Summer at the Ranch – Part 3

By Rubrpig

John was still concerned about a return visit by the Sheriffs looking into the disappearance of his former friend but he knew he had to be patient as the search would soon end as there was nothing at the ranch to link him to Rick’s disappearance. He waited for several days before hitching the horse trailer to his truck and headed to the remote barn where the horses had been stabled to prevent them from being discovered by the Sheriff’s deputies during their search of the ranch buildings and house.

He got to the remote barn after about 40 minutes and pulled up outside of the barn. Hearing the truck approaching the ranch hand that had been caring for the horses walked out and met his boss and they walked back into the barn where John was able to check on the conditions of his horses.

The four horses were excited to see him and were whinnying in excitement when he walked in. His chaps creaked and the spurs he wore jingled as he checked each horse and spent some time with each one. Finally he walked over to Cimarron’s stall where his newest horse and the herd stallion was waiting. The horses had been stabled for 4 days now and not allowed out of the barn in case the sheriff’s airplane was used to fly over and survey the large ranch from the air.

John opened the stall door and moved into the stall with Cimarron. He stroked Cimarron’s nose and flanks to calm him down. He spoke quietly and told Cimarron that the sheriffs were now searching for him or his former self as his parents had reported him missing. Cimarron nodded and stomped its right hoof to indicate it was nervous. John spoke telling Cimarron that he was safe and that the sheriffs were stymied as they found no evidence of his former self at the ranch and have given up.

Cimarron nodded its head causing his harness to jingle and John kept stroking him to keep it calm. This was a critical time for the horse as it was now fully aware that its family was searching for it and that most likely it was now considered to be dead. After a while, it was apparent to John that Cimarron had finally calmed down and was now accepting that it would now remain a horse and would remain the herd stallion as long as it continued to perform.

John left the stall and locked the door and he and the ranch hand left the barn. Outside, John told the ranch hand that they were going to move the horses back to the ranch. So they began by getting the trailer ready and then they began to feed and water the horses prior to loading them into the trailer. The horses were led one at a time from their stalls, out of the barn and onto the ramp of the trailer. Their hooves range on the aluminum ramp as they climbed the ramp into the trailer.

Inside the trailer were smaller than usual horse stalls as the ranch hands had customized the interior of the trailer to accommodate their herd of special horses. The gelding was moved into the trailer first, the tall heavily built tanned horse was the first of the herd. It had been a horse for 7 years and had started as a ranch hand who had proven to be less than popular with the other hands and with John. John had instead of had been prepared for him and for the next 8 months, John spent breaking the ranch hand into being a horse.

The horse who had been named Thor had finally broke and accepted that he was going to remain a horse. Thor had been left as a stallion and once the mares had joined the herd, proved that it was not capable of being the strong stallion that the herd needed, so it was arranged to be gelded. So John arranged for a local blacksmith who he used to shoe the herd of real working horses that belonged to the ranch to come to the ranch one evening. John knew that Roger even though he was straight was into heavy SM and BDSM with his wife, so he took Roger into the barn and showed him the new horses. By then, the new mares had adjusted to their status and their hooves, so it was time to have all of the horses shoed as well.

He took Roger over to Thor’s stall and they discussed the best way to geld Thor. Thor stood nervously listening to the 2 men talking and it was agreed that Roger would build a steel chastity device that would be put on Thor’s cock and riveted closed to permanently lock away the horse’s cock. John told Roger to come back once the device was ready and put it on Thor and also be prepared to shoe all 3 of the horses.

The mares had been bought from a specialized breeder and had been on the ranch for 6 years now and had proven to be excellently trained by their breeder. Now that Cimarron had been added to the herd, John felt that it was complete and that the men who worked for him also appreciated the horses. The ranch foreman and the hands that worked on the ranch were all hard core leather men that John had met over the years and formed bonds with. John and Steve were both sadistic dominants and the hands were submissive that had proven to be strong powerful men in their own right on the ranch but who willingly submitted to their boss and the ranch owner.

The horses were finally all loaded and securely safely in the trailer so the 2 men headed back to the main ranch site. When they arrived they were met by Steve and the other 2 hands who were happy to see their buddy back from the remote barn and they quickly unloaded the horses. The men all were excited to have the herd back and the 4 horses were walked around the barnyard to give them exercise and then taken back to their stable and put in their stalls. Things got back to normal with the horses working pulling the work wagons and the life on the ranch moved on. The fall weather soon turned cooler and the horses were fitted with insulated covers to protect their bodies. The covers were made of the same heavy padded materials that horse blankets were made of that protected real horses. The stable was heated and well insulated so the horses were protected from the cold weather. When it was too cold for the horses to work outside, they would remain in their stalls to protect them as the herd was very voluble to John.

One night, about 2 months after the Sherriff’s deputies has searched the ranch, the motion detector lights in the barnyard were triggered and the light alerted John and Steve, the foreman that something was moving in the yard. Assuming it was a coyote, the men both grabbed rifles and left their houses to check on the yard. There was nothing moving so they assumed the coyote ran off after smelling them so they began to walk back to the houses when John noticed movement near one of the corrals. Nudging Steve, who turned and moved away to circle around the corral as John carefully walked to the coral with the rifle head at the ready.

