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The After Party – Part 1

By Pup Shaggy

I’d start by reciting the dream I had that night, but I can’t remember a damn second of it. All I know is that it must have been a good one because the wood I woke up with that morning was like a boats mast. I grinned, scratched my head, fondled my balls, and then turned my attention to my bed-pal.

I live in a student house, although I wouldn’t consider myself the regular ‘student’. Mostly I think it’s an age thing; you see while the average student is twenty something years old, I’m in my thirties, which then begs the question of why I’m staying in student accommodation. Long story short, I’m here working through a master’s degree my boss at work decided I should get; something about ‘increasing the prestige of the company’. I suppose a part of it is the mentality of it all as well; our differences in attitude. You see, while I tend to focus on more class work, their attitude is less aimed at their studies and more for partying and getting into trouble, as college students do. I’m not about to judge; I was that age once.

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The Debt – Part 5

By Pup Shaggy

After closing the door again and locking the van, Hunter pulled him to his feet dragging him inside. Spencer watched as the van disappeared into the darkness, the first time he’d actually seen it. He kept trying to get to his feet, trying slowly to catch up, but bare feet on stony ground past midnight is not a cup of tea, even without someone pulling you along. Hunter dragged him inside, the heels of his feet dragging behind him, lifting him up the step of the doorway. He was met with a gush of warm air that made him shiver as the luna night turned to electric-light. The open front door passed them as they entered, swinging closed, closing them off from the outside. A picture passed on the right of a family, Hunter distinctly standing in the middle wearing sane clothes. Plain simple shoes lined up on their left. So this was Hunters house?

God knows what you had to pay for a place like this. Saying that, he didn’t see much of the house itself. He was lead directly to a door that looked suspiciously like a cupboard only with a combination padlock.… Once open, they were met with descending stairs and a deep gloom that only comes from being under-ground. They started descending into the basement. Light made way to darkness again as they moved, only now it was a deeper and darker kind of darkness, quickly coming to a halt at the bottom of the stairs to another door, only this one had no lock. Once open, they entered a grey concrete room, the first room he’d seen. It was empty apart from the odd wooden beam supporting the ceiling and the house above them. The room was largely empty except for a bare iron frame bed with a stained mattress, a basic chair and a small cage. All lit by a single bulb that dangled dimly from the ceiling. The room smelled new though, retaining that distinct paint smell.

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The Debt – Part 4

By Pup Shaggy

Another sharp turn and he slid across the floor, bumping into something. Hunter just laughed from the front seat.

“Sorry pup, they really ort’ fill in these pot holes.” He felt an arm on his shoulder, and he realised Spencer must of slid into the back of the driver’s seat.

“Didn’t think to chain you down before, just wanted to get you back home,” he apologised. The car slowed to a halt at some traffic lights. All Spencer could hear was a ‘click’ as Hunter padlocked the leather collar – still itself padlocked on to his neck- to a ring in the floor up against the back of the driver’s seat. “That should keep you still. And in arms reach too. Just where I like you.” The hand gently stroked his shoulder, as if to reassure him. It did little to calm his nerves or silence the slight twinge in his ear, or the weight in his sore balls. But the hand quickly left him to return to the steering wheel as the lights turned green.

“We’ll be on the motorway soon. That’ll be nice and smooth, hopefully. I’ll be able to grope that cage of yours some, Bet your rock hard at this point aren’t ya? Hope your balls are still intact, not that getting you snipped would be such a horrendous idea, since you’re a dog.”

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The Debt – Part 3

By Pup Shaggy

He needed this… He wanted this… he kept telling himself that, over and over as he lay there on sheet metal, completely alone, fighting back the chill of the cold. Still blindfolded, still handcuffed, still muzzled – of which had now been locked on, like everything else – and now his legs tied together by duct tape, he was utterly and completely helpless… and it was amazing.

He had no clue where he was, other than he was in the back of a van, and it belonged to Hunter. He had no clue what was going to happen to him… or how the night was going to end… and it was amazing.

He’d have the biggest hard-on of his life if his cock wasn’t locked up in chastity. Hunter had pulled the zipper of his jeans open and his boxers down, so that the cage was out in the open air. His balls rubbed against his trousers, the cold metal encasing his junk completely, trapped. Not that it dissuaded him from trying to get free; constantly his cock tried to break free of the metal sheath containing it, straining to pull away from his crotch to reach the cool and refreshing air on the outside. But every time, the cage pulled at his balls eventually becoming painful when it pulled too far… But the cage stayed firm, only to slap back against his body in futile effort. But then he tried again seconds later. |To make matters worse, Hunter had also slipped a ball stretcher over Spencer’s vulnerable boys, crushing them tightly. He wasn’t used to the sensation; being denied a good stiffy. And he knew by now he loved it, and hated it.

But then…. He needed this.

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The Debt – Part 2

By Pup Shaggy

Hunter pulled Spencer along like a pet, not even slowing down for him. He led them into a nearby alley where they’d be obscured by the night. The smells that surrounded them were far from pleasant; piss, sick, and rotting food emanated from every dumpster. But both of them would soon forget the smells around them. Stopping suddenly, Hunter turned and fell against one bare wall, his arms crossed over his chest.

