The After Party – Part 1

By Pup Shaggy

I’d start by reciting the dream I had that night, but I can’t remember a damn second of it. All I know is that it must have been a good one because the wood I woke up with that morning was like a boats mast. I grinned, scratched my head, fondled my balls, and then turned my attention to my bed-pal.

I live in a student house, although I wouldn’t consider myself the regular ‘student’. Mostly I think it’s an age thing; you see while the average student is twenty something years old, I’m in my thirties, which then begs the question of why I’m staying in student accommodation. Long story short, I’m here working through a master’s degree my boss at work decided I should get; something about ‘increasing the prestige of the company’. I suppose a part of it is the mentality of it all as well; our differences in attitude. You see, while I tend to focus on more class work, their attitude is less aimed at their studies and more for partying and getting into trouble, as college students do. I’m not about to judge; I was that age once.

Anyway, we get on pretty well, I mean we’re not that different. Sure my hair is greying a little and so is my beard, but we’re that’s about all that separates us. I enjoyed their company and I liked to think they enjoyed mine, although I made sure none of them new about my darker side.

Tonight was your predictable end of term/submission day party. I didn’t argue when they asked to throw one, I knew they’d all be heading off tomorrow anyway leaving me home alone which –no offence to them – I preferred.

I hadn’t planned on joining them, but it was hard to do much work when I could feel the floor vibrating and the typical party music radiating from below; not to mention the usual party shouting and yelling, so I’d grab a six-pack of beer from my own mini-fridge and wandered downstairs to mingle. To tell you the truth, I’d already drank two of those cans by then and was feeling a little bubbly, so I decided – out of the blue – to have a laugh and strap a tight cock-n-ball sling around my junk to see if anyone would notice the bulge I’d be sporting.

Most of them were further along than I was unfortunately and if they did notice; they didn’t give me any indication. None of them seemed to mind my presence either, chatting to me on occasion.

They were mostly familiar faces; this wasn’t their first party. I was downing one of my beers the first time I spotted him though, someone new… Although I didn’t pay much attention. This was a party and there were easily thirty people here, it’s not like he was walking around with a big sign over his head; he was just another face in the crowd, even if it was new one, although now that I come to think on it, he didn’t seem to be having as much fun as everyone else.

But there was something about the way he looked that I kept picking him out, and so it was hard for me to eventually not take notice of him the sixth time around.

He was a lot like the rest: that sort of young-but-starting-to-show-their-age face with a generous helping of stubble. It had more colour than mine too. Skinny but with a bit of bulk on his legs; visible because of the three quarter length jeans he’d decided to wear. Guy was probably a runner. There was a thick bark-brown leather gauntlet around his wrist and the rim of his right ear had about six chrome metal rings pierced in it; ‘wannabe rocker’ was the description that came to mind. He had that roguish, head-banging look down to a tee with his long hair. You could tell that at one point he’d had a crew cut, but that was a while ago now and most of it was too long to be very smart. It was a shame, he’d look better if it was short.

His face was short but angular and a smile – which I only clocked once – that said he was as chilled as you could be and he hadn’t much a care in the world.

I never heard his name; it was hard to hear after the third alcohol delivery came in and the chatting became yelling. So I retired to the garden, finished my last few cans and resolved to head back upstairs and call it a night. But fate had other plans.

Standing by the driveway was my eye-candy stranger, completely alone, looking at his phone. He was out of the way, hidden in the shadows like he was hiding. After this long picking him out, I was curious, and so decided to stay, keeping an eye on him. He didn’t do much, stared at his phone for a bit, paced up and down, walked in circles. He looked bored, and at a party of, what I assumed was his friends, it seemed odd to me. So I wandered on over to check on him.

“Hey, you alright?” He turned to me with a half-smile.

“Yeah, yeah, no I’m fine.”

“You sure?” he nodded.

“Yeah just…” He stared at me for a moment. “Not, much of a party person.” I laughed.

“That’s a bit ironic isn’t it?” He didn’t say anything, looking at me confused. “Your look, you look like you’re on your way to a metal concert or something.”

“Oh right, yeah, this.” He chuckled himself, leaning forward a little and scratching his head. “No, I err, was going to…” he paused again. “…Big Bill’s. They told me about this party and dragged me along, but… I’m not much of a drinker either.”

I knew the place and it made me smile. Big Bills was a gay bar in the town centre, popular with students like him. Nothing else could be said of it really, there was a nice atmosphere to it sure, but it wasn’t my kind of pub. I preferred the more, exotic kind of pub.

