Planning for a Halloween Party

By Mister-X/Spartan

That house was a natural for hosting a Halloween party. It was really creepy looking. It had been built many years ago, an old Victorian relic. It sat on top of a hill on the outskirts of town. It looked like a copy of the house in that Hitchcock movie “Psycho.” The only problem was that the owner, the guy who lived there, was just as mysterious as the house itself.

Bobby and I had been discussing approaching the owner with Willie. We wondered if the owner would be interested in having us rent it for Halloween. We could fix it up great, making it something that our friends would talk about for years. But we were trying to find some way to approach the owner. We figured you couldn’t just walk up to a total stranger and ask him if you can rent your home for a day. Bobby and I had been working on this for a couple of weeks, checking records to see who owned the place, verifying that the owner lived there, and checking any records we could about him. But we came up with nothing, nada. There had to be something.

He wasn’t a member of any club that we knew about. He never seemed to leave his house except to go grocery shopping. And that was another strange thing, he only left his house at night. Plus he always came out dressed in black clothes. Nowadays, that is popular dress, but for someone his age, it isn’t. He didn’t seem like someone who was modern in any way. He also had an eastern European accent. That sent us off on a different research quest.

Willie finally said, “Hey, I don’t have a problem approaching strangers. Leave it to me to talk to the guy and check out the place.”

That had been a week ago. We didn’t see Willie after that, except at college. He wouldn’t tell us anything about what he’d found or whether the guy would agree to let us use it. He just said that he was still working on it. He seemed to be hiding something, and was hesitant to talk about it. We were wondering what was going on.

One night we decided to follow Willie. He went up to the house, rang the bell, and the guy answered the door, letting Willie in. We thought about going up to the door as well, but figured that if Willie was indeed working to try to get something arranged, our appearance could mess that up. So we decided to give Willie another week.

After another week of this, Bobby decided that he couldn’t delay any longer. He had decided to approach Mr. Laczinski, the owner, and figured that doing it on Friday night would be best. He figured that it would be easier if he approached him alone, rather than with me accompanying him. He wanted to find out what was up with Willie, in addition to finding out whether the guy was receptive to have our party there.

Since Laczinski only went out at night, Bobby figured it would be best to approach him at night. Bobby told me to stay a distance away and to wait for him to return. I wasn’t keen on the idea, but finally agreed to do that.

I saw Bobby go up to the front door and ring the bell. After a little wait, Laczinski answered. They talked for a couple of minutes, and finally Bobby went inside at Laczinski’s invitation. I was thinking that Bobby had achieved his initial objective. Bobby can be very persuasive, so as long as he continues talking to Laczinski, I figured we had a good chance of achieving our objective. But he still would need to find out what was going on with Willie.

I settled down to wait until Bobby came out. The time passed very slowly. I wondered what they could be talking about for so long. I finally glanced at my watch and noticed that a couple of hours had passed, and there was no sign of either Bobby or Willie emerging. Nothing had been happening at this part of town, no cars even drove by. But after a half hour I heard the sound of a car slowly driving up the hill.

I kind of shrunk back into the shadows a little more as the car started driving by. It stopped. That’s when I noticed that it was a police car. The two officers came out and approached me. I decided to start the conversation.

“Hello, officers.”

The two didn’t respond, but looked around and looked at me. “Why are you here?”

“I’m waiting for my friend.”



“Why would he be meeting you here?”

“He went into that house over there to have a conversation with the owner. I’m waiting for him to come out.”

“That house? Why would he want to talk to the owner of that house?”

“What do you mean?”

“I don’t know of anyone that knows that guy. He’s been a bit of a mystery.”

“I’ll be frank. We wanted to rent that house for a Halloween party. We thought it would be perfect. So Bobby went to talk to the owner about doing that.”

“A Halloween party. I suppose that would be a perfect place for one. But I wouldn’t want to go into that place. Okay, Fred, let’s cruise on.”

