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The strip search procedure

strip searched in prison

The sadistic guard takes real delight in cruelly mocking this defenseless naked prisoner. The tough young criminal does his best to comply and obediently strips his clothes and pulls open his stinking arsehole. His cock and balls shamefully bounce around as he exposes himself, but he unclenches his hole as the embarrassing onslaught of scrutiny hits him. It’s sexual embarrassment and physical discipline like this that allows the guards to maintain their absolute authority in a prison filled with rebellious thugs!

bend over and spraed em

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looking into his butt cheeks

Stripped naked and inspected by prison officers

At Strip Search Hell, the prison officers have to assess whether a prisoner will cause them problems. A chap can come in with the full intension of behaving but then become really really bad. They can kick off, fall out with other inmates, cause jeolousy in others or spread trouble throughout the whole jail population. That’s why cleanliness and lots of big intimate inspections are so important and it doesn’t matter how many times a guy is stripped and closely prodded and investigated. This guy is clean, but it’s great to watch him being revealed and have to open up his arsehole cheeks.

strip search in prison

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butt naked strip search

A Game of Chance – Part 06

By Robmacz

Shortly after leaving Tom at the Penitentiary, Chris had driven 10 or 15 miles down the road, where he found a post office sitting forlornly on the main street of a tiny rural town.  He jumped out and put the envelope containing the four choices and addressed to Tom at the prison into the box by the car park.  Chris breathed a sigh. There was no way back from this now. His fate was in the hands of Tom. In eight months time he would either be a free man or he would be walking through the gates of the prison he had just left. However much he thought about it, he didn’t know which option Tom would choose. He didn’t think he would choose option A, unless of course he had hooked up with someone inside. But any of the other three options was possible.

Chris had already decided that while he waited to find out his fate he would try to live his life as normal. The only stipulation that his special friend had made was that he should not be away from home for more than a few days, as he would need to keep an eye on his mail, because any order to report would give him no more than two weeks notice.

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Some prisoners become accustomed to total humiliation

If you work in the nick you accept that some prisoners become accustomed to total humiliation. To some extent they expect it, and it’s no-ones job to be concerned about why a man wants to be strip-searched. If a man acts in a way that you suspect that he’s stashed contraband up his arehole, then you have no choice but to inspect him thoroughly. It’s just a straight coincidence isn’t it that the places men choose to hide stuff are also their sexual private parts!

prisoner humiliation

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Going gay in prison

Within a day of entering prison you will come across characters who go gay in jail. Outside they are 100 percent straight, but once inside they are ripe for cock. Men who want to score will freely offer up their bodies for a hit. The guards will naturally turn a blind eye to this for the most part but with one exception. When a jail search is on the cards who do you think the hardened inmates turn to hide their stash? The man with the most compliant arse! And here he is, being fully explored and checked!

turning gay in prison

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bend over and spread em

An inmate gets his hole flushed out with a power hose

This guy isn’t as thick as most of the other crims in here. Despite his obvious arrogance, he’s managed to control himself and at the same time gained some privileges and genuinely thought he’s too sensible to find himself in this situation where he’s overpowered by the guards, stripped against his will and has this water mistreatment inflicted on him.

Outside he was dealing in drugs, and the authorities have no reason to think he won’t carry on his career inside prison, so they’re keen to jet wash his arsehole and flush out anything he might be carrying. Even if anything stays up there, it’ll be soaked and ruined. And his stashed phone’s not going to be working afterwards either!

male bondage water torture

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male bondage

A hot, fuckable prisoner gets strip searched

This is from Strip Search Hell. There have been reports of guys over the wall throwing contraband into the jail, but, in a surprise to no one, endless searches of cells have turned up nothing. The first recourse is to make an example of someone and let it be known that nude searches will become more common as a result of this activity.

naked male strip earch

That the “someone” is the most fuckable guy on the wing doesn’t make a difference. The warders choose someone who is desired by others and has more to lose by kicking up a fuss than going along with the intrusive search. This prisoner is no stranger to being strip searched, but this time he is far too clever to be provoked by an intimate body search. Not that the screws don’t go to town making this as humiliating as possible.

male forced nudity

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male rip and strip