Special Western Clothes

By Mister-X/Spartan

I grew up in the big city. My college roommate grew up on a country ranch. Our backgrounds couldn’t have been more different. But we hit it off from the first time I set foot into our dorm room.

I was bringing in my stuff to load into the room, when I saw Darren making knots in some rope. I had been into being bound for the last five years. When I saw the rope I said something like “I hope you’ll use that rope on me, roomie”.

Darren looked over at me and got a big smile on his face. “It sounds like I’m going to enjoy rooming with you!”

I put my stuff down and said “hi, I’m Louis Short. Just call me Louie.”

“Hi, Louie. I’m Darren Hartford. And I love to tie guys up with my rope. You won’t be able to get out of any rope work I do.”

“Great! I love to be tied up. And I don’t want to get out.”

“Can I help you get your things brought in?”

“Sure. I’ve still got a couple more loads. My car is out front.”

After we’d brought everything up and I parked my car, I started putting things away. Darren and I started getting acquainted then, and we found out where we were from and what we were majoring in at school. We checked our classes and found that, while we didn’t share any classes, they were at pretty much the same times, giving us some extra time together. At that thought, we both started getting smiles on our faces as we thought about the possibilities.

After dinner at the cafeteria, I soon found myself hog-tied and gagged on the floor, with Darren daring me to get out. When I couldn’t, he propped me up against my bed and removed my gag. He unzipped his pants and brought out his cock, a good 8 inches long which was hard. He held it up in front of my mouth.

“Have you ever gotten into cock sucking?”

“Yeah, I’ve done my share of that back in high school.”

“Ever done it while tied up nice and tight?”

“No, but I’ve wanted to.”

“Then it’s time you got what you wanted.” He brushed it against my lips for me to kiss, before he told me to open up. I knew what to do. Pretty soon he had it inside my mouth while I was sucking it. It wasn’t long before he was pumping away, holding my head in place while he thrust his cock fully inside and down my throat. Finally he shot his load.

After he finished, he closed his eyes, and kept his cock inside my mouth. Finally he started withdrawing, telling me in a quiet voice to clean it as he removed it. I obeyed. When it was out, he put it in his pants and zipped them up. He said “roommate, I think we’re going to get along just fine.”

After he put my gag back in, he put me back down on the floor lying on my stomach. He said “I’m going to meet some friends, so I’ll be gone for a couple of hours. By the time I’m back, I’ll be ready for round two. I want to keep you here ready for my return.”

My cock had gotten hard from the action, but I didn’t have any way to give it some relief. I tried testing the bonds, but knew that it was useless. I was going to stay tied up until Darren’s return. I was enjoying it. I was getting my craving satisfied.

That night after servicing Darren a second time, he released me from the hog tie and removed my gag. But my hands were still tied behind my back and my ankles were tied together as I was in bed under the covers. I was going to have to rely on Darren to get me up in the morning.

Halfway through the night I awoke to having the gag put back. It was Darren. When he realized I was awake, he said “your snoring was keeping me awake. I need to get some sleep, and I’ll have to keep you quiet to be able to do that.” I was soon back to sleep, and found out the next morning that I apparently didn’t snore when I was gagged. That became the norm for me after that, to always be gagged at night when Darren and I were together in the room. And my hands were always tied together behind my back as well, with my ankles also tied. I never had a problem breathing while gagged.

We played quite a bit in the dorm room that semester, though only after we’d finished our schoolwork. That came first. We were both enjoying each other’s company. We made quite a pair. The city slicker, as I was called, always dressing in shirt and tie with sport coat, and the country bumpkin, as Darren was called, always dressing in Western clothes.

Finally one day Darren told me that he was going to get me some Western clothes to wear. He said that he knew of a fellow back home that made some custom clothes. While I was tied up Darren took my measurements. He said that Western clothes should be tight-fitting, which suited me perfectly. What I didn’t know was that there were some special added features to the clothes.

