Paying the Full Price – Part 4

By UKDeviant on Recon

UKDeviant on ReconIt was clear that I had to follow the rules – to the letter. Any omission or deviation would result in not only the loss of the points to earn my release, but also a penalty. To make it more complicated, Nate was clear he could add new rules or change the existing ones whenever he wanted. The penalty points for not being correctly collared or cuffed were a very clear example of this, and I was going to learn the hard way from that – I would need to be very careful in the future. While I was the victim of this scenario, I loved it. It was exactly what I was after. He had picked it out of my RECON profile. I was getting what I had asked for.

I re-read the list of the points I could earn and how. It looked like if there was a timer lock specified, then a photograph of the timer lock, presumably running, would be sufficient evidence. The Bluetooth padlock, once locked on, could only be opened by Nate so we would both know when it was locked on and when I asked for it to be unlocked.

Time was ticking by and I needed to start earning points, so I found the timer locks and swopped the keyed padlocks over. I decided to take this a day at a time so I could keep track of the points earned so set the timers for 24 hours. Looping them through the eyelets on the ankle cuffs I clicked them shut and took clear proof pictures showing the cuff around my ankle, and the timer display counting down on the lock.

‘Please, Sir proof pics attached of the ankle cuffs locked on’ – upload images and click on send.

Next, I unlocked my collar and set aside the padlock and key. The Bluetooth lock is significantly larger and heavier than a keyed padlock and every minute I wore it, its weight would be a constant reminder of my submission. There was no going back without Nate’s, or the Fire Brigade’s consent. I straightened the chain out to make sure there were no kinks and fed the hasp of the lock through the two ends of the chain. Without hesitation I snapped the lock shut. Done. The padlock hung just below my Adams Apple and there was no way of feeding it around my ears and off my head. One of my desires in a relationship is to have a partner who secures a chain around my neck that with a lock they control. It is symbol of ownership, control and slavery, but for me, most importantly, it is a statement that there is one person I am faithful and obedient to. I wanted this to be Nate, even if only for a short period of time and a proof pic was sent. My dick throbbed and twitched away.

Ping… “Proof pic of the timer padlock to your cuffs with a blue biro clearly showing the LCD display – you have 5 minutes or there is a penalty.”

Hmmm… plenty of time to find a pen and get a photo – but a clear message that cheating is going to be difficult and risky. It also reinforced the point that I needed to be very alert to alerts from the phone. In effect at my master’s beck and call whenever he wishes it. Twitch, Throb, Twitch…

As I went into the lounge to find a biro, the padlocks rattled against the cuffs and the weight of the neck chain was making itself felt. When I leave the house, football socks and a hoodie would be needed to conceal them – fortunately, there was no rule against that.

A few minutes later, the proof picture was sent and I sat down at the computer thinking about how to put together a tracker of some sort that would help me keep on top of the points I was earning so I could manage my way out of this situation.

It had to be an Excel spread sheet. I could open a new page and start in the top left cell with the 10,000 points that was required and have rows for the points I could earn every day which total up at the bottom of every column. I would then add the 200 point ‘management charge’ and carry the balance forward to the next day.

The ankle cuffs and collar would earn 480 points for a full 24-hour day. After deducting the management charge, that left 720 to earn every single day if I wanted to be free in ten days. Even with a 500-point dare, spending the night locked in the cage and in 5-point irons I would still be 20 points short. The plug looked like it would be a daily requirement for 4 to 8 hours. Another form of training, this time my hole. My dick at this point was steadily throbbing away.

There were two suggested 500-point items – one was naked in the middle of a field and the other duct tape gagged under the facemask in a supermarket. I remembered something about a daily limit on the dares and scrolled back up through the messages to check – Damn, a limit of one per day.

Ok, so 4 hours plugged and one of the dares today and tomorrow would keep me just about on my target while I came up with ideas on future dares. As I went back upstairs, locks rattling, I started thinking about local fields that were deserted. That ruled out anything local which was recreational and looked like it would need to be a farmer’s field. For an adequate proof pic there would have to be a source of light. It could be a dusk time photo though – sod being in a field in the dark spotlighting myself with a torch. This would need a little more thought so it was an easy decision to take the supermarket risk today.

