Some Time in Rubber – The Story Continues

By rts

Part 4

The rest of that day passed slowly into night, the beers I drank helped mellow my frustration in my rubber confinement and I eventually fell asleep. The next two days were pure hell as each hour seemed endless, the weight of the one piece rubber suit seeming to increase with each movement.

I was soaked in my sweat, it was uncomfortably slimy inside my boots and gloves and very hot, the suit starting to chaff my arm pits and crotch. I moved around as little as possible, dragging the heavy ball and chain behind me whenever I went outside into the blazing sun to relieve myself.

I cursed myself for wishing for this experience as the hot sun heated the rubber unbearably, telling myself that it wouldn’t have been so miserable if I hadn’t had this stiff posture collar locked around my neck or if my cock and balls had been free of their steel chastity confinement, and if this fucking ball and chain hadn’t been locked to my waist belt. This was the fourth day, I was at least more than halfway through my “sentence,” he was due back in just three days and then I would get my release.

I had very mixed feelings right now, on the one hand I was excited to be wearing this rubber constantly and being horney in my helplessness but frustrated in not being able to masturbate, and at the same time I was so miserably uncomfortable, feeling filthy, so hot and sweaty, tired of the heavy clumsiness of every movement, the itching inside the hood, under my collar and under my waist belt, the pooling of sweat in my boots and gloves and the constant pull of the ball and chain whenever I moved around.

Would I eventually get so use to this condition so as not to be constantly aware of my discomfort? I have discovered in these four days that the initial pleasure of putting on this gear fades as the time spent in it’s confinement grows more uncomfortable when you are alone, and how very long a week of such forced confinement and chastity begins to seem. To relieve my boredom I would occasional put on the gas mask and forced myself to remain in it for part of the day, enjoying the rubber smell and sound as I inhaled, sometimes sticking the breathing hose inside my crotch forcing myself to breathe my own funky sweaty smell.

I had almost finished all the water I had carried back from the spring and I did not look foward to my next trip to it tomorrow. That slow walk up to it weighted down by the ball and chain, the hot heaviness inside the suit, the steel chastity container dragging down my balls, the fogging up of my hood’s lenses and that awkward struggle through the mud hole. I decided to leave early in the morning before it got too hot in the hope that I would finish the ordeal without the full force of the mid-day sun cooking me in all this black rubber.

I spent most of the rest of the day drinking beer in the cabin, avoiding the sun and only venturing out to take a piss now and then. I passed that night in fitfull sleep. I kept having horney dreams but would wake up in pain as my growing erection encountered the confining resistance of the steel chastity container. I cursed the bastard who locked me up like this, my head forced stiffly immobile by the collar, the waist belt tightly constricting me with each breath, the constant taste of rubber from the hood’s moulded lips.

I got up at first light, before the sun came up, this was now day five, the home stretch, only two more days and then sweet release when he returned, I can handle this, I thought. I shoveled some of the cold leftover stew I had been living on slowly through the mouth opening of the hood, tasting of rubber with each mouthfull. I then went out side, I carried the ball and chain in my arms as I visited the outhouse. The morning air was wonderfully cool and my rubber suit felt cold and clammy as I moved. I next went over to pick up one of the water pails, taking the ball and chain up and sort of carrying and dragging it with the other hand.

The 20 pound steel ball was very difficult to deal with as I walked, so I had to take slow short steps to manage it. This was still a bit better than just dragging it along behind me with it’s full weight pulling agaonst my thick waist belt. The trip to the spring this time did not seem so arduous in the cooler morning, I was getting use to the thick feel of the suit against my skin, I was enjoying it’s rubber smell and all the creaking, sloshing sounds I made as the old sweat filled rubber moved over my body. I could see clearly as the hoods lenses did not fog up and soon found myself at the mudhole.

I picked a route around it’s edge where I only sank ankle deep as I slogged through it, still not getting overheated and knelt at the spring to fill the water pails. I lowered my face into the water and drank as much as I could. I rolled over on my back and lay on the muddy bank enjoing the sounds of the flowing spring drumming against the rubber of my suit.

After a while I began to get cold, standing up I picked up the water filled pail with one hand and grabbed hold of my ball and chain with the other and began walking through the muddy bog on my return to the cabin. It was hard managing the water pail, the chain and the mud with each sucking step. I started to sink deeper as I plodded on, the mud at first covering my ankles but then I took a step and my right leg sank almost to the knee as I began pulling my left leg free.

