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Fisting Spa

fisting bondage

In the dark corners of the Fisting Spa, Drew Dixon strokes his cock and entices Ashley Ryder with his uncut cock. Separated by metal bars, Ashley decides to take Drew up on his invitation, and the two swap spit before Ashley gets on his knees to suck on Drew’s cock. Drew emerges from the bars to join Ashley and continue gliding his cock down Ashley’s throat. Ashley gets in even deeper with his mouth when he bends Drew over to tongue-fuck his ass, stroke his cock and finger his hole. When Ashley has Drew’s ass nice and primed, he dips his gloved hand in a vat of lube and starts to work his fist into Drew’s receiving end. Drew takes every punch from Ashley’s thick fist until he’s left with a bulging rosebud that Ashley savors. Wanting to feel Ashley’s fist even deeper, Drew hovers over Ashley’s hand to continue getting his ass busted. Now on his back, Ashley keeps fist-fucking Drew’s gaping hole, handballing him to a frenzy. To send Drew over the top, Ashley keeps up his relentless pace, producing rosebud after rosebud every time he pulls his forearm out, until Drew can’t hold back any longer and dumps his thick load all over his sweaty abs.

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VIDEO at Club Inferno Dungeon

Club Infrno Dungeon