The Cop and the Young Punk – Part 01

By Mister-X/Spartan

Harry noticed the police car up ahead. He checked his speedometer, and found that he was going a couple of miles per hour above the limit, but nothing that should cause a policeman to pull him over and issue him a ticket. The police car was driving well under the limit. So he kept going at his speed and soon had passed the police car.

Suddenly he saw red lights flashing in the mirror, so he pulled over to the side of the road and stopped. He was surprised to be pulled over. He pulled out his driver’s license to have at the ready.

The cop was at the side of the car, looking at him through his Ray Bans. What he saw was another punk dressed in tattered jeans and t-shirt. “Driver’s license.” Harry gave it to him, and the cop started inspecting it.

“Wait here.” The cop walked back to his car, taking Harry’s license with him. The cop was everything that Harry didn’t like, tight shirt and tie, arrogant look on his face and in his voice as he spoke to Harry. It took a few minutes before the cop was back.

“Do you know what the speed limit is here?”

“Yes. It’s 45.”

“I clocked you going 57.”

“What?! No way! I was going 47, but certainly not 57!”

The cop leaned closer to Harry. “Your bumper sticker says ‘question authority.’ Here, I’m the authority. Are you questioning me?”

“You’re damn right I am! I was going 47. You’re lying, saying I was going 57 because of my bumper sticker.”

“I’ve had enough of your lip. Get out, get against the car, face it, and spread ’em.”

“Why? I’ve done nothing wrong.”

“I ordered you to get out of the car, get against it facing it, and spread your legs and arms up high. Now are you going to do that or do I also file a charge of resisting arrest?”

Harry couldn’t believe this was happening. He opened the door and obeyed the officer’s instructions. The cop started patting Harry down. Finding only the normal wallet and keys, he pulled out his cuffs, yanked one arm down and cuffed Harry’s wrist, then yanked the other arm down and cuffed Harry’s other wrist. He ratcheted the cuffs tighter. As the cop was taking Harry to put him into the back seat, he said “you young punks need to learn to respect authority.”

After putting Harry into the back seat, the cop went back to Harry’s car. He started going through everything that was inside. Harry knew he had nothing there that would cause any suspicion, but he wouldn’t put it past this cop to plant something. He was getting angrier as he started thinking of this possibility.

Finally the cop came back, got into the car, and started driving away. Harry figured that at least nothing must have gotten planted in his car, but then he started thinking about his car just sitting there alongside the road. And he started wondering where he was being taken and what would happen when he got there. After going a few miles he started noticing that his fingers were losing feeling. He finally decided to say something about that.

“Hey, I’m starting to lose feeling in my fingers. You’ve ratcheted the cuffs too tight. You’re going to need to loosen them.”

“Aw, shut your lip. I’m getting tired of hearing it.”

“C’mon. This could cause nerve damage in my hands.”

“Okay, I’ll do something about it.” He pulled the car over to the side of the road. After he stopped, he reached over to the glove compartment and pulled something out. He got out of the driver’s seat and exited the car, coming around to the back seat. After opening the door, he said “our chief has finally allowed us to do something about you young punks constantly giving us lip.”

Harry looked at what the cop was holding, and when he realized what it was, his eyes opened wide. “Hey, what the hell are you doing? My cuffs are on too tight, and I could get some nerve damage from that! That’s something you’ve got to ta … mmpphh.” It was after the cop had stuffed a rag in Harry’s mouth and quickly started wrapping the duct tape around Harry’s head over his mouth that his words started becoming unintelligible. He now couldn’t make any intelligible sounds, and quit trying.

After the cop had finished gagging Harry, he pushed him forward to reach his handcuffs. He reached down and ratcheted them one notch tighter, before pushing Harry back further in the seat. That elicited a muffled yell from Harry, who was developing a deep hatred for this cop.

The cop got back in and started driving away again. Harry’s fingers soon had no feeling in them. Harry wondered when they would be taken off. He was now looking forward to getting to the police station so they could be. But as the cop kept driving, he wondered if he was going to be taken there, and if not, what the cop was planning to do to him.

Finally the cop started talking. “A bunch of us cops have decided to set something up to teach you young punks to start respecting our authority. That’s where I’m taking you. We’re tired of booking you punks and having the courts dismiss the cases, letting you back to commit crimes, sticking up your middle finger at us.”

That started making Harry more worried. He realized that this was a rogue cop, apparently one of a group of them, and he had no idea what this guy planned to do to him. Finally, after driving a distance, the cop pulled up to what looked like an abandoned prison. It had a gate with a guy manning it, and was surrounded by a fence which had barbed wire at the top. The guy at the gate recognized the cop and opened the gate for him.

