Put It On – Part 1

By Marknorth

“Put it on.”


“I said put it on.”

“Look, I don’t wanna do this anymore.  Just let me out of this cell and we can have a laugh and I’ll head home.  I’m just not ready for all of this – I thought I was, but I’m not.”

“Put it on.”

“Really, I want out.  I’m sorry I wasted your time, but this isn’t fun for me.”

“I’ll say it one more time and then there will be consequences.  Put it on.”

The look on his face and his overall posture made it clear to the guy in the cell that he was serious.  Maybe if he did as he was told he would satisfy his jailor and he would be let out of the damn cell.  He thought it would be a fun way to spend a couple of days and live out a fantasy or two.  He had hooked up with an acquaintance that he knew was into the whole bondage scene.  They had agreed to play for three or four days.  Since it would be his first time in some serious lock-up, all he had to do if he didn’t like it would be to just say so and it would be over.

He met up with his acquaintance at the back bar in the local leather club.  It had been exciting to follow his orders as to when to meet, what to wear, and he had psyched himself up to doing the whole “I’ll submit to your fully” routine.  He was a bit self-conscious walking down the street in the overly tight and well-worn leather jeans, ratty wife beater and scuffed and scraped black combats that his acquaintance had given him to wear.  Not to mention the oh so very visible cock-cage that he had to lock on before he left his apartment.  No wallet, no money, no ID, no cell phone, nothing except one key to his apartment – that was all he was allowed.

He had been so excited about the weekend that he hardly slept Thursday night.  When the box with the clothes and cock-cage showed up on Wednesday, the whole thing began to seem very real.  On Friday afternoon he had to struggle to get the cock-cage locked on as his dick wouldn’t go soft enough.  He had worn them before but not having the key to the lock was a little nerve-wracking.  He finally had been able to get it on and locked.  If nothing else, he would have to go to the bar to get the key to the thing if he ever wanted it off.  He also had to struggle to get the leather jeans over his hips.  They were pretty tight and certainly showed off his ass to the fullest – but they also showed off the cock-cage, as well.  There had been no underwear in the box so he had assumed that he wasn’t to wear any.

The wife beater was a little grungy and had a few holes in it.  It was well used without a doubt but he knew that he had to wear it.  The boots were last.  They were old and had seen a lot of use.  The leather was soft and scuffed and the strong smell only confirmed that they had seen a lot of guy’s feet.  He had pulled on the pair of thick black socks that had been in the box and had been glad that they were there.  He didn’t think he would have had the nerve to wear the boots barefoot.

Once he had dressed he took his key, locked the door, and quickly bounded down the apartment building’s stairs.  His only hope was that his neighbors didn’t see him dressed like he was.  Once on the street he regretted not waiting until later in fall so that it would have been darker at that hour.  Luckily, there were only a few people who stared at the outline of the cock-cage.  Some of the hustlers on 3rd hooted and whistled, but he ignored them and walked faster.

He had made it to the bar about 15 minutes before the time he had been instructed to arrive.  The bouncer at the door asked for his ID and wouldn’t let him in because he didn’t have it.  His heart sank – one, because he had finally gotten up the nerve to go through with it; and two, because his acquaintance had the key to the cock-cage.  He had begged the bouncer to let him in and when he wouldn’t budge asked him to let his acquaintance know that he was outside waiting for him.  The bouncer reluctantly agreed to that, only because it was early and there wasn’t a line.  Sadly, the bouncer was immediately replaced by another doorman so that he couldn’t just sneak in like he had hoped.

It seemed like hours passed before the bouncer came back to the door.  He had grown very self-conscious standing out on the sidewalk dressed as he was.  The bouncer told him to follow and he did so with a lot of relief.  The front bar was almost deserted, which was no surprise at this hour.  The stale smell of beer and sweat filled the air as they entered the back bar room.  There were a handful of guys all dressed in leather leaning against the bar.

The bouncer gave him a little push towards his acquaintance, told him to have fun, and walked away.  He had hesitated a minute as his eyes fully adjusted to the dimness of the room but then walked over to where his soon-to-be captor waited.  He had knelt at his feet and had bowed his head as he had been instructed to do and waited.  He heard a few chuckles from the other guys in the bar, but he had ignored them and tried to focus on how he was supposed to behave.  He had quickly remembered to place his hands on the back of his head and interlocked his fingers.  He had hoped that the delay in doing so wouldn’t cause any problems.

