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Weekend at Garrett’s – Part 06

© 2023 Bostonleatherman

…adds to the relief that Garrett allowed you tonight when he released you from the wall and unbuckled the arms of your straitjacket.

“Rise and shine!”

You woke to a bright light in the closet and the view of Garrett standing over you in the doorway. Or the view of his feet standing in the doorway. It took you a few moments to make sense of your situation: lying on the floor in a semi-fetal position with parts of you actually stuck to the floor. It started to come back to you as your eyes adjusted to the light: Garrett putting you in the straitjacket, locking you to the wall, forcing you to smoke a cigar in the enclosed closet, having to piss, pissing, Garrett pouring the glass of his own piss over you, and finally letting you down from the wall and leaving you on the closet floor for the night.

“C’mon, get up. Lots to do today. The least of which is cleaning up the fucking mess you made last night.”

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A Game of Chance – Part 03

By Robmacz

After an electric afternoon in bed together Tom fell asleep and Chris took the opportunity to make a phone call to his special friend. It was a short call, for Chris had been planning this game for years and Tom seemed the ideal player. Chris’s special friend confirmed that he would be able to make the arrangements, but he needed Chris to do a couple of things first. So as soon as he had finished the call, Chris went through Tom’s suitcase and quickly found his passport. He photographed each of the pages and forwarded them in an email. Then he called Elliott, who told him that of course he would be delighted to provide what Chris asked for as a memento and would email it straight away.

His work complete, Chris took a shower and went back into the bedroom where Tom was still asleep.

‘Wake up sleepyhead, the cocktail hour beckons.’

Tom opened his eyes. ‘What time is it.’

‘Time to get up.’

‘I was having such a great dream.’

‘Care to tell me about it?’

‘Well basically we did all that we did this afternoon, but instead of being here in bed, we were in a jail cell. Man it was so hot.’

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Pleroma – Part 06

By Taurus

Part 6 – incarceration_primer

Having just completed no fewer than twenty phone calls back and forth between his gym and his clients in order to clear his agenda for not just the following week as Matt requested, but for the whole month – Luke felt a sense of exhaustion wash over him.

Matt’s interfacing program was relatively refined, but Luke was used to coordinating bodily movement with the implant, less so the intensive mental work that his testing entailed.

Whatever his reasons were, Luke was already rich. With how hard he was working, he had earned himself a long overdue holiday.

As Luke took off a pair of briefs – the last of his “pajamas” – to prepare for sleep, his robot butler notified Luke of a call he had to take.

The caller was Matt. Figures.

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When We Get Wrapped

By Sparky


You and I have been sent to the playroom to begin what will be a very intense experience for us both. I am sure our cocks would be jutting out in front of us right now if not for the chastity cages we both are locked into.

Our Sirs are on the patio enjoying the beer we have been serving them. Our excitement for tonight’s torment has driven us to ensure they both are well fed and catered to so that we can earn their bondage; earn their cocks inside us.

We undress, carefully placing the shorts and tanks we had been wearing onto the shelf near Sir’s wingback leather chair. Once naked I grab your hand, pulling you close for a deep kiss. Your moan has just as much horniness as it does desperation, the pain of your cock straining against the cage, just like mine is being smashed in my cage.

But we dare not be found this way. Our Sirs are expecting us to be ready shortly, so we break the kiss. First, we fit into our mouths the football mouth guards. They have an opening for easy breathing but also fill our mouths. I am sure we are going to end up drooling on ourselves eventually. We are going to be a mess before this is over.

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Stud Squaw – Part 3

By Alex Ironrod

It was not a good night’s rest; the hog-ties prevented that, but finally they both slept, exhausted from the day’s torments.

It was evidently morning when they were kicked awake by a group of warriors and their rawhide ties removed. There was no sign of Red Feather, but the interpreter was there to explain: “You will be taken out and purged, then taken to the stream for washing and cleansing. You must be prepared for this evening’s ceremony when the chief will fuck each of you in front of our community to show your slave position as his new squaw men. Now to work.”

They were taken outside again, loosely tied, and led to the sewage pits. Here they were forced to bend over, Tom’s plug was pulled out, and the nozzle of pig’s bladders pushed into their holes. The bladders were emptied into them until the interpreter was satisfied as he patted their stomachs. After ten minutes they could hold it no more, and a mix of soapy water, their own shit and the cum of the previous night poured out of them trickling down their bare legs. Three times they were forced to be filled and emptied.

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Hotel Hot Tub

By ty dehner

ty dehnerAfter an afternoon of sightseeing in San Diego, I returned to my hotel in Oceanside, California. A block off the beach, my room on the fifth floor had a great view of the ocean and one of the longest piers on the California coast. With all the walking I had done I favored some time enjoying the hot turbulent waters of the hot tub. So, I slipped on my bathing suit and headed up to the rooftop where the swimming pool and hot tub were located. When I stepped out onto the patio, the view was impressive with a glass wall around the top floor so the vistas would not be spoiled. I was also glad to find no one using the facilities so I had it all to myself. Since it was late afternoon and, on a Friday, most people would only be checking in or busy with other activities.

Since towels were provided, I grabbed one placing it on a chaise lounge that was near the hot tub. I took off my t-shirt folding and placing it on the towel, with my cell phone and key card under the towel. I had a second key card that I always had just in case, in the pocket of my bathing suit. Making my way to the inviting water, I took in the ocean surf as it was rolling on the sand on the beach. The sun was starting its downwards drop to the horizon.

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Paying the Full Price – Part 2

By UKDeviant on Recon

UKDeviant chastity storyIt was day 4 of being locked in the steel chastity belt. I slowly woke up and as usual stretched and got ready for my morning slow wank. Then I remembered that I was still securely locked up. My fingers could just about get into a few of the gaps in the belt, but there was no hope for relief. Having been in a Holy Trainer for 4 weeks before for a period of enforced denial, the abstinence was not going to be a problem and I was not ready to panic yet, but I did need to have a plan to get out of my predicament. My dick still unhelpfully twitched and throbbed away inside the cage. Twitch.

It seemed unlikely that I would be able to get to London. Hotels were shut and the Police were turning away non-essential workers from the tube stations. Getting to James on Wednesday evening was just not going to happen, even if he turned up. It would be a long 2-hour drive both ways to find this out. I didn’t bother preparing in my mind an explanation I could give to The Police for my 50-mile car journey if I were stopped and asked where I was going.

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