Orgasm Denial Therapy

By TieMeEdgeMe

Note: This story originally appeared at Gay Spiral Stories, and it is posted here with permission.

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Synopsis: Donny has some anger issues and loves nothing more than to posture himself as a tough guy. Unfortunately for him this can get him into some trouble. He finds himself in a rehabilitative program that might finally break him down. It will be the most frustrating and aggravating challenge of his life. It involves chastity and some skillful edging handywork!

The bartender looked at the door. His face sunk and he let out the most exhausted sigh.

“Ahhh man. Here we go. Donny is back…again.”

The patron he was speaking to turned to see who came through the door.

A tatted-up muscle bro. His crew cut, tap out tank, backwards cap, and gym shorts made him look like the biggest of tools. He appeared to already be drunk.

Donny looked around.

“What type of sissy fucking music are you playing in here?”

He marched up to the bar demanding a drink.

The bartender calmly tried to reject him.

“Sorry Donny, you know you were trespassed from here. All the fights, breaking stuff, inappropriate language…you aren’t allowed to be here. I’m going to need you to leave, or I will have to call the police again.”

“I’m not going fucking anywhere! What the hell are you gonna do about it you scrawny fucking fa**ot! Bet you have never been in a fight in your whole life.”

“Uhm…I don’t want to fight you. I’m asking you to leave peacefully.”

“You don’t wanna fight because you’re a pussy, haha.”

The bartender rolled his eyes and walked over to his cell phone sitting on a nearby counter to call 911.

Just as he raised the phone to his ear the cell was ripped from his hand and whipped at the wall so hard the entire screen shattered, and pieces of the phone slid all over the floor.

Donny shoved and pinned the bartender into the wall.

“Please get off of me now.”

“Make me. Do something about it.”

The patron who was at the counter leapt into action. His name was Eli. He was a fit guy around the same age as Donny. Very clean cut. Short dark hair. Stubble. He wasn’t nearly as big as Donny, but he did manage to pull him off and take them both to the ground. Eli tried to keep him pinned while trying to calm him down. The bartender ran to the business phone to call 911. Donny being much bigger got the upper hand and rolled Eli to the ground and sat on top of him.

Donny landed blow after blow to Eli’s face and arms trying to block until police finally arrived and pulled him away…

It was sentencing day. Donny had pled guilty to the assault. He was nervous to hear how long he would be away once he stood before the judge.

He was finally called up and the judge addressed him.

“Now Donny, this has been an ongoing issue for you. You have gotten so many breaks and chances, yet you never change. Constantly trying to start fights and act tough. Making homophobic remarks. Being obnoxious and loud in public. You never even apologized to the victims when given the chance here in court. You just chose to be silent. I had to take this all into consideration and was going to sentence you to a couple years due to being a repeat offender. However, there has been a bit of a twist. Your victim Eli is a part of a unique anger management program that apparently has a very high success rate. He actually asked me not to sentence yoy to prison but instead do his company’s program instead. I was a bit surprised by this but I’m leaving the ball in your court, what do you think?”

Donny was shocked. Eli asked for him to not be in trouble and all he had to do was complete his course. Of fucking course, he would take that and avoid being locked up.

“I would like to accept that you honor.”

“OK. I expect no issues and you to be fully cooperative with them.”

The judge slammed the hammer and that was it.

Donny arrived at the building and knocked.

A handsome middle-aged man with salt and pepper hair and a nicely trimmed beard answered.

“Why hello! Come on in. It’s nice to meet you. I’m Dr.Alec.”

They shook hands.

He has the smoothest, most calm deep voice Donny thought. He snapped out of it and was quickly weirded out by his own thoughts.

The inside was a nice office-like space.

“So, you’ll be with us for an unspecified amount of time but don’t worry, the living arrangements are comfortable. You’ll have your own suite.”

Donny just shrugged.

“So, I’ll cut right to the chase, I guess. Have you ever heard of Orgasm Denial Therapy?”

Donny chuckled. “Excuse me?”

“So, what we do here is a form of therapy through long term chastity and orgasm denial. It will be very hard…but also strangely pleasurable. You’ll find yourself to be a completely different person at the end. More disciplined.”

