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Subject Neighbor – Turned Subject – Part 07

By Justin I


male bondage storiesThe drive home was enlightening but not surprising. The doctor’s office was an hour away from home, so the drive gave Fred time to think. The results of this year’s physical was already known to Fred but he was reassured when the tests came back negative for any sign of illness. Over the past six months Fred had been losing weight, each day getting leaner and leaner. Still retaining some muscle but now was much lighter than his previous runner athlete state. In no manner was he a twig with no muscle, just reduced to a fraction of his previous size.

On the other hand, Sam seemed to only have grown in size, compressions stretched to their limits and needing to purchase a new suit for the fundraising event last month.

The fundraising event was a unique, new, and throughout the evening a very sexual experience. During the event, Sam was seen as the alpha male. No one at this party would have known of any sexual history and without denial didn’t realize Sam was Fred’s guest and not his date. Before the clarifications, Sam was assumed to be the money maker, the leader, and he flirted with everyone in some capacity. He was a head-turning masterpiece of beauty, many hands groped in too friendly of ways. Fred decided after the fourth person that he no longer would interfere and simply accepted this, leaving him in the submissive position. He never fought this feeling.

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Subject Neighbor – Turned Subject – Part 06

By Justin I

male bdsm stories Justin II know you want to know what happened but not much for two months. I will share some brief accounts of ways I tormented my now caged gorilla.

Starting off, he never left the cage. His entertainment was only as far as his mind was able. No windows, no clocks, no hearing me upstairs giving him any indications of time passing. He was in solitary confinement. This drove him almost insane, he would sleep, but not long enough, he would work out in his confined cell, but no weights meant all bodyweight burnout, and his dick was mine. This cage was a solid metal hollow tube bent in a downward angle preventing any play. He was miserable, from the live stream on the living room TV, Sam’s emotions jumped from boredom, frustration, unbearable suffering and completely checked out staring at the ceiling.

The very first day I left him down there without any visitation. He slept most of the day anyways but I knew this was short lived. I wanted him to suffer and while I knew the boredom and his hormones would torment him, I decided to make him a special diet he would be eating while incarcerated. Swinging by the store, I decided that Sam would be having three protein shakes a day. This smoothie would be made with two scoops of natural protein powder and two scoops of natural and chalky greens powder.

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Subject Neighbor – Turned Subject – Part 05

By Justin I

male bdsm stories Justin IS: You’re looking good, sort of like a man but not really.

F: Big talk for the guy not tied up.

S: True.

Sam then began flexing his muscles, sending ripples across his enormous body. Slowly caressing his own smooth and blemish-free tanned skin.

S: You’re not wrong. Tell me this, even without the restraints do you think your chances of beating me in a grappling match are any better?

I swallowed but with as much of a position of power I could assume, laying in this bed bound and helpless.

F: Sure thing, but I’ve got the higher tolerance for pain. You’re nothing but a weak little beta.

I could tell I had stirred something in Sam’s mind. His sinister eyes glanced around, and a wicked smile crossed his face. Leaving the room for a brief moment, returning with a wide white roll of self-adhesive medical wrap.

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Subject Neighbor – Turned Subject – Part 04

By Justin I

male bdsm stories Justin ISam woke up the next day sore. Especially his legs, and his cock was also raw. He stuck to himself that first day, but once he fully recovered I carried out subtle programming a pressing BDSM fantasy.

Three months later.

Sam was hooked, at least with bondage and play. We repeated a variety of our initial scenarios. I would put him in chastity, with no lock, which wasn’t nearly as fun for me. Then after two or three days, I would tie him in a helpless position and edge him and then let him cum. I was stimulated and cummed a few times myself during those blindfolded sessions but nothing as intense. Messing with his memory was a dangerous risk I saved for only the most serious or mind breaking moments that needed correction.

In addition to my being Sam’s Dom, Sam would wrestle me. I think he enjoyed showing off his strength while getting his muscles worshiped while I was helpless to stop him, which was not an issue for me.

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Subject Neighbor – Turned Subject – Part 03

By Justin I

Justin I male bdsm stories

Not much time later.

Filled with testosterone and cum, Sam was the horniest and most angry I had ever seen him. There was one time, I might have imagined, but it sounded almost like he was crying. Peering into his room I saw a bright red face Sam with his shorts pulled down, staring at his own imprisoned cock. He was trying to use his electric toothbrush as a sort of makeshift vibrator to get off, with no success. Realizing I was watching he stood up and slammed the door. I could not stop myself from smiling, soon I will begin our permanent roles in our relationship.

Day six of chastity Sam was bold enough to ambush me. I was just coming inside from my run, shirtless and sore from the chest and back session I worked pre cardio. Sam was coming from the opposite direction, and when I closed the door he pounced. I had run with very little, wearing my sneakers, high socks, two in one compression athletic shorts with no shirt but a silver key around my neck. Sam grabbed me by the shoulders and wrapped me around like a python, falling to the floor we both went.

S: Give me the key. This isn’t funny anymore and if you don’t I’m going to crush you.

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Subject Neighbor – Turned Subject – Part 02

By Justin I

Justin I male bdsm stories

If you missed the beginning, click for Part 1

Sharing every moment of tormentous pleasure would fill novels. Four years is a long time to build stories, especially with a minimum of two forms of play a day. On days I have the entire day or I feel especially happy or frustrated, then we spend even more time together. You will accept my generous favor of sharing highlights.

13 Months Post 1st Meeting

Having used the chip in Sam’s head, I programmed a sort of “yes/no” switch in the decision and “gut feeling” part of the brain. This feature had especially come in handy when I made suggestions for Sam, then reinforcing a good feeling in his mind he most often agreed. After he really bulked up and leaned down, I suggested he work on the yards in 5-inch inseam shorts with no shirt. He got funny looks at first, but after a week was normal. I was in heaven, my boy was buff, honey blond with golden tan skin. Of course I gave him special sunscreen that encouraged his tan without damage or burn to his skin.

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Subject Neighbor – Turned Subject – Part 01

By Justin I

Justin I male bdsm storiesFirst day of June. I woke up to the smell of eggs, protein waffles, and coffee. I was greeted with a pleasant scent in the air but my eyes were blessed with a beautiful man. Carrying two mugs to the table was a 22-year-old, 6’2, honey blond hair all over, lean beef white boy with tan flawless skin. I dressed him in nothing except a tight, very revealing pair of bright white compressions trunk length. Along with a thin silver chain around his neck with my dime sized medallion revealing a “β” for beta. I am the Alpha.

Four years since I, Fred, met Sam, three since taking full command. Just a stranger and boy back then, now a young man and powerful. A bodybuilding masterpiece sculpted for my pleasure.

Sitting down at the table Sam was to not speak unless given approval, whether that be permission or because of the chip in his head. This was how all of his actions remained. To do nothing unless ordered via verbal or digital command. More on that to come.

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