The two got back into their car and slowly drove off. I started thinking about their comment that they wouldn’t want to go into that place. That didn’t sound good. I looked at my watch, and realized that Bobby had been in there for three hours now. I was starting to wonder what had happened. But I decided to wait some more.

After another hour, I decided to go up there and see what was happening. I walked up to the door and rang the bell. It started one of those deep rings that seem to come from the bowels of the house. I was thinking more and more that this house would be perfect. It took a couple of minutes, and I was just about to ring the bell again when the door opened.

Laczinski just looked at me with his eyebrows raised. I had been waiting for him to greet me, and it was obvious that he was waiting for me to talk. I finally said, “My friend rang your bell about 4 hours ago and you let him in. I’d like to see him, please.”

Laczinski just stood there saying nothing, but apparently thinking to himself. He finally opened the door and motioned for me to enter. He walked over to another door. I followed. He finally turned around and said in a thickly accented voice, “There.”

I was hearing some small sounds, and I wondered what was behind that door. I reached for the knob and opened it. What I saw was so unexpected that I froze. In that instance I felt my arms being brought behind my back by a couple of powerful arms. Quickly my wrists were cuffed in handcuffs. I tried moving away, but one of the powerful arms had hold of me. The other arm reached out above Bobby’s head and pulled back a leather gag. In no time I was gagged just as Bobby was.

Bobby’s eyes were wide with fright. He was standing in a small room. His ankles were locked together and were also locked to a ring embedded in the floor. I soon joined him, since I was backed into the small room and had my ankles locked together, also locked to a ring in the floor. After doing that, the guy closed the door, and I heard a lock being engaged. There was no light in the small room.

I now knew what had happened to Bobby, and why he didn’t emerge. But that knowledge didn’t help me any, since I was now in the same predicament. I also wondered what had happened to Willie. I wondered what Laczinski planned for us.

We were kept in that room for some hours. It had to be morning when we were finally let out. And then, it was only to allow us, one-by-one, to visit the bathroom. After that visit, we were locked back in that room again.

Later I started hearing the sounds of others coming into the house. I wondered if there was a meeting going on that Laczinski didn’t want us to find out about. I still knew next to nothing about this guy. I wondered what type of activities he was involved in. My imagination started kicking into full force.

Finally the door was opened by a different person. He addressed us. He was obviously a native American, judging by his accent.

“As I understand it, you would like to rent this house to have a party on Halloween. That could cause us a problem, or it could cause us to have some fun. You see, this is the meeting place for the county bondage club, and Halloween night is one of the nights when we meet here. I am the owner of this house. I apologize for the way my servant greeted you and treated you, but he doesn’t speak much English, and your arrival caused him some problems. I’m afraid he reverted to how he was used to dealing with unexpected guests back in the country he fled from.

As for your request, I will be presenting it to the club members tonight, since this is one of our regular meeting nights. If they approve, then we will work with you to set this place up properly. If not, then I again will offer my apologies for the way you have been treated. Unless, of course, you would like to join us for some fun tonight. I don’t know whether you are into bondage or not. The bulges in the front of your pants suggests that you are, but that is for you to say. I’ll leave you to discuss this between yourselves.”

He removed our gags, turned on the light, and closed the door. This time I didn’t hear a lock click. I looked at Bobby, and he looked at me. He was always the take-charge guy who talked the most, so he spoke first.

“I say we go ahead with the party if they give us the approval.”

“Okay by me, but it isn’t for us to decide.”

“Agreed. But now we have the other question. I say we join them for tonight if they ask us.”

“For me, it depends on what they have in mind. If I’m bound and helpless, I wonder what they plan to do with us.”

“Fair enough. We’ll find out more when the owner returns.”

Just then we all heard a loud knock at the front door. “Open up! Police!”

I heard footsteps quickly going to the front door and opening it. There was a conversation going on, and finally our door was opened. When the police saw us, they told Laczinski, “Freeze. Go up to the wall and spread your legs and arms against it.”