When the cop got to the front door, he stopped and escorted Harry out. He took him through the door. There was a man in some kind of black leather uniform sitting at a desk. The cop walked up to him and handed him Harry’s driver’s license. The guy started copying down the information while the cop and Harry stood waiting. When he finished, he asked “front door key and car key?”

The cop pulled Harry’s wallet and keys out of his pants pocket. He got Harry’s keys and handed them to the guy. The guy looked at the keys, and said “these two are the most likely. I’ll make copies of them.”

He opened a book and started looking at it. “Cell D-8 hasn’t been used yet. Take him there.” He opened the case behind him, looked at a bunch of keys, and pulled one down, handing it to the cop.

The cop put Harry’s wallet back into his pants and took Harry down a corridor. Harry looked at the cells as they walked past them, and saw that some had guys inside, and some did not. All of the ones inside were younger guys like himself. And he saw that all of the cells were small with no furniture. Everyone inside was standing, and seemed to have their ankles restrained, as well as having their wrists cuffed behind their backs and gagged. To his surprise, they were all dressed in shirts and ties, and were all standing erect looking straight ahead as if standing at attention.

Finally they got to cell D-8. The cop inserted the key in the door and opened it. He pushed Harry inside. He reached down and put an open ankle shackle around Harry’s left ankle, locking it with a nearby padlock. He took the other ankle shackle that was attached to the first one with a short connecting chain, and locked that closed around his right ankle. Harry noticed that the connecting chain went through a metal ring in the floor.

Finished with this, the cop closed and locked the door, walking away. Harry looked around and saw that there was no place he could sit down. He was going to have to remain standing. Besides, he couldn’t move more than a few inches from where he was standing. He had no idea where he was or how long he was going to be kept here. He also wondered what was going to happen where he was living, and to his car. And he wondered when the cuffs were going to be taken off so he could get some feeling back into his fingers.

Soon another guy came by. This guy was dressed all in black leather, with chains and cuffs attached to his belt. He had a sadistic smile on his face. Looking at Harry the guy said “you are here for as long as it will take to get your attitude adjusted. We are in charge of you punks. You have no rights here, and whatever you want means nothing to us. We are in complete charge of you, and are free to do whatever we believe is necessary to adjust your attitude toward authority. We will find out what your schedule is, and allow you to take care of whatever you have to do. But all free time will initially be spent here in this facility. We have the authority to bring you in whenever we want to. You’ve lost your freedom. Get used to it. The sooner you do the easier it will be for you.”

After the guy left, Harry was thinking “what the hell have I gotten into?”

Soon another guy in what he now figured was the guard uniform, all black leather, came by with the key to Harry’s cell. He unlocked and opened it, and reached down to unlock and open the ring that the connecting chain to Harry’s ankle shackles had been put through. Harry was now free to walk out, though with short steps. The guard escorted Harry slowly down the corridor, through another door, then into a room. There was a chair with a bunch of straps attached which the guard sat Harry in, pulling the straps tightly closed before buckling them. Harry was soon attached to that chair. Harry wondered whether he was here for interrogation.

A guy came out from the back carrying a sheet which he put over Harry, pulling the top tight around Harry’s neck and snapping it closed. He had barber’s shavers, and started removing Harry’s hair. In no time virtually all of Harry’s hair had been removed. Harry was given what is known in the military as a ‘high and tight’ haircut. After the haircut, the sheet was removed, together with all of his former hair, and Harry was released from the chair. The two started down the hall to another room. Once inside this room, Harry was taken to a stand-up cage. The guard opened the door to it, pushed Harry inside, then closed and locked the cage door.

He reached through the bars to unlock and remove Harry’s handcuffs and ankle shackles. Harry was happy to finally have those cuffs removed. The guard ordered “strip.” Harry started trying to remove his clothes, but found that his fingers wouldn’t work. As soon as the handcuffs were removed Harry started flexing and rubbing his fingers to try to get some feeling back into them. The guard waited, apparently being used to this. Finally Harry had enough feeling back to start using his fingers to remove his clothes. He was soon standing in his briefs, having handed each piece of clothing through the bars to the guard.

The guard then held out his hands and said “everything.” Harry was reluctant to remove his shorts, but finally did so. It revealed his cock which was standing up erect. When the guard saw this he smiled, and went over to a form, making an entry.

He ordered Harry to put his hands up above his head through the cage bars. After Harry obeyed, he found them to be cuffed again, though not tight like before. Then the guard went to a refrigerator, removed an ice cube, and brought it over to put next to Harry’s cock. Soon it had deflated. The guard got a metal device and brought it over to the cage. Reaching through the bars, he started working Harry’s cock and balls into it. When they were finally inside, Harry heard the ‘click’ of a lock.

