Subject Neighbor – Turned Subject – Part 06

By Justin I

male bdsm stories Justin II know you want to know what happened but not much for two months. I will share some brief accounts of ways I tormented my now caged gorilla.

Starting off, he never left the cage. His entertainment was only as far as his mind was able. No windows, no clocks, no hearing me upstairs giving him any indications of time passing. He was in solitary confinement. This drove him almost insane, he would sleep, but not long enough, he would work out in his confined cell, but no weights meant all bodyweight burnout, and his dick was mine. This cage was a solid metal hollow tube bent in a downward angle preventing any play. He was miserable, from the live stream on the living room TV, Sam’s emotions jumped from boredom, frustration, unbearable suffering and completely checked out staring at the ceiling.

The very first day I left him down there without any visitation. He slept most of the day anyways but I knew this was short lived. I wanted him to suffer and while I knew the boredom and his hormones would torment him, I decided to make him a special diet he would be eating while incarcerated. Swinging by the store, I decided that Sam would be having three protein shakes a day. This smoothie would be made with two scoops of natural protein powder and two scoops of natural and chalky greens powder.

S: Dude! Thanks for this smoothie but let me out man! I’m sorry, please let me out and you can get back at me! What do you say?

F: I want that entire drink consumed by the time I return.

Sam then began pleading again but I have no time to explain further groveling. Watching from the couch, eating my own delicious breakfast of protein waffles, eggs, bacon and strawberries with a splurge of cream. I watched my own comedy. Sam downed the drink. He knew that just feet from his cell were numerous methods of torture. He drank it all up.

Eventually returning downstairs was a struggle. I had brought from the backyard the hose, dropping the nozzle of the hose out of Sam’s sight. Silently I indicated I wanted the cup, he held on as long as possible until I held my hand to snap. He passed the cup and I returned to the kitchen.

I made my way to the water heater shutting off all hot water. Then I turned the faucet on making my way down. It was warm outside but it would be freezing cold water from the pipes. As quietly as possible, I lifted the nozzle, setting it to jet mode and turned on the flow. Icy cold water now shooting with a strong current blasting Sam.

S: What the – ?

Was all he could get out, backing up against the wall, trying anything to escape the blast of water. Nothing was available to hide behind, everything was bolted, welded, or strapped down in the cell, for the prisoner’s safety and well being. I continued spraying for a while, until I was sure that Sam was thoroughly drenched and freezing cold.

Giving him no towel, I walked the hose back upstairs, returning settings to normal, blasting the AC again. Watching my now shivering and drenched “little man” struggling. He was cold, I left him this way for most of the day until the evening when he shivered out and actually managed to fall asleep. At this point I blasted the heater in the dungeon, it would dry all surfaces, and make sure he got a terrible night’s rest as he liked to sleep cold.

This pattern continued for a month. In addition to this torment. I continued to blast the cold air when he was awake and the hot air when he was sleeping. Connecting the chip in his head, showing brain activity to the thermostat. With so much freetime, actively avoiding my property living downstairs, I got onto Sam’s phone, and I continued to post for him online. Only very revealing photos that he would be embarrassed of, people DM’ed to inform me how embarrassing my, I mean Sam’s post was, but my acting was phenomenal and I responded with absolute confidence. Using his computer I found his favorite tab of porn, knowing he would recognize the sound, the last time I went down I set up a bluetooth speaker. I connected it to the computer and played his favorite porn. He instantly recognized it, then reaching down with a face of pain and struggle his cock was trying to grow, remembering the dozens if not hundreds of times he masturbated to these pornographic videos. The cock cage made this impossible.

This made me laugh out loud, and it was too good not to share so I posted some of these clips with a blurred face to my website. No one the wiser that Sam was there of my own will and not his own.

Jumping ahead it had been six weeks. The diet was good at maintaining his muscles but I did notice Sam was becoming lazy and sluggish without routine, so it was time.

Leaving an entire day without food, the next morning I came downstairs. Sam eagerly leaped up and once again begged for mercy, release, even to cum, food, anything I would give him. Instead I once again rinsed him off, these cold showers I always calmly explained they were boosting his testosterone, but that was a tease.


Sam stopped his groveling and stood at attention. With the same hypnotic glare into the distance. I unlocked the gate, ordering him to walk forward. I dried him off myself. I was suffering as much as him, I had no boytoy for six weeks. I then reached down and caressed his balls, for a moment I thought Sam reacted but when I looked back up he was in the same mind locked position.

