Suit Test

By Rubrpig

Charles and Frank both groaned as the alarm went off. They smiled sleepily at each other and then decided it was time to get up, as they had to get ready for work as usual. They had to be careful, as it would have cost them their careers and security clearances if they were discovered to be homosexual. Things were changing very slowly, but in 1971 it was still almost impossible to be gay and employed in any defence industry.

Charles was a senior engineer at ILC Dover, and Frank was a junior engineer there as well. The division they both worked for was involved in the Apollo Lunar program, as ILC Dover was the company that built and maintained the custom made Lunar Space suits. They both worked closed with the astronauts, as they were responsible for the fit and integrity of the space suits. Each astronaut in the Apollo program was fitted and supplied with two suits. One for training, which received a lot of wear and tear during the training for the mission, and their flight suit, which was only used for their actual mission.

They had been working together for about a year and one night after work, they ended up going for a beer. During the course of the evening after a few too many beers for both of them, they ended up realizing that they were attracted to each other. Like a pair of high school kids, they ended up in the back seat of Charles’ Chevy Impala making out.

The next day after they had both sobered up they realized what they had done and hesitated to talk about what happened but both agreed to meet for dinner after work and talk things out. By the end of dinner they both realized that there was a strong attraction and they ended up at Charles’ house. Charles showed Frank around and then took him down to the basement where he had set up a dungeon as he was into BDSM as a dominant player.

Frank took one look at the equipment and gear in the basement and turned to Charles and told him that he now knew he was not the only one who craved this gear and this type of sexual action. Charles smiled and ordered Frank to strip and he turned and left the room. After a few minutes he came back in wearing black combat boots, a jock strap and leather bike chaps and a black leather vest.

Frank stood in the middle of the room waiting. Charles quickly put leather cuffs on Frank’s wrists and them moved him over to the cross leaning against the wall. After attaching Frank to the cross he walked over and picked up a flogger and began stroking Frank’s back slowly and easily but gradually he increased the power behind the swing and finally he was putting his entire weight into the swing.

Frank was moaning and groaning as the tails of the flogger first warmed, then reddened, then welted his back. After a while Charles put the flogger down and walked over to Frank and rubbed his hands over the welted skin, which caused Frank to moan softly. Charles reached down and grabbed Frank’s cock and found it rock hard standing straight out and dripping pre-cum.

He leaned forward and whispered, so you enjoyed that I see. Frank nodded and stood there as Charles leaned against him then, Charles reached up and grabbed Frank’s nipples and pinched them tightly, which caused a soft groan to escape Frank’s lips. He then reached over and picked up a pair of wooden clothespins and quickly snapped them onto Frank’s nipples. Walking away he stood quietly and watched Frank to see how he was reacting. Pleased with what he saw, he walked over and removed the clothespins and released Frank from the cross. He led Frank over to a bench and told him to sit down. Frank obeyed and crossed his hand in front of his stomach and looked at the heavy leather cuffs buckled around his wrists. Charles picked up a padlock and locked the cuffs together, which caused a sly smile to appear on Frank.

Charles looked at Frank and began to speak. The two men quietly talked and agreed that there was definitely an attraction and that it was clear that they were compatible in their interests. Frank looked at Charles and nodded. He told Charles that he rented a small apartment but he felt that it made sense for the two of them to move in together. He could say that Charles was looking for a roommate to share his house and help with the bills. So he would give up his apartment and move into Charles’ house. All the people at work would buy into the cover story, as it was common for homeowners to look for boarders to help with expenses.

A month later, the two men had settled in together and began to build a relationship based on their mutual love of BDSM. After six months, things were well established and Frank was now very comfortable wearing a jock strap, boots and a leather collar at home. He was responsible for all the household chores as he had willingly become Charles’ slave. At work, the two men were worked together and no one really was the wiser about anything as they went about their work.

NASA had announced that the Apollo program was ending after Apollo 17 and the remaining missions were cancelled. They would be switching over to orbital flights and building a space station called space lab. The Apollo space craft would be used for this program which meant the space suits would continue to be used. However, they also announced the development of a new program that the media dubbed the space shuttle. The shuttle program would require a new design of spacesuit and their company bid on the contract. Their department was tasked with preparing the designs.

