12 thoughts on “Prison Library”

  1. As a reader, I would love it. The question is whether you would have enough stories. If you do, go for it.

  2. Metal must have enough material, otherwise he wouldn’t be making the suggestion, but I reckon that’s too frequent. I always enjoy the contributions (if there’s something that doesn’t interest me I just skip it) and I also enjoy reading the comments made by readers. However, as the site is set up at the moment – listing on the home page only the 5 latest comments – seems it would be quite difficult to keep up with what comments were being made by readers ….. think about it – by the end of the month there’d be 30 new chapters/stories as well as (hopefully) all the other non-story contributions that Metal posts for us here.

    One answer to what I see as a potential problem outlined above would be if the list of recent comments could be significantly increased.

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