“Well, I am actually somewhat surprised that you showed up, especially dressed like that.  I thought that you would either chicken out completely or maybe get the cock-cage locked on and come running here for the key that, just so you know, I do not have here anyway.  Now, I’ll give you one last chance to back out.  You can run home and I’ll mail the key to you on Monday.  So the worst that will happen is that you’ll have to wear the cock-cage until maybe Wednesday of next week.  Think about it for a minute while I go take a leak.  If you’re still here when I get back we’ll get this show in the road.  Just remember that you wanted to do this so it would be a shame if you backed out now.”

He had knelt there thinking about getting up and running back home.  The cock-cage wouldn’t be too bad to wear until Tuesday or Wednesday.  But, he already had come this far and it didn’t take too long for him to decide to stay right where he was – kneeling on the sticky floor being stared at by several leather-clad guys who looked like they wanted nothing more than to have him suck each of them off one by one.

“Good, I’m glad you decided to go through with it.  It’s early and I haven’t finished my beer yet, so we have to find a place for you to wait.  Although I like nothing better than having a guy kneeling at my feet, these other guys are looking a little horny and I don’t want to have to keep telling everyone that comes into the bar that you are off limits.  Stand up.”

He had followed his instructions and was immediately handcuffed.  His dick had tried to get hard in the cock-cage, but he had been rewarded with only pain.  His acquaintance had chuckled when he saw him cringe.  He then had leg irons locked on and had been led to a part of the bar that he had never seen before.  Although he had always known that there were some private rooms for sex in the back, he had never seen them.  In this case, however, he wasn’t being led to the back to get fucked.  They had passed several rooms before his captor had unlocked a heavy wooden door and had pushed him inside.  He had stumbled a little but righted himself quickly.  The room had been no bigger than a closet and had several sets of chains secured to various points on the walls and ceilings.  His captor had quickly padlocked his handcuffs and leg irons to the chains and had left him in the dark after slamming and locking the door.

There had been no sound or light in that room.  He had been secured in such a manner that he couldn’t sit down so he had tried to get as comfortable as possible by leaning into the corner.  The room hadn’t been large enough to take even one full step in any direction.  He had been left to wonder what he had gotten himself into.

Time had passed slowly in that little room.  The cuffs had started to dig into his wrists and his arms had grown sore from being held behind his back for so long.  His legs had started to get stiff from standing and he had needed to piss badly.  He had jumped when he finally had heard the key enter the lock and sighed with relief when the door had opened.  His relief had quickly turned to concern when he hadn’t recognized the guy who had opened the door.  On a second glance, however, the guy had looked vaguely familiar – he thought it might have been one of the guys hanging out in the back bar when he had arrived, but he couldn’t be certain.

“Well, well, well!  Look at you all locked up and nowhere to go!”

“Who are you?  Where’s my buddy?”

“Oh don’t worry your pretty little blonde head.  I’ll take good care of you.”

With that he had reached in and unlocked the chains from the cuffs and leg irons and had pulled him out of the little room into the hall.  He had been pushed, rather roughly, to his knees and had been told to shut up and speak only when spoken to.

“And keep your damn eyes on the floor at all times.  You will not look at me above waist level, ever.  I will say this once and once only.  You will do as you are told when you are told without hesitation or you will be punished.”

His dick had, again, tried to get hard but was restrained by the cock-cage.  His acquaintance had sure found a great guy to act as his keeper.  The weekend had looked to be turning out to be an exciting one.

“Now, so you understand what is going on.  Your buddy out there spent the last hour or so auctioning off the privilege of locking your ass up.  We were a specially invited group and all of us just love the way you look and the way you fell to your knees at his feet.  Let me tell you, there was a lot of heavy competition for your blonde-headed ass!  Lucky for me, though, the bidding petered out just before I hit my limit.  So you’re mine.  And what a fun time we are going to have!”

The guy had then pulled a heavy black canvas hood over his captive’s head and cinched it tight.  He then had pulled him roughly to his feet and had half-dragged him out the back door of the club and had pushed him into the backseat of a waiting car – All the while he had kept reminding his captive not to say a frickin’ word.

Little did the guy know that he was on his way to a cell.


To be continued …



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