Rummaging through my toy drawer, I had an option for a few different plugs. One which vibrated; a silicone one; and a metal one. The Silicone one was the biggest and made my eyes water, but I was after comfort, so, as there were no criteria for size, I went with the smallest one which was a vibrating plug which activated when a button at the end of the plug was pressed. The remote control then cycled through a series of different speeds, patterns of and intensities of vibration and also switched it off. I pulled out a Soho London club freebie condom out of one of my drawers to keep the plug clean then smeared it with a bit of silicone lube before sliding it into place. My dick, trapped in its cage, swelled at this and throbbed away.

Proof pic. Ok. I had learned from the biro message that these needed to be unquestionably real-time. I could do with submitting a proof pic that didn’t need further evidence. Getting a message in the supermarket that I had 5 minutes to send back evidence would be bad, so I needed to provide something that might not leave any doubt that I had complied. I decided on my battery radio GPS alarm clock which showed date, day and time.

There is nothing elegant about squatting with your legs apart while plugged and holding a clock against your buttock cheek with a phone using the screen facing camera to position a clear proof pic your anus is being assaulted. After a few tries getting everything in focus, it was done and sent. As an aside, when you take these photographs, don’t forget to delete them as soon as you have uploaded them, otherwise, they self-duplicate into your iCloud photos…

Next stop, the garage for some duct tape. There was no specific requirement to wrap around the head but just to gag so I tore off an 8-inch strip and put it over my mouth. The facemask covered the front just fine and the hoodie the sides. This would be the shortest trip into a supermarket ever and all I needed was to buy one item and get a quick photo in a quiet aisle, so this would be dead easy. Game On! To try to avoid a demand for a random proof pic while in the supermarket, I messaged a photo of the duct tape in place and told Sir I was going for my first dare.

Sitting in the car meant that the plug was firmly pressed in place and pre-cum was dripping down my thigh. My cock was pressed firmly against the bars of the cage and I could imagine the flesh bulging out between them. Here I was, my cock locked in a steel belt I had not got access to with a steel collar chain I had freely locked around my own neck that only Nate could not release and ankle cuffs strapped on and locked with timer locks. My mouth was duct taped and my hole plugged. This just wasn’t normal. I yearned to be free, just for a half hour. I was desperate to play with myself. What the fuck was I doing? In response, my cock twitched and throbbed away. I reached for the ignition to start the car and get going.

Ping “get the following items while you are in the supermarket – Black marker pen, 4 large carrots, 2 medium padlocks in their packaging which you are not to open. Message me when you have these items and before you go to the till. You can send me a proof pic from anywhere inside the store.”

My dick carried on throbbing away and I concluded this was not now going to be the local Co-op as I had hoped, but I would have to travel further away to a larger store. Longer journey, longer queue, bigger risk. Suddenly, the field dare seemed like a better prospect. Bollocks. Right, lets get on with it. I put the car into gear and headed off.

This Covid thing makes people behave differently and communication is different. I decided that if I was asked a question I would just politely nod and wave. If I were stopped by security, for example, I would point at my throat and make a coughing noise, it would all be ok… I pulled into the carpark and headed to the entrance where I picked up a basket before dousing the handles with sanitiser. Inside, my first item was a bag of carrots. The marker pen and padlock were in the household aisle so that was next. I needed some ready meals so picked up a selection of these then ambled off to find a quiet part of the store. This had to be the aisle with sun cream and other holiday stuff. No one was buying this during a pandemic. I was walking briskly and the plug was gyrating left, right, left, rubbing against my prostate and the ring on my belt digging gently in. Walk slower, less precum, walk faster, out sooner. I really didn’t know the best answer to that and can’t’ remember what I settled for.

A few moments later I was surrounded by sun block and other holiday stuff and quickly pulled away the mask to take a proof pic of the tape still in place with supermarket shelving in the background before re-fitting the mask. The photo was sent and I texted Nate “Sir, I have everything you instructed and hope you got the proof pic Sir.”

Ping “Good Boy. Proof pic accepted. Is that plug fully charged?”

Oh, No, you can’t be serious…

There is no way on earth I’m switching that on!

Ping “If it is then I will award you double points if you switch it on and will also cancel the penalty points you have earned to help get you off to a good start.”

That was a 700-point swing and worth considering. I used this store once a year and never recognised anyone here. My dick, once again, made the decision. What the hell…

“Yes, Sir and I accept but how do I do a proof pic?”