“We keep the only key. That’s one way we ensure that you will obey our orders. We’ve got ones with internal spikes for those who don’t.” Harry shuddered at the thought of that.

The guard reached through the bars and started taking Harry’s measurements. Harry noticed that he pulled the measuring tape tight. Finished with the measurements, the guard went into another room. He was gone for about ten minutes, and finally returned, holding a bunch of clothes. He unlocked Harry’s cuffs so he could bring his hands back into the cage. The guard started handing one item of clothing at a time into the cage for Harry to put on.

The first was underpants. Harry was surprised to see that they were skin-tight black rubber. He stepped into them and pulled them up. It took a little time for them to be pulled up all the way and smoothed out. The next item was a long sleeve mock turtleneck. Harry was again surprised to see that it was also skin-tight black rubber. After putting his arms in the sleeves he had to lower this down over his head to get into it. He found that the part that went over his neck had extra reinforcement. He was having to bow his neck in response to the pressure.

The guard handed Harry a black shirt to get into. Harry found that this, like the underwear, was also tight fitting, though not made of rubber. It fit tightly around every part of his body, much like a form-fitted shirt would do, though was made of wool. The guard next gave Harry a pair of black pants to get into. Harry hadn’t tried pants made of this kind of material before. They seemed to be durable, though not particularly comfortable.

Next were Harry’s normal shoes. The last item was a black necktie. Harry had never worn one before, and didn’t know how to tie a tie. The guard was used to this response, and had to show Harry how to tie it, taking time for Harry to try a few times before finally getting it right. The guard made sure that Harry tied the knot as tight as it was possible to form it, then pushed the tie into his neck as far as it could go, reforming and pushing several more times to make sure it was as far in as possible.

The shirt had a higher than normal collar, with two buttons, the collar going up to his chin. In this way the rubber mock turtleneck undershirt didn’t show. This was quite a different experience for Harry. He’d never worn anything high and tight around his neck before.

Finished getting dressed, the guard cuffed Harry’s hands again behind his back and locked the ankle shackles back on. He went out of the room, and soon that guard came back who had told Harry about his stay here. He again went right up to the cage and started talking to Harry with that sadistic smile he seemed to always have.

“This is now how you will be dressed at all times, except for bedtime and exercise time. You will now be treated like a raw military recruit, one that is kept behind bars most of the time. When you are standing, you are always to be at an erect attention. If you are not, you will be punished. Your arresting officer told us that you seem to have a dislike for having your cuffs ratcheted tight. That will be your punishment if you do not obey us, having your cuffs ratcheted one notch tighter. Once they are tightened they will always be at that level. The feeling in your fingers is now up to how well you obey us. Understand, punk?”

Harry was surprised to hear this. He was still digesting this, and the guy repeated louder “UNDERSTAND, PUNK?” This time Harry nodded his head up and down, since he was still gagged and couldn’t verbally respond.

“Then we’ll get started. ATTENTION!” Harry immediately responded as best he could, trying to think of what was required to be kept at a strict, erect attention, since he’d never before been ordered to be in this position. He started being inspected.

The guy responded by shouting in his ear “suck in your stomach, lift your shoulders up and back, suck in your butt, bow your neck and look straight ahead!” After Harry obeyed all this, his cage door was opened, and he started being marched out of the cage to military commands: turn left, halt (while the door was closed and locked), forward, march, left, left, left, right, left, halt (at the next door), and so on until he was in a different room.

Here he was given a card to hold up while his picture was taken, being told where to stand. Next he was taken to a table nearby to have his fingerprints taken. His handcuffs were removed from one wrist while the other cuff was locked to the table, freeing one hand to have prints taken. Then the wrists were reversed. These items taken care of, Harry was told that he would now have a police record at this facility but not an official one, but that if he ever disobeyed their orders this would be transferred to become an official police record. He was marched back to his cell and was soon locked inside it. Harry realized he was now going to be kept standing at attention all day. He didn’t want to have his cuffs ratcheted tighter, and had to make the effort to maintain a posture he wasn’t used to keeping.

To be continued …

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  1. I’ve just looked at a Brazilian ultra muscular and hot real military police officer on Instagram compalaining that now they will have body cams he couldn’t give slaps or scarry people anymore – and I already was super horny imaginating him doing bad things for me. Now I enter here and see this extremely hot story! Continue soon, please!

  2. What a great beginning! I consistently enjoy your stories and look forward to reading about the reform of the young punk.

  3. I love this story so much that I’m reading for third time now… Please, Mister x Spartan, back soon with more!

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