I set my left leg down it too slowly sank to the knee when I tried to pull my right leg free. Each time I attempted to pull one leg free from the sucking muck the other sank deeper into it. The mud was now half way up my thighs on both legs. I dropped the water pail as a sense of panic touched me, I couldn’t pull my legs from the sucking grasp, I struggled some more fighting to get free and but only succeded in sinking deeper, the mud almost up to my crotch. I was frightned at my helplessness, I dared not do anything that would sink me further. I saw no way out of this trap.

Would I be stuck like this until he returned in two days? Would he find me up here when he did come back? I tried to calm myself, further panic would only make things seriously worse. As long as I didn’t attempt to move I wasn’t sinking any deeper, I had to tough it out for the next two days, at least I could drink the muddy water. The nagging fear that he wouldn’t come looking for me returned.


Part 5


As the sun rose higher the day began to warm, while my legs to my crotch were cooled by the imprisoning mud the rest of my body was being heated inside the black rubbersuit. I sat back on my butt sitting in the mud so as to take some of the weight off my legs which would help to keep me from sinking any deeper. The sun got hotter ahd hotter as the hours slowly passsed, the suit was becoming unbareable.

I scooped up gloved handfulls of mud and smeared it over myself in an effort to cool the rubber. In an attempt to work myself free of the clinging trap I then lay back in the mud and tried to use my arms in a backstroke motion. This only succeeded in churning up the surface and was threatening to bury my torso so with some struggle I pushed myself back upright into a sitting position. I was now covered in mud which helped lessen the impact of the sun’s heat but I was still quite hot and sweaty.

I was frightened of my situation and trying to control the sense of panic in my desperation. There was no way for me to get free without some help, and the earliest I could expect help wouldn’t be until sometime tomorrow. I had to just sit here and endure this trap. I could feel the restriction of the steel chastity container as the pressure of a growing erection rammed tight inside it.

My total helplessness locked inside this hot rubber suit and stuck up to my crotch in this mud was making me horney and as long as I focused on this I could avoid panic. I was getting thirsty, the pail I had dropped was out of reach, so the only way of getting a drink was to slowly scoop up the muddy water puddled around me in my heavily gloved hands and try to get it into my mouth. This was made very difficult by the restrictiveness of my stiff posture collar and I could only manage to get a small amount from each handfull, most of it spilling out frustratingly down my chin. It was a slow tedious process but at least it occupied the long passing hours.

The afternoon sun was really cooking me inside this black rubber, I kept smearing more mud over my head and torso trying to get some protection from it’s full force. My butt had sunk a bit into the surface, I could feel some of the bog’s water leaking past my crotch zipper into the suit and pooling under my ass mixing with my sweat and the piss I was forced to release.

I shouted uselessly for help, no one there to hear me. I tried to keep my concentration focused on the feel of the mud gripping my legs and the confining sensation of the heavy rubber against my skin, the slimmy sweat filled interior, the rubber taste in my mouth the embrace and smell of the hot hood, the painfull pressure as my poor cock was forced tight against the insides of it”s steel container. As long as the eroticness of my predicament occupied my thoughts I could avoid panic.

I was getting tired sitting like this but I dare not lay down concerned that I could get burried deeper and become trapped under the surface, I held my arms out to the sides with my gloved palms spread against the mud for support, I hoped this would steady me if I fell asleep.

As the late afternoon passed into evening it began to cool down. At first I was beginning to feel more comfortable releaved from the intensity of the sweltering day but as it grew later into night I became colder inside my sweat and piss filled rubber. That night was a misery sitting in the mud with this cold puddle of fluid trapped under my ass. I was too cold to fall asleep other than occasionally nodding off and jerking awake as I would begin to fall over.

My movements settled my butt deeper into the mud, I was frightened but determined to remain as motionless as possible, I had to hold out until the morning. Strange sounds filled the night as the wind moved the trees and I shivered in the embrace of my cold rubber.


Part 6


The seemingly endless night crept slowly into dawn, my body shivered in it’s cold wet rubber confinement, the mud squished under my butt as I squirmed uncomfortably around, my lower legs held fast in it’s tight grip. During the night my movements had sunk me deeper into the bog, the mud now covering my crotch and hips, water continually leaking through the zipper into the suit.

I was grateful for the return of the sun, actually looking foward to it’s burning heat after the cold misery of this past night, and knowing that finally sometime today he was coming back for me. Tired from my sleepless night, hungry and cold as I sat there trapped in my cold rubbersuit wet with the infiltrating water and my old sweat, foul with my piss and powerless to free myself. This would be day seven totally covered and contained in this thick heavy rubber, seven days with my neck held fast in this posture collar, my waist bound tightly with this thick rubber and steel belt, my cock and balls trapped inside this locked metal chastity container.

