The Choice

By Aeres Baldur

It must have been years since I have been given the choice, but I can’t tell exactly anymore. And whilst I can’t remember when it was, I exactly know how that day was. I start scratching my head with my fingers. The cold bald feeling I’ve gotten used to spreads through my fingertips. I so don’t wanna get up and would rather stay in bed. But I know I can’t. There are things that need to be done. Someone else has to be given the choice.

Well best to get up then… and I raise myself from the bed. Up and on my way to the bathroom and first off to the shower. As I feel the warm water on my smooth body I can’t stop thinking: “Why can’t I remember when it was? When was it that my life changed so much?” There isn’t too much time to keep at that question and I get out of the shower, quickly drying myself and and starting to brush my teeth. The bathroom has a mirror that’s at least 3 meters wide and 2 meters high. It is handy for when you are getting ready for your day. As I look into the mirror I see myself staring back, and I keep on wondering again. When was it that my life changed this much? It must have been 5 years ago? Perhaps 7? Can’t be 10! Because my reflection doesn’t make me look like 40.

If you would have been there with me you would have seen a guy who appeared to be dressed in rubber from top to toe. Fingers. Head. Ears. Feet. Everything is rubberized. Even the teeth are covered with a layer of rubber. But don’t let the look fool you that I’m dressed in rubber. My skin IS the rubber. On that day, years ago, I was given a choice. The choice to change my skin into rubber. Permanently… A choice I greedily said yes to.

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I’m still married to the same guy I was then. We had our spicy ingredients in our relationship, but somehow the bdsm part didn’t “work” between us. And so I remember myself sitting on top of him, rubber cuffs on my ankles and wrists, my neck collared and dressed in a rubber jockstrap begging him to handle me. And the craving and begging got bigger and bigger in time. Especially when I smelled at the poppers we had in our home. Then I would just blurt things to him. About wanting to be owned. To be his property and his slave and him making every decision for me. Well I guess I got what I bargained for because one day we got in our car to do some shopping. But instead of going to our regular mall we drove past it. I remember asking why Tyr didn’t stop there, but the only thing he could say was that I was going to find out soon.

We drove for like an hour or so when we arrived at a house. Tyr rang the bell. The door got answered quickly and was opened by a really handsome guy in the tightest of leather outfits imaginable. Full Langlitz, Wescos, Muircap. The whole picture. “So, you must be Aeres, welcome. I’m Daniel. Nice to see you in person now after talking with Tyr about you so much. My husband Rob is inside, he also will be happy to meet you.”

As we entered I saw that this was a house with a spicy couple in it. Everywhere I saw furniture, gear and images that suited a very kinky bud’s lifestyle. Rob was only three rooms away and when Daniel opened the door and said: “Rob, Aeres and Tyr are here to meet you,” my jaw quickly dropped. I saw Rob standing in the sunlight, encased in rubber top till toe. Every little part of him was covered in rubber. That must be one hell of an expensive suit I thought to myself. Not sure if we got the finances for that, but damn that’s a suit I wouldn’t mind myself. As Rob approached me I could see how smooth his suit appeared. Not a single wrinkle to be seen. And a super deep black shine to it, almost like a mirror.

We exchanged a firm handshake and I complimented Rob on his suit when he started laughing. “Suit?” he said. “No, Aeres, I’m not wearing a suit.”

“Not wearing a suit?” I thought. “Don’t fool me, I can clearly see you dressed in rubber.” And cocky as I am, I said: “OK, then, you’re not wearing a suit.” Rob looked at me and asked me if I didn’t believe him and I said, “No, you’re wearing a suit. A really nice one, in my opinion.” But Rob wouldn’t settle the matter right away and to me to look for the seams then, if I was so sure that it was a suit.

I remember feeling all over his legs, his arms, his neck. Nowhere a seam to be found. Except for a small seam that seemed to be a rubber trunk over his rubber suit. I even felt his dick totally encased in rubber. Rob started laughing again. “Now you believe me that I’m not wearing a suit? It’s my skin, you dumbass. I have my skin made of rubber.” Well, that was a shock I can tell you. I looked at Rob with some big eyes and just sheepishly repeated what he said. “Your skin is made of rubber….” That’s when Tyr and Daniel stepped in. “Yes, Aeres, Rob’s skin is actually made of rubber. He was in a freak accident at work years ago at the chemical plant, which resulted in him getting a rubber skin.” I was totally shocked. How was this even possible? I have read almost every porn story involving rubber there is on the internet, and I have seen guys living almost permanently in their rubber suits, but a skin made of rubber, well that’s a new one.

It was then that Tyr said to me: “Ares, the reason that I brought you here is because I know and feel you have a very deep and submissive nature. Almost as deep as your desire for rubber. I have thought of helping you explore that subside of you, but I concluded that is not a thing that works for me. For me, there is too much love involved to really groom and train you as a real submissive guy. It has been some time since I met Daniel at the leather social and talked about this issue between us, and he has come with a solution. Rob has the ability to transfer a piece of his rubber skin onto someone else, which will merge with the skin and will expand and grow until that person is also entirely rubber. But it comes with a downside. It’s not the most pleasant of experiences. To be honest. I will be painful and will take some time to complete.”

