Raptor – Chapter 3

By Bikermike

The weeks went by with Alex settling down with the acceptance of his life as a slave, with no rights, no say, no clothes and no dignity. He had endured savage beatings, rape and physical exercises to the point of collapse. However, the more he thought about his situation the more excited he had become, with his cock being rock hard for much of the time. Occasionally at night he would masturbate, enjoying the feeling and taste of his own semen on his tongue, then fail to produce a vialful of ejaculate in the morning.

The resultant whipping would cause his cock to harden once again but he would then enjoy the almost brutal wanking he would receive from either Andy, James or Steve. By this time his body bore the scars of such beatings and he could only guess at the appearance of his broad muscled back (he had no access to a mirror), which made him even more excited the more he thought about it.

The food had been good, tasty and nutritious. He had decent washing facilities, was warm and had a relatively comfortable bed upon which to sleep. As he was unable to shave, his captors had trimmed his by now full beard once a fortnight (although as a slave, he had lost most of his sense of the passing of time).

In fact he was finding his new life not only bearable but quite enjoyable. However, every now and again he would long for freedom, to do exactly as he pleased, to walk out into the fresh air and to meet and socialise with his friends. Were they wondering why and to where he had disappeared? Were they missing him? As the months went by, his longing for freedom fought more and more with his feelings of excitement as a sex slave. In addition, for how much longer would his body be able to produce testosterone B, the commodity for which he had been kidnapped in the first place?

No, thought Alex, he really needed to escape and to report his kidnapping and treatment to the police. Once he was no longer producing the valuable hormone would be be released or even killed? He would certainly not want another young man fall victim to these sadists. How would he accomplish his escape? He was always chained with a heavy steel manacle around his ankle, long enough to enable him to reach the shower and the toilet, and of course long enough for him to be led to the milking shackles and the exercise area.

He had examined his ankle shackle and wondered if he could somehow use something to pick the lock. After all, it only seemed to require an Allen key of a suitable size. Could he not find a piece of metal maybe to insert into the lock so he could be free? The next step would be to escape the basement. He noticed that sometimes James would forget to lock the basement door (why would locking the door matter? After all, the prisoner was still chained), so if only he could free himself from the chain, make it appear that he was still shackled until James had left the door unlocked…

One evening, and with the idea of escape still on his mind, Alex settled down to sleep after his usual three milkings that day. He was permitted low level lighting which would enable him to use the bathroom during the night without stumbling into something and injuring himself. He had already noticed that some of the hand-wash basin plug chain’s links were loose and could, with quite a bit of tugging, be separated from their fellows.

He got up and made his way to the bathroom, his ankle chain rattling and clanking behind. He once again examined the basin plug chain. With a few vigourous tugs he managed to open one of the links, enabling him to remove it from the chain. He was then careful to open another link and bend the fairly flimsy metal back so as to give the appearance that the chain remained intact. With the detached link in his hand he used his heavy ankle shackles as a form of anvil to bend the link into a shape that might just be able to undo the Allen key lock. He tried, keeping as quiet as he could, fitting the bent link into the keyhole and after a few more bending adjustments was able to loosen then undo his ankle shackle lock. The metal fell free with a dull clank.

For the first time in what had seemed months, Alex’s ankle was free! He almost wept as he rubbed his now liberated ankle up and down. All he had to do now was to refit the shackle and hide his home made key somewhere and to wait until James forgot to lock the basement door.

Feeling pleased with himself he began fondling his cock and balls and with the other hand tweaked each nipple in turn. Soon he was rock hard, running his fist up and down the length of his shaft, adequately lubricated by the copious amounts of pre-ejaculate that was already dripping from the meatus. Up and down, up and down, feeling those delicious rock hard nipples while running his thumb over his wet cockhead; up and down, up and down — thinking bollocks to the whipping he would very likely receive in the morning upon the likely non-delivery of a vial full of sperm —up and down — AAAAH! He sent a jet of semen high into the air, only to land over his bare chest, neck and face and into his mouth. He massaged the fluid into his muscular pectorals and up and down his neck and then licked the delicious spunk from his fingers. He then fell into a deep, satisfied sleep.

