The Awakening – Part 01

By BikerSubSlave

Tim had developed an interest in leather during his early years, mainly through seeing the odd leather clad biker passing through the small town he grew up in. Being a teenager in the pre internet years meant there was little information or support for Tim to access about being gay, especially as the cruelty of Section 28 imposed by the Thatcher government meant it had never been discussed in his school years.

Those adolescent years were a confusing time, not really understanding what it was to be gay, let alone understanding that being aroused by men in leather was totally normal. As was having desires that went beyond run of the mill sex that others seemed totally preoccupied with.

The struggle of working out who he was and balancing it with family life meant Tim hunkered down and realised his escape from the parental control and stifling nature of small-town life could come by going to university. The combination of wanting to go far enough away from home to have freedom to find out who he was and also have a vibrant gay scene meant London was the obvious choice.

Whilst confident and outgoing in some ways, Tim was naive to the ways of the world but soon enjoyed university life, he made friends and enjoyed going out and getting to know people, with of course some studying too.

He started telling his new friends he was gay and they accepted him for who was, some of those friendships would sustain him through his adult life, but he was ready to explore beyond campus life. When he came of age he started to go into central London to gay bars and went home with different men, some experiences were better than others, but Tim learnt from them all. He never felt at home on the scene where it all seemed to be about image and whether you were the right, shape, size and conformed to the prevailing trends.

Then a friend mentioned gaydar, so Tim made an account and a new world opened to him. A profile for a Leather Master caught his eye and he cautiously messaged. The Master replied and invited Tim to his house in Hammersmith in a couple of days’ time. He had told the Master he was inexperienced but open to trying things.

The day came for Tim to go the Master’s house, he was excited but nervous in equal measures but followed the directions as instructed.

Upon arrival, the Master opened the door in full leather and a Muir Cap, this was the first time Tim had been in the presence of a full leather man and his cock was hardening in his jeans. The Master was firm but friendly and instructed Tim to strip in his hallway, Tim was restrained, blindfolded and led upstairs, the session went by in a blur, despite wanting to be anally penetrated and have toys put into him, Tim’s inexperience got the better of him and he didn’t push himself as much as liked. There was a still a lot of shame in Tim for these feelings and he found it hard to openly communicate his desires and inner thoughts although he knew he enjoyed being restrained and hearing the Master’s voice, in that moment the rest of him faded away.

After the session the Master offered Tim a drink and explained the concept of aftercare, having been brought up in a religious environment it was mind blowing for Tim that such an encounter could be followed by a friendly chat about how it had felt for him, he left with his mind whirling and it took some time for him to process it all.

Was he a sub? Was he a slave? How did this work? Could this be part of normal life? How do you free yourself of years of repression? Tim didn’t know the answers but knew they lay somewhere, be it within or through discovery with others…

To be continued …

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