Shredded – Part 02

By Adam Wesco

male bdsm sneakersWhen my eyes fluttered open, I was back at home in bed and alone in just a pair of might tight Under Armour boxer briefs. Did I just dream everything that happened at the new gym? Probably so. I was incredibly horny after my workout and I probably just lost sense of things and came home and fell asleep horny as hell. I rolled over and looked at my phone and saw a message from Duncan. “Hey, Adam. It’s Duncan, your trainer at Shredded. Don’t forget we have training today at 10am!”

Crap – it was already quarter after 9 and it was a good 15-minute drive to the gym. I hopped out of bed and threw on the same gym clothes I’d worn the day before. Something about the smell of them was really turning me on this morning. As I bent over to pull my balled-up socks out of my Adidas wrestling shoes, without any thought I sniffed one and shoved it into my mouth. Fuck – sucking on my own sweaty socks was turning me on. But I’ve got no time to pleasure myself. I didn’t want to be late.

I quickly threw my now slightly damp socks on and laced up my yellow Magic Man wrestling shoes. After quickly brushing my teeth and primping for a few to make sure my hair looked nice, I stopped by the kitchen and grabbed a bottle of “Muscle Milk” that I’d picked up at the gym the day before. I didn’t remember buying it but did remember leaving with it. Must’ve been another freebie included with the membership. The whole last day had been foggy.

The drive the over to the gym was fairly uneventful except for the fact of being incredibly horny from the scent of my clothes. I’d never felt like I actually sweated that much or was ever turned on by the aroma but I must have just been incredibly horny that morning.

As I pulled into the parking lot, my cock was at full attention. Normally I’d be completely embarrassed by walking around with a huge tent in my pants, but that morning I was feeling quite proud of it, so I got out of the car and walked through the doors with my hard-on clearly visible.

Tom was working the front desk as usual and greeted me with a very big smile.

“Hey Adam! Hope you have a good day with Duncan today. I think you’ll enjoy the session he has planned for you,” he said with a slight hint of mischief in his eyes.

I wonder what that could mean? Nevertheless, I could see Tom was wearing his nicely white Adidas Ultraboost sneakers again but now I swore there looked like there were multiple cum stains on them. This made me harder.

I walked back to the training area where Duncan was ready and waiting for me with a giant smile as well.

“Hey, Adam. Glad to see you made it. We’ve got a fun session in store for you. The owners just opened up the Training Studio for all personal training clients as well, so we’re gonna go back there and start on some cardio this morning.”

“Okay that’s cool. That’s the VR thing, right?”

“Yup, the tech is pretty mind-blowing. I think you’re really gonna enjoy it. Follow me.”

We walked through the heart of the gym where I could see the crowd was looking incredibly hot today. Lots of guys from their early 20s to late 40s working out in what could have almost been thought of as being choreographed. They would rotate out between sets so nobody ever had to really wait for a machine. It seemed like a well-oiled machine the way the gym was running. I noticed a few of the guys were also wearing blue Otomix Stingray shoes that body builders sometimes wore. I’ve rarely seen those at a gym but they were, of course, turning me on even more.

Duncan seemed to notice me taking in the sights and I swore I caught him chuckle to himself and say “too easy” but maybe that was just the hormones stirring in my balls.

We arrived at the training studio and walked inside. The room was pretty full but there was one empty bike in the back row that said, “Reserved for Adam W. Training.”

The room was dimly lit by whatever was on the screen that I couldn’t make out. All I could really hear were the hissing noises from the masks as the other guys pedaled harder then slower and harder then slower —almost in unison. I couldn’t really make out faces or what anyone was wearing.

“Wow – so you reserved a bike just for me, huh?”

“Yeah, we can do that as trainers for you so you can be sure to always get your ride in.”

“Sweet. So how does this work?”

“First things first is we gotta get you into a VR suit. We sized one up for you based on the stats we took at our last session. Come on over here and just strip down completely naked.”


“Yeah, the haptics and VR built into the suit need to read your body’s reactions so the sensors have to be touching your skin. It’s all good. The other guys are in their own suits as well. We keep it dark in here so you can change and still have privacy. Unfortunately we can’t let the suits leave this room because they’re like mad expensive and have security tags on them that will set alarms off everywhere.”

“Okay,” I said sheepishly starting to get undressed. Fuck, my cock was still hard. There was no hiding it from Duncan. I slowly removed my UA boxer briefs.

“Sorry – I, uh, didn’t get to ‘take care of things’ this morning before I got here to the gym,” I said trying to laugh it off.

“Don’t worry, bro. We all get wood. It’s natural and part of the process. Just relax and be free.”

Relax and be free. Those words just sunk into my brain like butter. I suddenly didn’t care about being naked or having a giant hard-on right in the middle of the room.

“Gooooood. Now open your mind and let us in,” Duncan whispered.

I could feel myself slipping away with his voice. Was I dreaming again? Did I even wake up this morning? What was going on? The lines between reality and fantasy were blurring for me for sure.

