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The erotic male BDSM artwork of Choppski

Here are two images by the artist known as Choppski. The first image is exclusive to the Metalbond site:

Choppski Metalbond

“Most of my art depicts muscular men of all races, with an emphasis on Alpha men and the subs who serve them,” Choppski says on his Patreon page. “There is a definite aesthetic to a Choppski Male: well-muscled, often hairy, and in the most crucial ways ‘larger than life.’ My art does not aim for realism so much as to make the hyper-masculine fantasy figure real and believable.”

Here’s another image from Choppski, this one from the artist’s comic “Pigs 2,” which has quite a bit of bondage in it:

erotic male BDSM artwork of Choppski


You can see much more from this artist by following him on Twitter. He’s also got a Patreon page, which you can join for just $3 per month and is highly recommended! And his comics, also highly recommended, are available on Renderotica.