I remember myself thinking: he can do what? Like WHAT? But I wasn’t able to think much more about it when Tyr interrupted my thoughts. He told me that I needed to make a choice here and now. If I wanted to be like Rob, I had to undergo the transfer today. No exception. No more time to think about it. It was a once-and-only offer. But that was not all. If I decided to get myself in permanent rubber I would also surrender myself to Daniel. Daniel would break me down mentally and physically and build me up again from scratch until I was a well-behaving, very well-groomed slave. Only then could I come back home to him to live the rest of my life as his slave husband. Daniel added that he would be strict and hard on me. This was not a play game. No fooling around but real breaking down and submission. There would be no way out.

So, there I was. Standing in the center of the room. Six eyes looking at me when the clock announced that it would be 12 o’clock. Bong. Bong. Tyr: “You have till the last stroke to decide, Aeres.” Bong. Bong. Bong. Fuck that’s 5 already what should I do? Bong. Bong. Bong. There should be more time to decide on this, but, then again, they said it was a once-or-never-again offer. Bong. Bong. Ten strokes already… fuck.. Bong… “YES! YES! I want to have my skin like Rob!” Bong… that was twelve.

“Very well,” Daniel said. “You made your choice. From this point on you have no say whatsoever. Strip down and get naked.” Cocky as I was, I said: “Strip down? Here? In the middle of the room?” “STRIP THE FUCK DOWN, SLAVE!” Daniel said, in a very strict tone that radiated dominance. Well here goes nothing I thought and started to strip down. When I was done, I stood naked in front of my husband and the two others. They smiled at each other, and Rob stepped up next to me. He got a pair of scissors and pinched his rubberized skin a bit. “Don’t get scared,” he said. “I won’t feel a thing of this.” And he cut a very small piece of rubber loose. He gently pushed it on my chest and held it for what seemed ages but was actually minutes. I felt a tingling sensation where his skin graft met my chest. The tingling became an itching, and later it turned to a bit of a burning feeling.

It was like I had been in the sun for hours and hours without sunblock. A deep sunburned feeling that started spreading my skin. Really uncomfortable, but not as painful as I suspected based on what they said before. I remember thinking that it was my luck then when the pain started surging in waves. The first one felt like I had been sitting in a very cold bath for ages and then got into a very hot bath. All my nerves were hurting. The second wave got me collapsing to the ground, knocking me unconscious. Meanwhile, rubber was crawling over my skin in all directions. Inside my holes. Covering every inch. I didn’t hear Tyr saying goodbye to Daniel and Rob, and I was out for a few hours.

When I woke up, everything was black. I couldn’t see a thing. I was literally pitch-black. I started to sit upright when I thought to myself what happened and then it occurred to me. I was given a choice. I felt my smooth skin. My rubberized teeth and cock. And I realized it actually happened! I was now made of rubber! I heard the door opening and there was Daniel, and I greeted him: “Hey Daniel, it worked!” The response was icy and cold. “It’s ‘Sir’ for you, or ‘Master Daniel.’ Getting it wrong again will get you severely punished. Yes, your skin is made of rubber, but as you know the other part of the deal was getting you enslaved. And so you are. You are fitted with a shock collar that has the ability to knock you uncourteous. But I also can find a sweet spot and just hurt the shit out of you. Like this.”

All of a sudden a jolt just erupted in my neck. God it hurt. It hurt so bad. I wanted to tear the collar off, but it didn’t give. I hurt so, so much, and then it stopped. “This,” Daniel said, “is what you have coming for you at the least when you don’t obey. We will go through the rules later. First, I want you to come here. I want to do some changes to you.” “What changes. Sir?” I asked, as submissive as I could, hoping not to get a shock again. “You will get pierced, slave. A 0-gauge Prince Albert piercing. Two 0-gauge nipple piercings and one wrought through your septum.” “But, but, but,” I stammered but couldn’t finish. Again, a tremendous bolt surged through my neck and knocked me unconscious.

Waking up again, my whole body hurt. I guess it was from the shock collar. I sat up again and felt weight at my cock, nipples and nose. But it wasn’t dark anymore. I could see three very think rings though my nipples and cock. They were really big, and I remember getting rock hard because of the sight. I saw a little tap for some water and stepped to it to drink some water. It also had a mirror on top, and I looked myself in the face. What had become of me? A thick septum piercing also adorned my face. And it seemed to have no seams. Just like my nipple piercings and prince Albert.

My memory mirror image morphed into my actual mirror image again. They were the same  Same rubber, same piercings, not the slightest of changes. I pulled up a pair of rubber trunks over my erect rubber cock and pushed it inside. No time to waste. I only have to get my boots on. A pair of 30 holes, super shiny rangers with red laces stood in the corner. OK, so this is what Sir wants me to wear today. Better listen to what Sir wants. I pulled up the laces and quickly knotted the lace around the boot. Time to go to downstairs and wait for Sir…

[I hope that what you read was something you liked. It’s my first fetish story. I’m very open to feedback at or aeresbaldur on instagram and rubberzone. Let me know what you think and what direction things should evolve. Should Aeres get downstairs and find that Sir was actually Tyr? Or Daniel? And what would you like to read as the second part? The breaking or the change of another guy? Lots of options and I’m sure it won’t only keep to this part alone ;0]


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3 thoughts on “The Choice”

  1. “There are things that need to be done. Someone else has to be given the choice.” — Words in your introduction suggest that your rubber skin can be passed on as it was passed on to you.
    Maybe your submission training is over now and you are totally where you must be but that is a separate subject – who is your master? . . . hopefully Tyr, but Daniel is certainly in there someplace !
    This is an amazing story, will gladly submit to whatever you bring up, wherever it takes us.

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