The reality of my fantasy for an extended stay in full rubber becoming a torture of discomfort and frustration. The hours just crept by as the sun began to warm me again and I was greatful to sweat and have the chill of this past night replaced by the heating rubber against my skin. As I sat squirming in the muck listening to the slurping sounds of the mud and the sweaty rubber moving over my body I thought I heard the sound coming from down near the cabin of an approaching truck. I stopped all movement. Yes, there was the unmistakeable sound of a slamming door! I began to shout for help.

In my excitement I began to struggle against the mud and in my attempts to stand sank to my waist. I was beginning to panic and willed myself to stop all movement as I continued my shouts for help. The lenses of my hood steamed up from the heat of my efforts, all I could see was “fog.”

I listened intently and at last I heard footsteps of someone moving closer, then laughter as my name was called out. I was filled with a joyous relief at the sound of his voice. Begging him to get me out, he told me to remain calm while he went back to his truck to get some rope and a “come-a-long” to pull me free.

Returning he walked part way to me his boots making sucking noise as he moved through the mud. Stoping some distance away to avoid the deeper bog surrounding my trapped body, he threw a rope at me hitting me in the chest. He told me to tie it around my torso under my arms. I managed this with some difficulty as my thick gloves were covered in mud.

Taking the other end of the rope and walking away from me I could hear him fasten it to the “come-a-long” which he then chained to a tree. Telling me to take hold of the rope with both hands, he began working the ratcheting lever of the “come-a-long.”

The rope tightened around me as it slowly began to pull against the sucking mud trapping my body. As I lay face down holding on tightly it felt like the rope was cutting me in half until finally I started to break free from the powerful grip of the muck. As I was pulled free only the ball and chain still dragged at me. When I lay there at his feet he reached down and unzipped my crotch permitting most of the water, sweat and piss which had accumulated inside my suit to drain out as he lifted each leg.

Closing the zipper, he untied the rope and then unlocked the ball and chain from my waist belt. In my relief from this dragging restraint I pleaded with him to unlock my posture collar and chastity container.

He told me to just get use to wearing them.

He helped me to my feet. I could see more clearly through the lenses now and could appreciate the look of him in his full catsuit, his legs contained in thigh high fireman’s boots, his cock and balls tightly sheathed in rubber, head hooded ,hands gloved. My cock began to respond to this sight painfully expanding inside it’s tight steel container.

We stood there, two rubbermen, one all polished black the other coated with mud from head to booted feet. Leading the way I followed him as we skirted around the bog to reach the clear flowing water of the stream just above it. Ordering me into it he helped me wash off the thick accumulation of mud as I lay down in the flowing water. Turning me so my butt faced into the flow, he unzipped my crotch so the cold water forced itself into my suit flooding into the torso past the restriction of the waist belt and collar into my hood leaking out of the mouth opening, filling my arms and gloves. he then spun me about so that the water would flow down into my legs and boots.

With my suit then swollen with water he closed the zipper. I could hardly move with the weight of the trapped liquid. He helped me to my knees and as the water began to leak through the closed zipper of my suit he took hold of my hooded head with both hands and began to shove his rubber cock into my mouth.

My rubber covered lips sealing tightly around his cock as he pumped his hips again and again against me. I was straining for breath through the nostrils holes of my hood, my body weighted and helpless with all the water contained by the suit. He came with a shout, his rubber sheathed cock swelling in my mouth as it filled with his contained cum. He held my head tightly to his groin pressing my hooded face against his rubber clad body as his cock surged inside my mouth. I could hardly breathe, everything tasted and smelled of rubber. At last he released his grip on my head and pulled his cock out of my mouth.

He unzipped my crotch and as I knelt there my water swollen suit began to drain. I lifted each arm and the trapped water quickly filled my chest constrained by my waist belt and then flowed out my open crotch. He then ordered me to lay down lift and drain each leg. Satisfied he closed my zipper pulled me to my feet and led me down the trail to the cabin. It felt good to be walking again after all those hours trapped in the mud, and it was a relief not to have that ball and chain dragging at my waist. The hot sun was working on the black rubber and I was enjoying the sweaty confinement as we moved together our rubber squeeking with our movements, our thick boots clomping in the dirt.


Part 7 (conclusion)


We reached the cabin and went inside, I was hungry thirsty and tired. He walked through the room in front of me, his rubber shining as the light played over his moving body. He handed me a large jug and told me to drink. It was some sort of protein shake and I eagerly drank as much as I could. When I had finished he came to me holding the heavy rubber straight jacket, turned me around and helped me struggle into it. He crossed my arms across my chest and strapped them behind my back, pulling tight the other multiple straps confining me securely in it.

