Reliving the Kidnapping

By Mister-X/Spartan

“Is this like the place where you were kept bound and gagged for three days?”

“Yes. It was under some rafters, just like this. That other building was torn down, but this abandoned one should do the same.”

“And you want us to tie you up again like you were before?”



“A couple of reasons. One, I realize now that I enjoyed being kept bound like that. And two, it was a challenge for me to survive that. I want to see if I can do that again.”

“For three days? You’ve got to be crazy.”

“Maybe. But it’s what I want. Are you going to do it or not?”

“Okay. If that’s what you want.”

Roger started tying Ken’s hands behind his back. He finally said “is this the way they did it?”

“No. It was tighter than that. They put a couple of loops between my wrists to get the loops around my wrists to be pulled tighter.” Roger complied with doing that.

“What next?”

“They put some ropes around my arms above my elbows and pulled them as tight as they could get them, bringing my elbows to where they were almost touching. Later they pulled them tighter. I thought my arms would come out of their sockets. My shoulders were killing me.”

“And you want me to do that? You want me to try to get your arms out of your sockets so your shoulders will be killing you?”


“Man, you’re something else.” Roger complied as best he could. One of his friends, Kelly, helped him get the ropes pulled as tight as he could get them. Finally Roger said “how’s that?”

Ken gasped “that’s just the way they got them done on me. Man that’s tough to deal with.”

“I’d better loosen it then.”

“No, don’t do that. I want it to be the same as before. They had tied my ankles together like my wrists were, and brought them up behind me in a hog-tie. Jesus this hurts. You may as well do that next.”

Soon Ken was tightly tied in that hog-tie position he’d told Roger to do. His ankles were touching his hands. Ken was trying to get adjusted to his tight bonds, and his breathing was noticeably affected. Roger said “what next?”

Ken slowly spaced his words and said “I was propped up … on my knees, … a noose was put around my neck, … yanked as tight as they could get it, … with the other end put over that overhead rafter, … brought down to the other side and tied off.”

“You want us to do that to you again?”


“You are one crazy dude. I thought I knew you, but this is a side of you I’m not familiar with. Okay, if that’s what you want done.”

Soon Ken was propped up as he’d said he was. His breathing was noticeably affected this time. He was moving his knees around trying to find a comfortable position for them. He was getting light-headed. The three guys just stared at him. Finally Roger said “and now we blindfold you, plug your ears and gag you like you’d told us to do?”

Ken whispered “yes”.

“It’s a good thing those scouts came along to free you. The ransom never got paid, did it?”

Ken whispered “no”.

“They never found out who did this, did they?”


“You may never have been freed.”

“I know.”

“Does anyone else know about you having us do this to you?”

“No. You’re my friends. I trust you.”

“You’re trusting us with your life. Well, here goes.” Roger finished the job of gagging Ken, cutting off his hearing, and wrapping the tape around his head to keep the gag in, the earplugs in, and to blindfold him. He pulled the tape as tight as he could, since it was what Ken told him to do. He had to loosen the noose rope, before pulling it back taut again after he’d finished taping Ken’s head. The three of them stepped back and looked at him. His head was a mass of tape, with only his nose and hair at the top showing. They waited a few minutes, making sure he would be able to breathe through his nose before leaving the abandoned building.

Outside, they went to the car they’d used to drive there. It was the only one parked in the area. Once inside the car, Roger asked his two friends, Kelly and Frank, “do you think he suspects us?”

Frank said “if he did, why would he have us do that to him?”

“I agree. He didn’t seem to realize that it was us that had kidnapped him. Do you have the ransom note ready?”

“Yes. I’ll drop it in the mail. I’ve made sure to use gloves. His folks are home, and we made sure to meet Ken away from everyone else. I know he doesn’t confide things with his folks. They don’t get along that well. That’s why they took some time the first time to get the money together, wondering whether they wanted to, or wondering if their son was in on it. After they saw how he’d been done up, they realized afterwards that he wasn’t in on it. This time they won’t hesitate. They’ve got easy access to plenty of money, much more than what we’re asking for.”

“But this time Ken knows who did it. What do we do about him if the money is paid?”

“No one knows where he is. We’ll just leave him.”

“Man, that’s taking a big chance. If he’s found again he’ll tell who did it.”

“You want to off him, then?”

“It wouldn’t take much. All we’d have to do would be to raise the rope.”

“If you want to do that, go ahead. I’m not going to be part of that.”

“Neither am I” came words from the one who hadn’t spoken during this latest exchange.

“Okay. Then I’ll do your dirty work for you.”

The three drove off. Frank put on his gloves and put the letter in the mail. The next day Ken’s parents received another letter like they’d gotten before. It sent chills through them. They immediately checked to see where Ken was, and found that he wasn’t home. They checked his usual haunts, and found that he hadn’t been seen since he’d just gotten home from college. They called his friends, Roger, Kelly, Frank and Hubie, but these four, his only high school friends still in town, said that they hadn’t seen him for a couple of days. Finally his parents contacted the authorities. They started getting the cash together.