When the clothes arrived, Darren had me try on a shirt and a pair of jeans. He told me that they worked best if I didn’t have any underwear under them. The shirt hugged my body and had an extra high collar. It also had something that stuck out from above my nipples. The pants were made of denim, hugged my body as well, and had something that went over my cock and balls. After I’d put on the shirt, keeping the collar open, Darren undid the top pocket snaps and felt the pocket snap which was over my right nipple. He made sure that it was over my right nipple, and started twisting the snap. I didn’t realize that the snap twisted. But I quickly found out why he was twisting it. The inside was a screw-on nipple clamp, one that went in tighter and tighter as it was twisted.

It wasn’t long before I was shouting from the pain of the nipple clamps which were tightly cutting into both my nipples. After that, he moved his attention to the pants. He started fitting my cock and balls into the little compartment which was over them. After my cock was in the sheath and my balls were in the accompanying pouch, he zipped up the pants. When he fastened the metal button at the top, he pushed the inside of it. This caused some embedded metal rings in the sheath and pouch to spring closed. The one in the pouch went around the base of my balls. The ones in the sheath went around my cock at various measured segments of it. These started turning me on.

Finished being in the clothes, which I found to be enjoyable to wear with the special effects, I soon found myself back in the familiar hog tie position. Having my hands tied behind my back forced my chest out prominently, which caused the clamps on my nipples to become more painful. When I was back to servicing Darren again, I found another special part of the pants: there were little spikes at the end of the cock sheath, so that when I would get erect, they would poke into my cock’s tip. And when Darren was tantalizing me with his cock, he would turn the snaps on the shirt pockets, which would tighten the nipple clamps. I was starting to yell from the two special effects. Darren just smiled and his cock got harder. I had to service him with those additional pains.

Darren said “I love playing with guys who are wearing these special clothes.”

I slept that night in those Western clothes, tied and gagged as usual. Darren didn’t loosen the pocket snaps, and kept my cock and balls ringed. It was when I got my usual morning Woodie that I again noticed the additional pain from those special clothes. I was finally relieved when Darren got me out of them that morning so I could get cleaned up. But when I got back to the room, Darren insisted that I should dress in those for my classes, necktie added as well like I usually wore. That’s when I found out that the shirt collar was tighter than I usually wore. It was another special effect. I was starting to find out about Darren’s sadistic side. After I had the tie tied, which Darren yanked even tighter still, Darren gave me a black leather vest to wear. This was also skin tight and hard. He said that this went well with the Western clothes, and in looking in the mirror, I could see that he was right.

Before leaving for classes after having breakfast, Darren tightened the shirt pocket snaps and pushed the button on my pants. I was instantly in pain. Darren said “I know what you’re thinking, but you won’t be able to undo those. I’m the only one who can do that.” With a smile, he added “I’m looking forward to this afternoon after you’ve finished your schoolwork.”

I had difficulty keeping my attention on my school lectures. Whenever I moved, usually to make notes, the clamps on my nipples would kick in, and my cock would sometimes respond, finding the spikes at the tip. It wasn’t easy concentrating.

That afternoon, classes and homework finished, Darren modified his tying of me. He added some rope around my arms above my elbows which he put some muscle into pulling very tight, having the effect of pulling my elbows together and pushing out my chest even further. This had the added effect of pushing my nipples even more into the shirt’s built-in nipple clamps. I was in more pain. When Darren saw this, his smile got bigger. He finally said “damn, you are so cute like that. You’re making me hard.” Soon my gag was out and I was servicing him again.

That night he decided to invite some of his friends over. Before leaving, Darren had propped me up against the bed. I was still dressed as I’d been for going to class. When they all clomped into the room in their boots, Darren introduced us. He explained the special clothes I had on and that I was all set up to suck cocks. They didn’t need to be told twice. The problem was getting them to wait until it was their turn.

After they were finished, I was again gagged and they all left the room to go somewhere else to visit. I was again left like I’d been before they came in. It was a couple of hours before Darren was back for his usual nightly servicing. After that it was bedtime. But before dropping off, Darren said “we’ve been invited to the ranch of one of my friends this coming holiday weekend. After we’ve finished our schoolwork, we’ll both be going.” The decision was made for me just like that, not that I minded.

When I returned from my last class that weekend, I noticed a large trunk in our room. I wondered what that was for, and started studying. When Darren came in I asked him “whose trunk is that?”