Donny looked at him like he was crazy. He knows I’m not gay right? Donny thought to himself.

Alec continued. “Have you ever tried hypnosis?”


“That’s fine. Most of our clients are new to it. If you don’t mind laying back on the couch and just relaxing, I can begin you initiation here. You can trust me. It’s an easy process and it will feel good.”

Donny lay down on the black leather couch in the office. He closed his eyes as instructed.

“I want you to clear your head of any thought completely. Focus on my voice and only my voice. Perfect. Just relax. And as you relax more and more you feel yourself going deeper and deeper into a trance. You’ve never felt more comfortable and safer. You feel warm and tingly. You have so much anger built up in you. From now on when you feel any type of anger…any type of aggression or toxic energy…that toxic energy is going to transfer here.”

Donny felt Alec briefly press his crotch area before pulling away. He pitched a tent almost immediately. Donny was in complete shock, his mouth hung open. “How?!?” He thought. Alec’s voice was like butter to Donny, and he continued.

“We are going to work all that anger out of you here. Any anger we can get by getting a rise out of you will lead to arousal. And when you finally get release all that toxic negative energy will be free from your body. You will be a disciplined and happier new man. But that is very far from now. Now sleep…”

Donny’s world went dark.

Donny opened his eyes. It appeared to be morning the next day. He was alone in a room.

This must be my suite, he thought. It was like a hotel room with a bed, tv, small fridge, and a bathroom.

Donny noticed something very different though. He pulled his pants and underwear down. His dick had been locked into a chastity cage.

“Fuck…” he thought.

His room door opened, and he was shocked at who it was.

Eli walked in with another guy. The other guy was a cheery looking hefty bear type.

“Welcome to the ODT org. Or, in full, The Orgasm Denial Therapy organization. We have a team of workers who help me with correcting guys through edging discipline. It will be a frustrating but rewarding experience. All of us are trained by some of the best edging and milking coaches and keyholders to know how to deliver the most intense and maybe aggravating experience ever, haha,” Eli said.

“So, you basically have a whole team here all just focused on trying to make me frustrated and pissed off?” Donny replied.

Eli awkwardly laughed. “Well, it sounds funny when you put it that way doesn’t it? Haha. Trust me, we are professionals. You will come to love it. By the way I forgot to introduce my partner in crime here, this is Derrick,” Eli said, gesturing to the handsome bear.

“Nice to meet you fella,” he said, reaching his hand out to shake.

Donny didn’t budge and just stared at him down. He couldn’t help but notice how large Derrick’s hands were.

Derrick retracted his hand back after his handshake was rejected.

“No worries. Y’all all start out with a bit of a rebellious attitude. Don’t worry, we gonna fix it!” He said enthusiastically with his country accent.

“You’re gonna have your first edging session now. If all goes well and you’re well behaved, you should complete the program in 4 weeks,” Eli said.

Donny was led to a very clinical looking room and put into a restraint chair, naked. Every single limb was restrained.

“These sessions are going to be regular. The rule is you can never ask to cum. Only warn you are close,” Eli said. “Failure to follow any rules or bad behavior can lead to adding time to your chastity.”

He unlocked the chastity cage.

Eli pulled out some aboline lube and rubbed it all over his hands.

Eli stroked and stroked.

“Amazing. Rock hard this fast. You’re doing great man. Amazing rod you have to work with.”

“I’m close!” Donny warned.

“Great. Deep breaths, man.”

Over and over Eli kept getting him close.

“You might be hard to edge. You get close so fast,” Eli said, touching his fingertip to the cockhead and slowly raining a line of precum up. Donny jolted when he felt his nipples tweaked from behind by Derrick.


Before Donny could protest Derrick covered his mouth with one of his hands and continued and tweak one of his nipples with the other.

“Shhhhh, just relax bud,” Derrick said.

Donny was trying to thrash and protest, but to no avail. The nipple play was an automatic trigger to his cock. Eli was not even stroking. Just using his fingers to play with the strings of precum that kept oozing out. He would spread his fingers and it would look like a web of precum wrapped all over his hand. Donny was growling under Derrick’s hand. He was getting very worked up, and it only seemed to make him leak more and more.

Eli got an ice pack and placed it on the dick until it shrunk down to where the cage could be locked back on.