However, this new program had created an opportunity for Charles and Frank. As part of their responsibilities for the Apollo lunar suit program, both men had been fitted and equipped with their own lunar suits. As the suits were custom made to fit them and would soon be obsolete, their company declared the suits, life support units and associated equipment as surplus and put them up for sale. Charles made an offer to purchase both suits and all the associated gear and equipment and the offer was accepted. The company basically gave him the equipment and the suits.

After arranging for all the equipment and the suits to be packed up, the shipment was delivered to Charles and Frank’s house and stored in the garage till the men could setup the equipment which was used to test the suits after they were put on and also the systems that charged and checked the portable life support systems (PLSS) which were the backpacks the lunar astronauts wore. They also arrange for tanks of oxygen to be delivered and installed in the garage on the basis that one of them needed oxygen at night.

A month after everything was delivered, things were ready. Charles told Frank that after work they would suit up and spend the night and the weekend in their suits either just in the suits but they would spend the time allowed by the PLSS sealed into the suits.

The day went by quickly and both men headed home excited. It had been a few months since either of them had been in their suits and they were really looking forward to their first extended wearing of the suits. Usually at work when they were in the suits it was only for a couple of hours while they demonstrated the suits to various astronauts, NASA officials and company officials.

They got back to the house and quickly ate a special meal that they had previously prepared which would not cause a lot of solid waste. They both did not want to remove the suits to use the toilet so they had been on this special meal program for several days. As a precaution, both men gave themselves multiple enemas till the discharge was clear. Then they began to process to suit up. Each grabbed a package containing the external catheter they needed to wear while in the suit. These catheters had long tubes and special sealing connectors so the tube could be connected to and sealed to the urine collection unit which was a bag located in the left inside leg of the suit. They rolled the heavy catheters over their hard cocks and squeezed the air out of them and that caused the glue inside the catheter to bond to their skin. The glue would prevent the catheters from coming off while in the suits but would not cause skin irritation or tear when they were rolled off their cock when they removed the units.

Once the catheters were in place, they put on and using the sticky tab to seal them their heavy diapers. These were necessary in case of an unexpected bowel movement as it would prevent the suits and the cooling garments from getting soiled by the waste. Once diapered, the men looked at each other and laughed. They were well built, muscled men but wearing heavy diapers with a clean plastic tube which came through the front of the diaper and hung down between their legs. This part of the process had always amused both of them.

They walked over to the tables where their suits were waiting. The cooling garments were on top and it was easy to see which garment belong to which man as Charles was 6’2″ and Frank was 5’10” so the garments were easily determined. They pulled on what was basically a pair of long underwear but these had a long tube woven through the garment to form a cooling grid so once in the suits, cool water would be pumped through the loop of tubing to cool their bodies. The PLSS units would cool the water and send it back into the suits. They pulled the suit on and put on socks.

They then picked up their heavy suits and moved over to chairs and shook them out. The suits had been opened previously and they sat down and put their legs into the suits and shoved them down into the boots on the suits. Standing up they pulled up the heavy suits over their legs and their asses. They sat down and began to connect the cooling suit to the main suit. Usually they would have worn bio medical sensors which also had to be connected to the main suit but they had left them off. They then worked their arms into the suit and then ducking their heads they pushed them up and through the neck ring of the suit. They stood up at this point and shrugged their shoulders and moved their arms and got the suit to settle into place.

Charles told Frank to stand still and spread his legs, and then he knelt behind his boy and reach between his legs and grabbed the inner pressure zipper and tugged it close and part way up Frank’s back, then repeated the process with the outer pressure zipper. The heavy zippers pulled the suits closer to Frank’s body and he felt the familiar pressure surrounding his torso. Charles stood up and finished sealing both zippers. Then he began snapping closed the flap of the suit that covered the zippers. Charles then moved to the front of Frank and reached through and grabbed the tail of the flap and brought it up and snapped it closed over the zippers which were over Frank’s crotch. This flap sealed with snaps and Velcro. Once Frank was sealed into the suit, he did the same thing to Charles.