“That’s what I brought my things in. I keep it in the dorm’s storage area. It’s too big to keep here.”

“You’re going to put all your things in that for the weekend?”

“No. I’m going to put you in that for the weekend.”

That brought me up sharply. I realized I was going to be tied up and put into that trunk for the trip. I wasn’t looking forward to that. Darren could see this, and went to his closet to bring out some rope. Soon I was tied to the chair and gagged. My hands were free to do homework, but otherwise I couldn’t move. I wasn’t going to be given a choice.

After I’d finished my homework, I was again hog tied, gagged, and this time, also blindfolded before being put into the trunk. I was surprised to find that I could fit into that, though it was a pretty tight fit. I was still dressed as I’d been for classes. Darren had done the packing for himself and for me, bringing along some spare clothes, as well as my usual morning things.

When his friends arrived, one of them took one end of the trunk and Darren took the other, carrying it down to the vehicle we’d be riding in. There apparently were only four seats, and there were four people besides me. The trunk and the other luggage were put in the trunk of the car for the trip. After everything was loaded, we took off.

The trip seemed to take a couple of hours. It was not a pleasant one for me. I was pretty uncomfortable, particularly when we went over bumps in the road. The last couple of miles were on a gravel road, and I felt those the worst. I particularly noticed the clamps on my nipples. It was also pretty hot in that trunk.

Everybody else pitched in to help unload the car. I was carried in the trunk to the room that Darren was staying in. When the lid was popped on the trunk, I was helped out. My blindfold and gag were removed, and I was propped up against the bed. I noticed that there was only one bed in the room. After the crew got serviced by me, it was time to turn in.

I wondered if Darren was planning on sleeping with me. Instead, the rope that put me into the hogtie was removed, I was gagged again, and I was put underneath Darren’s bed, each end tied to the ends of the bedframe from underneath it. I spent the night sleeping on the floor under Darren.

The next morning I was let out of everything to get cleaned up and dressed. We all went into the dining room for breakfast. I was finally able to meet our hosts, and they me. They were told that I was not feeling well when we arrived, which was why we didn’t meet properly then.

We ate our fill, and then it was time to see the ranch. I hadn’t ridden a horse before, and I was put on one behind Darren, who was obviously very much at home on a horse. We rode out to see the full extent of the spread, which was quite large. I was given a cowboy hat to wear, as well as cowboy boots, and didn’t wear my usual tie, but did wear the leather vest. I felt that I fit in well.

When we got back, the others were talking about having a calf roping contest held at the far end of the ranch. I asked what that was, and was told that the calf would be given a head start, before the cowboy on his horse would ride out, lasso twirling above his head, and rope it around the calf, horse stopping, cowboy getting off, and run over to tie the calf’s four legs together. The one who did that in the quickest time would be the winner.

I said “that sounds interesting. I’d like to see that.”

“Don’t worry, you’ll be seeing it from a unique viewpoint. You’re going to be the calf.”

That stopped me quickly. I looked at Darren with a look of ‘oh no, I’m not’. Darren knew the look. He quickly got his rope, and soon I was tied up again. I was put on the back of Darren’s horse, straddling it, hands tied behind my back, ankles tied, gagged, as we rode out to the far end of the ranch. Once we were where we were all to start, they discussed what order each of them were to start in. Once all that was decided, I was set down and untied.

Darren spoke. “You are to try your best to outrun us. If you don’t try, you will be punished afterwards. Understand?”

“What kind of punishment do you do?”

“We’ve got lots of things. We could whip you, string you up by a rope around your neck until you are stretched up standing on your tiptoes, leaving you overnight, lots of other types of torture. Believe me, you don’t want to be punished, although we’d enjoy doing it. Your choice.”

“I’ll try my best to outrun you.” Those other things didn’t appeal to me.

I set off when I was told to go at as fast a pace as I could run in those boots. As I was running I was noticing that the nipple clamps were biting more into my nipples, and my cock was getting punished as well. But my attention was focused on making sure that I wasn’t punished. I started hearing the sound of running horse hooves getting close, and all of a sudden I felt a rope pulled tight around my chest and upper arms, and I was pulled off my feet onto the ground.

