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Buying Love – The Admiral’s Origin Story: Part 01

Note: This is a final installment of “Buying Love,” and it is an origin story for The Admiral and a few other characters mentioned in Buying Love and Bro to Ho. This is a long story, and it will be presented in four parts. This story is a work of fiction that contains themes of peril involving a shipwreck. It includes bondage, chastity, gay sex, and male-on-male love. All depicted characters are over the age 18.

Buying Love – The Admiral’s Origin Story: Part 01
By Cutieboy90

On the patio of the Genoa Yacht Club – Genoa, Italy…

“Ahoy, Silber! We got a late one!”

Jonathon Silber smiled as he turned his binoculars toward the harbor. “Oh yes. Almost two hours, too.” He noted the time on his phone. “Odd for a line that has such a good reputation for punctuality.” He watched as the small freighter made its way to its dock, oily black smoke puffing from its funnel.

“Late, and in need of a tune up.”

“You’d have never let your diesels get that bad, Roger.”

Roger sighed. “Nope… My ships were always clean and spotless. My crews could eat their breakfasts off the engine room floors. God I miss those days.”

“Heh,” Silber gave his old friend a nudge. “Perhaps they’ll take you on as an inspector. Or maintenance supervisor.”

“And give up the joys of retirement!? Never!”

“Well then do shut up about the good old days, would you?” A chipper British accent said from behind. “I’d rather forget about the dinosaurs we had as pets.”

“Ah Nelson!” They looked up at their other friend as he set a heavy-looking case down.

“What’s this?” Silber nodded to the case.

“My monocular, of course.” Nelson said proudly.

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Meet The Sodomy Squad: Defenders of Fucktropolis

When the city needs saving, this band of misfits comes together to answer the call as the city’s first line of defense. Meet the Sodomy Squad! The defenders of Fucktropolis. Their most recent threat is the devious Doctor Power. This eccentric billionaire inventor and his robot henchmen have wreaked havoc on this fair city. Will the Sodomy Squad be able to protect Fucktropolis from this evil mastermind? Maybe! First, they need to save the big-dicked Peter Pecker from DP’s greedy ass.


The Sodomy Squad is available at ASG Max

Title of the first video: The Civilian

Categories: Hardcore, Reality, HD Porn, Super Heroes, Big Dick, Muscular, Twink, Bareback, Blowjob, Deepthroat, Face Fuck, Gagging, Rimming, Doggystyle, Cumshot, Facial

The Sodomy Squad

Long Term Confinement – Part 03

By Scribe

Discipline Technologies recently opened a prison for clients and volunteers seeking incarceration for themselves or others (see our publication Long Term Confinement Part- 01). We quickly realized that we had facilities and personnel that were not being used to full advantage. Our warehouse had a large first floor and shipping facilities that were mostly unused. Our basement was full of prisoners that were sitting idle in their cells. We thought if we could productively employ these prisoners plus obtain additional slaves, we could achieve a win/win for our clients and our company.

We first contacted the clients who consigned inmates to us for safekeeping. We offered to waive the fee for confinement if we could use the prisoner as a slave. A few clients wanted to keep their victims chained in their cages. The majority, however, were happy to save the expense of confinement and let us use the prisoner as we saw fit. We then asked the volunteer prisoners if they wanted to continue to be locked in their cell or work as a slave in the warehouse upstairs. Tired of solitary confinement, most elected in get out of their cages. A few preferred to continue their incarceration.

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Newly updated male erotic fetish fiction by RotherhamMan

RotherhamMan has a number of published works at Archive of Our Own, including “Embracing His Love” with two newly added chapters. This story is about superheroes, muscle growth, abduction, and bondage, among other themes. Here’s some artwork that accompanies the story, which was sent to me by the author:


Click for Embracing His Love

(Note that this author’s work includes extreme themes, so proceed at your own discretion.)

You can also find him on X

And on Amazon under his alias, Mark R Cromwell