Pictures and video: Doug is forced to shoot while bolted to the wall

At Dream Boy Bondage, Doug’s chest, cock, and balls throb in pain after he removes dozens of clips and pins that had been biting into his most sensitive flesh.

Dream_Boy_Bondage_free_video_preview_01 Dream_Boy_Bondage_free_video_preview_02


“Get on with it!” Jared demands, pointing at Doug’s cock. The captive grabs his fat, throbbing dick and starts working it. It’s a beautiful thing – big and long – and soon is engorged. Doug, still bound to the cross at his ankles and other wrist, works his cock harder and harder until it bursts, spewing cum. “Good job,” Jared sneers, grabbing Doug’s free wrist and locking it back to the cross. This stud isn’t going anywhere. Yet to come: Hard flogging.

Here’s a free video preview:


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