I struggled to get loose from the rope, but my booted ankles were quickly brought together and tied, and brought up to my wrists to be tied. The one that did it stood up and waved to the others.

I was winded from that, and it took a few minutes for the rope to be removed and for me to walk back to the start. By then I had gotten my wind back. I was ready to start running again.

Darren was the last one. After he’d finished tying me and waved to the others, he untied the rope around my legs which was attached to my wrists. Then he helped me up and brought my wrists back together to tie again. He also gagged me. He still had hold of the rope which was tightly around my chest and upper arms, and holding onto that, he started having his horse walk back to the others, me walking behind him, still tied tight.

The others decided who was the winner, and those four walked their horses back to the ranch house, Darren pulling me behind. When they got to the barn, which was before the ranch house, I was taken inside. Soon I was back in that familiar hogtie again, propped up against some hay bales, this time with the rope still also around my chest and upper arms. It was time for me to service them again.

After I’d finished servicing the others, I was carried to a pillar and placed next to it, the rope attached to my chest and upper arms brought around the pillar to make sure I was tied tight and not going anywhere. The others then left the barn and went to the ranch house.

While I was kept there on my knees, I started looking around the barn. Finally my eyes caught sight of something that sent both chills up my spine, and got my cock excited. I saw a rope that had a noose tied into it that was hanging down from one of the rafters. When Darren had told me that this was one of their possible punishments, I only half believed that they would do something like that. Now I realized that it wasn’t so far-fetched after all.

When the others came back from having had lunch, the one who was from the ranch started asking Darren if he’d ever fucked me in the ass. “No, I’ve been happy fucking him in the face.”

“I’ve got the perfect setup for putting him in a standing position to be fucked in the ass.”

“What do you have in mind?”

The guy pointed up at the noose. I was following the conversation, and when he did that, my eyes got wide and I started shaking my head back and forth, making loud noises into my gag. I saw Darren start to get a smile on his face, which got me worried. In gagging me, they had put a wadded up bandana in my mouth, and covered it with another one that was tied around my mouth. I started working the wadded up one out around the one that was covering my mouth, my sounds starting to become louder.

One of the guys noticed this, and said “we’re going to have to do a better job of keeping him quiet. We don’t want to alert the rest of the ranch.”

Soon the wadded bandana was back inside my mouth, and besides the bandana covering it, there was also duct tape wound round and round my head over my mouth. My yells were soon well muffled. In the meantime, the guy whose ranch belonged to his parents had started lowering the noose. Already tied hand and foot and up against four burly guys, I didn’t stand a chance, but I still fought as best I could. But the result was inevitable. I was soon standing under that noose, boots tied together, knees also tied together, arms crossed behind my back and tied together with lots of rope, keeping my wrists above my ass, and that rope pulled tight around my neck and pulled up taut. At least it didn’t inhibit my breathing at all.

After Darren had released the rings around my cock, my jeans were unbuckled and lowered, and soon one of the guys was plowing my ass. He put his hands over those snaps on my shirt pockets, which hurt like hell, and he started pumping. I was yelling from the pain of the nipple clamps, but not much sound emerged from my gag.

After four hot men erupted into my ass, another bandana was pushed into my ass and my pants were soon back up and buckled. Darren said “it’s soon going to be dinner. You’re going to be released for that. But again, if you act up at all, you will be punished. Understand?”

After I nodded my head up and down, I was soon out of the ropes and gags. I needed to get cleaned up, as did the others, so we all went into the ranch house to do that. I was thankful that the noose rope was just used to keep me in an upright standing position and not pulled higher up. Afterwards, dressed in clean clothes, we went in for what I realized was a typical ranch dinner. I ate enough to last me a week. But I was soon back in Darren’s room, tied up in that familiar position again, available for anyone who needed to be serviced.

The next morning, after another large breakfast, we all got dressed up and went to church. Darren had expected this, and had hung up the necktie I’d had on when I was in the trunk. After church, still in our dress-up clothes, we all gathered in the living room and visited. I got to find out a lot more about Darren’s friends, and they got to find out about me. Apparently I was the first city fellow they’d experienced at that ranch, and they had a lot of questions to ask me. I had to be careful not to let out any indication of my role with the college guys, since his parents were there.