“Well?” he murmured.

“Here?” Spencer asked.

“You’d rather in front of all your friends? Or where someone can see you?” Good point. He took a step forward, not being able to move more than two steps away anyway because of the leash. He fell to his knees, not thinking about what he was kneeling in. He was met with a prominent bulge in his face, the smell of leather of his chaps and the denim of his jeans. He looked up at Hunter who just watched back.

He didn’t need to be told; he was expected to take them off himself; which would have been easy if his arms weren’t behind his back. But he went with it, he wasn’t about to start being picky and mouthy. Plus he did have a debt to pay. He moved in and gave his first kiss, the cold fabric contrasting with the smooth and cool leather against his lips… all of it firm and stretched over the rock hard cock shrouded beneath. He started licking, a mixture of worshipping the bulge and finding the zipper. Why did they always have to hide the damn things beneath a fold? It took a while for him to ease the zipper out, all the while, Hunter watched on, enjoying the grunts and murrs of the kid on his knees beneath him. He himself never made a sound but obviously enjoying the eager head that bobbed up and down as its tongue worked against his straining cock.

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The Debt – Part 1

By Pup Shaggy

He didn’t know what the hell he was doing here. Seriously. The night had originally been a meet up at a pub. Simple, enjoyable; and it didn’t involve stupidly loud music and obnoxious flashing lights at whatever club happened to be on their minds. A pub was something he could enjoy. But of course, plans changed and out of the blue, instead it was going to be a night at a club. Not just any club either. For some reason, they were heading to a gay club even though none of his friends were gay, just hum. It made no sense. But then from the sounds of it, they were all already drunk when he turned up.

He had a feeling his mates were hinting at something as well, but honestly he felt more like a third wheel than anything. He had been looking forward to this night back when the plan was a few drinks and chatting at a pub; A chance to chill. But now? He wasn’t sure if he was anymore. He wasn’t the club sort of guy. He didn’t dance, not because he couldn’t: anyone can dance when they’ve had enough alcohol. He just didn’t particularly find it fun. Anytime he had danced in the past it was to keep everyone else happy; friends who were throwing him annoyed looks because he wasn’t partaking in the strange ritual others called dancing… because he didn’t want to in the first place.

Everyone else seemed to be enjoying it though, and every time they came over to ask him if he was alright: sure. He lied through his teeth and said yes. But mostly he just wanted to get the hell home.

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Earn It Pup – Chapter 8

By Pup Shaggy


[Note: this is the final part of this story by Pup Shaggy. To begin at the very beginning, click here.]

I waited in darkness. In silence … for the most part. I didn’t even know if he was still in the room. But I knew how much he liked me groaning and whimpering in my gag, displaying the control he had over me as I wrestle with the chains and padlocks that he’d ‘given’ me; the bonds that held me. I’m on my chest, crushing the nipple clamps biting onto my sensitive nips. My legs held over my back in an arch, kept there by a short chain connected to my arms, themselves held across my back just under my shoulder blades as high up my back as they’d go. My collar also chained to something – I assume a radiator – to stop me from wriggling myself away, not that I would… not on purpose.

My hood buckled to my head, not even aware of the last time it hadn’t been. My vision black, my voice taken and my ears full of earplugs made of metal and plastic that blocked out every sound. You’d have to be screaming pretty loud for me to hear you with them in.

Every now and then, I’d struggle. For fun, and for him: Master Alex. But like I said, I had no idea if he was even with me. I’d have been concerned that someone on the other side of the hotel door would hear my noise and get concerned… but that wouldn’t happen… not this week… of all weeks. My limbs burned, my shoulders ached, and that was how both of us liked it; me in constant pain. You really can’t get used to it, no matter what you think. You can be tied up every day of your life and your limbs will never stop hurting or aching when you are. Plus, there’s always some new way he finds to make me groan and drool in pain. That was part of the fun for him, coming up with new ways to abuse me… And I loved it…

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Earn It Pup – Chapter 7

By Pup Shaggy

A firm slap to the side of my face woke me up, my head trying to recoil but held in place firmly. My muffled exclamation, followed fast by groaning and whimpering reminded me of my situation, quickly realising that my entire body was either dead or asleep, tied down for too long and too tightly. Not that I was about to argue. There was a low chuckle over me and a sudden burst of light as the blindfold was removed off my face revealing my captor.

I could only see his chest through the eye holes of my hood; all fuzzy and muscular… it was Alex. I was un-able to turn or lift my head, held down by a belt or chain probably fed through my hood somehow. I couldn’t move an inch. Slowly, Alex’s chin appeared and then his smile. His hand appeared, resting on the nose of my dog-hood giving it a scratch. I couldn’t feel it, but I murred and groaned happily as I watched his fingers dance across the surface of the fabric of the hood.

“Good pup, sorry for bailing out and leaving you here like this.” I looked back at him with a muffled whine. I didn’t care, not in the slightest. I’d whine, whimper and beg but I loved it “I needed to think. About me… About you…” He leant on the table beside me, his hand moving to my forehead. Now this I could feel, faintly sensing his fingers through the hood. His eyes stared at me and I knew there was thought going on behind them. I sensed a question was coming my way, but none came.

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