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Prison by the Sea

By Scribe

This story was inspired by the description of the Santa Marta dungeon in “Papillon” by Henri Charriere.

I recently tried to book a cell in Discipline Technologies’ Long Term Confinement Prison. I wanted an extended stay in solitary confinement. Unfortunately, I was told that all the cells were occupied and that an opening was not expected for some time. However, the DT representative said that due to the high demand, a new prison had just been built and cells were immediately available there. The experience would be different, but long-term isolation was assured.

I booked an indefinite stay. I paid one month up front and opened a Venmo account that DT could charge monthly for my incarceration. I deposited some money into the account, and I told my Sir and several bondage club buddies that they could add money to the account whenever they wished to extend my confinement.

I was told to wear my favorite long term chastity cage and bring all the keys with me. I chose a tight-fitting metal cage that attaches to my PA. I knew it couldn’t fall off or be pulled off or cut off. It could only be removed by using a unique key.

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Long Term Confinement – Part 03

By Scribe

Discipline Technologies recently opened a prison for clients and volunteers seeking incarceration for themselves or others (see our publication Long Term Confinement Part- 01). We quickly realized that we had facilities and personnel that were not being used to full advantage. Our warehouse had a large first floor and shipping facilities that were mostly unused. Our basement was full of prisoners that were sitting idle in their cells. We thought if we could productively employ these prisoners plus obtain additional slaves, we could achieve a win/win for our clients and our company.

We first contacted the clients who consigned inmates to us for safekeeping. We offered to waive the fee for confinement if we could use the prisoner as a slave. A few clients wanted to keep their victims chained in their cages. The majority, however, were happy to save the expense of confinement and let us use the prisoner as we saw fit. We then asked the volunteer prisoners if they wanted to continue to be locked in their cell or work as a slave in the warehouse upstairs. Tired of solitary confinement, most elected in get out of their cages. A few preferred to continue their incarceration.

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Long Term Confinement – Part 02

By Scribe and Stormbound

(Scribe aka the Warden) As warden of Discipline Technologies’ Long Term Prison, I received the following letter from a potential volunteer prisoner. I received it after our publication announcing the availability of our prison cells (the earlier posting is here).


(Stormbound) Mmmmmph! What an amazing intense scenario. Fully isolated and bound with no way out! In addition to the heavy irons, an option I can’t help but imagine is a metal helmet similar to the man in the iron mask. Imagine being stuck bound in the cell with that helmet locked on your head? Naked except for the chastity, heavy shackles/combination set, and the heavy helmet, unable to even touch your own head and face.


(Warden) Thank you for your letter. As a matter of fact, Discipline Technologies is currently developing a steel helmet for use in our prisons. The mask covers the inmate’s head and has several sophisticated features. Speakers in the hood control what the prisoner hears and can also play white noise or static to make it impossible to hear anything around him. Eye covers can open to allow limited sight or close to plunge the prisoner into darkness. There is a small mouth opening for food and water. The hood has a steel gag. It’s shaped to exactly fit the month opening, fully sealing the helmet. The gag is long and may trigger a gag reflex. A sliding tab on each side secures the gag plate to the helmet. A small breathing tube in the gag allows a small amount of fresh air into the hood. Breathing isn’t easy, you’ll have to concentrate on drawing enough air through the tube while wearing the gag. In your case, the use of the gag is voluntary since you’ll have to remove it to eat and drink while in your solitary confinement cage. We’ll include the gag when we lock the helmet on you, and you can remove it and reinstall it whenever you like. You’ll never touch your face again. The metal helmet will amplify the white noise, and any screams from you will reverberate in the hood. The heavy steel will make the helmet more difficult to endure each passing day. Please let me know if you would like to reserve a cell and helmet.

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Long Term Confinement – Part 01

By Scribe

Discipline Technologies is proud to announce a new service now available to interested clients. We can provide long term imprisonment at a very reasonable cost. Our products to date have concentrated on providing a short term, very intense experience necessitating costly equipment, software and supervision. These services, while delivering a unique experience, tend to be quite expensive and are inappropriate for long term confinement over months or years. Our new service, on the other hand, offers simple, effective incarceration for long periods at a price almost anyone can afford. Do you have a slave you no longer want? Do you need to get revenge? Do you want to experience truly long term, uninterrupted confinement yourself? We can assist.

The company recently acquired an old warehouse near an abandoned rail line. The location is rural but is a reasonable drive from a city with airport, rail and bus connections. We maintain an office on the first floor of the warehouse and store some containers to make it look like we operate a shipping service. We provide local pick up from the station to the prison in order to keep our location hidden. New inmates are locked in a blackout box in our van while being transported. The prisoner is kept hooded and handcuffed from pick up until placement in the cell. This helps preserve the anonymity of our staff. Confinement is secret, no visitors or outside communication is allowed.

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Rubber Isolation Suit

By Scribe

My buddy Jim works for Discipline Technologies as a software developer. Discipline Technologies designs and builds prison cells and inmate controls. Jim told me his company is designing a rubber isolation suit that can be worn by a slave or prisoner in solitary confinement. The company had just completed a prototype and wanted someone to test it. Jim knew my enthusiasm for bondage and rubber, and he also knew I was taking a leave of absence from work after completing a large, lucrative project. He explained they just wanted a long weekend test. They could put me in the suit on Friday night and release me on Monday night.

Jim explained the suit combines a heavy rubber catsuit with computer controls, hardware and artificial intelligence offering unique features. He recommended that I abstain from sex until the long weekend, laughing that I would enjoy the suit even better while horny. He also suggested that I shave all the hair off my body the day of installation, saying the suit would fit me better over bare skin. I hesitated at that suggestion, but decided I’d do it since my facial hair was pretty short to begin with and I wasn’t going to return to work for several weeks.

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Slave Punishment System – Part 02

By Scribe

Earlier we published the brochure for Discipline Technologies’ “Slave Punishment System” — a prison cell designed to discipline extremely disobedient slaves. We have since had the opportunity to interview an individual who experienced the inside of the cell. Here is his story.

I enjoy bondage. Most of my experience has been short term bondage in sleepsacks, hoods, straightjackets, and chastity cages. I also like some pain, flogging, and single-tail whipping. But my go-to fantasy has always been long term imprisonment, solitary confinement, and sensory deprivation with guards subjecting me to new torments. That why I immediately got a hard on when I read the brochure describing the Slave Punishment System offered by Discipline Technologies. Here I could live my fantasy for 7 to 30 days in solitary confinement with various tortures inflicted by automated equipment and software.

I contacted the company and found their location was about 1,000 miles away in the warehouse district of a major city. I’m retired, so I have no scheduling difficulties. They had a cell available the next month. I chose the indeterminate sentence option where I agreed to pay for 10 days and give the company the option to extend my incarceration for up to another 20 days.

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Slave Punishment System – Part 01

By Scribe

Discipline Technologies announces a new prison cell designed to severely punish the uncooperative or misbehaving slave. It can be used when standard discipline measures fail to achieve the desired result. Our craftsmen can install the cell in your dungeon, or we have several cells available at our site that can be rented to punish the unrepented slave. We can also accommodate slaves who voluntarily feel they deserve severe discipline.

The cell measures 6-foot-by-6-foot and is 7.5 feet tall. Floor, ceiling, door, and walls are solid stainless steel. The floor is elevated 6 inches to allow for plumbing and electrical connections. There is a control box mounted on the outside wall of the cell that contains the equipment and computer necessary to operate the Slave Punishment System.

The system consists of three primary punishment modules. There is a strappado device for hanging the slave by its arms, an electrified cock cage to administer shocks, and a gas mask to exercise breath control.

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