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When We Get Wrapped

By Sparky


You and I have been sent to the playroom to begin what will be a very intense experience for us both. I am sure our cocks would be jutting out in front of us right now if not for the chastity cages we both are locked into.

Our Sirs are on the patio enjoying the beer we have been serving them. Our excitement for tonight’s torment has driven us to ensure they both are well fed and catered to so that we can earn their bondage; earn their cocks inside us.

We undress, carefully placing the shorts and tanks we had been wearing onto the shelf near Sir’s wingback leather chair. Once naked I grab your hand, pulling you close for a deep kiss. Your moan has just as much horniness as it does desperation, the pain of your cock straining against the cage, just like mine is being smashed in my cage.

But we dare not be found this way. Our Sirs are expecting us to be ready shortly, so we break the kiss. First, we fit into our mouths the football mouth guards. They have an opening for easy breathing but also fill our mouths. I am sure we are going to end up drooling on ourselves eventually. We are going to be a mess before this is over.

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