F: Sam you have been a good boy doing everything I have guided and programmed for you. However you did a bad thing, and I am tired of waiting until I don’t have to disguise my intentions. These next 24 hours will ensure your surrender and acceptance of your new life. Go lie on that table.

Sam began to walk towards the table.

F: Sam, what are we forgetting as I put my hand on his chest and tweaking his unresponsive nipples.

I wondered if Sam was fighting inside his mind, if he was aware of his actions and mine but could do nothing about it. Like playing a video game, with the remote dying in the middle of the fight or race.

S: Yes, Sir.

F: Good boy.

I pulled out the key to the chastity cage and unlocked his big boy, it was a big boy. Bigger than I had seen, Sam’s cock was beyond excited to breathe again. His balls could have doubled inside, I knew Sam was able to drip precum, but didn’t know his balls were producing so much.

F: I am going to shave your entire body, I am going to trim your hair and get you ready for the process. Then I will fit you for that tank in the ground.

I got to work and shaved his entire front. It was wonderful having my human jock again but he was getting soft and pale. Once complete I flipped him over, for a moment I rested my hand on his beautiful cheeks. Once finished. I went over to a table grabbing an anal electro probe. Sitting him up I wrapped a fresh towel over his shoulders and trimmed his hair. Then locking on his face an underwater mask, one connected to a long hose for air. Another attachment was a heart rate monitor or two I stuck with adhesive to his chest. Finally, I grabbed a tube for milking and fitted that on his cock and balls, a 3D printed model that screwed together behind the cock and balls to cover them. Sam without hands would have no means of shaking off.

F: Stand up slowly and carefully, lay down on this lever.

The lever was essentially a metal gurney with chains connected to a winch to lower and raise. Grabbing some straps, I first secured his head, left bicep, left wrist, waist, left quad, left ankle, right ankle, right thigh, right wrist, right bicep, and one across his chest. Once each of the wires and hoses were connected to their partnering machine.


Underneath a mask with a clear view of Sam’s face came the muffled sound of his voice.

S: What’s? What’s going on? Where am I? Fred?

F: Shhh Sam. This is your final treatment and then we are set for life. I tried a slow and methodical approach which worked for a while, but you are too arrogant. The testosterone and constant praise you receive for your good looks have made you think you are the alpha. This is wrong. I am going to fix the problem. I am going to show you that you are in fact beneath me, you wish to serve me, you live and beg to do anything for me.

Sam’s eyes met mine but he said nothing, trying his best though I could hear the sound of the straps cracking against the metal. Of course there was wiggleroom to allow blood flow, but guaranteed Sam was going nowhere.

F: You still struggle. That’s not good and I’ll show what will happen. Inside of you is an electrode, now I know what you are thinking, that there is nothing in your mouth so how is it inside, think the other end. Back on point, every time you do, say or answer incorrectly I am going to punish you.

With that I reached over to the box controlling the prostate electrode and turned the dial to one. Sam in surprise winced and I assumed Sam tried to thrust, but no movement. His cock had the biggest reaction, growing twitch by twitch.

F: Doesn’t feel good does it? That’s only level one, this machine reminds me of a movie I watched as a child, except they called theirs the “sound of ultimate suffering.” Enjoy this taste of electricity, your cock certainly did but you won’t enjoy it so much later.

Sam once again sort of had a fit or seizure, but it was just his muscles fighting for release. I had no worries in my mind. Again I turned the dial from off to one. Then once he stopped fighting I walked over to the winch handle and lowered Sam into the tank in the ground, it was empty of water but would achieve the same effect.

F: I am going to ask you a question. The same question until you answer honestly and believe your answer yourself. I have the butt plug inside of you for when you answer incorrectly. You will suffer. Should your heart rate get too high, messages from the sensors on your enormous pecs will tell your air machine to limit oxygen until your heart slows down.

Reaching my barefoot down and standing on his chest for a moment, staring down at him as he stared me down.

F: Don’t worry, my goal is not to kill you. My goal is to transform you. Which will require breaking of mind and spirit.

Twisting my feet a bit and making steps in place I could see his face struggling against my weight. If he wasn’t experiencing pain he was at least having trouble expanding his lungs.

F: There is good news. At the end of this you will be released and have autonomy of the entire property. You will have access to the dungeon, upstairs, backyard, pool, home gym, front yard and garage. Even leaving some days when you are with me. How does that sound?