“Come here and let’s get you suited up for your ‘morning ride.’”

Without hesitation I walked over to him and stood there waiting patiently. He held the suit up in front of my eyes. It looked almost like the suits I dreamed about him and Tom showing up in when I was jerking off in the steam room yesterday, except this one was green. It looked very heavy and fairly thick.

“Let’s start with your right leg. Right leg up.”

I lifted my right leg and despite the suit seeming to be very thick and heavy, I slid right in. It was very slick inside but immediately gripped tightly once pulled up.

“Left leg up.”

Again, I did as instructed without waiting at all. This leg went in just as easy as the other. Duncan slowly pulled the suit over my butt and across my raging hard cock. After pulling it up to my waist, he reached into the front of my suit and took a firm grip on my cock and balls.

“Let’s just tuck those into their proper pouch and we’ll move your shaft into the sleeve here.”

I felt like I wanted to cum right then and there but despite how wonderful it felt to have him touching me, I somehow knew I couldn’t cum yet even if I’d tried my hardest. I was conscious but not sure what the hell was going on or why I was behaving the way I was. It was almost like my uncontrolled urge to gag myself with my socks that morning.

“Okay now let’s get the gloves on before we go further. Make a fist then you’re going to spread your fingers out as the gloves go on.”

I did as instructed and felt him slide the gloves over my hands and the fingers feel like they almost locked into place inside them. The gloves were very tight.

“And now we’ll get the rest of the suit pulled up. Right arm out.”

“Confirmed,” I suddenly said while raising my arm.

“And now left arm.”

“Confirmed,” I repeated.

Duncan slid the suit over my arms and across my back. I was beginning to feel even hornier than before. My skin was tingling inside the suit much like it had been back in the steam room only 100 times stronger.

“And now let’s seal up the back,” he said as he zipped up the back zip, effectively sealing me inside of this thick rubber cocoon.

“Okay – just your earbuds and VR goggles here and we’ll get you going,” he continued as he pushed earbuds firmly into my ear canal and then slid the VR goggles over my eyes.

The goggles were dark still and I couldn’t see or hear anything. Suddenly I heard Duncan’s voice in my ears.

“Okay, Adam. I’m going to lead you to your bike and you’re going to go on a 30-minute training session. I’ll be right here helping you along the entire time.”

“Affirmative,” I answered. Why were my answers becoming so monotone and precise? I could feel something changing inside of me.

“Alright I’m gonna sit you down here, but you’ll need to take it slow and take a big deep breath for me. Ready?”


“Okay and slowly sit.”

As I began to sit on what I thought was going to be a bike seat, I suddenly realized something was beginning to push into my ass. I hadn’t noticed the sheath on the rear of the suit that was now stretching over top of what felt like a giant butt plug now being inserted into my ass.

“Good. Slow and steady. Keep going – you’re almost there,” Duncan encouraged me.

And then finally I felt something click and penetrate deep inside my hole. The suit was so slick I could feel lube or something penetrating into my cavity.

“Great job. Now I need to fit your mask on you. So hold still.”

I sat there on this giant plug — my cock hard, my ass full, hornier than I had ever been in my life. I felt something press against my face. It felt almost like the oxygen mask I wore with my USAF flight helmet and gear that I loved so much. It sealed to my face nicely.

gay bondage stories“Last of all I’m just going to clip your feet into these special cycling boots attached to the bike.” I felt my bare feet slip into firm yet rubbery boots and then be fastened tightly over my foot and shins. “Okay – all set. I’ll start the program.”

Suddenly my glasses came to life. In front of me I could finally see clearly. The entire room was full of guys in the same suits as me, pedaling in unison while watching unbelievably hot guys on the screen being force fed poppers and feeding on load after load of cum. Guys being milked, guys being fucked —all flashing rapidly across the screen with the hint of a spiral in the background.

It was on the next loop where the words started to appear: “Inhale. Relax. Obey. Produce. Recycle.”

As the word “inhale” appeared, my mask suddenly filled with what I could only describe as the strongest poppers I’d ever smelled sending me into complete and total bliss.

“Relax” appeared, and the plug in my ass started to come to life pushing in and out.

“Obey” appeared, and the pedals started forcing my feet to push them.

“Produce” appeared, and the sheath Duncan had slipped my cock into started stroking my cock.

When “Recycle” appeared, I heard Duncan say, “Open and swallow,” and unwittingly I did. I could taste something sweet yet salty. It was jizz. Having been a bit of a cumwhore in the past, I knew exactly what I was being fed.

“Do you like recycling my Muscle Milk?”

“Fuck yes, SIR,” I blurted out.

“Good because there’s a lot more waiting for you. This is only the beginning, Adam.”

The program repeated and the cycle looped. How long was this going to go on for? It was sheer torture and madness yet I was loving every single moment. My brain was on overload. How was this happening and what did he mean only the beginning?


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