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Fabrizio Mangiatti vs Rick Bauer at Naked Kombat

Naked muscle stud wrestles his opponent to the ground and fucks him

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Two muscle studs are yanked off of the streets and made to fight. In this strange sci-fi world, H3 — a third-generation holographic moderator — runs the show for HIS enjoyment. There’s only one rule: the winner fucks the loser. Only when HE is satisfied may the winner receive his freedom. Muscular 6’2″ Fabrizio Mangiatti faces Rick Bauer, 6th in the 2001 International Wrestling Championship. Two worthy opponents rip off each other’s clothing and lock in combat, pitting their naked bodies against each other. In this erotic battle, who will get his freedom? Can Rick use his skills to avoid muscular Fabrizio’s hard cock? Watch this epic struggle between two meaty titans and find out!

gay bondage

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A rough bondage fuck finishes out the day when Dirk Caber and Jesse Colter get into a wrestling match

Check out Dirk Caber vs. Jesse Colter in a bondage-wrestling match over at Naked Kombat:

!35102_4Jesse “Cut-Throat” Colter is back on the mat to improve his record, but Dirk “The Claymore” Caber is the one standing in his way, hoping not to notch a loss with his first appearance. With four matches under his belt, Cut-Throat knows how the Naked Kombat point system works. And although Claymore brings some traditional wrestling experience, that has never proven to be an advantage when you throw ass smacking, ball grabbing, and cock sucking into the range of legal moves. Cut-Throat aims to win and plans on a rough bondage fuck to finish out the day. Claymore sees things differently and can’t wait to have Cut-Throat choking on his fat cock and then screaming for mercy as he abuses the loser’s hole.

35102_1 35102_6 35102_8_featured

Free video preview of Dirk Caber vs. Jesse Colter here.

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Shut up and take our cocks, punk!

14051_14733_13124_BiP_header_131814Kirk Cummings’ punishment continues from Naked Kombat to the streets of San Francisco, where he’s whored out and covered in wax and cum at Bound In Public!

35789_3 35789_4 35789_5

Kirk Cummings lost his Naked Kombat fight against Dominic Pacifico, and now Kirk’s punishment is just getting started. Dominic leads him down the street, bound and blindfolded, until he spots a playspace to whore Kirk out at. A line of horny dudes wait to enter the playspace, when all of a sudden Kirk is busted through the door, shoved to his knees and has his face buried in their crotches. Aroused, the guys whip out their cocks and put the bound stud’s mouth right to work before taking him upstairs to the glory holes. The crowd tears away Kirk’s clothes and bends his ass over to get fucked like a spit roast. Next the guys line up their cocks as a spider gag pries Kirk’s mouth open, ready to suck every dick in sight. They use his mouth like the whore that he is before tying him down with a hood on his head. They handgag his mouth to shut him up as Dominic gives his hole a final fuck before the guys line up and give the bound man a nice bukkake all over his face.


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Ride Along as a Prisoner – Part 6

Ride Along as a Prisoner Part 6 – Five Hours as a Prisoner

By asiancuffs

15 Aug 2017

The wagon hit the highway again, and after that short “social contact” with jailmate, he was not that defensive as before. We started to chat a little bit by asking about each other’s cases. He asked why I was arrested and I just made up something about corruption and he told me that he is involved of forgery of documents, which I already knew from the officers. It was his first time being arrested and he says he was so shameful when police went into his office to arrest him. He was handcuffed with hands behind in front of workmates. Not much more to talk about during the journey only telling him that I will be transported to precinct A, which may be different than where he will be transported. It was also pre-arranged with the officers that I will be leaving the wagon before they return to their station with jailmate.

The wagon is entering G again and heading for the neighbourhood where I will be “released.” The wagon stopped and an officer opens the back door and unlocks the connecting handcuffs restricting my shackles. I was surprised that when I was about to step down the wagon, jailmate reached out his cuffed hands and want to shake my hands. I offer my hand with the rattling of chains, we shake our hands and say good luck to you. One officer took me around the corner to stay away from the sight of jailmate to release me from my restraints, and he gave my phone back to me before he returned to the vehicle. I peeked out from the block and saw the wagon leaving with one real prisoner inside.


We have a nice dinner that evening after the officers were off duty. I thanked them for such a wonderful experience and also asked them about some points that I was not clear about the routine. I asked when we were at the detention center to pick up jailmate, should the officers there know the passenger load of the transport? Their answer made me have a smile on my face, as they say the detention officers’ task is to hand the prisoner to them and who cares if there is any other passenger on board? They also say that there is even a longer transport such as 36 to 48 hours using trains, the railway security wants to stay out of the picture as much as possible, once you show them the necessary documents, they will assign a cabin to you, then you will be on your own to deal with your prisoner. That’s the mentality of civil servants in this country.

The dinner ended with an “invitation” from them: Do you want to ride along in a train with us?

Shall I?


The end

Metal would like to thank the author, asiancuffs, for this true story!

gay bondage wrestling


Kip ‘The Giant’ Johnson vs Seth ‘The Tsunami’ Santoro

At Naked Kombat, two hot newcomers fight balls to the wall for the right to fuck!


Two hot newcomers step onto the mat today. In the blue trunks we have Kip “The Giant” Johnson. Fighting against The Giant is Seth “The Tsunami” Santoro fighting in the red trunks. Standing at 6’3″, The Giant is more than confident that mass kicks ass, he plans on wearing down his opponent and taking him to the ground. Tsunami laughs at the big lug, he knows the old saying, “the bigger they are, the harder they fall.” Will Tsunami keep his promise by making The Giant his bitch for the day? Or will he prove to Tsunami that size matters?

34772_4 34772_5 34772_11

Free video previews of Kip Johnson and Seth Santoro at Naked Kombat available here

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Troy ‘The Tank’ Sparks challenges Eli ‘The Hammer’ Hunter to a bout for ultimate domination


At Naked Kombat, Eli “The Hammer” Hunter and his giant cock challenge “The Tank” Troy Sparks. Both Hammer and Tank are returning to Naked Kombat after getting their asses pounded in their previous match, so redemption is on the line! From the very first whistle these two studs charge at each other like raging bulls, slamming each other to the mat with all their might in hopes of that sweet victory. While only one of these badass studs get to enjoy their prize in the sex round, the other has a hard cock shoved down his throat and endures whatever punishment the winner has in store. And after getting fucked into submission, the loser is left helpless with a face full of hot cum

35105_6 35105_14

Free video preview here