Ping “Switch it on, then take a 5 second video clip with the microphone end of the phone pressed hard against the plug. That will do Boy.” Failure to comply now is a 1,000-point penalty and no points for the day.”

Fuck. This could be a massive setback and this focused the mind! Right, Ok. I set the basket down, pretended to study on the stock on the shelf, scratched my backside, then glancing about nervously, I feel for the plug, make out the button and gave it a firm push.

Ohhhhh… right against my prostate. My eyes bulge and my dick stretched against the bars of its cage. My knees quivered. Switching the phone to video mode I pressed record and with my back to the shelving held the base of my phone firmly against the plug then counted to 5. Retrieving it I stopped recording. There was a glimpse of the store interior at both ends of the video which proved where is was and I could hear the hum of the plug over the background noise in the store and, of course, the very clear noise coming from by backside. Upload and send the clip – Done.

Time to go. Fast. In a flash of genius, I also realised that I could probably get away with taking off the duct tape having proven this now and felt for a corner of the tape under the mask. One swift tug and it was gone. The next step was a self-checkout till – happily none of my items needed an age check, so I had a chance of getting out without any contact with anyone – which I’m convinced was the supermarkets ideal customer these days… I made a direct route for the tills and decided that any passing contact with anyone on the way would be too short for them to realise what was going on. I started to think about what I might have about my person have that would vibrate if asked – a broken phone? No, that was rubbish. I just needed to leave quickly.

Mercifully, there was no queue for the self-checkout tills and I spotted an empty one at the end of the row – so just one other customer was nearby. Quickly I scanned my small collection of items and put them on the scales. By now a steady stream of cum was oozing through the bars of the cage and down my inside leg and my trackies were staining. The battery was good for just over an hour and I still had a twenty-minute drive back. It could only be switched off with the remote which was in my bedroom. Until then, I was at its mercy! The till checkout sequence finally completed and after a contactless payment I grabbed by items and walked briskly to the door.

Awesome, Dare completed and with a bonus. This was good news and a good start to the challenge.

Ping… Oh, No, what now? No! I have done everything you wanted! My hands were full and I could not open the message until I had gotten back to the car. The brisk walk was making the vibrations from the plug far more effective and my breathing was getting faster the ring on the cage was keeping me fully erect – or as much as I could be. On reaching the car, I dumped my items on the bonnet (or hood for American readers) and snatched the phone from my pocket. At this point I was dreading a demand for a further proof pic or another item to buy; Nate, I have done what you wanted?!

Swiping open the app the message said “Well Done Boy, points well earned. Let me know how long you keep the plug in but you can switch the vibrate off when you want.” Phew! That was a relief, and a few more lessons learned here now. Nate was fair, and willing to give additional points. This might be useful and I needed to give some careful thought on how to structure my dares to ensure I got the most points possible.

Ping: “New rule – At some point, I WILL set you a task and a timescale to complete it. If you succeed you get the points. If you fail you lose the same number of points instead.” Oh My God – this was a new risk here – currently I could pick how I secured the points. This meant that some tasks would be set for me with significant consequences…

It took about 20 minutes to get back home which drove me wild. My pants were sticky.

Animal, vegetable, mineral, I would have done anything to anything to earn release. I skidded to a stop on the drive and collected the shopping. The ready to eat meals were tossed into the fridge as were the carrots which I viewed with deep suspicion. Everything else was abandoned on the side. I went upstairs feeling as horny as I have ever been and collapsed on the bed. Kicking off my TNs, socks and trackie pants, I caressed the polished stainless steel of the cage with my left hand. The two layers of steel cages prevented any contact at all and moving the belt only resulted in the cock ring part stimulating my penis further, so I carried on doing this. With my right hand I gently pushed the plug in and out massaging my prostate. My eyes were screwed shut while my body focused on the very few of my senses that were driving me wild. I had not tried this before and really don’t know why. Four or more weeks after my last orgasm I had just accepted being locked. The wonky carrots didn’t get to this stage, but this was incredible. After about fifteen minutes I achieved my first ever anal orgasm following the most amazing period of edging and climax! Every nerve in my body tingled. My muscles tensed and spasmed. My eyes bulged. My dick throbbed away in its steel prison with body fluids oozing out of the joints in the cage.

I lay back on the bed, deflated, exhausted and in the post orgasm anti-climax just wanted to be unlocked from everything – the cage, collar and cuffs, but of course I could not be. I had handed over total control and they were staying on now. It isn’t real until you want out, and this was most definitely real.

