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MCP Treatment Facility

By MarkNorth

The following is a fictional tale centered on an actual stay at “Men’s Central Prison” in Southern California in early July. The storyline is part of the fantasy role-play that encompassed the visit; but all of the bondage scenes described are real. The Officers at MCP are well-versed and well-equipped in bondage and role-play, which allowed me to drift into the desired “headspace” rather easily. Thank you to Bind, Hawk, and Rob for a great trip!

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Look who got locked up at Mens Central Prison

Reports are coming in from those who have been to the Mens Central Prison. Just within the past month, longtime Metalbond contributor MarkNorth has gone there. So has Pisslurper.

Who else has been there or is planning to go? Let me know!

MCP_MarkNorth_1 MCP_Pisslurper


For more information on this facility and the types of activities that happen there, you can visit the official Mens Central Prison website.


PLUS … Marknorth has written a fictionalized account of his true incarceration roleplay experience at the Mens Central Prison. Watch for his write-up, which includes plenty of photographs, to appear very soon in the Metalbond Prison Library.


And for those who want to learn even MORE about what goes on at Mens Central Prison, you can view numerous behind-the-scenes videos at Serious Male Bondage, a subscription-based site.

Diagram: How to make a device like the one in Marknorth’s story ‘The Device’

Marknorth sent this information a while back, about making a device as described in his story The Device. (To read the story, it’s in three parts in Marknorth’s author page in the Prison Library …. click here and scroll down.

Here’s what Marknorth says,

Dear Metal,

Attached is an overview of existing technology that could be easily adapted to create a version of “the device” from my story.

Although not “self-contained” as the one in the story, it would be relatively easy for the chastity slave to carry the transmitter. The range for control is also limited to 7 miles (maximum with no interference), but the GPS tracking ability is wide-ranging.

Obviously, the equipment is for tracking and training dogs, but the idea carries over. The cock-ring modification is one of the smaller rings from my CB6K.


And here is Marknorth’s diagram (click to enlarge):