As John moved into the coral, he spotted a man wearing black assault gear crouching in the shadows by the wall of the barn, so he raised his rifle and told the man to put up his hands and stand up. The man slowly stood up and just then Steve got behind him and shoved the barrel of his rifle into the man’s back and prodded him to move over to the entrance of the coral where John stood. The man was in full black swat gear including weapons and body armour. His face obscured by a black balaclava and the Kevlar assault helmet he wore. John walked up and pulled the assault rifle over the man’s head and tossed it aside, he then pulled the pair of glock 9mm pistols from the holsters on the man’s hips. Then John saw the blacked out badges on the uniform which indicated that the man was a deputy sheriff.

John told the man to follow him and the rifle prodding him in his back convinced him to follow. They walked over to the large barn and entered. John turned on the powerful overhead lights and he turned to the deputy and asked him to explain why he was searching the ranch covertly in the night. The deputy tried to deny he was searching but the 2 rifles held on him by the heavily muscled ranchers who were obviously seriously angry at the intrusion onto the ranch convinced him to explain. The deputy told the men that he had come across some information that Rick had never left the ranch and so he was searching quietly to see if the information was correct. His plan was if he turned up evidence that Rick was still on the ranch, then he would take it to the Sherriff so they could get the search warrants for the property.

John nodded and told the deputy that Rick was no longer on the ranch but since the deputy was here illegally then he was within his rights to do something about it. John looked over at Steve and the two men smiled and nodded. Telling the deputy to strip off his uniform and equipment, they stood holding the rifles, and the deputy sensing that the smart course of action was to obey, stripped down and was soon standing in his boxer shorts. John nodded and told the deputy that they had to go as well. The deputy slowly turned red but obeyed and shoved his shorts down and stood naked. John held aim on him while Steve went over to the storage area and pulled out the gear that was needed.

Walking back over, he dropped the gear and began to put the gear onto the deputy’s body. The deputy tried to resist but prodding him with the rifle insured that he obeyed and did not resist. After about 30 minutes the last item was put on the deputy and that was the bridle, with its bit and blinders. The deputy resisted them trying to force the bit into his mouth but the resistance was soon overcome as they pinched his nose closed until he had to take a breath and then they quickly shoved the bit into his mouth and finished snugging the bridle to his head. The 2 men stood back and admired the muscled body of their newest horse. The deputy’s hide was a creamy chocolate colour which would match Sunrise’s hide very well. Sunrise was the mare that was usually paired with Thor.

John walked up to the new horse and told it that it was not going to leave the ranch again. It was now a horse and would remain a horse. The deputy began to struggle and break away but its front hooves were securely hooked to its body harness and the reins of its bridle was tied securely to the heavy post. John grabbed the reins and pulled hard and the horse responded and started to calm down as it realized that it was securely secured and equipped as a horse. It nearly lost its balance as it had not really learned to balance on its rear hooves.

It stood quietly swaying on its hooves and listened. John told the deputy that it was now just a horse. If it obeyed and learned what it was and how to live and work as a horse it would be treated humanely but if it fought then it would be subject to severe and harsh discipline and pain. The deputy nodded and stood quietly thinking that eventually the Sherriff and the other deputies would rescue him and arrest this pair of freaks.

John looked over his newest horse and looked over at Steve. What do you think? Mare or gelding? Steve laughed and nodded, and replied that it would make a good gelding. John nodded and agreed. They untied the horse and they left the large barn and walked it slowly over to the smaller barn letting it get used to walking on its hooves. They entered and the lights came on startling the horses and they came to the stall doors whinnying as the group entered. The gelding stared at the men standing in the stalls fully geared like he was but they all had flowing manes which just added to their equine appearance. Leading the gelding over to Cimarron’s stall, they stopped and let the gelding get a good look at Cimarron and it quickly recognized that Cimarron was Rick, the missing ranch hand that he had been looking for. Cimarron nodded its head and whinnied. John stroked its nose and face and Cimarron shuddered in pleasure. John turned away and the two men lead the gelding over to a stall and put it in the stall and closed the stall door and locked it.

The gelding moved to the door of its stall and tried to call for help but the bit prevented it from talking like a human and it could only make gargling sounds which just made it more frustrated. It began to kick at the stall doors with its rear hooves but that did nothing but cause it to lose its balance and fall over. It crawled over to a pile of straw and curled up in a fetal position.

John and Steve walked back to the main barn and gathered up all of the deputies swat gear and weapons. They packed the gear into a crate and carried it over to one of the grain silos and pushed it into the grain stored there burying it in the grain. They then went looking for the deputies vehicle and found one of the sheriffs SUVs parked a way down the main road. They had the keys for it from the discarded gear and John drove the SUV with Steve following in his truck. They got to town and since it was late at night, there was no one around and they quietly drove up to the Sheriff’s office and parked the SUV behind the building and left the keys tucked behind the visor on the driver’s side as it was well known that the keys for the sheriff vehicles were always parked with the keys left there.

John had been careful to wear his deerskin roping gloves so he did not leave fingerprints on the SUV or keys. He got out of the SUV and walked away quietly and got into the truck with Steve and the two men headed back to the ranch. On the way back to the ranch they discussed how best to proceed with the training of their new horse.

Thanks to Rubrpig for this story!

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