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Objectified – Part 02

By darthvader

The gimp has been inside his padded cell covered in rubber for a week now. From time to time I allowed the gimp some time out of the cell in order for the gimp to stay in good shape. I would then have the gimp do some exercise, which was considerably becoming more difficult as the amount of piss and waste in the gimp’s suit grew.

At the end of the week the day had come on which the gimp would have to be let out of the suit and cleaned and shaved. I also knew I would have to put him into another kind of bondage for a while to let his skin dry a little. After taking off the mask of the suit and making sure that the collar went around the gimp’s neck, attaching it to the chain hanging from the ceiling I told the gimp to clean himself and the suit thoroughly. I knew this would probably take a while allowing me to go upstairs and take care of some other things. I returned to the gimp after an hour.

“Good gimp – you have cleaned up all the mess you have made and are ready to be transferred. You know that I always take good care of my gimp – don’t you?”

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Objectified – Part 01

By darthvader

Finally I have found the gimp I have always been looking for. I had been chatting with my new sub for a couple of weeks, when we finally made the agreement. I had given the gimp 4 weeks of time to think over our agreement. He finally accepted all the terms…and there would be no return to his normal life in any case…

As we had agreed he quitted his job and found a buyer for his apartment. The money that he gained would be used to buy the gimp gear and pay for his low cost nutrition for the years to come. After all the gimp’s furniture had been sold I finally picked him up. “This is going to be the last time that you will ever sit in my car unrestraint. You are aware of this?”

“Yes, of course master. I deserve it.”

“I am happy to hear that you know your place, gimp!”

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