Rubbered Prisoner and the Controlling Master – Part 03

NOTE: The original story is by Rubbered Prisoner. Now, Scribe is continuing this tale with Part 3, below. To start at the very beginning, click here.

By Scribe

I am requesting a date to control your rubbered slave. The next available month is fine.

I will provide the following equipment: One heavy rubber catsuit with attached hood. The hood will have nose tubes for breathing. The tubes will be long and narrow making breathing somewhat difficult for the slave. A gag is provided with a feeding tube running to the slave’s throat and stomach. The silicone gag has pockets for the lips, teeth and tongue. Clear plastic eye openings will allow the slave to do its computer work while still keeping the hood airtight. Speakers built into the ears can play white noise. The body suit will have a three-way locking zipper allowing access to the cock and ass. Rubber fingered gloves and rubber foot socks complete the suit. The hood zips and locks to the suit. Zippers are air and watertight. The hood and suit have rubber elastic bungee straps that can be pulled very tight and locked.

Tall rubber and laced engineer boots will be provided a half size smaller than the slave’s shoe size.

This master will provide a second suit consisting of a Max Cita style canvas straight jacket, hood and leg binder. The canvas is the type that stretches when wet and then shrinks while drying. The hood will have openings to thread the nose and feeding tubes. There are no eye openings since the slave will not be wearing the canvas equipment while working. Leg binder is open at the crotch and ass.

I will supply a spiked electrified cock cage sized to the slave’s flaccid penis. A large electrified butt plug will be paired to the chastity cage to provide continuous stimulation.

A monitor will be placed under the rubber suit to measure the slave’s blood pressure, heart rate and perspiration rate. This will be paired to a urethra monitor and the stimulation equipment to help the slave to achieve a near continuous orgasmic state without ever allowing an actual ejaculation.

A milking machine will be provided, again linked to the other sensors. The milker will edge the slave to the point of orgasm and then stop until the slave can calm down and the milker can start again.

The keeper will also use the fuck machine, already on premise. The fuck machine connects to the urethra and body monitors to prevent the slave from achieving an orgasm.

This master proposes the following schedule for the slave and keeper.

The day will be divided into 5 parts, work 8 hours, exercise 2 hours, milk 3 hours, sleep 8 hours and finally fuck 3 hours.

The keeper will help the slave into the heavy rubber suit and boots at the beginning of its term. The cock cage and butt plug will be fitted. Tit clamps will be attached and a heavy-duty elastic cord stretched around the slave’s cock and balls providing constant pull on the tits. The silicone gag will be fitted over the slave’s lips, teeth and tongue and the elastic strap pulled tight and locked. Another elastic strap running from the chin to the top of the hood will clamp the prisoner’s jaw around the silicone gag minimizing any intelligent sound from the slave. Since there is never a need for the slave to speak, it will wear the gag continuously. Once the suit is on and the crotch and ass zippers are properly located, the keeper will have the slave lay on the floor so that he can pull the elastic straps as tight as he can. The suit including the hood and nose tubes will be worn 24/7 except for cleaning.

The slave will be allowed to work 8 hours a day posting accounts payable and receivable at its computer for its clients. Proceeds will pay for the slave’s confinement and the keeper’s expenses. The slave will be chained to its work station. While working, the slave will wear the cock cage and butt plug supplied by its master. The butt plug will continuously massage its prostate. The cock cage will electronically stroke its dick. The slave will be kept in a constant state of arousal. The blunt spikes in the cock cage will remind the slave to try to stay soft, but the stimulation will make that impossible. The monitors will stop the stimulation if they sense that the slave is going to erupt. It will be difficult for the slave to concentrate on its work, but the life of a rubber slave is never meant to be easy.

After work, the slave will be forced to exercise for two hours in order to stay in shape and withstand the tortures to come. The keeper will encourage the slave to run on the treadmill and use the rowing and elliptical machines. If the slave slows or stops, the keeper can shock its dick with a remote to encourage compliance or use the cattle prod. The nose tubes will be removed for the exercise period and then reapplied when it ends. The cock cage and butt plug will continue to stimulate the prisoner.

