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Some Time in Rubber – Part 7

By rts


We reached the cabin and went inside, I was hungry thirsty and tired. He walked through the room in front of me, his rubber shining as the light played over his moving body. He handed me a large jug and told me to drink. It was some sort of protein shake and I eagerly drank as much as I could. When I had finished he came to me holding the heavy rubber straight jacket, turned me around and helped me struggle into it. He crossed my arms across my chest and strapped them behind my back, pulling tight the other multiple straps confining me securely in it.

Ignoring my protests, he next took an inflatable gag pressing it into the mouth opening of my hood and then filling it with air sealing it in my mouth. I could now only breathe through the two nose holes in the hood.

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Some Time in Rubber – Part 6

By rts

The seemingly endless night crept slowly into dawn, my body shivered in its cold wet rubber confinement, the mud squished under my butt as I squirmed uncomfortably around, my lower legs held fast in its tight grip. During the night my movements had sunk me deeper into the bog, the mud now covering my crotch and hips, water continually leaking through the zipper into the suit.

I was grateful for the return of the sun, actually looking forward to its burning heat after the cold misery of this past night, and knowing that finally sometime today he was coming back for me. Tired from my sleepless night, hungry and cold as I sat there trapped in my cold rubbersuit wet with the infiltrating water and my old sweat, foul with my piss and powerless to free myself. This would be day seven totally covered and contained in this thick heavy rubber, seven days with my neck held fast in this posture collar, my waist bound tightly with this thick rubber and steel belt, my cock and balls trapped inside this locked metal chastity container.

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Some Time in Rubber – Part 5

By rts

As the sun rose higher the day began to warm, while my legs to my crotch were cooled by the imprisoning mud the rest of my body was being heated inside the black rubbersuit. I sat back on my butt sitting in the mud so as to take some of the weight off my legs which would help to keep me from sinking any deeper. The sun got hotter ahd hotter as the hours slowly passsed, the suit was becoming unbareable.

I scooped up gloved handfulls of mud and smeared it over myself in an effort to cool the rubber. In an attempt to work myself free of the clinging trap I then lay back in the mud and tried to use my arms in a backstroke motion. This only succeeded in churning up the surface and was threatening to bury my torso so with some struggle I pushed myself back upright into a sitting position. I was now covered in mud which helped lessen the impact of the sun’s heat but I was still quite hot and sweaty.

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Some Time in Rubber – Part 4

By rts

The Story Continues

The rest of that day passed slowly into night, the beers I drank helped mellow my frustration in my rubber confinement and I eventually fell asleep. The next two days were pure hell as each hour seemed endless, the weight of the one piece rubber suit seeming to increase with each movement.

I was soaked in my sweat, it was uncomfortably slimy inside my boots and gloves and very hot, the suit starting to chaff my arm pits and crotch. I moved around as little as possible, dragging the heavy ball and chain behind me whenever I went outside into the blazing sun to relieve myself.

I cursed myself for wishing for this experience as the hot sun heated the rubber unbearably, telling myself that it wouldn’t have been so miserable if I hadn’t had this stiff posture collar locked around my neck or if my cock and balls had been free of their steel chastity confinement, and if this fucking ball and chain hadn’t been locked to my waist belt. This was the fourth day, I was at least more than halfway through my “sentence,” he was due back in just three days and then I would get my release.

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Some Time in Rubber – Part 3

By rts

As I sat there cooling down in that spring I began to feel the water leaking into my suit through the rear zipper. This felt good so I reached down for the pull tab on my crotch zipper and fumbling for a grip in my thick gloves I managed to slide it open and lowered my butt into the water so that it could flow around my overheated balls and down into my legs filling the boots. I lifted each water filled leg letting the water wash out the accumulated sweat. I did this several times, then I turned around and lay down with my head downstream to the water flow and enjoyed its coldness as it began to fill the torso and arms of my suit.

The water washed away much of the external mud that had coated me the wet rubber shinning and when I stood up lifting my arms the water poured from my un-zipped crotch washing out the rest of the sweat that had been trapped inside. Stepping out of the stream I sat down and again lifted each leg high making sure all the water drained out then I closed the crotch zipper. I knelt down and drank as much water as I could, then filled both buckets. I had an idea as to how to deal with this ball and chain on my return through the mud hole. I took the chain between my legs up my chest and passed it looped around my neck, the 20 pound steel ball hanging down in front. My stiff posture collar offered some protection but the full weight of the ball and chain pressed on my shoulders painfully. I would have to be careful with my balance as I struggled through that mud carrying the two pails of water (another 30 pounds).

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Some Time in Rubber – Part 2

By rts

(the next day)

I awoke before him, my body heated by his rubber clad form pressed against me. I was covered in sweat, my balls and cock hurt and itched maddenly in their steel containment, my bung hole sore from the butt fucking, the confinement of the tight heavy rubber straight jacket and posture collar driving me crazy, the waist belt holding my torso firmly tightening its hold each time I took a breath. I was hot, miserably unconfortable in that hot rubber suit, thirsty and had to take a piss. I started to struggle around manageing to finally wake him. He pressed his hooded head to mine and kissed me sucking the breath out of me. He got out of the bad and I asked him for some water.

He told me we would have to go out and get some up at the spring. I told him of my need to piss, he got me up, led me outside and unzipped my crotch, the weight of the steel chastity container hanging heavily on my balls once the zipper was opened, the posture collar and bulky straight jacket prevented me from seeing what it looked like. I spread my legs and just let go the urine and heard it splashing on the ground. He zipped me closed and began to unstrap the straight jacket, it was a relief to be free of its restriction, my arms felt stiff and cramped from the hours spent in it and I could feel a slight coolness now that it was off. He told me to grab the two buckets hanging by the cabin’s door and following him he led me up a trail to the spring a few hundred yards away.

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Some Time in Rubber – Part 1

By rts

I only began wearing rubber a couple of years ago, having no one to partner with I never had the “incentive” to remain in my catsuit for more than 12 hours, and that was an act of self control. Usually I find myself too horney after just a few hours to resist pounding off and then needing to get out of the rubber immediately after as I begin to feel more uncomfortable in the restrictiveness and sweat.

Well thanks to the internet I met a bud who offered me the opportunity to experience some extended rubber wearing time. As he lives some distance from me it took a few weeks until we could arrange to meet when I had plenty of free time.

He arrived at my place in his truck with a duffel bag full of gear which he promptly opened ordering me to strip. I complied and he proceeded to help me into this heavy industrial black rubber suit with attached boots, thick gloves and hood. My feet filled the boots comfortably and he help me pull the heavy rubber up my legs. This suit had a zipper that ran down the back of the hood all the way through the crotch. The suit was a snug fit and I had to struggle a bit getting my arms through the sleeves and my hands into the thick industrial gloves, next I had to work my head into the hood which fitted the contours of my face, the eye openings covered with plastic, two soft rubber tubes fit up into my nostrils, the mouth opening a thicker rubber which covered over my lips and front teeth. He then pulled the zipper closed down my back tightening the hood and suit to my body.

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