They walked over to the equipment setup in the room and began connecting their suits to the test units. Once the suits were connected, the systems began pumping cool water through the cooling suit which helped reduce the heat that had been building up in the suits since the zippers were sealed. Frank picked up the communication cap and moved over to Charles and put it on him and connected the cap to the suit’s communication connector. Charles repeated the process with Frank.

Both men then went to their chairs and sat down. They picked up their lunar over boots and pulled them on over the boots on the suit snugging them closed with Velcro straps. These over boots protected the actual boots on the suits from wear. They stood up and moved close together after picking up their pressure gloves. The gloves had already been inserted into the lunar over gloves which protected the custom made rubber gloves of the suit from damage and wear. Charles then helped connect the gloves to the suit by the connector rings. The gloves were inserted into the connectors and the twist ring turned locking the gloves into the pressure seal on the suits sleeves. Then the outer glove was pulled up over the suits arms. Once Frank’s gloves were done, he repeated the process with Charles’ gloves.

Charles moved over to the table and picked up Frank’s heavy Lunar EV helmet and lowered it over Frank’s head and adjusted it into the sealing ring on the neck ring of Frank’s suit and then locked it sealing Frank into the suit. Frank did the same to Charles and then both men were fully sealed into their suits. They moved to their respective equipment consoles and connected the hoses and cables to their suits and turn on the equipment. The equipment activated their communication systems and pressurized their suits with pure oxygen. They watched the displays on the equipment and saw that the equipment did not detect any pressure loss so they were now fully sealed. They had to remain in the full pressure of oxygen for several hours before reducing it to the suits operating pressure.

They sat down in their chairs and relaxed. They quietly talked through the communication systems. The equipment chimed once the required time was completed and both men stood up. Frank picked up the heavy life support back pack for Charles’s suit and helped mount it to the back of the suit and flipped the straps and control unit over the helmet and connected everything. The weight of the back pack forced Charles to lean forward to balance properly. Frank then disconnected the suit from the test equipment and reconnected it to the back pack. Switching on the back pack, Charles was now completely isolated from the environment and dependent on the back pack. Charles did the same to Frank and soon Frank on the back pack support system.

The two men began to walk around the house and get used to being in the suits once again. Then Charles opened the door to the basement and told Frank to follow. They went down the stairs carefully and soon were down in the basement. Charles walked over to a rack and picked up a pair of large heavy leather restraints and walked back over to Frank. Telling to bring up his arms, Charles wrapped the restraints around Frank’s wrists and finally buckled them closed as it was difficult in the stiff gloves of the suit. Frank was ordered to the wall and told to turn around and face the room. Charles then padlocked heavy chains that had been bolted into the concrete wall to the restraints so Frank was now anchored to the wall. His arms were pulled back to the wall placing a strain on his shoulders as the back pack of the suit did not allow him to move back further.

Charles moved a heavy chair over and sat down in front of Frank. Frank tugged at his restraints trying to ease the pressure on his shoulders but nothing gave. Charles reached forward and began punching his gloved fist into Frank’s groin and Frank groaned from the impacts on his cock even though the thick heavy suit absorbed a lot of the impact. Charles smiled and then stood up and lifted the heavy gold tinted visor on his helmet and then on Frank’s. He then reached up and turned off the life support systems including the cooling in Frank’s suit. Frank struggled and begged Charles to turn the system’s back on but Charles just stood there.

Charles spoke and told Frank that he most likely had about 15 minutes of breathable oxygen left in the suit but the heat will build quickly which would force Frank to breathe faster which would use up the oxygen faster. He watched as the panic set in and the sweat began to form on Frank’s forehead and start to drip. He knew the temperature was climbing quickly inside the sealed environment of the suit. He sat back down in the heavy chair and slowly lifted his right leg and planted his lunar boot on the crotch cover of Frank’s suit and began to push hard.

