Objectified – Part 01

By darthvader

Finally I have found the gimp I have always been looking for. I had been chatting with my new sub for a couple of weeks, when we finally made the agreement. I had given the gimp 4 weeks of time to think over our agreement. He finally accepted all the terms…and there would be no return to his normal life in any case…

As we had agreed he quitted his job and found a buyer for his apartment. The money that he gained would be used to buy the gimp gear and pay for his low cost nutrition for the years to come. After all the gimp’s furniture had been sold I finally picked him up. “This is going to be the last time that you will ever sit in my car unrestraint. You are aware of this?”

“Yes, of course master. I deserve it.”

“I am happy to hear that you know your place, gimp!”

When we arrived at my place I lead my gimp into the cellar where the gimp’s living quarters would be. First I just gave the gimp a short tour to show him what had been prepared so far for him. There would be a regular jail cell, a padded cell (where he would spend most of his waking and sleeping hours) and a small padded box in one of the other rooms. Of course there’s also a bathroom where the gimp would be cleaned, if necessary. “We start here, gimp. First I will shave you completely and clean everything.”

“Thank you, master”

Once I had shaved the gimp completely I put some diapers on the gimp. “You will never use a regular toilet, gimp. You will always be in your own shit and piss. When the diaper is full you will be cleaned and receive a new one.”

“Thank you master.”

After having diapered the gimp I put him into a straitjacket and made sure all the straps were tied as secure as possible. I also handed the gimp a pair of jogging pants to wear over the diaper. I let him wear his Air Max 90 for the night, because I didn’t want to redress him the next day. Next I attached some humane restraint ankle restraints and connected them with a short chain. Then I placed a collar around the gimp’s neck and attached a padlocked chain to it. “For the first night I will just put you into this light bondage. Tomorrow I will properly turn you into my gimp. Normally you will be wearing some kind of mask but for the next days that won’t be necessary.”

“Thank you master.”

Then I pulled him by the straps of his straitjacket and directed him towards the padded cell. The padded cell is about 60cm in width and 2 metres long about 2 metres in height. All the walls and the ceiling are covered with thick synthetic white nylon padded material that is easy to wash – in case any fluids come out of the gimp and don’t stay in the diaper.

“You better get some sleep, gimp. At about noon I will take you out of your cell and you will be turned into a proper gimp.”

Then I closed and locked the door. The cell has a constant high temperature and humidity so that the gimp won’t dry out. For the night I have attached a drinking bottle to the wall. In the future the gimp will of course be force fed, but today I am just to lazy to install the force feeding on him.

My gimp has always been into piercings and for me tattoos and piercings are just what any gimp of mine deserves. For as long as my gimp had a normal life and job he had to hide his piercings. For that reason all of his piercings were hidden for most people. Yet he had already acquired a huge septum piercing (10mm) for which he had always been wearing a retainer. Further he already had 10 tongue piercings for which he also had retainers. Of course there would no longer be a need to restrict the number of piercings and I would definitely want my gimp to know his status by having has face pierced to the max. That would be the first thing I would do to my gimp on the next morning.

I had already made the appointment for the following day. The piercer, who is a friend of mine, had reserved his studio for the gimp only because the whole procedure would definitely take a little while longer.

The next day I opened the gimp’s cell. I tried to pull up the gimp but failed to do so. “Oh I have forgotten that I chained you to the cell floor.”

“I am very sorry, master. I should have told you.”

I detached the collar and ankle chains from the rings in the floor of the cell. “Stand up, gimp!” The gimp did as I told him, even though he struggled a little because of the straitjacket that was still on him. I checked his pants and felt that the diaper was filled a little but it didn’t stink and his jogging pants were still dry. I attached the collar chain to a ring in the ceiling and told the gimp to hold on.

“Well gimp, you are going to be transferred today. This time you are not going to sit on the backseat but I am going to put you into the proper gimp transport box in which you will always be transported.” I led the gimp to my big van and pushed the gimp inside the dog box in the back. When I finally managed to cram him into the box I closed and locked the box.