“Ahh,” I said putting him at ease. “Well you’d certainly get yourself some attention if you go in there dressed like that.” He chuckled again, turning bright red.

“Yeah, I know.”

“You sure you wouldn’t prefer Supremacy?” his head cocked to one side.

“Supremacy?” he asked.

“Sure, you’d fit right in if you go there.” I couldn’t help but give him my biggest smile. I always thought it looked a bit devious, my smile. In this instance, there was good reason for it to be.

“Wait isn’t that the fetish club down by…” he slowed to a halt, turning redder.

“yep. Told you, you’d fit right in.”

“No, I mean, th-that’s not where…”

“Relax, I go there once a fortnight, it’s a fun place.” He froze, and then laughed, scratching his long hair again, giving in.

“Am I that obvious?”

“A little, you might want to come up with a different excuse. Why you hiding it anyway?”

“You know….” He chuckled. He was cute, in a shy anxious kind of way.

“Well you’re outfit is… Well…”

“What? Too much?” I moved in.

“Its missing something.” I took my first step toward him, closing the distance between us. I’d timed it perfectly so that he was trapped between me and the wall. No respecting dominant would get trapped that easily, so I was fairly certain at this point.

“Missing… something?” he repeated.

“Yeah, your missing a collar boy.” His smile got wider and his cheeks redder. I could tell he wanted to take his eyes off mine but he couldn’t break away. “You are a boy aren’t you?”

He swallowed, and then nodded with a dumb grin.

“Thought so. If you go without a collar, you’re going to have everyone drooling all over you. It won’t be fun.”

It happened to me once; I’d gone in and instantly had five submissives on me in seconds, licking my boots and grinding themselves against my body. It’s probably what he was looking for, but I couldn’t help on calling dibs on this fresh meat. There was no shame in that right?

“Tell you what, I’ve got a couple upstairs. Want to borrow one so you don’t get swamped by horny drunken men?” he stared at me a little, that dumb smile frozen on his face.

“Err… sure… I guess.”

“Come on the, my rooms upstairs.” The hook was in, let’s see about reeling the catch. I lead him to my room, enjoying the looks people were giving us. I probably should have tried to be less conspicuous, but they weren’t being either with the looks and ‘woops’ we got as we passed.

The while, he didn’t say a word, following close behind me like a lost child or a young puppy.

My room was locked – I learnt my lesson from the first party they threw, entering to find two people on my bed – so we were all alone as I swung open the door, stumbled inside and closed it again behind us.

“thh-thanks,” he murred. I chuckled, entertained by his nervousness.

“It’s alright, just relax here, take a seat.” I motioned towards my desk chair, going over to my cupboard to grab the collar I already had in mind. It was in a bag at the bottom, so I had to rummage around a little t find it, so after I’d found it and turned around…

On his knees, head bowed and arms behind his back, like a true trained submissive welcoming me home. The sight made my cock throb and I realised I’d been hard for a long time now. No doubt the sling encasing my junk was helping with that.

“What are you doing?” I laughed. He looked up at me embarrassed.

“I thought, submissives… should.. I mean… respect and… nn-nevermind.” He started getting to his feet before I put my hand on his shoulder.

“it’s alright, you can stay there if you want.” He put his leg back down, giving me another nervous smile. “Hadn’t expected that, that’s all. Hadn’t realised you’ve already been trained.”

“I… haven’t.”

“Huh, guess that explains why you’re not calling me Sir then.”

“Sh-it, Ss-sorry Sir.” I patted his head.

“That’s better. I believe your head was down, boy.” Instantly, his head dropped back to the floor. I couldn’t help but chuckle again, playing with that wild mop of hair.

“You know, boys who present themselves like this are usually presenting themselves to a respective dominant, a respective Master.” He didn’t say anything.

“I only said I’d let you lend a collar, I said nothing about topping you.” I pulled his head up a little, showing him the thin black strip of leather I dangled in front of his face. Sure it wasn’t flashy or metal, but the deep brown of it I figured would go with his look, and it wasn’t too brown for people to think that he was into, that.

He gulped as he looked at it.

“I.. I didn’t mean any… disrespect, sir.” He said quietly.

“That’s aright boy. To be fair, I was checking you out, I just didn’t expect you to submit to me so readily.”

“Will… will you….” He swallowed and took a breath. “…Will you… I mean, can I…”

“You know the question you want to ask boy, say it.” Again, he swallowed and took a deep breath.

