Nick and Daniel – Part 7

By Atlanta Stud

Atlanta StudA few moments later Daniel was ringing the bell at Zac’s. Zac made his way from the bedroom to the front door, carefully opening it so that he wouldn’t be on display to any potential neighbors passing by. Daniel entered and took in the sight of his well-built neighbor locked in steel — and he again liked what he was seeing. Just like Nick, Zac looked great in steel restraints.

“Well boy, looks like you’re in a bit of a pickle, doesn’t it? How long you been locked up, boy?”

“Since last night. Actually had to try and sleep like this, and that’s not easy.”

“Well, do you want out, or do you want to stay locked up a while longer?” Daniel said with a wicked grin and a wink of the eye.

“I think I’m ready to be set free,” Zac said as he offered his locked wrists to Daniel.

Daniel instead handed Zac the keys so that he could watch him remove the manacles himself. He enjoyed watching a guy unlock himself every now and then. Zac then handed over the transport set to Daniel along with the box they came in.

“Guess you’ve had your fill of this set for a while,” Daniel said with a chuckle.

“Yeah, pretty embarrassing having to call you to get out of ’em.”

“No worries, good thing you didn’t lock yourself to one of the basement support beams. At least you were able to call me.”

That comment immediately put an image in Zac’s head about how his muscular body would look shackled and attached to one of the metal basement support beams, and he started to get hard at the thought.

“Yeah, good thing I didn’t think of that, huh. That does sound pretty intense, though,” Zac said.

Daniel moved in closer to Zac and stood a mere six inches from him, holding the transport set in his left hand.

“Hey, since you’re here, maybe I can see what it’s like for a few minutes — if you don’t mind, that is.”

“Well, if you want, sure. Need to make it quick, though. Nick’s whipping up some breakfast and we need to get in our workout.”

With that, they headed down to the basement and Zac stood up against the black metal support beam extending his wrists to the other side of the beam. Daniel hooked him up in the cuffs and then locked the leg shackles on so that the connecting chain ran from the back side of the post up towards his ankles. In that position, Zac was now no longer able to move his legs forward. He tested the steel, knowing all too well that it was unforgiving. Daniel moved around so that he was now facing Zac, taking in his hunk of a neighbor now totally at his mercy.

“Yeah, good thing I didn’t think of this, Daniel. Talk about being in a pickle!”

“Indeed, boy, quite the situation you’re currently in. I’ve got breakfast waiting for me at the house. I’ll come back for you shortly,” Daniel said with a wicked grin.

Zac sprang a boner at the thought of Daniel leaving him locked to the post. His Nike Pro Combat compression doing nothing to conceal it. He tested the shackles again knowing all too well it was futile.

“Damn, you’re not really leaving me like this?”

Daniel moved in closer, their noses just an inch apart. “I think it’s what you want, boy. Tell me it’s what you want, Zac.”

Zac swallowed hard.

“Tell me, Zac. Just say it.”

“Y-yes, Sir.”

“Good boy. I’ll come back after breakfast and our workout. Have fun, boy.”

Daniel gave Zac a couple of taps on the cheek before heading out, and heard the cuffs repeatedly hit the metal post as Zac again tested the steel.

Breakfast was kept warm in the oven when Daniel returned home. Nick was stretched out on a lounge chair on the deck, wearing his boxerjock, black UA crew socks and Clejuso leg irons.

“Let’s go — chow time, Nick!” Daniel barked through the patio screen door.

Nick jumped up, shackle chains rattling as he entered the house and sat on stool at the breakfast bar, shackle chains dangling below.

“So how’s the freed prisoner?” Nick laughed.

Daniel reached in his pocket and put the cuff keys on the counter. It was then that Nick realized that he didn’t see the transport set. Daniel proceeded to explain what took place and Zac’s current predicament, causing Nick’s crotch to stir at the thought of what Zac must look like locked to the steel post.

The two changed into their wrestling singlets for their workout. It was then that Nick noticed a key alongside of Daniel’s dog tags hanging around his neck. Daniel noticed Nick staring at the dog tags.

“If you’re wondering if this is the key to that cage your cock’s locked in, you’d be right. I want to make sure my property is well protected.”

They got in a hard chest and tricep workout, and shower, Nick got dressed in the tan cargo shorts, black UA boxer jock, navy UA short sleeve compression T, the sweaty black UA crew socks worn during his workout and wrestling shoes. Daniel told Nick to head on over to Zac’s and he’d be there shortly. When he got to the bottom of the steps and saw Zac locked to the post, he couldn’t believe the hot sight in his view. He slowly made his way over to Zac, standing behind him and checked out the steel that prevented his escape from the post. Zac flushed with embarrassment as he anticipated just Daniel to return.

“Quite the situation you’re in, I’d say, Zac.”

“Yeah, think you could give me a hand, bro?” Zac asked. As Nick stood in front of him, he couldn’t help but notice how the compression T defined Nick’s pecs and abs.

“I would, big boy, but I don’t have the keys. Daniel said he’d be right along, though. LOL, maybe he’ll bring the five points back and lock you up for the rest of the day.”

Daniel was walking downstairs about that time. Zac was relieved, but at the same time felt a little disappointed that the five points weren’t with him as he thought that Nick was actually hinting that Daniel intended to bring the set with him.

“Doing ok, boy?”

“Yes Sir”

“Excellent. But I’m guessing you want out by now, huh boy?”

Zac gave a nod yes, the kind of subtle submissive nod from a person who’s pretty well exhausted. And no wonder, after a mostly sleepless night in the transport set and then time spent locked up to the post, Zac was beat. Daniel proceeded to unlock Zac, first with the leg shackles followed by the wrists.

To be continued


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  1. I’m currently about a quarter of the way through the next chapter. If it flows nicely enough, perhaps I’ll get two chapters out of the next run….we’ll see how it goes.

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