After an one hour drive I finally arrived at the piercing studio. There I lead the gimp inside on the chain that was attached to the collar. Joe told me to place the gimp in his chair and immediately started putting some straps around the gimp’s legs and upper body. “What are we going to do with the gimp today?” Joe asked.

“Well for today I would just like to give the gimp some piercings. I have already made a list.” I handed Joes the list of piercings I wanted the gimp to have for the rest of his life:

  • Sharkbites (4 – lower lip)
  • Spiderbites (4 – upper lip)
  • Labret (1 – center)
  • Lowbrets (6 lower lip)
  • Cheeks (2)
  • Dahlias (2)
  • Nostrils (4)
  • Bridge (1)
  • Mandibles (3)
  • Vertical tongue
  • Eyebrows (12 – I would replace his eyebrows with piercings as I had already removed the hair)
  • Ears (as many as you like – at least 12)

The procedure took about 6 hours to finish. The gimp seemed more than happy to receive all these piercings and was finally ready for transport back at about 8 o’clock that night. I had not fed the gimp anything since the day before and as the gimp had so many new piercings it was about time to install the feeding tubes. I use two – one in each nostril. The gimp chokes a little as I push each of the feeding tubes down his throat but in the end he seems quite happy with them. I guide both of the tubes behind his ears and attach them with medical tape.

“You will automatically and constantly receive your liquid diet. That will be 10 litres of liquid diet in 24 hours. That means you will receive about 0,4 litres per hour which will make sure that you will have to piss once every hour – day and night. Did you understand?”

“Yes, master. Thank you for taking such good care of me.”

“I will make sure that your piercings can heal within the next two weeks. Therefore you will be strapped to a bed in your cell. You will be strapped down 24 hours a day with just a break of one hour per day to get you cleaned.” The gimp nodded. I cleaned the gimp and gave him new diapers. The straitjacket was placed on the gimp again – even though his arms were not folded this time.

The gimp readily laid down on the bed I had already prepared. It was an air mattress that constantly changed the pressure – a used mattress normally used in retirement homes for people who can’t stand up anymore in order for them not to develop sores. The mattress already reeked of piss – but I thought that would just be right for the gimp. I started closing the segufix straps around his feet, thighs and bottom and scrotch. Then the should straps and head strap came next.

The gimp wasn’t too happy about the head strap as it interfered with his fresh cheek and mandible piercings but I had to made sure there wouldn’t be too much movement. Next I placed a mouth guard in his mouth so that he wouldn’t complain anymore and placed a rubber mask like the ones used for narcosis in hospitals over his mouth. The attached rubber hose ended in a pair of stinking Air Maxes he had been wearing for a long time. The head restraint made it impossible for the gimp to see anything and a movement of his head was almost impossible. Of course I had placed ear plugs on the gimp in order to make sure that he wouldn’t hear anything. Therefore I had to speak very loudly:

“Well gimp, now your gimp life is about to begin. Once your piercings have healed you will be placed in rubber or neoprene or other types of bondage as it pleases me. Seldomly you will be taken outside but I figure as you are ashamed of all your piercings you will be happy not to be presented to the public anymore.” I turned on the feeding pump and turned off the lights. I returned two times that night in order to tighten all the straps as they often become loose as the gimp tries to work against his restraints. Then I let the gimp be for the rest of the night. I liked the thought of having my gimp lie down and suffer, working against the restraints trying to cum and having to piss all the time. I also thought of him feeling the feeding tubes all the time as the cold liquid constantly passed down inside the tubes in his throat. It made me happy to know that he would eventually cum and realize how bad his situation was…