“Can… I serve you… Sir.” I’d been groping the bulge in my jeans for a good while now, and just hearing that made my insides jump. This, was going to be fun.

“If you serve me boy, you ready to do anything I tell you to?” he nodded.

“Are you going anywhere tomorrow boy? Home perhaps?” he shook his head. Another good answer.

“One question then boy. Why do you want to serve me?” It was a curve ball question, and it was those type of questions that tell you who exactly you’re dealing with. He paused, and thought about his answer, which I gave him credit for. But he couldn’t find an answer. It was alright, he’d only just met me and I was already asking him that so I gave him the benefit of the doubt.

“Well, if you’re going to submit to me boy, you’re going to have to give me an answer. So I’m going to give you some time to think about it. But first…” I went back to my cupbaord. “If you’re going to be my boy for the evening, you’re going to need a better collar than this thing…. Here it is,” and I went back to the kneeling lad in front of me.

This time I showed him, he gulped and I almost felt the shiver down his spine as I showed him a heavy chain collar. I wasted no time, putting it on him, letting the weight of it rest on his shoulders and the loud ‘thunk’ of the padlock echo in his ears, even over the noise of the music still going on downstairs.

“Up.” Obediently he got to his feet. He was nervous, any fool could have told you that. And I’ll tell you now that I’m not usually good at reading people and telling you what they’re thinking or feeling… But this I could tell; he was ready for this. Like he’d been waiting for this moment for years. I could only imagine how heavy that chain must have been on his neck, and the thought was entertaining to me. It’d be a constant reminder for him, a reminder of the question he had to answer.

I was just enjoying staring down at him with a grin when he came forward and planted his lips on mine. I felt his hands instantly go to my sides and grip my arse. It wasn;t a long kiss, because as quickly as he lurched forward, he backed away, lowered his head and returned his hands to his back.

“Sorry, Sir. I…”

I lunged forward surprising him, planting my lips against his. I felt him jolt, and then quiver as he relaxed. I felt his arms go limp again, but this time I held his arms behind his back. If he wanted them there, than I was going to be sure he kept them there.

I went in again for a deeper kiss, his lips parting for me as I assaulted him with my tongue while he tried to reciprocate. His arms twitched as I held them firm, his body quivering as I toyed with his mouth. As I finished, I gave him a small peck on his forehead, releasing his arms but like a well-trained boy, he kept them crossed behind his back.

“Turn towards the bed.” Without question, he turned his brown eyes watching me.

“Strip, take all those silly clothes off, everything but your pants.”

I realised, as I watched him undress that I still didn’t know his name, and I really needed to start calling him something other than ‘Guy’ or ‘Kid’ or ‘lad’. ‘Boy’ worked pretty well out-loud but I still needed an actual name to go by. I started thinking about it seriously as he pulled his shirt off over his head, revealing his chest. Then going down to one knees as he unlaced his timberland boots. I smelt it instantly, getting a good face full of foot-sweat for my reward. I didn’t mind, I’d get him back for that later. His socks must have been soaked through with sweat from wearing those thick leather boots all day.

He was staring at me like a doe by this point, eager to say something but obedient, or maybe scared not to. He pulled down his tattered jeans, leaving them in a pile along with his other clothes. Finally, he unlaced the twine on his gauntlet, taking that off too. Shame it didn’t fit me but I had my own already, and mine were black.

And then he stood there, waiting for the next command, like a good slave. I patted the bed, and slowly he ambled forward, getting on top of it expectantly.

Luckily for me, I was always prepared for a bit of late-night fun, and so grabbed the roll of duct tape I kept under the bed, along with both of his strewn socks. I pushed him down roughly, sitting on top of him in case he had any last minute ideas for escape. My legs pinned his arms to his side as he stared up at me. He didn’t show any resistance or complaint; looking back at the tape, to me, and then his own sweaty socks in my hands. He looked up at me with big welled up eyes and a faint but sure enough smile. Puppy eyes. Big brown puppy eyes. He needed a puppy name, and that’s when it hit me. ‘Dakota’.

Dakota was the name of a pal of mines pup. Short eager thing he’d picked up at Pride last year. I always enjoyed the thought of having my own pup, but it was the thought of training it that put me off. I’d seen how much effort it took, the constant level of attention they required when being trained like an animal. His pup was nothing but fluff and energy, with an attitude that came with sniffing and chasing everything. I’d been present a couple of times during his training, and his owner was not gentle with him either, but the results were perfect. He gave great head and had a tongue that would feel amazing against your arse as he struggled to breathe. But getting there wasn’t easy, I just didn’t have that kind of time.