I needed to shower and clean up but the steady vibration of the plug was keeping my penis hard and twitching away in its cage. Should I let Nate know I had achieved this or would it then become a new requirement to achieve at his whim? Concluding that it might set new requirements for additional set of points to achieve, thought it was better to hold off, and then and I dozed off.

When I woke up, the plug was no longer vibrating, so it must have been at least an hour. Hopefully I hadn’t missed any messages or orders! Frantically I checked the phone – happily, there were none. I took off my hoodie and grabbed a towel before going to the shower. The leather cuffs would just have to get wet then dry out. The timer locks are low power and have been in the shower before. I reflected on the day and how much I had enjoyed the risk.

Over the next few days, Covid remained an issue and ‘Household Bubbles’ were being talked about. People could meet outdoors and there was even talk about pubs opening in a month or two. I was given tasks with carrots outdoors and to self-mark ownership with the marker pen. The new padlocks were used to secure the fetters with the Bluetooth Masterlock key lockbox ensuring total control. All of this was earning points, but not at the rate I wanted.

The chain collar and Bluetooth padlock had been on constantly earning a solid 240 points a day and when the timer ran out on the ankle cuffs it was set to the maximum of 99 hours earing another 240 points a day here too. I managed to negotiate with Nate that my naked field dare would be double points if it were for 10 minutes. What he didn’t know was that there was a field with a scarecrow in it so I could just disappear into this figure.

A night in the cage with the 5-point chains on is very horny but needs someone there in real time to be properly enjoyable so this only happened twice. Because of this, I was getting closer to 750 points a day that I could be confident with. My target timescale was being pushed out.

Ultimately, the onus was on me to come up with dares to earn as many points as possible. The trouble is, I would never be told how many I had earned. This was just another risk and made my dick throb and twitch away.

The weather was fantastic and I was desperate to earn some points as a naked slave in the garden, one of my fantasies and Nate will have seen this on my RECON profile and his rules gave me the opportunity to try this out, but it was not quite private enough to do this safely. Furthermore, 50 points an hour was not a lot and definitely not enough. Nate liked the proposal to go on an hour cycle ride with some kink drawn in and as we messaged ideas back and forth. It was clear that a T-Shirt instead of a hoodie making the chain collar completely visible would earn most points. Similarly, compression shorts that would not disguise the bulge of the cage would also earn significantly more. Desperate for points, I decided that the next day I would go all out. T-Shirt, compression shorts and the large silicone plug with an hour ride and football socks which would cover the ankle cuffs. Happily, I live in a semi-rural area so there are plenty of byways and other rights of way around fields. This had to be worth 1,000 points.

After a last check on the bike that the tyres were well inflated, I took and messaged a set of proof pics for the clothing and the plug. This would establish the start time in accordance with the rules. I rolled the bike out of the garage and hid my keys in the log store. Glancing up and down the road at the end of the drive and finding it clear both ways, I pedalled off.

At the end of my road there is a byway that leads to a network of paths and country roads. This dare was now largely based on trust with Nate. I had thought about buying an ‘offender bracelet’ which is a GPS monitored device which monitors your movements that straps around your ankle and has a security fitting – the civilian equivalent of being on ‘Tag’ or ‘House Arrest.’ This would have been another way to hand over control in terms of monitoring and a lack of privacy, but a lack of funds during Covid meant that this was just not a necessary expense. I would just have to stop in some fields and take another set of proof pics. Cycling down the tracks, the plug was being thrust in and out now as I passed every pothole or bump. Again, my dick was straining in its cage and my shorts were getting heavily stained.

The last 5 or 6 days playing this game had resulted in a lot of messaging and contact with Nate and he was clearly thoroughly enjoying it, as was I. The interaction was so frequent that the exact number of points and the duration were not the biggest worry. I had managed an hour handcuffed naked to a tree in my back garden, but he would not let me know if this was good enough to be a 500-point risk, or a 50-point item. When I asked if he were in his HT still, I was awarded a 200-point penalty for not remembering my position. At the same time more bonus points were awarded from time to time for good behaviour and I had by now lost track of where I was on the score. I probably had another 2 or 3 days to go, but the risk of calling it early was very high.