The blackmail note said to leave the cash in a canvas bag in a particular garbage can at the train station. It was in a very popular place. The authorities had the bills marked so they could be traced later, and Ken’s father dutifully placed the canvas bag, loaded with cash, in the receptacle that was designated. The garbage can was staked out by the police to see who would pick it up, but no one did. Finally that night, the regular garbage pickup was done, and that can was dumped into the trash by the regular attendant along with all the others, and taken away.

The police followed the facility attendant to see what he would do with it, but he just dumped it in the bin along with all the other trash, the lid pulled down afterwards. The police wondered what to do at that point. They decided that either the kidnappers had gotten wind of what was up, or they still were planning to pick up the bag later. So the police staked out the garbage bin.

The next morning was the commute rush. The area where the garbage bin was kept was not far from a very busy area. That morning there was a bomb scare called in to the train station, and all available police were called to take care of clearing out the station of the hundreds of people who were coming and going with the morning commute. The policeman assigned the task of guarding the garbage bin was one of those who had to help out. That left the garbage bin momentarily unguarded, and two of the conspirators were able to quickly take advantage of the momentary lapse to enter the bin, lower the lid, and quickly find the bag, removing it and replacing the lid before the police returned, leaving their third member outside to guard. They checked inside the bag and found that the money was there. They left the area before the police came back to check on the bin again.

Meanwhile, Roger was having to deal with being kept in that extremely confining position he’d been put into, at his request. His shoulders were killing him, just as they’d been before. He was having to concentrate on his breathing, making sure he got enough air into his lungs. He was wondering why he’d wanted to have this done to himself again. He figured he had gone too far in having the re-enactment be as realistic as possible, and thought he should have eased off. But then he realized that it was a challenge for him to put himself through, and he loved challenges. That got him steeled to make it through the necessary time. He’d prepared by foregoing liquids and solids, giving himself an enema, so he wouldn’t have to do any eliminations. All through the college year he’d been planning this.

Ken didn’t know that the money had been paid and picked up. It was the third day of his confinement, though he had lost track of time. He was waiting for his friends to return to release him. He finally heard someone coming in. His hopes picked up. He figured he had survived the time. He had made it through the challenge. He started breathing easier.

The duct tape around Ken’s head was yanked off and the soaked bandana and ear plugs were removed. Kelly said “did you enjoy your three day re-enactment?”

“Yeah. I survived the challenge. I made it through all three days. I wasn’t sure that I could, but having done it, I’m glad that I decided to do this and see whether I could make it. But where are Roger and Frank?”

“They left it up to me to deal with you.”

“I’m sure looking forward to getting released.”

“What makes you think you’re going to be released?”

Ken suddenly got a chill and said “what do you mean?”

“It was us three who kidnapped you the first time. Your wish to re-enact this gave us the perfect chance to try again to get the ransom money paid. This time we got the money. But now we have the problem of what to do with you, since you know who did it. What do you suggest we do?”

“Oh my god! You, you can’t be thinking of killing me? I won’t talk! I won’t say who it was who did this!”

“Man, we can’t take the chance. But I’ll at least give you the option of how you want to die. Do you want me to hang you? Do you want me to leave you like this to die in a few days? Not many of us ever get the opportunity to decide which way we want to go.”

“Oh please, please don’t do this! You can’t! You’re my friends! All three of you. Why would you do this to me?”

“For the money, obviously. It’s a choice between having everything we want, setting us up for life, versus continuing to struggle, short of dough, having you as a friend. The money and what it can give us won out. I’m sure you can understand that.”

“You think you can get away with this? You think you’ll be able to live with yourself knowing that you’ve killed someone?”

“Sure.” Kelly had been untying the rope at the wall and started pulling it up. Ken was already off the floor and into the air. “What’s to stop us?”

“I am! Let go of that rope!”


“And I’ve got a gun pointed at you, and you know I’m a good marksman. Okay, guys, you can come out now.”

Several policemen who had quietly entered the building, following Kelly, came out with their guns drawn. They were all in uniform. Hubie, being in training to become a policeman, was also dressed in the police uniform he had been given to wear when he would be volunteering. Kelly saw that he was covered from several sides and put his hands up, letting go of the rope. Ken came down on his knees and as he started to fall forward, he turned so that he fell sideways onto his shoulder, letting out a yell when he hit his sore shoulder. Soon Kelly’s wrists were cuffed behind his back by one of the policemen, he was being read his rights, and he started being led out of the building. Hubie had gone over to Ken and helped him get back up onto his knees.

Kelly stopped, and said “where did we go wrong?” The policeman was willing to let Kelly further incriminate himself, and waited.

Ken said “I’d always suspected you guys, so I decided to try this re-enactment and see whether you would try it again. But I made sure that Hubie was here hidden, and had Hubie get the cooperation of the police, though I didn’t tell my parents. I needed their reaction to be legitimate. You guys have been tailed the whole time. But now I’ve got a question. I could tell that Roger was not the one who tied me the first time. Who was it?”

