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Nick and Daniel – Part 6

By Atlanta Stud

Atlanta Stud“Well tails of course.” Zac laughed.

The coin hit the ground and flipped a couple times, tails side up.

“Guess it’s your lucky night, boy. Let’s get you out of that Darby set.”

Daniel stared at the leg irons, working his way up to the neck collar. The shirtless neighbor boy was now free of the metal that once imprisoned him. He rubbed his wrists and felt around his neck, and he couldn’t help but think that it seemed as though something was missing. Strange how all that metal, once it’s no longer locked on, creates that feeling, he thought to himself.

“That’s a pretty intense set to say the least. Enjoyed the cookout, guys, but I should be getting back to hit the rack,” Zac said.

He gave Daniel a firm handshake and turned to Nick to do the same and chuckled that Nick was shaking his hand while still in the full transport set.

“Guess we forgot about this one, huh Daniel!”

“Yeah, don’t worry, I’ll let him loose in a little while — or maybe just keep him like that until morning — guess it’s up to me since I have all the keys,” Daniel said as he threw a wink to Zac.

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Raptor – Chapter 3

By Bikermike

The weeks went by with Alex settling down with the acceptance of his life as a slave, with no rights, no say, no clothes and no dignity. He had endured savage beatings, rape and physical exercises to the point of collapse. However, the more he thought about his situation the more excited he had become, with his cock being rock hard for much of the time. Occasionally at night he would masturbate, enjoying the feeling and taste of his own semen on his tongue, then fail to produce a vialful of ejaculate in the morning.

The resultant whipping would cause his cock to harden once again but he would then enjoy the almost brutal wanking he would receive from either Andy, James or Steve. By this time his body bore the scars of such beatings and he could only guess at the appearance of his broad muscled back (he had no access to a mirror), which made him even more excited the more he thought about it.

The food had been good, tasty and nutritious. He had decent washing facilities, was warm and had a relatively comfortable bed upon which to sleep. As he was unable to shave, his captors had trimmed his by now full beard once a fortnight (although as a slave, he had lost most of his sense of the passing of time).

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