S: Just let me go, Fred. You will never see me again, I can go, I won’t tell anyone. If anything I’ll give you glowing recommendations to other guys at the gym. You’d love them, there’s guys just like me, even bigger. Please Please just let me out.

Sam’s heart began to rise and without warning, his air was cut off. He no longer spoke but instead fought until eventually he relaxed enough for the air to resume full flow.

F: I should mention, there is a stimulant mixed with every breath you take, so your heart will already be high but I had to make sure we did this quickly and sleep will not help with that process. So you will be awake until you agree to my terms.

Sam was then breathing deep relaxing breaths. Panic in his eyes, but held his tongue as another outburst could result in another pulling of his breath from under him. Stepping over to the machines I grabbed an extra large tablet connected to my computer, a slideshow of images that I will reward for some and cause pain for others.

F: Let’s get started.

First image was a picture of me in bed with my eyes closed.

F: Will you serve me with exact and immediate obedience, never wavering?

Sam gave no response.

F: If the answer isn’t yes then it’s no.

I turned the dial on to two, Sam then began moaning as his discomfort was rising. His cock was growing. Anus tingling. After a minute, it turned off as programmed.

I repeated the question.

S: No, no, please don’t.

F: If it’s not a yes, then it’s a no.

This time I turned the dial to power three. The model I had said it went up to 100 but I believe it only has 10 settings, each 1-10 covering only one. Either way I knew from previous man’s suffering, Sam would sing any tune I wanted once I reached 8, 9 or 10.

We continued this for a while, each delay taking longer as his moans turned into grunts turned into exclamations, his heart racing each time causing his lungs to burn for air that a little switch a monkey could flip kept him from breathing. Finally after almost three hours. Sometimes repeating the same power level of pain, Sam started changing opinion.

F: What is your answer?

S: Yeah, yes please I’ll do anything.

F: Now you are getting it, time for a reward. I turned on the milker.

Sam’s eyes practically rolled around the back of his head and back to the front, I don’t even think a high powered slow motion camera could have captured his cock rising to attention and immediately producing clear precum. This too continues slowly for a minute, stroking and keeping him on edge.

F: There’s my little guy. Does that feel good? It can feel even better every day. Would you like that, Sam?

S: Yes God! Yes! Please, I’ll do anything I can. Please just let me cum.

F: I love the results, but I did not like that last thing you said. You only seem to be saying yes to cum. This is a lifelong decision, I need to be sure.

Turning on the dial jumping by five notches, Sam was howling then losing all air. It was sensational watching my big strong, ripped muscles man helpless and fighting himself to relax. I sure wasn’t going to help him.

F: Will you serve me with exact and immediate obedience, never wavering?

S: Yes, I will serve you! I will serve you, Fred.

F: Ooh that was close, so close, unfortunately my name is Sir to you now. However I think you are getting the point, let’s give you a bit of both.

I place a hand on each device activating the milker on its slowest teasing speed and the electro set just two more than before. Again Sam fought. Finally the minute was over, Sam regained the ability to breathe and it was time. Raising the winch, I placed a hand on his chest. Hours had gone by now, six at least. Sam’s balls must have been swollen with cum, full and ready to blow. Now comes your final treatment and you will be ready. I went over the breathing machine and switched the stimulant for a combination of a stimulant in addition to a drug that would enhance his orgasm. I removed the anal probe and gently caressed his physique. I switched the full face breathing mask, for a breath control mask that only covered his nose and mouth, secured with straps.

F: Time for your training and reward. I have prepared a little movie for you to watch, it’s going to be all the tasks, your daily routine and images of me. Its snapshots of your new life with you and I together, master and subordinate. While the movie will be playing on a loop, I am going to set your milker to gradually increase in speed until finally it’s fast enough to make you climax. More than once I would bet. It’s 3 pm now, let’s say for the next six hours you will be enduring this process.

Reaching over I grabbed a VR set of goggles, ones that engulfed Sam’s gorgeous eyes and prevented him from looking in any other direction. Leaning down and whispering into his ear,

F: I look forward to meeting you on the other side.