Every other day, the rubber suit will be removed for cleaning and the slave will be showered. The keeper will caution the slave not to speak while the gag is removed. If it whines or begs, the keeper will administer a painful shock. The keeper will shave any body hair so the suit will fit tightly. The tit clamps will be tightened and the rubber will be reapplied and strapped and locked. The keeper will take the canvas hood out of the bucket it was soaking in and strap and lace it onto the prisoner. The slave will no longer be able to see anything until it’s work shift the next day when the canvas hood is removed.

The prisoner will then be led to a metal rack. Wrist and ankle restraints will be attached to the rack’s chains and rollers. The slave will be drawn tight and the milking machine attached to its dick after removing the chastity cage. The white noise ear buds will be turned on so that the slave can fully concentrate on its genital stimulation without any distracting outside noise. The milker will stroke the slave’s cock for 3 hours. The butt plug will pulse in tandem massaging the prostate. Speed and intensity will vary. The slave will be kept at the edge of ejaculation hour after hour. As excitement builds, the slave will find it harder and harder to get enough air through the nose tubes. The monitors will stop the milking in time to prevent an orgasm. Should the slave start to erupt despite the monitors, a powerful shock will be administered resulting in a ruined orgasm. The edging will then begin again. The keeper will tighten the rack an extra click from time to time. As the wet hood dries and shrinks, the prisoner’s head will be squeezed tighter and tighter.

After 3 hours of stretching, the slave will be released and prepared for the sleep period. Boots will be removed. The keeper will take the canvas straightjacket and leg binder from the soaking bucket and fit the items over the slave’s rubber. The straightjacket has an added wide canvas belt below the arms covering the stomach and kidneys. The keeper will tighten the wet straps as much as he can. The keeper will then administer a one-gallon enema and inflate the retention bulb. The solution will contain a diuretic to encourage the colon muscles to cramp. The keeper will then force feed the slave’s daily nutrition drink filling the stomach to capacity. Viagra and caffeine will be added to the drink. The chastity cage will be reapplied and the electronic stimulation started. A catheter will be fitted through the end of the cage and the tube inflated to stop any urine flow. Finally, the prisoner will be tightly strapped to its massage table for the night. High intensity heat lamps will be trained on the slave causing the canvas suit to shrink faster and tighter. The white noise will continue at high volume.

The slave won’t get much sleep, certainly not restful sleep. As the hood, straightjacket and leg binder shrink, the pressure on the prisoner’s stomach, bladder, kidneys and intestines will intensify. The wide canvas belt under the straightjacket’s sleeves will provide additional pressure to the abdomen. The slave will become desperate to pee, cum and shit, but won’t be able to find any relief. As the pain and desperation increases, the prisoner starts breathing harder and faster. The restrictive nose tubes will cause the slave to feel like it’s suffocating. The desperate moaning through the gag will confirm that the slave appreciates the keeper’s and master’s efforts. The keeper will rewet the canvas suit every two hours to encourage additional shrinkage. The enema fluid containing additional diuretic will be topped off. Since the slave will be sweating heavily under the heat lamps, the keeper will force feed extra water to keep the kidneys and bladder full. These actions will help ensure that the slave’s suffering will not diminish during the night.  While it “sleeps” an electrical cable will be attached to the chastity cage and ear buds to recharge the batteries. The butt plug, which was removed for the enema, will also be recharged.

After eight hours, the enema bulb and catheter will be removed and the prisoner can relieve itself. The cock cage and canvas will stay on. The slave will be transferred to a bondage chair. Straps will anchor the prisoner’s legs, arms, chest, head, hands and feet. The fucking machine and dildo will be inserted into the slave’s ass. The prisoner will again be edged for another three hours. The strokes of the fucking machine will be paired with the electronic stimulation of the cock cage quickly bringing the slave to the brink of ejaculation. Both the fuck machine and the earlier milker are self-lubricating so that the stroking will always be smooth and arousing.

Finally, the slave will be released and the canvas suit removed and boots reapplied. The work session will begin and the daily cycle renewed. As noted, the rubbered prisoner is constantly edged throughout the day and night. It becomes more and more desperate for release as each day passes. This master hopes subsequent masters continue the slave’s chastity. The slave should never have a satisfying orgasm for the rest of its life. The constant stimulation and denial will remind the slave of its submission and powerlessness. It will long for the simple pleasures it enjoyed before becoming a rubbered prisoner.

Metal would like to thank the author Rubbered Prisoner for Part 1 and Part 2 of this story and Scribe for continuing it with Part 3!

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