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No escape for Paolo once he’s ensnared in rigid-bar irons

Paolo aspires to model sports gear, but the men of BreederFuckers take advantage of this dimwit by pushing him further and further until he suddenly finds he’s trapped in his worst nightmare! Dave ensnares him, encouraging Paolo to show off more and clamps him into restraints. Now there’s no getting away from them! His protests fall on deaf ears, and they shut him up by stuffing a ball gag in his gob. His arms are locked in place like a slave, and they tie him down so that sporty arse is pointed up. Those curvaceous manly bum cheeks are a tempting sight, and they relish breaking that virgin hole open. Paolo is totally overwhelmed, and he realizes to his horror that there is NO ESCAPE!

ball gag in his gob


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One thought on “No escape for Paolo once he’s ensnared in rigid-bar irons”

  1. I have been fixed in those rigid wrist-neck irons for three hours while the top tortured my nipples and balls. I loved it!

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