As it happened the following morning he was able to produce his required amount of semen, delivered at the hand of Steve while he was being fucked by Andy. Shortly after, Andy had swapped places with James who while shafting Alex, had reached round and given his victim some painful nipple torture with his fingers. After making Alex’s tits red and swollen, Steve had handed James a vicious looking pair of clamps, which he fastened onto the sore nubs of flesh. Of course, this torture had made Alex rock hard once again but this time, no amount of wanking, however vigorous, was able to produce any more semen. Bored by this time. James orgasmed and withdrew, leaving Andy and Steve to unshackle the totally spent Alex and lead him over to and fixing him into the generator seat. They left the basement, turning off the light, leaving him in total darkness.

As usual, he turned the generator handle, pausing now and again to enjoy the painful but delicious bolt of electricity surge through his genitals. If only James fails to lock the door tonight, he mused, he would make his bid to escape. In addition, PE day would be tomorrow, which would mean that he would be too knackered to attempt to escape and run, as and if necessary.

Milking two and three were productive, not necessitating any use of the whip. Totally spent and exhausted, after eating a meal provided by his captors he settled down on his bunk in the corner of the cellar. Tonight was his chance of escape from this life of slavery and torture. He did have some reservations: would he miss this life? Where was his life going before his kidnapping anyway? Drifting from thankless job to job with just enought money in order to survive? At least here he didn’t need to worry about money; no rent to pay, and no cooking or cleaning to do. He also had as much sex as he wanted (and more); he discovered that he quite enjoyed the punishments that were meted out almost arbitrarily by his captors. In fact he was becoming quite fond of those guys wanking and fucking and beating him whenever they wanted.

No, he resolved to escape. After lying on his bunk for an hour or so he got up quietly and made his way to the shower room. He reached for his makeshift key that he had hidden on a tiny ledge underneath the wash-hand basin and carefully undid the ankle shackle. he wrapped the towel around his waist, forming a type of loincloth. Fortunately, James had forgotten to lock the cellar door that evening so Alex could put his escape plan into action.

He waited another hour then quietly opened the cellar door. Luckily, it did not have squeaky hinges. The building was in complete silence. Where his captors retreated to each night he had no idea. Lady luck did seem to be on his side that night: there was a nearly full moon that shone through the barred window at the top of the stone stairs leading from the cellar. Of course, he was naked apart from his loincloth. He would risk escaping from the building, would hide by day if necessary then make his way under the cover of darkness and would try to raise the alarm and be rescued.

The top of the stairs opened out into a wide hallway, illuminated by adequate moonlight shining through the wired glass front door. Again, Alex couldn’t believe his luck: the front door key had been left in the lock! Waiting until he was satisfied that there was no sound whatsoever, he slowly and carefully unlocked the door. He was free! He shivered slightly in the cool night air, almost naked as he was.

The path to the front door opened out onto a tarmac drive, which wound its way through trees. Instinctively keeping as near as possible to the trees he at last reached the road. Left or right? Either way sooner or later he would come across a house or better still a village where he could notify the police. Turning left he kept to the deserted road, being careful to avoid standing on any sharp stones with his bare feet.

He walked a mile or so until he came upon a telephone box, seemingly in the middle of nowhere. He dialled the emergency number and asked the operator for “Police”. The operator stated that he would ‘put him through’.

Alex explained as best he could his circumstances and his location. He was told to wait where he was and that a patrol car would be there in a few minutes. He remained inside the telephone box as by now he was becoming quite cold in the night breeze. He waited and waited until he could see a vehicle’s headlights approaching. “A Ford Transit van? Oh no, it can’t be..” he said aloud. At once the van pulled up and his three erstwhile captors leapt out. Alex panicked and ran as fast as he could down the road then through a gap in a hedge and into a field. Of course he was barefoot, which slowed his progress considerably. His loincloth became undone and fell around his ankles causing him to stumble and fall, sending him sprawling into a pool of mud.