The next morning I quietly entered his cell and watched him struggling for a while before I finally touched him gently. “Well gimp – this is what you bargained for. I hope you are happy?” The gimp only mumbled something that was not understandable but I really didn’t care what he said. “I will return to you later when I return from work.” I replaced the pair of shoes that the breathing tube went into with the ones I had been wearing all night. The gimp moaned a little. I realized that the diaper’s capacity was almost reached and that the gimp must have shitted himself but I definitely did not have the time to wash the gimp and change the diapers. He would have to live with that for the rest of the day. After all the rooms was warm enough and the gimp covered with blankets so that it wouldn’t get cold. And he would have to get used to this. I thought about pissing into his face but wasn’t sure whether this might not affect the healing of his piercings. I made sure all the straps were tightened before I locked the cell door. I left the calming red light on and left for work. Later I would change his diapers and clean the gimp…

When I returned from work I immediately went into the gimp’s cellar and entered his cell. The gimp was just lying there seeming to be asleep. He must not have heard me coming. Suddenly he seemed to notice my presence and woke up immediately working against his restraints. He started mumbling something I wasn’t able to understand. So I took off his breathing mask and took his mouth guard out. “Gimp you are allowed to speak!”

“Master, I think I cannot handle this kind of restraint any longer. Please take me out.”

“Well, gimp. This is what you bargained for, isn’t it? I don’t see any point in taking you out right now because I enjoy seeing you like this and I have had a long day at work. Do you know how much work you are making me? No, gimp. You are not going anywhere today. Maybe tomorrow.” Before the gimp could answer I placed the mouth guard in his mouth, attached the breathing tube and started tightening some of his restraints. I filled up his feeding cylinder so that the feeding would continue all through the night. Again i replaced the shoes with the Air Maxes I had been wearing all day. “Tomorrow morning I will get you clean…but not sooner. Good night!” I heard the gimp moan and move around for a while. When I had another look at the gimp about an hour later he had stopped moving and now seemed to have accepted his fate.

On the next morning I loosened the restraints of his upper body first. Before lossening the straps around his belly, thighs and legs I made sure to close the arms of his straitjacket and attached the chain hanging from the ceiling to his collar. Then I lead the gimp into the bathroom, attached chains to each of his legs in order to make sure he wouldn’t be able to move too much. As the gimp was not ready for a complete shower, I would just open the scrotch strap, dispose of the diaper and rinse off all the piss and shit that had gathered in his ass. Then I would put a lot of cream in his ass and on his cock and balls in order to make sure that his skin wouldn’t get sore. After having diapered the gimp I led him back to his bed and placed all the restraints on him. This would be the daily routine for the next 2 weeks.

After 2 weeks the gimp’s piercings have healed and the gimp was ready for use. “Well gimp, I am really tired of cleaning you up every day. It’s about time you are put into a suit that only needs cleaning once in a while. The good thing is that you will be able to move around more, the bad thing for you is that you won’t be able to see or hear anything and that you are going back into the padded cell.” I put the gimp into a one piece latex which covered all of his body, leaving only wholes for mouth, nose and eyes.

On top of this I placed a custom heavy rubber suit with an attached hood that has four breathing wholes on which rubber tubes will be place alongside two fitting wholes for the feeding tubes. In order not to drown the gimp in its own piss and shit it also had a collar like most diving suits have that keeps the piss out of the face area.

Once put inside the suit, I added a harness and ankle cuffs that I connected with a short chain. I added a pair of mittens that I placed over his hands and placed the humane restraint collar around his neck. The suit comes with a rubber backpack that the breathing tubes run into. The gimp will always have enough air to breathe but will have to breathe quite regularly and a little bit more heavily than normal in order to sustain. When I was finished I looked happily at the shiny black rubber gimp that he now was. I only felt sorry about not being able to see all the gimp’s piercings anymore. But he wouldn’t stay in this suit forever … once in a week or so it would have to be rinsed. Next I lead the gimp into the padded cell, attached the feeding tubes and the chain that made it impossible for the gimp to stand up. He would now be able to move a lot more but of course the suit was padlocked and with his mittens he wouldn’t be able to do anything.

“Well gimp – I hope you are comfortable. You are staying in that suit for the rest of the week. I might take you out of the cell once in a while in order to have you do a gimp workout on the bicycle but that is all the freedom you are going to get. Sleep well!”

To be continued …

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