Rubber Object

By Rubrpig

Rob was excited as he was heading for an appointment to get fitted for his first custom made rubber gear. He had done some research and found that a local maker of rubber gear had an excellent reputation for quality and the specialized fit of their gear. He was excited as he had only recently discovered his strong attraction to rubber and latex when a buddy loaned him a latex catsuit. Just putting on that catsuit and feeling of the tight stretchy latex coated in lube sliding over his skin instantly got his cock rock hard and pre-cum dripping.

Arriving at the address provided when he made the appointment he found himself standing on the sidewalk in front of an old Victorian mansion in the Cabbage Town area of Toronto. Opening the gate and walking up to the front door just made him more excited. Ringing the bell, he waited and soon the door opened and the man standing there smiling at him made him start. The man was 6’3″, heavily muscled with a shaved head and dark full beard. He smiled and asked if he was Rob. Rob acknowledged that and asked if he was Jason. The man smiled again and said he was and come in so we can get started.

The two men walked in the house together and went to a room just off the main hallway and entered. Jason indicated a chair and sat down behind a desk and smiled at Rob. “So what can I do for you. I understand you are very interested in getting some custom made latex.” Rob nervously smiled and replied “Yes, I wanted to get a catsuit made but I have some specific things I want to incorporate into the design.” Jason nodded and said “Well, that is what I specialize in.” Jason studied his new client and enjoyed the sight of the man sitting opposite him. He saw a well built athletic man who had a swimmer’s physique. Jason looked over and asked “What are you thinking about then.”

Rob looked over and began to list his requirements. He described a suit that was heavyweight so it could take heavy use without being too easily damaged. He wanted to be able to wear it outdoors if needed so wanted boots made part of the suit. He also wanted it to be shoulder zipped along with attached gloves. Jason nodded and asked if he had any idea if he wanted ass access or a codpiece for access to his cock. Rob asked what the options were and Jason told him that he could put in a rubber anal sheath that would slide into his asshole and act as a built in condom. It would also allow him to wear a buttplug as he could put a zip up his ass to allow access to the sheath and allow him to be fucked. It would also let him wear the suit longer and not worry about cleaning himself out if he wanted to get fucked.

Rob nodded and smiled and then agreed to that. Jason then went on to ask about a codpiece or did he want something else. Jason told him that several men had him put a external rubber cock/ball sheath on the suit so he would slip his cock and balls into it and he could have it sealed or opened so he could piss and cum normally. Rob intrigued by the thought told him that he wanted it sealed. Jason made another note on the order. Jason then asked if he wanted a hood for the suit. He could have it part of the suit or separate. Rob said he wanted it attached to the suit. They decided on a hood with a rear access zip, pinprick eyes, nasal tubes and a oral sheath that would go into Rob’s mouth and line it with rubber and there would be a tube that would run from an opening at the back of the sheath and slip into his throat so he could still get fluids for hydration but he could be used as a urinal or a cum dump as the piss and cum could drain down his throat.

Finally, Jason talked about the weight of rubber and between them they decided on 1.5mm rubber that would be chlorinated so the latex would become rubber and be stronger and able to withstand heavier use. Rob was very specific that the suit had to fit like a second skin. Jason nodded and told him that the suit would fit that way except on the calves and feet as he would be using a pair of rubber riding boots to be sealed to the suit. Rob nodded and agreed. Jason passed over the order form and asked Rob to sign it. Jason picked up his cellphone and opened the SQUARE app and plugged in the card reader so Rob could make the down payment on the suit. Rob processed the payment on his credit card.

Jason stood up and said let’s get started. Telling Rob to come with him the 2 men walked down the hall and then down a set of stairs to the basement of the house. Entering the basement, Rob saw that it had been fitted out as a work room and setup for the making of rubber and latex clothing and gear. He inhaled deeply the aroma of the latex and rubber. Jason told Rob to strip down as he needed to begin to measure him for the suit. Once Rob had stripped and stood in the middle of the room slightly embarrassed, Jason nodded and told Rob to move over to a framework that stood in the corner of the room and stand inside the framework and stand straight and not move. Jason walked over to a laptop and opened a program and started the program. The program drove the laser 3D scanner unit that Rob was standing in. By using this scanner system, Jason was able to make sure that his custom suits and gear fitted perfectly. The scanner began and after 5 minutes was finished with the scan and turned off. Rob was told he could get dressed. Once he was dressed, the laptop had finished processing the data and had rendered a image of him in the scanning program. He walked over to Jason and smiled as he looked at his scanned image on the laptop.