James or was it black Andy? Fell on top of him and put him into a headlock. “Escaping, eh, slave?” he jeered. “For that you will be very severely punished, boy!”

Alex did not struggle. It would be futile anyway; the other two by then had reached him. Maybe his lack of resolve had been defeated by that niggling desire to continue with his life as a slave. In addition, the thought of severe punishment had caused his cock, now fully exposed, to become as hard as india-rubber.

Steve, the smallest of his captors, now pulled his wrists behind his back and fitted handcuffs. Andy roughly dragged Alex to his feet and James dealt him a savage punch to his abdomen. he collapsed groaning, falling back into the mud. Andy dragged him to his feet once more then the three captors led him back through the hedge, along the road and back to their transit van, pulling him along by his erect penis.

‘Get in slave!’ barked Andy as James opened the rear van doors. The other two virtually threw Alex in the back of the van then Steve fastened a chain round his neck, padlocking the other end to the van’s braceing.

Within ten minutes or so the van arrived at the house where Alex was released from his neck chain then dragged by his cock into the house and down into the cellar, which had been his prison for the past several weeks. His captors then threw him onto the floor of the shower and washed the caked mud off him using the shower on the cold setting. ‘Get up and dry yourself!’ shouted James, ‘You will be milked as normal, then exercised doing your press ups and sit ups, then the generator. While turning its handle you can be contemplating the punishment you will receive this evening.’ pointing to Andy, James went on, ‘Andy here has a brother who is big, black and brutal! He will love nothing better than to rape then beat you with a whip, then it will be our turn.’

‘Sorry Sir, I deserve it! Any punishment that you consider I need! Whip my worthless body then extract that precious testosterone B to make you money!’ Alex replied. As he did so his cock once again hardened to full erection.

Once he had dried himself James re-attached the shackle to his right ankle. Meanwhile Andy had disappeared, only to reappear carrying a heavy steel ball and chain. He bent and attached the chain to Alex’s left ankle, locking the shackle with a heavy padlock. ‘Ha! Try and escape from that boy!’ he jeered.

He was then led over to his milking position underneath the hanging wrist shackles. Without waiting to be told he resignedly raised his wrists, which were then locked in the shackles by James on the left and Andy on the right.

This time it was Steve who shafted him, ramming his huge condom encased cock into him as violently as he could. He gasped as Steve’s hands reached round his flanks and vigorously worked his nipples. Andy held the vial while he was masturbated by James. ‘Unhh! slow down James,’ said Steve, ‘I don’t want him to come too soon. See if he and l come together as l love the feel of his buttocks pulsating as he pumps out his load!’ Steve slowed a little, achieving as deep a penetration as was possible then almost withdrawing entirely then ramming his cock hard into Alex.

Meanwhile James slowed his wanking just edging his glans, now wet with precum and offering his wet hand up to enable Alex to taste himself. Faster and faster Steve pumped, becoming more brutal with his manipulation of Alex’s nipples, coinciding with James working his cock harder and harder. Faster and faster.. harder and harder.. the victim writhing under the severe tit torture….Both tormentor and tormented yelled as they orgasmed simultaneously; Alex almost filling the collecting vial. Steve withdrew, slapping Alex’s arse, leaving him hanging in his chains, both men totally spent. James unshackled Alex’s wrists allowing him to collapse to the floor.

A kick in the ribs forced Alex to his feet. ‘Get up you fucking worthless fucking slaveboy! Get over to the generator!’ commanded James. He struggled to his feet and limped slowly over to the machine, dragging his ball and chain.

His three tormentors left the cellar after securing Alex into the generator seat, left the room and turned off the light.

To be continued …

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