With that I turned everything on. Without hesitation his cock grew and his balls, engorged and full to the brim, tried pulling close preparing for climax. It was going to be a long time. During which I went back upstairs and watched a movie or two, when I heard screaming I knew he was close, it was 5:15, he had another 45 minutes to go. I changed the channel to the dungeon, his body once pale was a solid shade of crimson, his cock was enormous, my TV might as well have had a ‘objects on screen are bigger than they appear’ sign, a lie. I had to see for myself.

Coming downstairs my cock was already at full mast, I had spent the day in nothing but a pair of gray sweatpants, commando and my sweats were the size of a general’s tent. I brought a chair over to my sweat soaked, moaning and begging boy, his muscles trembling and his hips attempting to thrust. I took off my own pants, rubbed my hand along his body gathering sweat for lubricant, which caused Sam to jump slightly. Mixing his sweat with my spit, I began working my cock, stroking in sync with the machine. It was ecstasy, 45 minutes of edging myself I was about to blow. In sync, both Sam and I orgasmed at the same time. Mine was the third masterbation of the day and didn’t have nearly as much as Sam.

Now comes the difference. Once I was drained, removed my hand and cleaned up. Sam however was now being pumped for every last drop.

S; Aahhhhh, mmmmmhmh, staaaawp. Pleeeaase!!

Sam was crying out for me, knowing I was nearby at least 45 minutes ago. He was shaking all over, fingers and toes curling as the assault from the milker was in full swing. His orgasm seemed to never stop, his balls were shrinking, but only slightly, his cock full and proud. Finally after 30 minutes of torment, Sam was completely drained. Nothing was coming out, his balls had dropped and his dick while enormous, was now flopping around in the tube.

S: SIR! SIR! Make it stop! Make it stawp!!

I shut off the machine, but I was emotional. I knew this would work, he was mine. Releasing the milker, heart rate monitor, breathing mask and VR goggles. I laid a hand on my man, he simply stared at the ceiling, I made the leap of fetish faith and started undoing his bonds. Once the last was removed, Sam sat up and lunged at me, I began to say the word but then it was an embrace.

S: Thank you, Sir! Thank you! Thank you! I promise I will never do anything to harm you again, I will serve you and protect you! Thank you for saving me!

I hugged in return, the big guy was sweaty but I didn’t care. Sam was mine, his massive arms no longer trying to harm me but rather comfort me in gratitude. His head resting all of its weight on my shoulder, his body leaning on me for support. The agreement was made. We were a partnership of different standing.

F: You are a good boy, Sam. Would you like to sleep in my bed tonight?

S: Yes, Sir!

F: That’s good. I would like you to as well.

I lead Sam up the stairs into the kitchen, giving him a bottle of water with lots of electrolytes. We then went to the bedroom and cuddled. Sam almost immediately fell asleep, but even in his exhaustion the training video was established in his programming. The chip played into ensuring his duties came first in his mind.

S: Is there anything else you need tonight Sir?

I turned to my little guy, making eye contact once again in an affectionate way. Turning to face him I laid one hand on his chest and the other underneath and behind his head, running my fingers through his hair.

F: So little guy, I am satisfied for the night. You are released for the day.

S: Thank you, Sir.

Then, as if his pillow wasn’t holding all the weight already, Sam’s head sunk even further into his pillow. I was a bit stuck but I didn’t mind, while I normally don’t enjoy men in this equal way, tonight was an exception. Birthdays and holidays may be the same but for this moment I was in heaven.


Things have been good ever since. Sam has served just as he said he would. It has been amazing.

My day starts off with breakfast, then Sam will help me get dressed. Placing the clothes on me and taking my pajamas to be the laundry to be washed. After which I am ready to work from my home office, Sam cleans up breakfast and prepares himself for his workout. As I like my big boy that’s also my little guy, Sam works out for three hours. Each morning until lunch. Then when I come out of my office, Sam will have lunch cooking or already prepared. I often tease him during the day, when he is in the kitchen, I will tickle the swell of his bare back. He wears an apron while in the kitchen, never allowed to wear a shirt at home unless going out together, the apron protects his golden skin. After this Sam will get to work cleaning and maintaining everything in the home, when finished he is to educate himself on even more maintenance and laborious tasks. Finally the end of the day is dinner together. He will prepare this meal, or I will dress him up and we will go out. Finishing every night, we do a live stream. I take Sam to the dungeon and work his body in various ways, then finishing with an orgasm if I was in a good mood.

I saw this playing out for the rest of our lives. A life of being in control of the perfect man, perhaps someday we would recruit another young buck but until then we have the now.

To be continued …

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