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Heavy Rubber Prison Gimp

heavy male bondage imprisonment roleplay

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heavy bondage in a locking jail cell

Title of this video: HEAVY RUBBER PRISON GIMP

Mark from Serious Male Bondage writes:

The guy in the heavy rubber suit is HotHardHat on Fetlife. The suit is called the Prison Suit and is available from StudioGum.com. The restraints are from HumaneRestraints.com. The pictures and video were shot at the MenInChains.com facility.


Leather Xmas

By Stormbound

stormbound boy gay leather gimpIt is a frosty morning outside, but inside the house is warm and cozy. In the living room a fire crackles merrily in the fireplace, while a man reclines casually on the couch with a cup of fresh coffee in hand. The man is quite the leather bear, tall and strong with a well-groomed, short black beard and gray-green eyes. His beefy muscular frame is clad in a leather jacket over a white t shirt, leather pants, and a pair of crisp leather boots. A leather biker cap on his head over his cropped hair. As he takes a sip of his coffee, he hears the door to the kitchen open.

He looks over to see another man come out with his own cup of coffee. This man is a little shorter and a bit broader than the first, with a slightly shorter beard of fine dark brown hair and deep brown eyes. But he is dressed in the same leatherman style as the man on the couch, the thick quality leather creaking with the movement of his burly muscles as he walks over and sits down on the couch with a smirk next to the first man.

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A bondage fuck in full rubber

In a mind-blowing rubber sex scene documented by the men of Serious Male Bondage, RubNGum mounts his helpless rubber gimp who is secured to a StyleFetish fuck bench. RubNGum’s cock and balls are encased in a heavy rubber extension, allowing him an over-the-top fetish experience. Check out RubNGum’s website at BlackStore.com.

rubber bondage

See the VIDEO at SeriousMaleBondage.com

The real deal

Title of this update: SWITZERLAND IN DECEMBER PART 7-8

male bdsm

A gimp is restrained in a thick rubber straitjacket

metalbond gay bondage

Here’s more heavy rubber lockdown as documented by SeriousMaleBondage.com. In this update, a gimp is restrained in a 4mm thick rubber straitjacket and strapped down to a StyleFetish bondage table. His struggling is squelched by lashing his balls to the end of the table. Check out this mind-blowing video series shot in the studio of BlackStore.com in Zurich, Switzerland.

male bdsm in rubber

VIDEO available at SeriousMaleBondage.com.

Check it out. The real deal.

Title of this update: SWITZERLAND IN DECEMBER PART 5 – 6

male rubber bdsm

New at RuberZone: Shift Change

When maintaining a collection of gimps, it’s important to keep them stimulated and disoriented 24/7. But how is that accomplished? This facility uses a system of hourly shift changes where technicians constantly torment gimps. But there’s a twist! At each shift change, the previous technician is turned into a cuck, and is forced to watch and learn tricks and techniques from the replacement tech.

turned into a rubber gimp


See the VIDEO at Rubberzone