After about a half hour I found a quiet corner of a field where I could see both directions on the byway and disappear into a small copse of trees. The cuffs cage and chain were of course permanent items so the only proof pic needed was the plug. This took a few seconds and was done. Looking around it was a possible location for another dare. I re-mounted the bike and the plug was again pushed firmly into place. I couldn’t cheat and take it out as I had no pockets anywhere unless I was willing to throw it into the shrubbery, which I was not, so I headed back home, bumping along the tracks and steadily oozing away, my dick throbbing in its cage. It was Wednesday and I had been locked up now for 5 weeks.

Back home I quickly retrieved the keys and wheeled my bike into the garage. The plug had to come out as this had become uncomfortable so I headed to the bathroom to clean out and wash.


Sorry Nate, you’ll have to wait until I get cleaned up. Interestingly the demand for proof pics within a certain period did not appear to be being enforced and the relationship was very much more about teasing. Getting the plug out, showered and clean was more important. The plug didn’t take long as it was again inside a condom and after a refreshing shower I got dressed in my Nikes and trackie pants. Picking up the phone I went downstairs for a coffee.

I sat down on the sofa with the steel waistband to my belt standing out above my Adidas pants and the steel chain collar and padlock which had been on for just over a week now clearly visible and heavy, but a comfortable sign of ownership and control. Unlocking the phone with one hand I swiped open the app to read Nate’s message. “I will set you two challenges – one for tonight and one for tomorrow night. If the evidence is back to me by Friday morning 07:00 I will unlock the keysafe at 12:00. If you fail then the two-week penalty starts immediately. Otherwise, you can carry on with the challenge as it stands. You have an hour to decide.”

This was interesting – I could accept Nate’s two challenges without knowing what they are and have certainty of release if I complete them successfully. Alternatively, I could go for another 3 or 4 days and take a risk that I had enough points for freedom and while this risked a 2-week penalty, I could set the tasks myself and be happy with them. My dick started throbbing away at the dilemma. I didn’t know what to do. No, that’s not true. I wanted to do both options. I wanted to show Nate I trusted him completely to set me some tasks that would probably represent some greater level of risk and to accept this without knowing what the risk was. I also didn’t want this to end.

I had enjoyed the last week or so of the challenge and the way it was evolving from a strict set of rules to a game of dares, teasing and some very intimate conversations. Furlough had been a problem for Nate too, and he was living at home with his family and we had a lot of common ground – not just sexually but also for our futures. Scoring the points to get free was all my dick could think about but my heart now wanted some input to this and didn’t want the relationship we had built up to end. I leaned back into the sofa, closed my eyes, started to think about what to do and tipped my hot coffee into my lap.

Bejesus Effing Bloody Hell! – The soft fabric of my trackies soaked up vast amounts of the scalding hot coffee and held it close to my groin. The vast quantity of liquid meant that much of it flooded inside the steel cage where my trapped penis was unable to be rescued, I raced to the bathroom and turned the shower on before grabbing the shower head and inserting it into my sodden trackie pants.

The water was freezing cold and, for once, my throbbing leaking penis was not the dominant organ. At this point me heart and brain were fully engaged and I knew what my reply would be.

I knew what price I was going to pay…

UKDeviant on Recon

To be continued …

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7 thoughts on “Paying the Full Price – Part 4”

  1. Fuck yes – so many brilliant remote control options for lockdown. I’ve ordered a Bluetooth padlock – now just need someone to control it so I can lock my chain collar in place. Love all the predicament – wish we shopped at the same supermarket. Please keep the story going. I’m afraid I’m praying you get the 2 week penalty at this stage. Perhaps some challenges which would wipe out all the points earned if you failed would be good.

    1. Lol – glad you’re enjoying the plot! And I guess Sam has a difficult choice between taking the gamble. Taking a two week risk, or maybe risking all to have Nate full time?

  2. You’ll accept the challenge? I think you will, and get the combination which you won’t want to use in case this relationship ends. If there’s a choice you want Nate more than being unchaste, I feel.

    1. Oh, the challenge is so tempting and if Nate could be the future, then what better way to show trust than accepting the tasks without knowing what they are?!

  3. I’m really enjoying this story. Such imaginative ideas and all very, very believable. Thanks so much, UKDeviant!

  4. Absolutely fantastic story! The writing is extremely engaging. I love how you describe actions and predicaments in such a creative manner that really paints a picture. Good writing is so key to a good kinky story and I can’t wait to read part 5. This one is definitely going into my favorites!

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