chadwick is 6-foot-2, wears size 12-and-a-half sneakers and is ticklish head to toe. He’s an amateur soccer player and into the soccer kit fetish. But that doesn’t matter here. What matters is how ticklish he is and the intense torture Chip and Dylan give him.

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One Year – Part 05

By Taurus

Part 5 – “Special Day”

Day 14 of 365.

This was a special day for James, who had, within the first day, accumulated complete sexual abstinence and 10 lashes of the flogger every day, for two weeks. All that because he could not recite the rules he was to obey.

Today marked the end of this punishment.

James woke up more quickly than before. After all, at least he would be allowed to touch himself again, and maybe even get stuff up the ass!

As Arnold, his handler approached him at the start of his day, he knelt and looked up, a smidge more energy in his eyes.

However, as if omniscient, Arnold shot down his overeager slave.

“Don’t get too happy. I said no pleasure sessions for two weeks, didn’t say anything about letting you have pleasure by the end of your punishment.

A pause.

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Nick and Daniel – Part 6

By Atlanta Stud

Atlanta Stud“Well tails of course.” Zac laughed.

The coin hit the ground and flipped a couple times, tails side up.

“Guess it’s your lucky night, boy. Let’s get you out of that Darby set.”

Daniel stared at the leg irons, working his way up to the neck collar. The shirtless neighbor boy was now free of the metal that once imprisoned him. He rubbed his wrists and felt around his neck, and he couldn’t help but think that it seemed as though something was missing. Strange how all that metal, once it’s no longer locked on, creates that feeling, he thought to himself.

“That’s a pretty intense set to say the least. Enjoyed the cookout, guys, but I should be getting back to hit the rack,” Zac said.

He gave Daniel a firm handshake and turned to Nick to do the same and chuckled that Nick was shaking his hand while still in the full transport set.

“Guess we forgot about this one, huh Daniel!”

“Yeah, don’t worry, I’ll let him loose in a little while — or maybe just keep him like that until morning — guess it’s up to me since I have all the keys,” Daniel said as he threw a wink to Zac.

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