Rob was told that the suit would be ready in a week and that he would be called when it was ready and he would then be able to come for a fitting to make sure it was exactly as he ordered. Rob nodded and smiled, shook Jason’s hand and the 2 men left the work room and went back upstairs where he was escorted to the door and he left.

Rob forced himself to be patient but the time crawled for him and about 8 days after the initial meeting, he got a text message that the suit was ready. After agreeing on a time, he was then told to make sure that he shaved his body and cut his hair short so the suit would fit him properly. On the morning of the appointment, Rob got up and walked into his bathroom and picked up a pair of clippers and began to get ready. He had gone to a barber the day before and had his hair cut to a high and tight military cut so he did not have to worry about that. He ran the clippers over his chest, arms, and legs and then he used to it cut his pubic hair back so he could shave it. Grabbing a can of shave cream he began on his arms, then chest, legs and finally he shaved carefully around his cock and balls. Finishing up he showered the shave cream off and he toweled off. Surprised by how sensitive his skin was now and that his cock and balls appeared larger now that they were clean of their dense coat of fur.

Finally it was time to leave for Jason’s house and Rob headed off for the appointment. Getting to the house he walked up the sidewalk quickly and ran the bell. Standing there impatiently he waited for Jason to answer the door. The door opened and Rob looked in and saw Jason standing there wearing a black latex cat suit that fit like a second skin. His head and hands were the only part of him not covered by the latex. Turning, he walked down the hall and Rob entered and closed the door and followed him. The 2 men headed down the stairs to the basement work room and Jason told Rob to strip. Rob quickly stripped and put his clothing aside on a work table. Standing there his cock aroused with a bead of pre-cum forming on the tip, he watched as Jason walked over to a cupboard and opened it and pulled out a pile of heavy rubber folded up and set it down on a table. Jason handed Rob a bottle of lube and told him to coat his body and to use lots of it as it will help get the suit on. Rob began and noticed that Jason had unfolded the pile of rubber and that poured a bottle of lube into the suit and was rubbing it around to coat the inside of it with lube.

Jason pulled over a chair and told Rob to sit down on it. Rob sat down and slid a bit as his lubed covered ass slid on the metal of the chair. Jason handed him the suit and the two men began to work Rob’s legs into the suit and soon Rob’s feet were in and seated in the boots. Working the legs of the suit up his legs, Rob stood up and kept sliding the tight heavy rubber up his body. As the suit came up to his cock and balls, Jason grabbed them and showed Rob how to work his cock and balls into the sheath and Rob did as he was told and soon he had got his cock and balls into the rubber sheath and settled into their respective parts of the sheath. The suit was then worked up and soon his arms were worked into the sleeves of the suit and his hands slid into the gloves of the suit. Soon, he was fully suited and the hood was hanging down his chest, Jason walked over and smoothed the rubber and then picked up a large butt plug from the table and unzipped the ass zip and proceeded to shove it into Rob’s hole forcing the anal sheath into Rob’s ass hole. Finally the plug slipped into place and Rob’s ass locked the plug and sheath into his ass. Jason zipped the ass closed holding and sealing the plug in place. Then he stood up and zipped up the right shoulder zip and then the left shoulder was zipped sealing Rob into the suit. Rob moved around and felt the heavy rubber of the suit slipping on his skin but the suit was skin tight and restricted his movement slightly due to the heavy rubber. Jason pointed at a large mirror and told Rob to go look and see what he thought.