Donny was let out of his restraints but really had to restrain himself from retaliating against these two smirking guys in front of him.

“I can’t do that for 4 weeks…I could barely finish that session and you barely touched my dick for most of it…”

“You did great, man. This is gonna be really fun. Just remember, keep your cool and have manners. You don’t want any penalties,” Eli said.

Donny was escorted back to his room. He ate, showered, and passed out to sleep.

The next day it was the same thing. He was led to that room and hooked up to the chair and had his cage unlocked.

This time it was just Derrick who explained they normally all work in shifts. “Woowe. You are leaking like a faucet, my friend.”

Donny lost count of the amount of times he said close. He was getting so aggravated watching Derrick chuckle to himself while he was trying to squirm in his chair and struggle not to lose control.

Derrick squeezed Donny’s dick so only the head was popping out and then released.

“Oh god!” Donny said.

That move made it creep up on him.

“You got it, buddy. Keep it in.”

Derrick gave one little stroke with just his finger up the cock.

Donny could not keep it in. A long stream of cum dribbled out.

“Ah shucks. That’s another week, haha. Damn,” Derrick said.

“What do you mean?”

“That is gonna be another week of chastity tacked on. You had a ruined orgasm. No orgasms, ruined or full, are supposed to happen.”

“Wait what?!? That’s not my fucking fault! You stroked me when I said I was close! Fuck that!”

“Hey, calm down,” Derrick said dismissively.

“I’m tacking on an extra week as well for the cursing and yelling, ok? We don’t allow that here. You gotta bring yourself down, man.”

Donny was locked back up and let out of his chair. He had to leave the room fast before he said or did anything dumb.

His blood was boiling. This was gonna be harder than he thought.

The rest of the week was painfully slow. Daily edgings by the guys with no relief.

The two guys had very different edging styles.

Derrick had a strong grip. Long and hard strokes. He would purposefully get you close and then give you those extra one or two strokes to make you really try hard to hold it to avoid spilling over.

Eli was very much a teaser. Light touches. Feathers and just fingers. Very frustrating stroking where it was impossible to get close. It was Eli’s method that got him into trouble next.

By week 3 he was trusted to sit unrestrained while edged and not touch his cock.

His tickling of the cock with his fingertips was the most annoying sensation. Donny’s legs were shaking. He could not hold still and was almost on the brink of tears.

“I Know. It sucks. You got this, man. You’re doing so well. Just focus,” Eli said. He had a smug grin plastered on his face.

Eli made a ring with his index finger and thumb and only stroked the crown of the cockhead. It was unbearable.

Donny could not take it anymore.

“Please dude…”

Eli pulled away.

“Ah man, you know the rules. I’m gonna have to tack on another week. You know you can’t beg.”

“Dude, it’s impossible! And it slipped out. Don’t do that. I already had 2 extra weeks added. Come on!”

“Relax Donny. I know you can do better. Now lean back, this session ain’t over.”

Donny leaned back, and Eli continued his slow teasing of the crown with the ring he created with his thumb and finger. It just felt like it went on forever.

“Fuck, I’m close!”

“Hey, watch your mouth man. And stay leaned back. Gotta hold still, ok?”

“No, fuck you! This isn’t fair, I can’t do this!”

“You just got yourself yet another week. Why are you doing this to yourself? Just relax.”

Donny lost it at that point and kicked Eli back with his foot.

He immediately realized his mistake.

“Damn, I didn’t mean to do that. I…I just got so frustrated! Fuck this sucks man I’m sorry!”

Eli was all smiles though.

“Let’s get you locked back up and back to your room. I think maybe this session was a lot for you, yeah?”

The next morning Donny put his ear to the door to listen.

“He kicked you?!?”

He heard from what sounded like Alec.

Eli chuckled.

“Sure did. This one…he is very easy. Doesn’t take much to get under his skin, y’know?”

Donny could hear both men laughing.

Eli came into the room some time later.

“Hey Donny, hope you’re doing alright. Alec wanted to see you in his office.”

Donny walked into Alec’s office and had a seat.

“So…you’re not gonna like this but your chastity has been extended 4 weeks. On top of the 2 that you earned on your last session with Eli. We don’t accept violence here.”