Frank felt the pressure building from the boot on his crotch and that combined with the soaring temperature, and the growing struggle to get oxygen from the depleted environment of the suit, his cock got harder and harder and then he groaned as he felt his cock spasm and pump a heavy load into the urine collector system. He shuddered and began to lose consciousness and his head fell forward and his forehead hit the front of his helmet. Charles knew he had reached the limit and stood up and turned on the back pack restarting the flow of oxygen and cooling water into the suit. Frank groaned and slowly came to.

Charles sat watching and smiling as he lowered the gold visor on his helmet so that Frank could not see his face. Frank glanced up and all he saw was his suited reflection in the gold visor. Frank continued to struggle to ease the pain in his shoulders and finally after several hours he was unlocked from the chains but the restraints remained buckled over his suit.

The back packs were good for six hours and soon it was time to go off them and get them recharged. They headed to the bedroom that had been setup for their suits and soon both suits were reconnected to the main equipment and their back packs had been set back on the table and connected to the systems to recharge their batteries, oxygen supply. Both men needed to relax but needed to hydrate so they helped each other to remove the suits helmets and the fresh air hit their faces. They breathed in deeply and each picked up containers of water. They drank deeply and finally set their water containers down. They sat down in the heavy recliner chairs and leaned back. They soon fell asleep and slept through the night in their suits.

The weekend was spent either on the portable life support systems and that usually meant that Frank was in some form of bondage in the basement. Frank’s wrists were connected to cables and a winch was wound up pulling Frank’s arms up behind him forcing him to bend over as much as he could in the heavy sealed suit. Once he could not lean forward anymore, the winch was stopped and he was left in that position until he was begging and pleading to be released. It took about 30 minutes before he was screaming into his mic begging Charles to let him down. Charles walked over and released the winch and let Frank stand up.

That evening, the suits were partially removed so that the urine collection bag in the left leg of the suit could be changed. The full bags of urine and cum were removed and empty bags sealed to the tubes from the catheters. They pulled the heavy suits back on and once more sealed the suits and Frank had his restraints put back on. This time heavy restraints were added to his ankles and chains connected them forcing him to hobble as the chain was only 2 feet long. Once that was added another chain was padlocked between his wrist cuffs and then a third one connecting his wrists to his ankles which forced him to lean forward which over balanced him so he had to struggle even harder to walk as the centre of gravity was shifted too far forward and he was always fighting against falling forward.

Finally it came time to rest and this time the suits were connected to the main station, the helmets removed but the back packs were left on but connected to the recharging systems. Finally both men after drinking liquid food and water fell asleep. The next morning as it was Sunday meant that they had to remove the suits later in the day so they could clean the suits and then rest and get ready for work.

Once they were sealed back in and helmeted, they spent the usual time on oxygen before lowering the suits to their operating pressure. Once that was done, Frank hobbled after Charles as they headed to the living room. Once there Frank was ordered to sit down on the floor. Charles knelt and quickly as he could in the heavy gloves shortened the chains and forced Frank into a tight crouching position. Then he turned off the life support system again and this time left the gold visor down and left the room. Watching from another room he waited until Frank passed out and toppled over onto his side. He then walked over and turned the back pack on again and waiting for Frank’s recovery.

After unlocking and removing the chains, he helped Frank to stand up and the two men walked back to the bedroom. Charles removed Frank’s helmet from his suit and told Frank to remove his. Slowly the men removed their suits and soon were standing in their cooling suits. They pulled the cooling suits off and hung them up so they could dry as they were soaked with sweat. They peeled off their diapers and rolled them up and put them in the garbage. Both men wanted a shower and a solid meal after days of nothing but liquid.

After eating, the men spent time cleaning and preparing their suits. Putting them on special heavy hangers, the suits were hung up to dry out the interiors and air out. The cooling suits were washed in the bath tub gently so the tubing was not damaged. Finally after everything was taken care of, they headed to bed and crashed.

Metal would like to thank Rubrpig for the story!

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  1. If you think that breath control is an area where having a partner limits the danger, then you’re wrong. It is in fact just as dangerous either way.
    Even in a piece of fiction, this is a stupid idea, because some moron will try it just to see what it feels like. It could feel ….. dead.

    I recommend that this portion of the story be removed or rewritten.

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