Sure, this guy wasn’t as energetic at the moment; but it was already stuck in my head by now, and by the time I was pushing his own sweaty socks into his mouth, he was known to me as Dakota, if only in my head.

He whimpered and groaned a little as he tasted the sweat, and had started to push them back out again with his tongue before I grunted menacingly at him.
“in.” Was all I said, and he stopped pushing it out. He lay there, looking at me with a hint of fear as I came at him with the duct tape, sealing the socks in. I always love tape, and If you do it right, it’s just as good as rope, leather or metal. First of all, I layered his mouth with a few good thick strips around his head. I knew it was going to hurt him taking the tape off again, but with hair this long, it’s just his own fault. I held him against my gut as I worked, enjoying the panic in his breath as he resisted weakly. But even I felt his cock stiffen beneath me, and if that wasn’t permission enough, his puppy eyes were only getting bigger as the tape got thicker.

When I was certain the socks weren’t coming out, I had a flicker of inspiration and started adding more to it. I’d made a duct tape muzzle or two in my time, and Dakota couldn’t do a thing to stop me. In fact he couldn’t have made it easier for me, lying there limp as I added layer after layer of tape over his lips, then over and under his jaw, then around his chin, covering the last of those straggly stubble hairs. Getting the scissors to add the last few thin strips under and over his nose. I made sure to keep my chain collar out of the way, yanking it about just for effect. He’d lazily slipped his hand out from under me to his face; so I allowed him briefly to feel the tape encompassing his mouth, revelling in the stifled whimpers he gave me. As soon as he started trying to pick at it, I grabbed his wrist and pulled his hand away, pulling it back beneath my arse. None of that, Dakota.

I took in my work and couldn’t help but feel pride. It couldn’t have been more secure, or tighter. I leant forward kissing him on the forehead, stroking the side of his face with my hand; still pinning his arms down. I’d have to have been numb not to notice the bulge he was sporting by now; it was like sitting on a rock. My own was ready to erupt too as I felt my pants grow wet. Guess it was time to deal with those paws of his. I didn’t want him peeling any of the tape off when I wasn’t watching, so still pinning his one arm beneath me, I started to wrap his left hand. He just watched, probably losing his mind by this point as I gave him a nice pair of shiny silver mitts to keep those wandering fingers in check.

I admit I got a bit carried away afterwards, I’d planned on cuddling him or teasing him, but I realised that by the time I was finished with muzzle, it was way past midnight and the party downstairs was dying down. Plus I had a paper to do tomorrow and really needed to get it done… I probably should have left him as he was. It’s not like Dakota was drunk, so he wasn’t going to have a hangover tomorrow or anything, but I should have probably taken it easier on him… But before I knew what I’d done, I’d hogtied him; his arms held up against the middle of his back horizontal to his spine. His legs arched back up – although even in my lust filled state I was nice enough to leave plenty of slack for them – kept there by a good helping of tape from his wrists. I’d taken the precaution of binding his ankles and thighs together too, just to be safe. He was like a stuffed pig, ready for basting and the oven. I had to stop myself from getting one of my anal plugs and ramming it home inside.

By now, even I was getting a bit sleepy, and the party downstairs was definitely over; the music being cut off. I laid down next to him, scratching his forehead with a finger, smiling at how sweet he looked, all exhausted and trussed up. His hair sweaty with the struggling, his eyes staring at me; wanting and horny. Letting out the quietest of whimpers as I kissed Dakotas forehead one last time, before grabbing the only proper piece of gear you need: a neoprene hood I got online. It covered the entire head except for the chin and mouth; two tiny grommet holes for the nose. There was no way any light could escape inside, and every sound was muffled slightly to him. Getting a padded leather muzzle was next on my wish-list, but for now, I made do. His eyes went wide one last time as I chuckled, giving me a gentle shake of the head as he whimpered. I stroke the side of his face lovingly.

“Now you be a good boy, and think of that answer to my question,” I told him as I slipped it down over his head and pulling the zip shut.

To be continued …

Thanks to Pup Shaggy for this story!

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  1. Another great story from this author. Love the way it develops as the chapters evolve. Thought “Earn it Pup” was superb, can’t wait for the next chapter of this one.

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