Ride Along as a Prisoner – Part 3

Ride Along as a Prisoner Part 3 – Service Area

By asiancuffs

15 Aug 2017

After about 30 minutes drive on the highway (I can keep track of the time as there is a digital clock above the rear-view mirror in the driver’s compartment), the wagon pulled into the service area. They parked the vehicle at one end and I noticed that the washroom is at the other end of the area, about 300 feet away. The reason why they did not park closer to the washroom is what we pre-arranged to have as much public explosure as possible. If this is a real operation, they will take the most direct, closest and most efficient steps on every move. We can have this arrangement of marching through the shops as they know I am a 100 percent “safe” prisoner.

After they parked the wagon, they both get out from the driver’s seat and unlocked the back door, followed by the sliding gate. One of them jumped onto the prisoner compartment and unlocked the handcuffs that connect my shackle chain to the steel seat bar. He lifted me up by my armpit, and both of them helped me to get down to the ground from the wagon as the shackle chain is not long enough for me to reach the ground. They locked back the rear door and with one on each side holding me by my armpit, they marched me to the washroom. Uniform police, in an escort formation, holding one guy in the middle, clanking of chains, all these immediately draw attention from the people in the rest area. I tried to act and walk like a prisoner by lowering my head, but in fact my sight was always observing other people’s reaction.

transport restraints

When there are people walking toward us, most of them hold their step and move to the side a bit to give way for us to pass them before they continue their walk. With three of us standing alongside, we almost occupied two-thirds of the pathway, so people have to give way to us. When we walked past these people, most of them looked at this prisoner, some even chatting in low voice with their company about this prisoner. Finally we reached the washroom and after we walked inside, there are a few people inside already, some pissing, some washing hands. They all have a shocked expression when they see us coming in. The officers pointed one urinal to me and I start unzipping my pants while they turn around with their back facing me for me to do my job. Actually I don’t need to piss but tried to squeeze a few drops out. After I finished, I was instructed to walk to the wash basin to wash my hands. Then they escorted me out in the same manner, walking back to the wagon. When we walked by a convenience shop, one officer went inside to get some bottled water and I was given one bottle.

When we reached the wagon, they helped me climb up again and the handcuffs were attached back to the shackle chain. I was back to the same transport positon except I have a bottle of water in my hand now. They started the engine and we drove back onto the highway heading to city F.


To be continued …

Metal would like to thank the author, asiancuffs, for this true story!



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