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Update: Asicswrestone lauches a second website

Fellow blogger, bondage aficionado and sneaker lover Asicswrestone, who has long maintained a blog called Asicswrestone, has launched a second site, called ASICSWRESTONE TWO.

Turns out he was unable to add new content to his original site, so he set up a new one!

Click below to go directly to the new site:

gay bondage blog


And you can still visit the original site here.

A prisoner gets processed into jail

Criminal stud Kelvin Lopez was arrested a while back for tampering with an automobile and as he ran from the scene, he was wearing his hot, well-worn, sweaty, blue Nike Shox that Officer Denali removed from the stud’s hot feet! This time criminal thug Kelvin Lopez was transported in from Cedar Correctional and, they send them out with their street clothes as they don’t have a big budget to send their prisoners out in various uniforms! Officer Denali brings prisoner Kelvin Lopez in and begins to process him into the jail so he can go up in front of the Judge to further his case in the court system. Kelvin Lopez may be a thug, but he looks very humiliated while being processed by Officer Denali. Officer Denali is a big fan of Nike Shox and makes a comment that he might have to take Prisoner Kelvin Lopez’s Nike Shox once he’s in prison… that’s if the Judge doesn’t get them first as another “souvenir” for his office after he sends this criminal stud up the river to the state prison. The Judge likes his shoe collection from all the inmates he has put away over the years!

Officer Denali brings prisoner Kelvin Lopez in and begins to process him into the jail


See the video at Guys In Lockup


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Shredded – Part 02

By Adam Wesco

male bdsm sneakersWhen my eyes fluttered open, I was back at home in bed and alone in just a pair of might tight Under Armour boxer briefs. Did I just dream everything that happened at the new gym? Probably so. I was incredibly horny after my workout and I probably just lost sense of things and came home and fell asleep horny as hell. I rolled over and looked at my phone and saw a message from Duncan. “Hey, Adam. It’s Duncan, your trainer at Shredded. Don’t forget we have training today at 10am!”

Crap – it was already quarter after 9 and it was a good 15-minute drive to the gym. I hopped out of bed and threw on the same gym clothes I’d worn the day before. Something about the smell of them was really turning me on this morning. As I bent over to pull my balled-up socks out of my Adidas wrestling shoes, without any thought I sniffed one and shoved it into my mouth. Fuck – sucking on my own sweaty socks was turning me on. But I’ve got no time to pleasure myself. I didn’t want to be late.

I quickly threw my now slightly damp socks on and laced up my yellow Magic Man wrestling shoes. After quickly brushing my teeth and primping for a few to make sure my hair looked nice, I stopped by the kitchen and grabbed a bottle of “Muscle Milk” that I’d picked up at the gym the day before. I didn’t remember buying it but did remember leaving with it. Must’ve been another freebie included with the membership. The whole last day had been foggy.

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