Kelly got a wry smile on his face and said “it was me.”

“Why did you make it so extremely tight and even life-threatening?”

“Because I like punishing guys. I’ve done that to others, but I knew you were in much better shape than them and could take a lot more. Ever since we’ve been friends I’ve dreamed about tying you up good and tight. I was just reliving my dreams. I loved to hear you tell us that you enjoyed it and wanted to relive it. I almost wished we didn’t go for the ransom so I could continue doing that to you. And watching you there all bound I wanted to fuck you good, like I would do to the others.”

After Kelly said this the cop jerked him toward the front and started leading him out, telling him “you’d better prepare to be on the receiving end when you get to prison”.

Hubie started to undo the ropes on Ken, when Ken said “wait a bit. Unzip my cock and bring it out. Then start stroking it. I don’t want to waste this opportunity. I’ve been wanting to do this for three days, but couldn’t. It was very frustrating.” It didn’t take long for Ken to erupt a mighty fountain of cum. Afterwards Hubie started getting Ken out of the ropes.

When Ken was finally out, Hubie helped him stand up, and helped him get some circulation going back into his shoulders, hands and feet. There were ugly marks on various parts of Ken’s body. “You played your part well. You’re a good actor. But man, I can’t believe you were willing to have that done to you for that long.”

“What I told those three when they tied me up was true. I get off on this, and I wanted the challenge. I’m now looking forward to doing this again in a couple of months before I go back to college. You were able to see what was done. The others won’t be available to do it to me next time, and hearing Kelly I almost wish he were available so he could, but hopefully you’ll be able to tie me up. And if your desire to prepare for a career in law enforcement continues, you should have some cuffs available.”

“I’ve already got lots of cuffs. If I’d known you liked this, I would have tried them out on you before.”

As Hubie was helping Ken walk out of the building he was thinking back on the last few days and was amazed that Ken had wanted to go through this again. But Ken added with a smile “I’ll be telling my folks where I’ll be next time, so you won’t be able to ransom me like the others did.”

On hearing this Hubie pushed Ken and said “gee, thanks, friend. I appreciate your trust in me.”

Ken started laughing and pushed Hubie back. Then he got serious and said “thanks, Hubie. I owe you my life, too.”

“I know. And I’ll be expecting something in return. I’d like to show you how my cuffs work.” He said this with a sadistic smile.

“Sounds good to me. But I suppose you’ll want some other reward when you’ve cuffed me good and tight.”

Hubie’s smile got bigger, and he said “of course. I’m not ready yet for a live-in slave, but I will be in time. And it’s good to know how intense you like it and want it. I’d already measured your neck for a nice metal collar while we were there waiting, one I already have at home, but I’m going to have to get a tighter one now that I’ve seen that you like your restraints to be more than skin tight.”

When they got to Hubie’s car, which one of the policemen had driven there, the two of them looked at Kelly sitting in the back of the police car next, his hands cuffed behind him. Ken quietly mumbled “I already miss having my hands bound behind my back.

Hubie heard this and replied “no problem. I can accommodate you.” Soon Ken was sitting in Hubie’s car with his hands tightly cuffed behind his back and his ankles cuffed together.

Hubie said “your parents can wait for your return. I’m taking you to my place to get you suitably restrained so I can start getting my reward.” He started up his car, and drove off. On the way he said “I’ve got a nice, thick leather penis gag and I’ve saved those ear plugs you had on. There’s plenty of duct tape left on that roll, which I’ve brought. I’ve got that metal collar, though it won’t be tight enough, just being skin tight, so you’ll have to make do with that. But just seeing you like that for three days has gotten me so horny that I can’t wait to have you service me. I’ll first lock your cuff chains together in a hog-tie and try out your mouth. Then I’ll put your gag back in, remove you from the hog-tie, and try out your ass.

I’ll now keep your cock locked in chastity and your ass plugged, covering them with a belt which I’ll lock. You’ll now have to come to my place to get them out so you can do your morning dump. And I’ll now be the one to decide when you get your rocks off. Hell, you might as well move into my place for the summer, and we’ll have to make arrangements to room together when we go back to college. That way you can get what you want on a regular basis. You can sleep on the floor under my bed at night while you’re cuffed so you’ll also be available for me whenever I need you.”

Ken’s cock started to rise as he thought about what Hubie was saying. He’d been thinking about the loss of his three friends, the good times they’d had together, but who had decided to use him to get money, discarding him afterwards like a used condom. He’d particularly thought about Kelly, thinking about what he’d said and done in the way of tying him. But he realized that he was going to start having a much more serious relationship with Hubie, and figured that this would more than make up for the loss of his other three.

Note – the author thanks the ‘dudesintrouble’ site for giving him the idea for this story, which is loosely based on stories on that site.

Metal would like to thank Mister-X/Spartan for this story, and welcome him back to the prison library after a hiatus!

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