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The Resort – Chapter 05

By TklBndg516

Unexpected Help

During the week after Steve and Jeff asked Brad to move into their house, Brad had given notice to the landlord.  He found that if the apartment was rented before the month was over, he would be entitled to a prorated refund, otherwise he was responsible for the rent until the end of the next month, which he had already paid.  He had most of his belongings moved.  He had a few pieces of furniture and some stuff in the kitchen still left to pack.  He did not need those items at the house.  He wanted to keep them in case the situation changed, and he had to live on his own again.  Alpha Fred had considered what the other alphas said about those two working together and told scheduling to make sure those two were always scheduled for the same shifts.  Their home life was great.  Their work life was great.

On their third workday of the week as they were coming in, Alpha Fred called them over.  He said that one of the Masters had a large group of VIP guests.  They don’t want to overload the laundry room used by other guests, so he has asked how it would affect us if he sent someone here to use one of our machines for the day.  Jeff said that will set us back a little, but not too much.  He said he would send an extra slave tomorrow to help us catch up.  You two are my best guys, so I want you to work with this slave.  Please leave one washer available for his immediate use.  He should be here in about an hour.  I’ll bring him in and introduce him to you.

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Who’s the alpha?

Two hot pups wrestle for sexual domination in this shoot from Naked Kombat


Brock Avery is a muscled hunk with several matches under his belt. Tyler Rush brings some unconventional fighting experience to the mat. Both wrestlers have years of experience in the puppy scene and act out their animalistic aggression on each other in the first round with pup tail butt plugs and full leather pup hoods. In Round 2 their hands are free and their cocks are hard as the fight for sexual domination continues. Midway through they tear off the hoods and go at it as men, making each other suck their cocks and finger their asses. Only one man can come out on top and the loser is made to resume the role of the pup for the winner’s amusement. The loser barks like a dog as he sucks cock, gives his master a ride around the ring, and gets his ass fucked hard. With a load of cum all over his pup mask he continues to bark as the winner hits the showers

brock_avery_vs_tyler_rush_gay_wrestling_02 brock_avery_vs_tyler_rush_gay_wrestling_03 brock_avery_vs_tyler_rush_gay_wrestling_04 brock_avery_vs_tyler_rush_gay_wrestling_05 brock_avery_vs_tyler_rush_gay_wrestling_06 brock_avery_vs_tyler_rush_gay_wrestling_07

Title of this shoot: Brock Avery vs. Tyler Rush – The Dog Fight

Models in this shoot: Tyler Rush, Brock Avery

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Marcus Ruhl vs. Mitch Vaughn: Muscle bondage wrestling

marcus_ruhl_vs_mitch_vaughn_gay_muscle_wrestling_01 marcus_ruhl_vs_mitch_vaughn_gay_muscle_wrestling_02 marcus_ruhl_vs_mitch_vaughn_gay_muscle_wrestling_03

With a combined weight of over 400 pounds, muscled gods Mitch “The Machine” Vaughn and Marcus “Titan” Ruhl take to the mat for an all-out battle for the right to fuck. The undefeated Machine can’t wait to add another win under his belt and have his oversized opponent worship every muscle on his ripped body. Titan is a resilient fighter though, despite his massive size he’s fast as fuck and looking to take hold of The Machine’s back. To make things interesting, both goliaths oil down their huge muscles as they try to make their way to the top. This is a rough, cut-throat battle between two sexual gladiators. Will Titan get the upper hand? Or will The Machine punish his opponent and keep his undefeated record?

This is a video from Naked Kombat

marcus_ruhl_vs_mitch_vaughn_gay_muscle_wrestling_04 marcus_ruhl_vs_mitch_vaughn_gay_muscle_wrestling_05 marcus_ruhl_vs_mitch_vaughn_gay_muscle_wrestling_06

Title of this shoot: OILED MUSCLE: Mitch “The Machine” Vaughn vs Marcus “Titan” Ruhl

Models in this shoot: Marcus Ruhl, Mitch Vaughn

This video HERE

Short Description: Two muscled gods oil down their ripped bodies as they fight for the right to fuck!

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marcus_ruhl_vs_mitch_vaughn_gay_muscle_wrestling_07 marcus_ruhl_vs_mitch_vaughn_gay_muscle_wrestling_ad

Hard bondage cocks

KinkMen is the “daddy site” of Men On Edge, plus Bound Gods, Bound In Public, Butt Machine Boys, 30 Minutes of Torment, and Naked Kombat gay wrestling:

The daddy site of Men on Edge


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KinkMen is the “daddy site” of Men On Edge

KinkMen is the “daddy site” of Men On Edge

Justin Beal takes on Owen Michaels for a bondage match

Check out these shots from ‘Top Cock: Justin Beal vs Owen Michaels’ at Naked Kombat:


Justin Beal is a lean and cut fighter with a cock that won’t quit. Wrestling is a huge turn-on for him, and he’s hard every round as he takes on Owen Michaels. Owen is a buff stud with years of wrestling experience and a competitive, cocky attitude. It’s all muscle and hard cock when these two meet on the mat for an intense match of Top Cock. The loser gets treated like a punching bag and then made to drag weights around the gym by his balls. A hard locker room fuck leaves him covered in the cum of himself and the victor.


Models in this shoot: Justin Beal, Owen Michaels

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A Left Turn at Albuquerque – Part 09

By Hunter Perez

I will admit that I was glad that Holmgren pulled down my pants so I could relieve myself – I enjoyed a long piss that helped to calm my nerves. Unfortunately, I wished that he stayed until I finished so he could pull my pants back up. As a result, I was now in the ridiculous position of having my head and hands locked in the pillory while my pants were down at my ankles.

If it had been a sunny day, I might have an idea of time by tracking the sun’s position in the sky. But it was overcast, and my notion of celestial timekeeping was sabotaged.

I tried to alleviate my discomfort and anxiety by calling up happy memories. I recalled Hendrik, a personal trainer that I dated for a while. Hendrik was Dutch with blond hair, blue eyes, pale skin and a superhero’s body – he had the slightest trace of a Dutch accent that I found very sexy, especially when he tried to pronounce non-English words. One weekend, we took a road trip to Atlantic City and spent the day walking along the Boardwalk while floating in and out the casinos. We stayed through dinner at a fancy restaurant and opted to remain overnight – we were able to get a top floor hotel room with a grand view of the Atlantic Ocean. Once in our room, we ordered champagne and oysters from room service and had the most splendid night.

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Loser of wrestling match takes a hard machine fucking

It’s a game of “Top Cock” at Naked Kombat when two muscled gods fight their way to a victorious fucking where the loser takes a fucking machine right up his ass:


Standing at 6’4″ and over 200 pounds of solid muscle, South African stud Ivan Gregory goes up against muscled god Mitch Vaughn as they prepare to fight their way to a victorious fucking. Their hard muscles clash as the wrestling begins, Ivan using his height to his advantage while Mitch sticks to his tree trunk thighs to wrestle his opponent to the ground. The loser gets tied up in a hogtie as the winner drives a fucking machine up his tight ass before replacing it with a nice hard cock. The torment continues as the loser gets shocked with the electric zapper as he’s chained to the exercise bike before the victor gives him one more ass fucking to finish.

37394_8 37394_9 37394_10 37394_12 37394_14

Models in this shoot: Ivan Gregory, Mitch Vaughn

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