Rob moved over, the tight rubber boots stiff thudded a bit on the floor and Rob stood in front of the mirror and smiled at what he saw. His body was covered in tight heavy rubber which accentuated his build. He grabbed his rubbered cock and was surprised that he could feel the pressure but otherwise all he felt was the rubber rubbing on his cock. He suddenly spasmed and his cock pumped a load of cum into the sheath. Rob looked for the cum but as the sheath was sealed the cum remained inside. He smiled at this and turned and looked at Jason and told him that the suit was amazing and felt incredible. Jason smiled and asked if he was ready for the hood. As the hood was restrictive it was a big step for Rob. Rob nodded and told Jason that he was ready for the hood. Jason moved over to stand in front of Rob and picked up the heavy hood and opened it and Rob saw the nasal tubes and oral sheath and tube for the first time. He nodded and Jason slowly worked the nasal tubes into Rob’s nostrils and then using his fingers opened Rob’ mouth and inserted the tube and oral sheath and Rob swallowed the tube and the oral sheath followed filling his mouth. Rob attempted to close his mouth but there was a stiff rubber ring that Jason had worked into his mouth behind his teeth which prevented him from closing his mouth. He tried to talk but could only gurgle. Jason moved behind him quickly and unzipped the should zips then pulled down the zip on the back of the hood then tucked the hood into the neck of the suit and then closed the shoulder zips again. Rob was now sealed into his new suit and he moved back to the mirror and looked at the image of the rubber humanoid staring back at him. The heavy rubber of the hood smoothed out his features and he had only vague human appearance. The limited sight that the pinprick eyes gave him allowed him to see but he had to struggle to see clearly. He was a rubber object which had been his intent when he ordered this suit.

Rob moved away from the mirror and walked around the room to get used to moving in the suit and how is moved and also restricted somewhat his movements due to the weight and stiffness of the rubber. Rob moved over to Jason and stood quietly. He nodded and Jason knew that the man in the suit was happy. Telling him to enjoy himself Jason walked over to a cabinet and removed a S10 gasmask and removed the filter from the mask. He took a cotton pad and poured some chloroform onto it and put it quickly in the filter of the mask. After putting the filter back onto the mask he walked over to Rob and showed him the mask and asked him if he wanted to wear it. Rob nodded and Jason put the mask on and strapped it tight. Rob inhaled and got a heavy intake of chloroform which had the desired effect and soon Rob was groggy and Jason lowered him to the floor. Leaving him there breathing through the mask, he walked to the side of the room and opened the door at the top of another set of steps.

Jason walked over to the sleeping man and began to work on him. Taking a steel cable collar he slide it through the tabs on the zippers on the suit and padlocked the ends locking the suit onto Rob. He then took a steel posture collar made by the same company that did carrera chastity belts he put it on and tightened into place locking Robs head into a chins up position. The collar also had attachment rings. Then rubber lined steel cuffs were locked on Rob’s wrists. He then removed the gas mask and picked him up and carried him through the door and down the stairs into the lower unfinished area of the basement. The dirt floor was more mud than dirt. Jason was carried over to a heavy wooden column and Jason took the chain hanging from it and padlocked it to Rob’s posture collar. Then a shorter chain was padlocked to the right wrist cuff and Rob’s hands were moved behind his back and the left cuff was padlocked to the chain keeping his hand behind his back. Jason left him sitting against the post and left the room after removing the gasmask.

Jason went up to his room and slide out of the cat suit and began to put on a heavy rubber police shirt with sergeant stripes on the sleeves. Then a pair of rubber police breeches were put on and slid up his heavy legs and he fastened a heavy rubber belt around his waist. Pulling on rubber police boots he finished and pulled on a pair of rubber gloves. Walking back down to the sub basement, he waited till Rob groaned and began to wake up.

Rob groaned and woke up and wondered what had happened. He found he could not move his head or turn his neck. His hands were locked behind his back and he struggled to move and managed to get to his feet. Staggering from the effects of the drug he found he could only move so far as he was chained to a wooden column. The mud made movement difficult as it sucked at his boots.

Then the lights in the room came on and he saw Jason standing in front of him in a heavy rubber police uniform and that he was smiling. Moving closer to Rob Jason reached over and stuck a rubbered finger into his rubber mouth and probed. He smiled and told Rob that he would do nicely as a rubber object and rubber slave. Rob startled and began to struggle but the chains held him and the mud around his boots just made it more difficult to move. Jason laughed and told Rob that he understood that having the suit made in the way it was, that he wanted to become a rubber object and fuck toy. So, I simply obliged and gave you what you wanted. He removed his finger from the open rubber hole that was Rob’s mouth and reached down and grabbed the rubber cock that was standing straight out and began to slowly stroke the rubber cock. Rob began to groan but because of the tube in his throat, it was a gurgle more than anything. His head was held rigid looking straight forward and he shifted as much as he could in the mud which earned him a slap across his rubber face and his balls squeezed hard in their rubber prison. Jason smiled and squeezed Rob’s balls hard and pulled down hard as far as the heavy rubber sheath they were in allowed. You are not going anywhere until I decide you can. You wanted to be a rubber object and now you are. You are locked and sealed in that suit and you are staying in it until I decide you can leave.

