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Story on the internet: Kinky Cops Police Dept.

Miserable at his current department dealing with a tyrant police chief, rookie cop Mark is recruited to join a secret underground police department. With the help of specialized tech, all they have to do is name their perp, and justice will be served — in the most kinky ways imaginable!

TieMeEdgeMe has posted this story to the Gay Spiral Stories page.

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Story: ‘Happy Locktober’

Did you know that it’s never too early to start planning for Locktober?! TieMeEdgeMe — author of “Orgasm Denial Therapy” and “Charlie and the Kink Factory” which have appeared in the Prison Library as well as on the Gay Spiral site — also has posted a bunch of stories at Gay Demon, including one called “Happy Locktober”!

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Orgasm Denial Therapy

By TieMeEdgeMe

Note: This story originally appeared at Gay Spiral Stories, and it is posted here with permission.

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Synopsis: Donny has some anger issues and loves nothing more than to posture himself as a tough guy. Unfortunately for him this can get him into some trouble. He finds himself in a rehabilitative program that might finally break him down. It will be the most frustrating and aggravating challenge of his life. It involves chastity and some skillful edging handywork!

The bartender looked at the door. His face sunk and he let out the most exhausted sigh.

“Ahhh man. Here we go. Donny is back…again.”

The patron he was speaking to turned to see who came through the door.

A tatted-up muscle bro. His crew cut, tap out tank, backwards cap, and gym shorts made him look like the biggest of tools. He appeared to already be drunk.

Donny looked around.

“What type of sissy fucking music are you playing in here?”

He marched up to the bar demanding a drink.

The bartender calmly tried to reject him.

“Sorry Donny, you know you were trespassed from here. All the fights, breaking stuff, inappropriate language…you aren’t allowed to be here. I’m going to need you to leave, or I will have to call the police again.”

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Charlie and the Kink Factory – Part 1

By TieMeEdgeMe

Note: This story originally appeared at Gay Spiral Stories, and it is posted here with permission.

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The 5 Lucky Ticket Winners

30-year-old Charlie layed restless in the bed of his apartment. He could not take his eyes off of the email he had just received. A notice from one of his favorite BDSM news sites stating that Mr.Gray was going to be re-opening his kink factory for 4 lucky guests for the first time in 20 years for a special tour. Charlie had heard many tales about this place from others in the kink community. That the stuff that took place there was beyond the real of possibility. Magic. He had always wanted to see for himself. The end of the email stated that 4 tickets would be sent through the mail. Charlie turned his phone screen off Trying to get some actual sleep and calm down his hopes and excitement.

Charlie woke up and turned on the news and much to his dismay had seen that 3 people had already won.

First was a man from Georgia. A middle aged heavy set bear type guy named Adam. He bragged about being the first to receive one. He stated in the interview that he was more curious to see what was so special about Mr.Gray. he was a Dom himself.

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