Ignoring my protests, he next took an inflatable gag pressing it into the mouth opening of my hood and then filling it with air sealing it in my mouth. I could now only breathe through the two nose holes in the hood.

As I stood there he reached down and unzipped my crotch, ordered me to kneel down and bend over. He began to lube my bung hole telling me I needed a good cleaning out. Slowly he forced an enema’s butt plug painfully up my ass Inflating it locking it inside me. My cock again trying to reach erection trapped painfully inside it’s steel chastity container. Water began to force it’s way into me an unpleasent bloated pressure. He told me to stand up. I struggled to get up breathing heavily in this awkward effort compounded by my straight jacket, posture collar and intestines filled with water.

Leading me outside into the blazing sunshine I shuffled behind him to the privy where he at last open the drain tube attached to the butt plug to my intense relief. He repeated this process several times, forcing me to hold the water longer each session and making me walk around out in the hot sunshine while it was contained in me. When he was finally satisfied with the results, he deflated the plug and removed it from me. He than took hold of my encased cock and balls and unlocked the steel container that had held them trapped all week.

Oh the sweet release felt so fantastic. He rubbed them with some lube and then slowly pulled a tight rubber cock and ball sheath over them, my erection growing with his touch. He made me kneel down and bend over. Taking his rubber sheathed cock he mounted me from behind, slowly forcing himself into me and rhythmicly pumping his hips against my butt while he grabbed hold of my cock.

Again and again he worked my ass as he vigorously strocked my cock. I struggled to breathe through the small nose holes in my hood in my growing excitement, the sweat pouring off me as the hot sun baked me in my black rubber suit and straight jacket. We exploded together, him with a shout me with a gagged grunt. He held me tightly for some time before he slowly pulled out. I fell face downward in the dirt struggling to breathe, the almost unbearable heat of the confining rubber exhausting me.

He left me there for a while going back to the cabin then returning holding a gas mask and an inflatable butt plug. I moaned as he began to insert the plug, seating it firmly up my ass then filling it with air locking it into me. He then zipped closed my crotch and pulled the gas mask over my head strapping it snugly to me. My breathing already restricted by the nose holes of my hood was now further impeaded by the valve in the mask, it flapped and whistled with each laboured breath I took.

He stood me up and led me over to his truck. Opening the door he told me to get in. I struggled into the hot cab and he closed the door. It was stiffling, the windows were closed and the sun beat down on it. He left me stewing there for several hours. Near sunset he returned with his duffle full of gear and still wearing his full catsuit, got in and started the motor.

It took almost three hours before we reached my place where this past week’s adventure had begun. It was with major relief when we at last got inside and he slowly began to remove my rubber gear.

He took the straight jacket off first, then my gasmask and mouth gag. Next the now painfull posture collar and waist belt were unlocked. As each item was removed I felt the pleasure of unrestricted movement returning.

He then led me to the bath tub, filling it with water ordering me to get in and sit down. I did as I was told and he slowly unzipped the heavy rubber drysuit from my body as he pressed me down into the water in the struggle to pull it off me.

Finally I was free of what had seemed like a rubber prison, my body chaffed and sore, foul with my old sweat and piss. It had been an incredible experience, far more intense then I had expected, but a fantasy fully realized, an entire week spent sealed inside a full rubber suit The butt plug was the last item removed and now I felt uncomfortably naked.




Metal would like to thank rts for this story!



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  1. rts. You are the best. You have written some of mt all-time favorite stories, and this one is right up there. Great story. Many thanks for sharing it. —Greg

  2. Excellent story – all the details seemed very real – like a true heart pounding experience detailed through your eyes. Thanks

  3. amazing story , one that i could envision but not the mud , i didnt enjoy that bit ,but the rest omg yesssss.
    please……write some more.including metal like armour.please read my story on fetlife under my profile and see if you can do something similar. i love your descriptive detailing. That for me makes any story.

  4. I join the others in the congratulations. This is REALLY well written and full of nice details. Excellent work, rts! Thank you!

  5. thanks for the coments, appreciate the feedback, I hope I can put together another story that will hold your interest, I just have to force myself to get to work on one.

    1. maybe someone could motivate you by chaining you to the computer until the new story is ready? ;-)

      anyway, it would be wonderful to read more of your stories!

  6. Fantastic and so HOT. I was right there: stuck in the gear, mud, fear, discomfort, eroticism of enduring the reality and the fantasy. Time to share this with my captor. Grrrrr!!!

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