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A prisoner gets processed into jail

Criminal stud Kelvin Lopez was arrested a while back for tampering with an automobile and as he ran from the scene, he was wearing his hot, well-worn, sweaty, blue Nike Shox that Officer Denali removed from the stud’s hot feet! This time criminal thug Kelvin Lopez was transported in from Cedar Correctional and, they send them out with their street clothes as they don’t have a big budget to send their prisoners out in various uniforms! Officer Denali brings prisoner Kelvin Lopez in and begins to process him into the jail so he can go up in front of the Judge to further his case in the court system. Kelvin Lopez may be a thug, but he looks very humiliated while being processed by Officer Denali. Officer Denali is a big fan of Nike Shox and makes a comment that he might have to take Prisoner Kelvin Lopez’s Nike Shox once he’s in prison… that’s if the Judge doesn’t get them first as another “souvenir” for his office after he sends this criminal stud up the river to the state prison. The Judge likes his shoe collection from all the inmates he has put away over the years!

Officer Denali brings prisoner Kelvin Lopez in and begins to process him into the jail


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male strip search cavity search

Shredded – Part 02

By Adam Wesco

male bdsm sneakersWhen my eyes fluttered open, I was back at home in bed and alone in just a pair of might tight Under Armour boxer briefs. Did I just dream everything that happened at the new gym? Probably so. I was incredibly horny after my workout and I probably just lost sense of things and came home and fell asleep horny as hell. I rolled over and looked at my phone and saw a message from Duncan. “Hey, Adam. It’s Duncan, your trainer at Shredded. Don’t forget we have training today at 10am!”

Crap – it was already quarter after 9 and it was a good 15-minute drive to the gym. I hopped out of bed and threw on the same gym clothes I’d worn the day before. Something about the smell of them was really turning me on this morning. As I bent over to pull my balled-up socks out of my Adidas wrestling shoes, without any thought I sniffed one and shoved it into my mouth. Fuck – sucking on my own sweaty socks was turning me on. But I’ve got no time to pleasure myself. I didn’t want to be late.

I quickly threw my now slightly damp socks on and laced up my yellow Magic Man wrestling shoes. After quickly brushing my teeth and primping for a few to make sure my hair looked nice, I stopped by the kitchen and grabbed a bottle of “Muscle Milk” that I’d picked up at the gym the day before. I didn’t remember buying it but did remember leaving with it. Must’ve been another freebie included with the membership. The whole last day had been foggy.

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Shredded – Part 01

By Adam Wesco

This story is inspired by partially true events with obvious enhancements. Bear with me as I set the stage for what’s to come. I hope to make this a series of stories.

Part 1

It was a typically sunny day in central Florida when I was out running some errands. I had just moved to the St. Pete area and after having been pent up for a year in the house being lazy because of COVID-19, I knew I needed to get back to a gym now that things were getting back to some form of normal. As I pulled up to a traffic light, I looked to my right and noticed a large gym that I hadn’t remembered seeing before so I decided to take a small detour from my errands and stop inside to check it out.

male bondage sneakersI parked my car and noticed a few folks streaming in and out of the gym, all of which were men. Because I’ve always been into gear, esp sneakers, this day I was wearing a pair of my size 11.5 Kobe 9 “Influence” in a very bright neon yellow, green and orange pattern. I always loved the way these sneaks looked and wrapped so high above my ankles. I wasn’t shy about wearing matching bright socks with them as well. I did love having guys stare at my sneaks after all.

I headed inside already with a raging boner seeing all the hot guys coming and going and walked to the front desk. Standing behind it was a young man probably 26 or 27 wearing a standard black gym uniform which caressed his muscles tightly. He wore a very nice pair of pure white Adidas Ultraboost sneakers that I could tell had been well used at the gym. Was that a cum stain I saw on the toe? Before I could get a better look, he turned around and greeted me with a big smile.

“Hi, welcome to Shredded! How can I help you?”

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A muscular surfer gets tied up and tickle tortured

At Tickled Hard, Franco cuffs muscular surfer Roadie to the four corners of the tickling table and opens the session on his torso. Roadie tries to suppress the torture by flexing all his muscles, but that doesn’t stop Franco. Franco tickles Roadie in his bellybutton and in his armpits with his thick fingers and feathers. Roadie holds his breath and giggles adorably when Franco tickles his ribs and pectoral muscles. The intensity increases for Roadie when Franco moves to his size 10 1/2 feet. He grits his teeth and growls, flopping his feet around as his only defense against the tickle torment. Franco tickles Roadie on his soles and between his toes with all sorts of brushes. He then moves up Roadie’s legs to his incredibly ticklish inner thighs. After Franco digs deep there, he climbs onto the table and tickles Roadie’s upper body from behind. Roadie’s face and neck turn red as he struggles to resist the tickle torture. Somehow he uses his amazing upper body strength to push Franco away. Even with Roadie resisting all the way to the bitter end, Franco hits every last

Franco cuffs muscular surfer Roadie to the four corners of the tickling table

See the video at Tickled Hard

Franco tickles Roadie in his bellybutton

Getting Fucked by My Best Friend

By SockgaggedJason

SockgaggedJason story gay demonThe summer after we graduated high school, my best friend Tyler came to live with me for a few weeks. He had been kicked out of his home after some fights with his dad.

We had always played bondage games with each other. I developed a crush on him and our games took on a sexual overtone for me. He joined the wrestling team, and his body was really shaping up. We started, however, to have different interests and new friends at this point.

Considering we had drifted apart the last couple of years, his staying at my house was a way for us to rekindle our friendship.

One night he came back to my home after working out at a local gym. He had jogged back in his rubber jump suit because he was dropping weight. Tyler still had dreams of making it on a college wrestling team somewhere next fall even though he hadn’t actually enrolled yet.

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Pictures and video: The boss is on all fours barking like the dog he is

At JalifStudio, Max Duran is Mateo Stanford’s personal trainer, an executive who wants to get more buff. What better way to get results than making a good session with the boss on all fours barking like the dog he is? Check out this video clip:


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