After lunch, we got out of our dress-up clothes and got back into ranch clothes again, which in my case, just meant taking off my tie and opening my collar. Soon I was back in the barn standing under that noose again, tied up for the others to have at my ass. These guys were sure in their young man prime. But this time it was earlier in the day, so after they’d gotten their rocks off, they decided to have fun with me. That meant torturing me.

Darren had explained about the snaps on my shirt, and they enjoyed twisting them tighter. He also explained about the spikes at the tip of my cock sheath, and they enjoyed working my ass and cock to get me hard, letting the spikes dig in. One of the guys was apparently into breath control, and he enjoyed pinching my nostrils closed while that duct tape had my mouth completely covered. I soon found that I got turned on by that, and got to experience the cock spikes from that. This amused the others. The guy always allowed me to breathe before I lost consciousness, so no harm came of our play.

Finally it was time for them to let me down so we could all go in and get cleaned up again. Then it was time for dinner. Afterwards, I was back tied up in Darren’s room servicing the others yet again.

The next morning was a holiday for us from school, but not for the ranch hands. It was a normal work day for them. We got to tour the ranch and see the action that morning. After lunch, we were all back in the barn again. This time, some of the ranch hands would come into the barn for various needs, and seeing what was up, joined in. Soon word spread, and a lot of ranch hands came in for their turn. My ass was getting quite a workout. By the time the last one got satisfied, it was time to get inside and cleaned up for dinner.

After dinner was when we got everything packed and into the car for the trip back. As before, I was tied up in that trunk. Back in the dorm meant back tied up to service the others. Finally Darren’s friends left, and I was soon back in bed, tied and gagged as usual. It wasn’t until the next morning that Darren asked me how I liked the weekend.

“That was certainly a different experience than I’ve ever had before.”

“The year is ending soon. What plans do you have for the summer break?”

“I really hadn’t thought about it. I guess I don’t have any plans. I’d like to go home to visit, though I did that over Thanksgiving and Christmas, the important times to visit family. What about you?”

“I’m going to be spending it at our ranch. Why don’t you join me? We can continue our fun like we did this past weekend.”

I wondered if I wanted three months of what I’d just been through. I finally said “let me think about it”.

I was finally starting to get used to these special clothes that Darren had gotten for me to wear. This time I had something different to distract me from the school lectures. I wondered whether I enjoyed what I experienced this past weekend, and whether I wanted to experience a whole summer of that. I kept thinking of this instead of what the teacher was saying. As I thought about the weekend, my cock would start getting hard, and I would pay the price when it would reach those spikes.

That night, after I’d finished the school work, we met the others in the cafeteria for dinner. Darren invited the others to his ranch for the summer, and they all accepted, providing I came as well. Apparently my being there this past weekend made their trip worthwhile. So now I had four guys pressuring me to accept Darren’s invitation. I looked down at my cock, which was again getting pained by the spikes at the tip, and finally agreed to go. They were all patting me on the back and thanking me.

We all walked together up to Darren’s room. Soon I was back to servicing them again. But this time it felt different. This time I seemed to be part of their group. I was no longer that city fellow that they could use to get serviced. Now I was one of them. It felt good to be part of Darren’s group, to belong. The only groups back home that anyone ever belonged to were gangs, and I didn’t want any part of that. Now I belonged to a gang of sorts, being a critical part of their gang.

As Darren was preparing me to go to bed that night, he said “I’ve been talking with my friend that makes those special clothes, explaining the kind of person you are, and he said that he would have some more special ones made for you by the time you get to my place this summer, ones that will turn you on even more while wearing them, without anyone knowing what lies underneath.”

I wondered what those were going to be about. But Darren wouldn’t say. But if they were anything like the ones he’d gotten for me already, I knew that I would like them. I was looking forward to them.

The end

Metal would like to thank Mister-X/Spartan for this story! You can contact him on Fetlife, by looking him up under screen name Mister-X.

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