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Show us your ripe asshole, convict

The prison gym is the place for the hard men of the prison. They want to keep their muscles impressively large and intimidating, both inside and for when they get back onto civie street. The testosterone-filled weights room is where the prisoners have no choice but to brag and bluster about how tough they are. This muscled prisoner has made the mistake of saying his arse is untouchable within earshot of the officers. He knows that if they want to, any screw in the place could order him to display his arsehole and he’d have no choice. So in the prison gardens they demand a full strip and, owing to other inmate being present, he kicks off…

prison strip search

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Strip Search Hell

12 Hours

By Practicerestraint

All is true.—Shakespeare, Henry VIII


10:20 p.m.

The text message read: You have two minutes to get dressed and be ready. Unlock the front door.


10:25 p.m.

I was brushing my teeth when I heard the noise at the front door. Then I heard, “Police! Announce yourself!”

It’s hard to announce yourself with a mouthful of toothpaste. I spit, rinsed, and moved from the bathroom to the bedroom as the officer repeated himself and I called out, “I’m here.”

“Come out here!”

I walked into the dark hall to see a flashlight and a gun pointed at me. The officer’s specific words after that escape me. They were nonstop directions that ended only when I was lying face down on the carpet at the end of the hall, arms out to the sides, palms up. The officer knelt, grabbed my left wrist, pulled my arm to the middle of my back, and applied the handcuffs. After he brought my right hand back to complete the job, I realized he had my palms facing out. He instructed me to stand, providing assistance as I did. He grabbed my left arm and led me out the door.

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What the Fuck? – Part 2

By convict 975468

He came again.

I heard him on the stairs, and stood as I had been told before he reached the top.

He approached and with an evil glint in his eye, he again placed his finger across his lips indicating quiet.

He didn’t need to, I was acutely aware of the rule. I had been worried all morning that I might somehow piss him off and not be fed. I was fully resolved to do whatever I could to please him. He held a mighty weapon with my hunger.

He walked up to me stopping about a foot away, staring into my eyes for what seemed a year. Then he slowly walked around me, stepping over the chain, and stopped facing me again.

I must have turned a bright shade of red, as I flushed from the humiliation. He had no fear! I was his – he owned me. Now, I knew it too.

He stepped closer. I could feel his breath on my face.

“You are doing well.” He smiled.

“Once I give you permission to move, you may request to speak. You will do so by raising your right arm, and pointing upward with your index finger. Do it now.”

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Stripped naked in front of prison guards and fellow inmates

You have to laugh. This man has been stripped in his cell and walked the entire length of the wing stark bollock naked. Whoops and catcalls inevitably followed him as all the other lags checked out his naked body, muscular arse and big swinging dick. This career criminal takes it totally in his stride. The prison officers took a chance, making this guy an example, and they have only partially succeeded. Less confident prisoners will recognise it as a threat – this could happen to them. Others have put the image in their wank bank and one thing’s for sure, he’s going to be a bit of a celebrity on the wing with lads lining up to get a first hand taste of his arse and cock…

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Bend over and spread your butt cheeks

This guy isn’t as stupid as your run-of-the-mill criminal. He had to be cute on the outside, and in the bin he is no different. As such, despite his obvious arrogance he has managed to control himself and at the same time gained some privileges. He is too sensible to ever put himself in a situation where he is overpowered by the guards and stripped against his will. He also doesn’t want to be stripped where the other lags will take the piss out of his cock. So here he is having a cavity search in relative privacy.

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