As one of the officers was patting down Laczinski, the other started speaking to us. “Don’t worry, we’ll have you out of there shortly.”

Bobby said, “But we don’t want to be out. We are here because we want to be.”

That surprised the officer. He turned to me and said, “That goes for you, too?”

“Yes, officer.”

“Last night you were worried about your friend. Is this him?”

“Yes, officer.”

“So you’re not worried, now?”

“No, officer. I’m fine.”

The officer turned to his partner and said, “Never mind, Fred. Let’s go.” Shortly the two officers left the house, and the front door was closed and locked.

Laczinski came up to us and said, “Thank you. I could have been arrested, and that would have been a major crime, one of kidnapping. Have you decided?”

Bobby answered. “Yes. We’re interested in joining you tonight, but we’d like to know what you would do to us after we’re restrained.”

“Of course. We don’t do anything to anyone without their consent. That’s one of the by-laws of our club. The intrusion interrupted our meeting. We were just discussing your request when I had to leave. I’ll let you know the outcome when the decision is made. I’m certainly going to recommend in your favor after the favor you did for me just now.”

After Laczinski had left, Bobby turned to me and said, “That’s one of the reasons I said what I did to the two officers. I didn’t like being kidnapped by Laczinski’s servant, and before talking to him I would have responded differently. But I kept our objective in mind, and figured that the answer I gave would have the best chance of Laczinski looking favorably at our request.

Not for the first time, I thought of Bobby as a diplomat. He certainly had the wherewithal to keep the overall objective in mind and do what was best to achieve it. It was one of the reasons I became friends with him. That, and the fact that he would tie me up in our bondage games. Neither of us had told Laczinski that we were already into this lifestyle, though not to the degree that they were I’m sure.

Soon Laczinski was back and told us that the request was granted. The others were keen on the idea, and had a lot of ideas to make it a fun Halloween. Bobby and I looked at each other and smiled. We would have high-fived if we could have. We’d gotten what we set out to achieve. But in the meantime, it was time to have fun tonight.

When we joined them for the meeting, there was Willie. We didn’t realize that he was also into this lifestyle, or that he was a member of the club. We were surprised to see him at the meeting. “Willie!” both Bobby and I said in unison. Bobby was the first to add, “Where have you been and why didn’t you tell us?”

Willie was just as surprised to see us there. “Uh, I’ve been spending every night here restrained. Laczinski has been very good about accommodating my desires that way. I had told them about your request, and was just waiting for the decision at tonight’s meeting.”

After the meeting was over, we were shown the various devices that were at that club. We got some great ideas for Halloween surprises. Willie volunteered to be the one in the box with only his head sticking up out of it, with the top of the box made to blend in with other nearby furniture to look like only his head was there. I volunteered to be bound in a cuffed hogtie inside the small cage which would be hoisted more than 8 feet into the air, not initially visible to anyone walking into the room, only noticeable when I made a sound, which I would do through my gagged mouth after people were in the room. Bobby volunteered to be in the closet, head painted black and white, his body with periodic splotches of red paint to look like blood, ready to reach out to grab anyone who opened the door while making a growling sound, with a sign on the door which would say ‘open this door at your peril.’

On hearing our ideas, the other club members started getting into the spirit of Halloween with other ideas. One of them agreed to be in another closet, hands tied behind him with that rope extended around the front of him to be tied off, ankles and legs tied together, with a bandana gag, making ‘mmpphh’ sounds when he heard anyone near the closet door. Another agreed to be standing on the front of his feet with a noose rope tight around his neck, his hands reaching up to try to loosen the rope, another club member with an executioner’s hood over his head pulling it from the back. And there would be lots of decorations.

Back at college, when the three of us got together for lunch, we realized that we’d learned a valuable lesson. That place which looked so weird turned out to be the most fun place we’d ever visited. I had mentioned that cop’s statement about not wanting to go into that place, as I had been reluctant to go inside. We learned not to judge anything by its appearance.


Metal would like to thank the author, Mister-X/Spartan, for this spoooooky story!


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