Donny turned and saw Eli leaning in the doorway with a triumphant smile on his face.

It made him see red. His blood was boiling. He didn’t say anything because he didn’t want to rake up more penalty weeks.

Alec continued.

“On top of that, your next session will be a polishing marathon. As a consequence, you are expected to be completely still during this. I hope you learn that not following rules at this point is only going to prolong your own frustration.”

The next day he sat in the edging room.

Derrick walked in.

“Howdy! You know what we will be doing today? You familiar with polishing?” he asked with a devilish grin.

Donny shook his head no.

“All you need to worry about is sitting perfectly still. No moving. No talking. No noise. For the next 30 minutes.”

Donny shook his head yes.

Derrick lubed up his hands. He gripped the base with one hand and used his other to slowly glide up the frenulum and up over the cockhead with his palm. Donny winced. It was so horribly sensitive. Especially with him not having had an orgasm in weeks.

Derrick did this move over and over for about 15 minutes nonstop.

Trying not to squirm in the chair while this was happening was the hardest thing Donny had ever done. He stared and stayed focused on a spot on the wall. His breathing was very hard.

There was a problem arising. Donny was starting to get close, but he could not speak to warn Derrick or make any type of signals at all.

It was coming! Donny thought.

And it happened…

As Derrick was slowly gliding his hand up, Donny began to ooze out cum. This would not be a fun orgasm, though. Derrick noticed but didn’t even acknowledge the cum at all. He cut the orgasm off and continued to just polish over the cockhead through the whole thing as if nothing happened. His orgasm was ruined as Derrick just robotically polished right through it. Cum blobs were dropping down to the ground from his hand and Donny’s dick.

Donny gritted his teeth. Now his dick was more sensitive. This was getting to be too hard. Drops of sweat formed on his forehead. Derrick was relentless, and there was not a single break from the cockhead focus.

Finally, the 30 minutes was up.

Derrick began chuckling. He looked at his cum and lube covered hands and then up at Donny.

“Wow! That was incredible, haha! By the way, don’t think I didn’t see that orgasm that slipped out in the middle. I made sure to squash that right away, didn’t I? Haha. So that is an extra week. Good job with keeping your composure though, man. I’m genuinely impressed.”

The next few weeks were like Groundhog Day for Donny. Daily edging sessions. Lots of polishing. He was getting better at self-control at least. No ruined orgasms or freakouts in a while.

While in his room, he noticed how different he was feeling. He was craving Eli’s and Derrick’s hands. Anytime he was away from them, all he thought about was being edged by them. He couldn’t lie to himself anymore. He was very turned on by this whole experience. He was very turned on by these guys.

The next day during his session with Eli, Donny broke down and began to cry.

“I’m so sorry man! I want nothing but to be cool with you. I genuinely really like you. You’ve made me realize stuff about myself that I didn’t know. I regret ever being bad towards you before. You have taught me a lot of self-control.”

“I really appreciate your words, man. You have done so well these last few weeks. So polite. Saying thank you. No swearing or trying to fight. I’m really impressed with how far you have come.”

Eli embraced Donny in a hug.

Donny was shocked he was crying. He hadn’t cried before in his whole adult life. Normally he would feel like a sissy, but it actually felt good for him to not act like some tough guy and get to embrace his sexuality.

“I can’t believe you guys actually broke me. You guys are legit, I have to say. You’re good,” Donny said with a laugh.

“I told you. We know exactly what we are doing here,” Eli said with a wink.

“I’m glad you have finally come around and appreciate our service, but make no mistake, we are not quite finished yet. You still have several weeks to go. You’re becoming a real disciplined man now though, so I know now more than ever that you can do it and then be out of here.”

Donny’s stomach did twist a bit at the thought of several more weeks. Yeah, he was starting to become a changed man, but it didn’t make his desire to cum badly go away, it didn’t make the chastity any easier, it didn’t stop them from finding creative ways to get under his skin while edging him. He just had better self-control now, though. I guess that is the whole idea though, he thought to himself. Working out all my toxic negative energy through erotic frustration.

Donny’s journey was far from over, but he and everyone else at ODT knew that he had learned one valuable and frustrating lesson!

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