Rob struggled in the mud that sucked at his boots and then he slipped and landed on his knees in the mud. He looked forward and all he saw was the rubber codpiece of Jason’s breeches. Jason smiled and unsnapped his codpiece and stroked his cock. Then he walked forward and shoved his cock into the open fuckhole that used to be Rob’s mouth. He began to fuck the hole and soon he was cumming in the rubber cum dump. He held his cock in the rubber hole until it softened and then he began to piss and Rob struggled to swallow the flow as he still was not used to the tube in his throat. He managed to take the flow and finally it slowed and stopped. Jason pulled out and tucked his cock back into the codpiece and snapped it closed. He walked over to where there was a chair and picked it up and walked over to where Rob was still kneeling in the mud. Jason smiled and told Rob that he would do very well. Rob got agitated and struggled against the chains that connected his wrist shackles to the post. He stared forward as there was nothing else he could do with the steel collar locked around his neck. Jason leaned forward and adjusted the rod on the front of the collar which forced Rob’s chin up and Rob grunted pain.

Jason stood up and grabbed Rob by the head and told him to get used to it as it was not coming off and that he was going to remain here as a fuck toy. He went on to say that he had been looking for a guy that had very specific interests, and had just about given up when Rob walked in and basically gave him everything he had been looking for.

He knelt and looked into the holes over Rob’s eyes and told him that the lube that he had used to put on the suit was actually a form of rubber solvent and adhesive. By the next morning the suit will have shrunk and molded to his body forming a second skin. It was not coming off anytime soon. There was a chemical that would dissolve the bond but that was locked away securely somewhere well away from the house so even if Rob got loose there was no way the suit was going to be taken off his body.

Every morning, a port that had been installed in the heels of the boots would be opened to drain off any piss and other fluids that had accumulated in the suit. Rob groaned and struggled harder trying to scream and swear at the man who held him prisoner.

Jason got up and walked out turning off the lights leaving Rob in the dark and the mud. Jason smiled and laughed at the scene. Rob had been talking about becoming an object for so long that he had grown so tired of it. Finally Rob had approached him to make the suit he had always wanted and Jason simply used the opportunity given him to act. Changing out of his rubber he grabbed Rob’s keys and wallet and left.

After calling a moving company to come and back up the small studio apartment that Rob lived in and put everything into a storage facility, he had used Rob’s laptop to send an email to his job and resigned. Rob was simply going to disappear.

He got home and walked into the basement space that was now going to be Rob’s sty cause after all he wanted to be a pig. Carrying some items, he walked up to Rob and knelt in front of him. Taking an object out of a bag, he opened a can of rubber adhesive and then put the adhesive on the object and showed it to Rob. Rob struggled to see what it was in the light but finally realized that it was a rubber ear that looked like a pig’s ear. Jason quickly applied it to the right side of Rob’s rubber head and then applied the left ear. Finally he pulled out a rubber pig snout and glued it to Rob’s rubber face. He then picked up a large bottle of liquid and connected a tube to it and shoved it into Rob’s fuck hole and poured the contents into Rob. He told Rob that it was a drug that would liquefy everything in Rob’s gut and intestines and he would simply drain his waste out into his rubber skin. In the morning, Jason would flush out the rubber skin prior to the bond becoming permanent. From now on, Rob would be a on strict liquid diet.

Jason laughed and told Rob that pigs wallowed in their own filth so it was fitting that his new human pig did as well. He went on to say that eventually as Rob accepted his fate, rubber hoofs would be applied to cover his hands and once those were done, he would be unlocked from the shackles as there would be no danger of Rob trying to escape as he would no longer have use of his hands.

Rob slumped on his knees and began to sob as he realized that was happening was real. He had talked so many times on line about becoming a permanent rubber pig that it have become routine on the rubber chat rooms. He never thought that someone would take him seriously but someone had. He was a rubber pig, nothing more.

Jason stood up and told his new pig that he would see him in the morning. As he left he saw the spasms start in Rob’s body as it began to evacuate the contents of his bowels into his rubber skin. By morning, Rob’s skin would be ready to be flushed out and sealed to his body permanently.


The End

Metal would like to thank Rubrpig for this story!

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